Greg Janiuk, Baby Tausch and the Pipebomb talk Packers, Baseball Playoffs and the NBA

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Saturday, October 14th
The Producers - Greg, Baby T, and the Pipebomb talk Packers, MLB Playoffs, and the NBA.  You don't want to miss this show! 

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Welcome in the producers the dive bar addition here on 1057 FM the fan Dak have. Jeff or lies ski Greg Janet special gas baby to house the three of us all here to kick your ears pass. Greg what's that and brother in the mud buried dude calm and you know living the dream rather cubs or it's Thursday night or cordon as. Right now seventh inning the good guys are up eight is 60 I don't know about the good guys. But now you guys again I'd complain anymore. OK so now. If run scores are at 96 cuts OK so anyway we got a busy show for you were talking about a beloved the Packers. Give you our thoughts and their season so far give you little preview of the vikings. That we'll get into the baseball predictions with the playoffs go on hot and heavy year and what a crazy game this game five cubs a nationalist. And now we'll talk about the NBA would you pay Jabari. And you view our NBA predictions is that season is already. Right around the corner it's in the tee off season to start. At pearl fought his I think that's basically the entire season and a as for me they are really need to play basketball just allow people to send a mode cheese and entertain us on social media that's really what the NBA Avaya. So let's start with the beloved boys. Packers. Face the vikings the first noon game of the season. I love the 12 o'clock starts I can't lie and think it's the perfect time. And I'm so it's a Google and its year. So Packers they sit in first place foreign one what are your thoughts on a packed so far this year Greg. It went about a minute ago against Atlanta. By years from injuries that are part took place in the game and before that game but for the most part I'm I'm have you of one unseen. Pretty much we're gonna say the same thing every year as long as you have here in Rogers. You can't go wrong yeah there's nothing you can do when you have that guy on your team. Magical things are gonna happen and huge as witnessed it when they played Dallas what. How great that manages. And it's it's remarkable. What he can do when that not even not only when the game the minds at any point he's when he's in they would woody can yeah. You're a baby Jesus thank you for. This I mean it's it's remarkable that I can do and as long as the field you're gonna make the playoffs. Aren't. Yeah yeah towers were value but it well it's it's hard to argue with whatever Greg just said there are with Aaron Rodgers is deceit it does begin and end their butt. The whole scene and that has really bought into the philosophy he said and a couple of weeks ago. And I joked with Tommy and Sparky there was a new tag line if it was going to be though the new relax her. You know I think we are on the table he just said our third motto this year's no excuses. There where there's no excuses. They're able play with anybody and they've played through. A lot of adversity that a lot of teams are gonna face when you look at losing two starting tackles. One who's who's a top five player in his position and only right and hurt the team to be able to continue to move guys in and out. And grow the young talent of Mike McCarthy dark but that's for the first you know eight weeks since you've got to figure away your roster is and that's for the push of the second season. We we. There's been this big thing that people wanna talk about the the four quarters of the NFL season red and you've go three and one in the first try to go 31 and they're gonna be ill probably a first round bye. That all comes into the the effect of the first two quarters. The first half of the game you're still feeling each other out yourself feel about what you're gonna do. And a lot of that comes to. The development of young players you see. Erin Jones last week make any impact Jeff. That that he felt. That he could do and obviously the entire agreement packer organization dead or they wouldn't have given him the opportunity come at a fifth round pick so the team has continued to. Progress in the way you Greg like you're gonna need. But Jeff when you are finally getting into the nuts and bolts of the season. You know weeks 111213. Into the and it later parts of the season. A lot of times that's when you're gonna face the adversity that this seems gone through but they've had to go through it in the first four weeks are really just makes you stronger. It does it is a blessing in disguise these injuries because you get two guys off the bench. That weren't expected to play a huge role especially right off the bat they get experience they're gonna be ready when it comes down what twelve. Week fourteen weeks sixteen. They've already they've been there they've done that they'll be ready to step in next man up will actually mean. You know next man up without missing that much of a beat so yet you know they got beat up they got their ass kicked against Atlanta. You know are your ass kicked yesterday and but you know like I said the early injuries as a blessing in disguise that you brought up there and Jones. Greg what do you think about Erin Jones in you know once Montgomery comes back who do you think she get the majority of the carries. And Jones he needs to be the start of the rest of the year when you watched him play on Sunday against Dallas you saw. A dimension that you haven't seen the quarterback position agreement along time. You saw him he looked fast. And we we are talking about this red for the post and shall. He looked fast he was making cuts when his boss may cuts he had good vision he's good receiving the ball out of the backfield everything that you needed you need in a running back in this office. He gave to you. In. Montgomery is a good player what where demand is in his natural position and he just doesn't look. Doesn't look fast like Jones rent to owns just looked quick hit the hole with a burst and he went. And if he continues to play like this I don't know how you can give the ball back to Montgomery at this point in time maybe give Montgomery third downs passengers. MB that you need to paste that in in the third combat green in common in Morton receiver but if Jones is right like this. Against the vikings in the Montgomery comes back against the saints or after the I would ever maybe. And Jones has been dominating how can you replace them by state with the hot hand but I. It's gotta be that cut and dry guys that there's you see two back systems in the NFL all all around leak. Let's go I you have to play you have that you guys two or three guys at that position. That you can you can trust each carries an indie production. But the of the vision that Jones showed. Was. Greg what what your point you just kind of quickness that he plays I think a lot of that's got to be the quickness that the game comes to him and more of the natural motion of playing that position the flow of the cuts what you're talking about in being able find the holes before they develop. Very good once he gets behind is. His his guys and he's able way around deems a little bit and you saw that a couple of the games he played last year's able Wear on you a little bitten and start to get ill. More significant. Pick ups I'm on the lesser plays but Jones ability to get just a couple stood at the day I forward gain of two yards. When when you when you're continually trying to string the play out in your continually try to see something happening. The ability to know nothing's gonna open nobody's gonna get what I can't pay some that you get when you play the position Greg like you said for 1617 years. We look at his touchdown run that he had. And it was beautiful it was phenomenal run and he saw the backside cut coming from behind as he saw the flow of the baton and any. Ran over a couple guys and into the end zone that's not something you see Montgomery doing. Morale is is there as bill said you know you'd you'd have a two back system and not very often you just have one lead back in. I don't necessarily know few you needed to vent system in green Bay's offense. Because you reliably have you got rights yeah you guys but. I think that aired and aired Jones will get majority of the first and saying you know snaps begin to do is play the way he does because he just makes that offense which are he is. Unbelievable just that much more dynamic. Yeah you know any not only did he showed the speed. There were runs where he had the patience wearing kind of ran like Levy on gal Laurie wait for he waited for his blocks to develop frightening causes you see what he saw developing new and exciting also ahead runs where he just made one move. And headed straight upfield then you saw the burst in you saw results in. It was you know it was very impressive. Now you know. Am I gonna crown is ass after one week now. But I'm very intrigued and I'm I'm happy I love it was just one week you also saw him come in at the end of the game. The week before and he he looked good. In that in that showing and I think that's why they went with them when they played Dallas because you had Jamal Williams healthy. How shall Cameron was game and yeah. Became that are related to be this weekend and again against the bears he came in and he he looked good in relief of Montgomery and Williams and the ball went down. And I think that's when he got to start against als because even when Williams wealthy. Williams and show that burst that Jones did bright. The one thing will be to see how he holds up and Castro. We saw just a football so we can do that obviously that's on the tie. Paean natural wide receiver he's gonna have a little bit of an advantage over he is pretty good coming out of the backfield but. Yeah it drive you gotta be able to protect the French. Doesn't it doesn't want to play there that's one thing that Montgomery struggle with the an increase right now a lot of talk that. Williams might end up being the starter because when when you talk about Greg accuracy of Montgomery be in a third down back that's why insane if you have two guys that can play at any time. The traditional. Set of the first two guys we got the first two downs of the guys that on the football and they are the guys that are gonna pick you up. Two to four yards every time and then third down back is a faster guy that small and he gets a pounds doesn't play that way any more east you see the whole personnel groups everybody is changing around that dance is not how you play ball and one. Adam yeah they they keep Gagnon toes keep you got to ask you guys that can play at any time. Now so looking down the rest of his schedule you know it doesn't look like there's a whole lot of tough games. Do I dare say for the Packers you know down the road. You may be Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is now looking you know they just all you can always admired Jackson you can always losing game that you're not supposed to I think that's boy and he shot since against Cincinnati boy yeah I had you know McCarthy has a history to do that for so it'd every team does. Seven the bio they have the bias in the middle season you don't have that early. Yeah early season Balaguer did last year where you have to goal. Ten straight games in the playoffs and without viewed since you had your vice or early. Well OK so with a foreign ones start now what are your revoke you know revised predictions for the season for the Packers. Are you army to go first pressure all well I thought they are going to be a Super Bowl contender Nash is about it. Okay there one of their. Guys are one of two or three teams in the NFC and you really could look gag on Super Bowl there's at least two more Judah it's three more. Obviously they get to the dance that will have a chance and the ball bounces the right way red. But there there was two or three teams at legit have a chance to win the Super Bowl every year. You look at them see the Nancy besides. That landing remained in watch in. Carolina inn in Philadelphia player right now those are two good teams and the duty announces Q I'm gonna get defense when camp known as the ball over the place and he's an ad has bought or receptions the last time alone. And wins you have a second year quarterback. While a lot lows it was a good player alive but going to be as doesn't have them web experience he's oh he's won championships. It division two he won championships. If I hit zambians have to james' every gesture every agencies are playoff games have CSMC. He's won four titles that's a winner but you know. That he winner ma am doing absolutely. Also play an album mountain time outs. Defense is quite right reserve are better than around them. It's it's. It in my opinion. The NFC comes down to a agreement and you know if okay say the season say it's the end of C championship tomorrow Atlantic Green Day who yet Greg. Bull will be in Atlanta is the be right Packers. Everybody helping everybody else bowl eligible teams all percent potter persona. I'm gonna go Packers I would push you touched. I'd go I'd do or email I don't I don't see the big fear in Atlanta at another I litigants in it. You're you're gonna have to shoot out would just about anybody to the one but no old now with the way the defense has been planned already that's the thing the wedding know what I say in the day at the Atlanta defense is as he allowed you ensure outsell. In the last two games he played on. You know I just I think Atlantic kicks Erez yet again. Yeah I think the defense is starting to. Come together I think. And Ross are against Dallas but then once once they got to go or the young guys are Jones and in Kane. Our existed make his defense so much better Jones especially plain plain inside the box and be able defend the tight ends. Ellie it really didn't have. That many arts meaning is he he did I think one over the center marvelous he had 20/20 nine carries. Ed but for the most on his bottle lobbies that only average and 33 and a half yards Cary. And that's a really good side yeah. Yeah it is this you don't turn the ball real have a chance while yet adorable look at the last two look at the last two times. Gradkowski turns the ball over in the NFC championship game that's holed it from ball game. Probably mr. Ronald Rogers gives up two jugs and in light emitted an it's time periods and fumbles in the game changes this year and now. Well we'll see we'll see what say you Milwaukee. What are you digging a Packers so far grade their foreign ones start. What are your predictions arrest of the way hit us up on Twitter. At 1057 producers at. Greg crew 82 at bill Schmidt radio ad Jeff underscore or a lot of ski. When we come back we'll give you a little biking preview and our predictions. For this Sunday's game Iraq with the producers that dive bar addition he qualified seven FM the fan. Did act passed. BC sports yeah no fun stuff. You excess. Welcome back to the producers are dive bar addition here wanna 57 FM the fan back around Jeff for a lot ski Greg Janet. Maybe for vacant house and that house kicking your ears asked. Well the foreign one Packers are going up ten mini soda. To take. This stupid and three into vikings. I hate them I can't wait yeah you're gonna on your. The game I'm going to quote we drove around there this year when it's see the twins and brewers. And we drove past it to the place it's awesome and nice so I'm real excited to authors Saturday. Do a little bit of drinking. In consolidated. Go to the game and do. A little bit drinking live though that this of the train schism and runs they do and works only in light that at its worst he had some cousin's house. I'm pretty sure she got to gonna be there. Com and it's fairly right on right on the train so Nigerians are easy access to try and now married for sure and students and I went when when they played at the Humpty dump. And that's what it did it just drop you are you mentally the Mall of America news droll or there and it shuttle you right over it was pretty sweet now a bit now bit. Or your thoughts on this game mayor Greg. You're gonna win. It's festive evening and one that is especially if the vikings owner of Sam Bradford. No case Keenan has played decent. Brad Bradford looked absolutely atrocious. Asking a Monday night yet he was he was heard news mean. They almost lost to the banners and that's a bad bears team and aided their. As solid defense that's secondary is going to. Give the Packers have problems I think you're privacy roads. Shadowing Jordy. But then I think divides Adams assess the step up and then important time. You need you need Jones that continue to runaways dorm but I don't think you really have to worry about the vikings office loudspeakers. They don't have anybody there there. Top running backs out for the year of the torn ACL digs monopolized digs monopolies got. Groin issue word he loved watching that dude man is abusing them quite as low watching them talk trash and as long as you can take care Adams Phelan. In. In the in the seam routes and although under routes your fine. I'm. Maybe tig. Jack I think the daggers old will win I don't know if it's going to be Eddie I don't see it being very high scoring game. It's 47 is the all over under Alberto would be under I think I think Mike simmers teams always play Aaron Rodgers stuff. He's Rogers foreign to says he's taken over the take over the vikings as the head coach but. Are you look at a couple of those games last year's game at Minnesota was tight armed big game where. The vikings ended up winning the NFC north of Atlanta 02 years ago was like 1713 so I think it's Camille Little bit closer. As some people same then the experts think or as the geniuses in Las Vegas do 'cause I I would love to talk to those guys and figure out how. To beat those lines because good it freaking more dude they're they're right not always lines have not meant they had never been higher in the last twenty years. And they just keep it right not a gambling show is that cold do you think that the I mean. Am I an commenting on the in the of the gambling so that is right. For the principal boss all those guys are saudis I think it's almost just like an infomercial on Somalia. Guess all. All yet as of now Green Bay you know off the road favorites by three pointers. So you know and that's my idea for the degenerates Bible bowl Lotta that town. But you know this holiday recreational purposes of course we do you have a bit but they think it's gonna be close IE I think it's gonna be close. You know this is a game words sets up where the Packers if everything on paper looks like the Packers are gonna dominate. You know like Greg was saying. You know you don't know Bradford is gonna plays than there on a backup quarterbacks are ready on a backup running back. You know there probably digs I know he didn't practice Wednesday and so chances are you know is 5050 if he plays or not. And so everything looks like kids go in the Packers late. And that makes me inherit this Packers why unions are routed I don't know if it's a division game teams know each other so well there's. Do you there's pros over on the other side yeah yeah let's forget about that yeah it's tough man it's tough you know like you said it is. It just makes me nervous when everything. Is going green everything coincide. It then usually goes to the other but. Well we'll see you think that the Packers defense is you know matches up good against. Phelan and McKinnon. All of it McKinnon. He's decent album of the land to worry about him the Alon as long as Randall's been on unifying. It mean. And it ran those rentals are due big issue in. As you is a good ball player though Palin is a good girl good routes and he he's a good possession receivers. Right now you had Randall play in this slot. Corner at least you did against Alison. Burned. So if you name it brings some meals maybe borrow Mark Burnett can. Play event might now play. You know he hasn't let us show us a couple days huge retirement you know because the Packers you know chances are they're going to be without kids a big mess without Morgan Burnett absolutely Kevin king and concussion protocol. You know and and how he's you know he's kind of been the the mystery guy he you know he has and you haven't heard his name call we handed him a whole lot we argued on the big show today call. In say the Packers should cut how Shockley index leg as a right. But it's at people as anything really gotten to that point of where people are questioning Clinton index the entire secondary is. Earned and biz guiding second best I think the guy with the vikings number one Andrea shares and Spencer smaller as she's yet. He's got to play on Monday apple Baltic UH Robiskie is totals he's sober aided him in do you just box them out and cut undercut the route. Was gorgeous it was the thing you and you can see any turnovers in this game trade Wayne's a good ballplayer is Xavier Rhodes on the outside and and Harrison Smith or top that's legit top five defense beggars are going up against this week yeah yeah and Jerry Jones that's tough. Tell matchup that's to boys girls are top guys to run up against. Then at the front seven is nasty involves involves jealous or any arms. Just out team man it's pretty close it's going to be a dog fight. Our eyeballs prediction time boys let's go baby Tinny. Mom I'll say it's 44. Earth fourteen Packers aren't you Adam covered. 2713. Same with you on the go a little higher and go 31. To seventeen. And can hold out some comments your needs are 48 right. 3117. Years already so you're the only one that says the mind that one win yep I'm take on the task. And all are ready to abide double digit budget because nowadays since it was. Everything's an outlook again and again. It's it's high demand and to score games are close games in just the vikings don't have an office right now it itself and score points right but I you know raise Keenan man he put he's evil he's looking around and obviously. Looked good to see who can get open via Noble's seat. What say you Milwaukee who's gonna win this game vikings. Or Packers what's your over under. Hitters up by on Twitter at 1057 producers that Greg grew 82. Ed Jeff underscore or allows key add bill Schmid radio. When we come back when you talk a little baseball playoffs give you our predictions ALCS. NLC has. Your rocket with the producers did dive bar addition here how 1057 FM the fan jackass. BC sports forty. The profile of. OP Milwaukee. Ex SS. Welcome back to the dive bar addition of the producers here don't wanna buy seven app from the fanned Jack and Jeff Orlovsky Greg genetic. Special guest baby doubts. Our hot threesome here up a and a grown to like stuck in the middle that does that does that make us the cookies Greg who's very comfortable spot the source doubted it. About a base we sports ability on the big show today saw nothing has passed me now vogue well the only get this borrowed. Expert in on the subject that was Mike wicket so. When I think fertility I think that guy well when Geary was asking me if wicket. Put out exit there we're gonna freeze wickets exited. That yeah. Yeah he wasn't the expert. So that's for Hampshire near an environment where the expert and telling them much baseball playoff time game five NLCS man this is on eligibility. We a lot of babies conceived and brought in the next month thing about it in the parade where Everett as Gloria Gloria talked about on the show. Chorus okay cool. I know this is not why I swore the last house on your side and it's pretty pretty central. Yeah again we got to beat machine full night's perfect literary Arnold and those islands on one back yeah. I. I'll start VA focus we know who the hell's play and there yankees asked euros. Baby tout his learn hideous hideous yankees. Being. I'm a beautiful hooded sweatshirt its important look at this thing that thing it's nice chances yankees it's nice and warm burn it. Wouldn't answer it. It is can't see you admire. It's a good series yet you're really good series of Astros a role in and the Yankees are on some kind of wave man that that'll party that they at last night after the game. Put put together you'd they did it without Gary Sanchez. And Erin judge for that entire DS they came back from 20 deficit so that's a that's a good ball club going and Houston in. Houston mostly free trade Indians boss yet they assured they sure did that's going to be a good series they look so damn good they have bosses manager fired right. John Farrell. I. Oh yeah your team is not nearly as his MC you're gone even though Dave Dombrowski is the genius that traded Travis shopper Tyler Thornburg and threw into new prospects. Who's the problem a bit but I gotta love it accused in yankees Greg we get an alum. We'll go with the Astros the Astros and pretty much been one of the best teams in all of baseball in there years. Yankees have played well it in the player above expectations. They didn't expect to be where they are right now telling members exactly and only they made the playoffs. And Ed the Astros right now have all the town in the world and right now is way in. Experts in the pond and said Houston is when Houston. Shows up this is when they start there. 23 year run and then. They made a good trade big number Landry Dielman angry do you Michael. It's. It's Houston series to lose. And I think Houston. Will take it comes a six games. Oca I'm David C I think and know where your going but yeah I kind of think Hughes who's gonna win the series really yeah I think their I think their guy like Greg said they're they're a team is ready ready to pounce but. To go back to Verlander how how they're not more interest in that guy I've no idea. I've no idea I look look at the numbers I know he wasn't he. End Bennett top five guy in the LP Aegean Detroit but since coming over. He's been damn near unhittable bill like and how all of that a veteran presence and meet you wanna talk about giving sending shockwaves your team. The shock wave the cubs obviously got what they went and got into on the one of the brewers obviously didn't wanna put either their team. When you bring Justin Verlander and let's start with a voice cracked catches change. Is it that changes the entire game. It does and thank god dead. Then Houston advanced now we have a seven game series we get to see Kate Upton. For you know at right reason at least for probably five guys they live or die vast well I agree Jack Lou that is a great I don't. Cat getting the entire series and I would watch an inning of the game yet through the Jeanette I I give Houston the advantage to now my thing is. If the Yankees beat Houston in game one in May beat kite. May get unstoppable they get out on top. Then look out because then I think you know I think this I think game one is of utmost importance to Houston. They sure have two day have to get off to a good are agree with you they need that confidence more than the Yankees do. Now you know we all saw error in judgment thinking they're not even play today I think you just struck out again. You know. That is you know he's wearing a hell's he Ben you know he made the right one category he's save then you're seeing just we're gone yeah I know her glorious scary Gammon and Damon in Cleveland and they looked checked out. At the plate judge had no idea what the hell he was do an up and up dairy look. There's always college is. His pitch selection managed just horrible he went through a stretch of ball to read three quarters of through the season. Where he was just atrocious Obama he's badly one toi mean. And he needs these said the mainly record for consecutive game with the Israeli strike out. Luckily enough with a guy like that though you just need one. Well that is really needing to connect on one in India Kenya Roland form thing in Houston their office it's all it's very good and what Yankee lineup has nothing to sneeze at when you bring Chase Headley off the bench when every Needham and that that's a good line ups it was so. Jeff yeah I think you're right though that he won his very very important Houston. Yeah yeah I would recycle on the mound yet you do like the Indians lost with Korver on the mound you saw that did get place at all is the yeah I guess so can't believe that the Indians lost a I thought they were gonna take this series fresher but. You know looking to do so ominous say Imus say Houston and five I think that you leave him quick yeah I think is going to be fairly clear goes seven. While Oca dubious seven game series not I don't you don't wanna bring us up. But can we just talk while the National League. It's cubs and Dodgers did. It's not yet over man is not over yet the cubs need six more aroused to advance to face and that is much as I hate saying yeah I don't see how anything beats what the cubs have going on the field right now. In the clubhouse and the dugout. Their pen is B wanna say it's suspect was awful it it's really not that bad though. Four guys you can go shoe and expect to get out of the inning scoreless. You know. Here give up runs by it fit the bill that's a good a good team all around you I know I know the Dodgers are what they are they one. A hundred plus games but. Why do I think huge is given them props trained to leg do the jinx on him I wish I had a much power do because I would have been doing the last 323 months that is why I I think. I really do things they did jinx is were is here that is here. No yeah we talk about that no. Definitely I think Hermione so so you will not where cubs gear no right now because you figure they lose when you Wear yes. Yes they do so time so on off days you're gonna. Rocker Rizzo Jersey. Were no no I'm not put non another cubs any thing. Now I'm not put on the Jersey a knob where my hat. I'm not put MI comes under way I was gonna say watch out for those boxer yeah no I'm not put on anything until the season is over whether that side tonight. Whether that's in the NLCS. Term you know what that isn't true fan right there the knowledge is. I'm in certain things I'm very superstitious. And that's one. That's cool flow. I use my mom used to be so mad like when we were you watching Packers games are Burres games. Chilly change her shirt made game because she thinks said what this one's just a lucky so I need to put on. You should ms. Evers this is his smarts the right thing you. Hockey players never save their beards baseball players that year man don't baseball players that don't change their underwear Furl we same thing baseball players are weird it's. Or is still businesses. Now. No not really knowing you played I've played I mean like I have late things that I did before every game. But they were more to just cut how do I guess they sound kind of superstitious rights are out. I do like at tembo shower as I read it online that it woke you up more. So maybe that's a little was only okay. Hot to freezing cold Diego like hot to cold like every like two or three minutes of some point that I do that after I did my stretches out on the field and throwing gear on. Well but you're not superstitious at the right yes actually I Apple's servers are. Greg so we are to resist its cubs Dodgers we got Greg. Dodgers. They'd do whoever the Rogers phased out doing with a B guns cubs Dodgers nationals I hate the Dodgers. Now. Just the entire all around talent to have to win the answers they agree pitch in their good hitting. Ballinger is a beast in these. He hasn't shied away from the from the spotlight. Saying they have the town and in the way the season's gone so Fareed it should. It should end up beating Houston. LA were answers Oca let's wage should is because the over the two best teams throughout the year. In the and the mayor in the in the nationally the of them to team that should play. For the grocers and the those are the two teams will play for the grocers I think the cubs will beat Washington. I am never going to. Count out the gloves. I never well I told you doing these podcasts last year during their run and after they won the World Series they have all the makings. Of of dean winning multiple. World Series so I'll I'll never I'll never count them out especially when you have men and as a manager will probably best baseball mind there is right now. You have a he's he almost crept to betting game seven of the World Series last year. Made some questionable decisions in the playoffs already you weren't and I'm very quiet I'm questioning a lot. Pulling out in time and that seventh inning in game five young jealousy would look at you right now. I don't know I guess I you have Wade Davis coming in right now souls who have beens and so Greg is a doubters in a World Series to house would say you. I told you man I think the cubs are known as did there in past the nationals there in past the Dodgers I don't even think that Dodgers series in the close. I think the cubs are gonna win like five games I think that's alone has the makings of being a 45 game series is the cubs over the dodge. Susan jump right in soldiers sailors and Colbern was because yeah I've got to nationals living in and night to advance to face Dodgers and I think no one wins. Because you know the nationals eight they show call over the themselves. And and soda and I don't know cause internationals when you've got some money for me when I didn't say so close to bay guys Newman a dude does he is horrible Dick I'm so glad he's not still on the north side. And you know. That's the only reason why I had a lot of confidence in in today's gave an IA Katie saying this but because diocese in the other dugout. But you know that's that I camp and cubs so how many toothpicks do you think deck I goes through every name dude in those two picks like when he when he first went to Chicago. They gave you like you know of the many in the model and all this kind of crap those toothpicks electric four dollars a pop. Like each piece of what yeah. Mint flavored. And they had everything resolved broken down as like (%expletive) Freaking 34 dollars a heat sets were easy yeah. I wish I was rich hello pressures wouldn't blow it on to X knowing exactly I would yeah. So. OK so great how you get the data centers and might yet the Dodgers in Houston and yet when it was. Judges in Houston. I aide. Rob leaves. I don't want us there be out of say goes seven games we give to the Dodgers just because I think Houston. Doesn't have that experience just yet. Kind of what would what you saw with Kansas City. Called we go on the into the World Series and lost one of the next here they this sincere with Houston. Then maybe she gets cubs and you've got the Astros video won an all. Man I hope the Astros went. I really hope they win I can't I. Tell now against any other if if you hear over the cubs being the champ is I gave it another year during the post game show. After we have. 30000. Cubs fans in Miller Park in the first weekend of the year. And I'm all right I'm already sick of baseball at that point. I'm already done with this season and I zealous I'm gonna happen months of work and I'm excited about it but it I can't have them win another one. But I I ultimately think. If there in the series I think. Got a really good shot I went and I've done what I can't stand. In the got a great staff they got a great lineup and every manager the W. Yeah I can I hate it and I hate the W place I'd. I love everything about it I did you guys be it Greg can you talk about it it it's just pure frustration. Admits it did really makes me mad an eight Jeff if you weren't my friend and I didn't respect you you would hear me full aren't cheering. As loud as possible right now for the nationals pay go that doesn't bother me at all know by just respect it makes it even sweeter for you. I united. I was a packer fan grown up in Chicago so well I I heard I'm used to you know everybody hated my team so you know it is. And as I mentioned so now in the World Series I've got the Astros facing no one because I've got no team coming out of the National League. I think the NLCS I think bowl teams every player's untamed as combustible as you know you're so nervous about choking. So I'm the say the Astros one World Series. And since they're not playing anybody about this week their front four games he could kick. If I felt so awful about. What is eight. Little element now and do what it is some right now and I don't know that will be guidelines and the catch he sees things would say you Milwaukee who we get coming out of the baseball playoffs. It is up on Twitter won a pleasure producers to. The movie night and I'll blame the it at that ahead drinker related to that Bill Smith radio led Jeff underscore or last week one segment to go. We're gonna talk NBA. Yeah you heard Eric Jeffs and maintenance. Cleveland's. Yeah of the dragon baby tell John check it out here. We'll be right back to Iraq with the producers here I want a 577 the fan jackass. BC sport so yeah no fun stuff. You excessive. Welcome back to the producers dive bar addition here 1057 up on the stand back around. Jeff Orlovsky Greg Janet maybe house last segment here. NBA bad. Screwball. It's Beck already. Call hollow I missed you it's like Christmas for you right. Or like New Year's Eve challenged all of them built and together today a whole first week. I don't think Jeff sleeps he is watches and the whole time in the midst go to the better the box reporters not. Wake me up when that messes over. But anyway OK let's talk about Jabari Parker now MB eighty yet what four years. Her eyes ears on cordially at 48. Million dollars in out and then that guy. Has the audacity. To put on Twitter now the process is continuing and I love the city of Philadelphia do. No show. I think are treated lately Bismarck, North Dakota would be my favorite place in the world. I would live in Montana. For five years or somebody is going to give me a 148 billion dollars. And live in a shack on dismissals next contract I'd live image three house for five years 148. Million resolutely when our inside and forward five years 250 million. Some rustling out roses was like a like oh yeah some averaged 47 million a year. He does so is this the what is this the timer you ask doesn't we give Gerrard got her hug him yell you wanna give Parker modern 48 hello hello. No me neither hell yeah. I love Jabbar partner and if he is as good at if he becomes as good as he is. In two K eighteen. Then maybe leaves or dart embodies Agence freaking unstoppable. Same with found maker bio ads got games I was pleasantly thirteen hours of Vietnam. Those two are legit. Guys that can be you can build around obviously promises is there by. Dude it's tough it's substances like Jabari Parker walked him. I don't think you walk I don't think you give him the Max deal. I think you're still son and he wants they get paid I don't want to get paid but. As a GM. And I wanna say his agent has to go to him and say look kid and you wanna get paid. But I don't seen NBA team giving him any NBA team given him a Max deal I don't. I am tool torn ACLU they're apps think there's any team out there that's gonna give him a man still all come over and say hey look. We decide got us 200 million dollars over what four years right. Will gave you. Are harder over. Six. There's no way to tell is agent goes for the our medicine but there's no way he's gonna get a Max deal boy in their right mind what NBA team would give a guy would too torn ACLs. In his career nerves are your career would give him a match what are your somebody 840. Million dollars for both won games. In the three years there some dumb ass GMs in the NBA and there are some teams are urged Seoul. Desperate to win so he's got eight that kid. And it only takes we want crazy to me yeah it always dates one run on. You know an egg granite okay the end be kind trick supposedly has a lot a lot of out clauses. For the 76ers. Yeah well into sole yes it sounds you know crazy strive for a buck 48 Purdue that never plays. But I you know they did work themselves and somehow clauses now would Jabari you would have to be the same thing right and if yeah this is gonna sign for for a Condo. You know you hear there's no way in hell he can make more money than yeah this so he's gonna have to take less. The you know the problem with the NBA when you on assignment contract with the TV deals haven't been coming to play yet. Right an easy one that said I'll take what I wanna take I wanna be years and the idea yet and that's why then if you expect your arteries same thing. No it but okay so yeah I think I can I can see Jabari taken less because Jabari wants to be here are talking about how he loves the city. They probably as excited for these aside for ten million a year. No way that's gonna happen but. He should be pretty happy with twenty million a year. They still got to pay impede though Jeff. Rami runner off in the big show today I think it's like after that shoot Torre eighteen Torre nineteen season. Out I don't have infirmities analysts say but either of its forties he's wary eye disease and or the Torre 192020. Season. Eight Ed dude it's still like 86 million dollars now but then my question was is a completely off the books. 'cause the the box replace Larry Sanders. Like five and a half for six and a million dollars last couple years. Just or his deal because it was a buyouts are those still on the books right I wonder if that clause gives it completely out. Com either way dude it's tough to him. Yeah it sure is it sure is so now okay. As so none of us would love money pony up that cares for our I don't wanna let him why he can't let him walk for nothing in China but OK soul what are clearly well. Or intranet for the Oakland surging you can turn them. If you don't like him that money and you know he's gonna walk you know. Somebody here can you know teams well you're hearing it in your other teams talk that they're going to give him a bigger deal. You know you train him. But Europe purgatory man because no one wants to trade forum because he's got a torn to torn ACLs. And but then if you who. You're you're rehabbing it you're getting him back for the last two months of the season and then he goes and tries to make money. York county is like his daycare facility. A year allowing him due to get himself back to where he's got to go aside it it's a tough decision by. It's so hard for meanwhile uranium man yeah I agree we'll see where does the toilets or eat my those guys and guys just don't come around Greg. I red green and I would if what I have no problem giving him a man still if he didn't just Ayers days ago. Now all right so what. Bucs win. Totals on the year tops I think they get fifty games I think it's a good team I think is a really really good basketball team. And once you get to the playoffs you have to be able to score in multiple different ways in multiple different sides. And this team can score in multiple different sets eighteen run fast break what you. Which with a smaller lineup that they have where you honest him play a four or even a five depending on how big Hugo. And you still shoot from the outside and in in your big line up so I think. That's a really dangerous team and I think they got they got some really really good ball players that are continuing to you better. Can't continue you better Chris Middleton is only getting better Mitt. There Milton is in 81920. Point. A nights or so they're real bullet points. And yet it's a avenged a slasher Greg Monroe so OK cal says fifty Greg coming win wins for the boxes here. 4647. RI tomorrow on that range they're gonna they're to get better from they're going to be better than last year. Not having barker Parker really. Hinders their offended them and often sub ball but also. And through them defensively. Are they going to be able when when a series and plant says that's of these bags that's your main goal this season is two and a blisters he made it you made last year. Now your goal this year is to win a series as it did keep the evolution going that the trajectory this team Cuba going in the right direction and pipe bombs can't wait for the NBA playoffs. Do you think he's excitement at all. The honest to god earlier this guy is just losing his mind. Jordan came out today talking about how super do you miss it. She received a role in the NBA yes so there are now. Acts and how to when he teamed urged going to be absolute garbage that's how it was last year. Are all you need to do right now. Or don't play this season have Golden State play Cleveland. That's. In I would take it one step back I would put you know. Golden State against Houston in the western finals. Boston and Cleveland in the eastern finals does have two rounds of playoffs save us all the crap. You know the only time highlight the NBA season cable illnesses sellout. Is the offseason because he's off the court drama is actually entertaining write me is it's the way out there on the court it's Sox. As boring as hell. A big men going to be that good. Well I haven't been on the he's going to be that good at that ball around enough Casey's been related to I don't think I'd say ending their I don't think they have the balls stay on the balls go around. You have Russell Westbrook that takes 97 shots game in a car Anthony who's never pass in his own life. Perennial all urge. Are both good teams. I'm not saying they're you know only win twenty games we have another I was would have every team that comes out and every team that fourth Murdoch media publisher of the back. Figuring out. Then on to win Dan Uggla there's all these players Carmelo Anthony of the selfish player. Lou you know weeds and art and is a selfish player. And we talked about winners during the you know Boone retirement channel Watson and Tom and he you know you brought up Carson when's playing Peewee. College football. Udall and Carmel and trying not to be heard by the by the way. The content. You know granted you one the national championship. When he was at Syracuse and thank you Carmel you won me a ball load money in eight years. Nice but besides that is what is Mosul has won crap. So he's definitely not a born winner. So you know we'll see but you know okay bucks my prediction I give him 48 Eastern Conference is just got awful it's worse than it's ever been. With the exception of Cleveland and Boston everybody else's crap may be washing Washington's good you know I was still defense though yeah. It's the series last year it's crap it's crap but okay so car bomb is just so excited for the NBC I'd his size phoned his buzz. It was like five. Why the NBA in order it's just and this guy has used up every day take your first year fancy basketball league ball lark. Could hurt at. I'll take a big Joseph do Mars. And and bring it back to olds did I is that Sox all right so what's your candidate who's gonna order championship and it's stupidly Greg. The home state don't say it's gonna I had both civil break the record this year for wins in the season again. And the role in the national there when the whole. Thing they'll go the one times. I would say you test Cleveland. Please really yeah. Really yes Syria and lose carry. You still got it here pros immediately. As old as they were barely rose admitted that. On your drowned what are you. It only matters the White House he's only every two months. As well as an indoor in the new school it's. Italy 27 minutes he also went home with it or not he goes in when we. Ballplayer. You got six years ago when he got some neat. Now I totally disagree he would like eighteen game last year I didn't know him on the anatomy to game. And a bit you know we had eighteen game as you do all the ones are different computers notes as an alum I've been Ned and and I don't know how to spell NBA. You know Golden State went you know who cares. Lately that's beautiful that's on us I can't wait for April is and spring training beckon baseballs are going to talk about real sports all sorts of march this year which is weird Levitt. Did you like. Shortened maybe acting overly two weeks as he did average eighteen. Eight that aids and the Dow. Is or honesty and it could score. Some sort. No he's Joseph are cool the only thing I which the NBA season A is for it to be over as quick as possible. And B is for anybody but LeBron. Liberty and final thoughts and Damon. Gold states and arming them. Those are applause. I'm the lead to La pipe bomb would stood. Iraq well then execute and an end to the dive bar additional produces 01057. FM the fan back cap. Berg bragged up curb fat energetic maybe now it's. Me. We'll see you next week sucked. Raise your glass Milwaukee here's to tighten. BC sports point no one will find some. An ex SS.