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Wednesday, May 24th

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You know I really wanna believe Tiger Woods. I really do like I really feel for the guys. I'm a tiger fan always been a tiger fan grope watch numb Lama wanted him to win every single tournament possible and it's been an absolute sure read. To really enjoy a a player like tiger wants. Because truthfully I don't think you're ever gonna find another player like tiger on the PGA tour. Ever and as talented as the PGA tour is right now and all the stars at the Arnold the talent that there is. No one is ever gonna get to the same levels Tiger Woods. So today it came out. Tiger Woods had an update on his site injury stat it's now we need to go back in the time machine here because back in February Tiger Woods is trying to make the return. He'd employee at all in 2016. On after. You know kinda given it a shot in 20153. Made some cuts he missed some cuts. Didn't do well in the major tournaments so 2016. He wanted to step away. Steel with a lot of back problems. So Tiger Woods. Starts plane a couple of tournaments. And we see some signs of OK he's plan are right he sent the ball well. I he seems to be a little bit accurate but he's not hated it as. Far is he used to his distance is definitely dropped off. So that Tiger Woods gets on a plane goes to Dubai and before he plays in the Dubai Desert Classic. Tiger did interview. And in this interview these are the call quotes of how he is feeling. With the back the ailing back Haiti's main goal. Quote it was more than brutal said woods of the seventeen months between PGA tour events there were times right physically didn't know if I can get out of bed. There were times when I needed help just to get out of debt. Two of the most important people among my life kept my spirits up every day my kids the replay of times where I never thought I would play the game and in the league level. Plane once every three or four weeks that's not going to cut it. The a lot of times and I thought I wasn't going to make it back. I feel good not great so once. I don't think I'll ever feel great because it's three decks surgeries and for knee operations. I'm always going to be a little bit sore but that's just the way it is as long as I can function. At a good enough level I'm fine with that. So that was Tiger Woods before. Playing in the Dubai Desert Classic tournament in which I stayed up for late at night because this is on the other side of the world. And watching his first round. Wasn't always good. Tiger was open up with a 755. Believe up top my head and needed have a birdie in the round. And he looked a little gingerly when he walked. Soul. He comes in for day two in danger of missing the cut. And he pulls out of the Dubai Desert Classic. Again reiterating the quotes from Tiger Woods before the tournament quote I feel good not great I don't think I'll ever feel great because it's three decks surgeries and Forney operations. OK fine so Tiger Woods. Takes a Brit we don't hear anything from him until now on this date may 24. He goes through fusion surgery for his back so this was on his website today in you can check out the full statement. I just below here on this side on this blog just click the link. But ominous some enough for you some of the highlights. This is from Tiger Woods I can no longer live with the pain I had we tried every possible nonsurgical route. And nothing worked. Again he said said before Dubai that purity gone through three Dexter trees. So going on I had good days and bad days but the pain was usually there and I couldn't do much even wind down hurt I had nerve pain with anything I did. It was at the end of my rope. The process leading up to my decision to have surgery was exhaust. I consulted with a specialist and after weighing my options that's what I decided to go way tech go to Texas to have surgery. Tiger goes on to say I did everything I could to play at a gusto and was ready to go. Unfortunately it was kind of like the 2008 US open the pain was post impact when I swung the club. I figured can I handle. This time the answer was probably not that shows the effect nerve pain can half. All I can do is take it day by day there is no hurried I wanna play professional golf again. Tired resigned as they. Opera certainly I'm not looking ahead I can't twist for another two and a half to three months right now my sole focus is to rehab. And do with the tactic doctors tell me I am concentrating on short term goals. Tiger concludes by saying there's a long way to go but as I said words cannot convey. How good it feels to be. Pain free. Again I want to believe Tiger Woods here I really deal. He continues to stress the fact that he feels good. But he said the same exact thing going into the Dubai Desert Classic and what do you know he wasn't ready to plague. I think the bottom line is this guy's Tiger Woods if he ever wants to be great again he has to be 100%. Healthy. And that's sick at the end of he can say he feels good he can say he feels pain free and all that but. I believe it when I see. Tiger Woods has had a hard time lately trying to piece a whole round of golf together let alone a really good round of call. And again we have seems we have seen shades of this year over the last couple years as Tiger Woods is trying to beat 100% health. I don't think Tiger Woods is ever going to be 100% healthy. And maybe this fusion surgery may be will. Relieved that everything it'll cure everything to make everything great I don't think Tiger Woods is ever going to be one larger personnel. And you can look to how he's played how he swung the golf club all the torque that he's put on his knees. We you'll go back problems guys and keep this in mind when you see athletes in any sport that had back problems. That leads to a lot of long term situations. Long term issues and they're never going to be the same player that they wore. I'm telling you this right now. Tiger Woods smudges and employ a lot of golf. Has also been involved in the military he loves the military he loves every part of the military. And if you read the piece eyebrow a couple of pieces talking about those. One of wage that came out of the ESPN the magazine last year talking about his obsession for the Navy SEALs does remember his there was a green beret. And he wanted he was very curious about what. The military has to go through what training operations have to go through so he befriended a bunch Navy SEALs and started to win these kill houses. Where is he simulated missions re going to house's geyser shooting paint balls that she'll. You're taking hits to your body big time and then also your navigating to wrap their house trying to save lives simulated lives. Tiger did this for almost two years. He did this in 2006 and 2007 and I believe that has been the problem too wide Tiger Woods had back issues that it's all about his golf slow. He was heavily involved with the military and Hank Haney who talks about it in his book on Tiger Woods. Told tiger to knock it off you need to focus on golf you use up to when this kindness. And tiger was addicted to. I don't think Tiger Woods will ever be healthy again say it again. I don't think Tiger Woods is ever gonna be 100%. And in order for him to be great he needs to be 100%. Why expect Tiger Woods. To be played at the US open coming up here in what three weeks not I don't. And Nancy said here in his statement he says I can't twist for another two and a half to three months. So forget. Tiger Woods is not made an official same insanity he won't play at the US open but let's be honest Tiger Woods is not going to do. And I don't expect to see Tiger Woods quite frankly maybe for the entire golf sees I don't think he is going to come back any time soon. It might be until 28 teen where we see Tiger Woods make his debut again. I almost leave Tiger Woods should retire I think Tiger Woods should put an end to this I know he says he wants support professional golf but at the level that he wants to play it. Where he wants to be great. I just don't see it happen. And I also don't see an even winning a tournament even if he does come back and played he feels like he's at 7580%. If he feels good if he feels pain free okay fine. But once you're out on the golf course these are going through that grind that four day grind. It's tough enough just to put together a nice round of 6768. But try to do that four straight days tiger hasn't been able do that it'll want. Where he's been able to put four impressive rounds of golf together. I don't think Tiger Woods to win another golf tournament at this rate that he's been going. It would be nice to see tiger again I'm willing to root for tiger. Love tied big tiger fan but I'm not buying it anymore and neither should you. 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