Happy Birthday Giannis!

Bucks Coverage
Wednesday, December 6th
12/06/17: DET 100, MIL 104 - Giannis Antetokounmpo celebrated his 23rd birthday with a Bucks win over the division rival Pistons. Sparky takes YOUR birthday wishes for #34 on the post game show. 

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Your chance to wish Gaza have a birth there whatever is would you like to tell Yana slower golfers JP in Germantown your up. Objected. Hey guess what Alicia action happy Thursday. Great pat spoke player better man I'll without there being humble so interesting about Yahoo!'s integration. All right man thanks for the cup say its just that easy you know webinar responded like that he's not listening to deal he'll listen to it eventually. But is it now listening to it right right now so your chance you have. Yeah as a birthday wish or whatever 414799125414. 7991253. To sell 1057 FM the fan guest suites not gonna work you need to call are worried onto next. John and were senior up with a job. Page column until listed 2017. NBA MVP. Got its. Happy 23 birthday keep the dollar I wanna see you are here fortieth bird it's plane in Milwaukee well. I love it thanks for the comment and I appreciate it forty. You how long time at seventeen years from now. Now I'm of this yards slightly 42 I'd like seem play Milwaukee his entire career obviously. I just wondered NBA players who play as long. Because of the Wear and tear on their body in because of how many minutes these guys are all logging. From time to time going forward yeah yeah its entire career mark yeah that'd be great police to please please stay entire city wants you to stay. I'm OK where tuner for birthday wishes for gas at the waseige checking with CJ. CJ you're telling me. It a little Bucs training Harold Sargent. At La manga and your daughter footballers playing on the fourth grade traveling team and that determine the beacon in the and a yup this is her paper player. He does everything right he hustles he. Who works hard and he does the dirty work. He's come a long long way and she is his biggest. Ban you want to and pepper it which is unfortunately she's in bad because there are responsible parents and get rid of that report are clock here but can you. I guess or question. As a parent examine the situation to. Is it harder and harder. That to find those athletes that you feel comfortable with or anybody Emmys obviously your parents are here the role model first and foremost before an athlete is I'd get fat. But so many times you know you you figure you're buying into something that's right they knew finally it may be a wasn't. And with yeah honest JJ watt I mean that there are there are some out there that you just know the debt and it's OK gonna buy that Jersey for your daughter whatever the case may be. Absolutely I mean girl growing up and you know very humble and and typical situation Q Communist country and and have a smile on state that you works so hard continue to do so to become the path to this crap and repression. Herb for me at the father there's no better person the plane too firm for might you know young daughter here than a few of the WNBA players say. If you wanna if you wanna play this is seriously your passion. Do like yachts. Why and that's exactly yet and the work ethic is unmatched so and so forth thanks for the call and that's the one thing. A buyout yeah honest kind of feels weird talking to my audience I know is can you listen this but. That the one thing about it for me is like you can genuinely seat. On his face when you know he's is blown away by something that that deal and Boston. Where he comes walking out. And there are all those analysts in Boston or wasn't where he came walking out there were all those fans I was at Philly. On and he's like oh my gosh these are all from me. There were sections of people all sign up there and and that in Boston they had. A National Anthem the girls in the National Anthem and all those other fans from Greece. You can just tell the appreciation and a law of that that he has. Room for those people and everybody else comes along with that and he's humble duty I've yet to come across anybody. And god knows everybody wants talked to me about its negative. They come out of the woodwork to email me or DM mere whatever it is summons all around professional athlete in this town and I'm Donny or another I've never received one negative thing ever. Not on yachts and I just speaks volumes for just speaks volumes and we're talking about it's why third birthday today here's your chance to wish him. Happy birthday for 14799125414. 79912 and like I said we'll get this over to lump. See you listen to it whenever he'd like these plane rides along I'm sure he'll find some time to listen to it where to next Anthony head over to the east side Aaron. What's up there. And that is just listen you're at Bieber status saying no one like you and your point you but I assure you that this entire city of view and lightweight. Championship here not sway and enjoyed man. All. Do you mean no one likes you when you're 23 what are you talking about. The Blake wanted it Jewish song. I'll all wrong. I'd very and now I understand thanks for the call I was totally confuse what is this then you you you know that saw. I don't know the cyanide bodies maybe send some like the terrible Susan I don't know. I can't tell us and saying yeah I have my sons of largely due in February and he's already at terrible two's he's an entity that we're already there he's already able troublemaker. He knows to like you look at you and lab and in building did like Mike analysts indeed it's just he's learned right now you can get away with stuff because he's cute. No he's not getting worse in Nagano it was both know this lab. He starts messing around. And his mile mile do you want your daddy get up. No and I have to write about five months now as candidates or will we got that dollar right now sell that that's at least good. And guys I'm Cheryl have kids coming in his future as well and who gets. Understand all of his right now focus obviously is on the basketball the NBA. Where team next who wish Yasser heavy earth and I'll marking Glendale has birthday wishes and a question for what's up mark. You spark you know or him different. Get people pick 2013 counts Arnold I kind of looking yeah. Sixty tigers elect kind of look at given the anomaly what I mean by that is how many people professional athletes. Say like it here are writers are content. You know to beater a small market you're not because of a larger LA itself out you play for the cubs or the badgers. No will he be content to steelworkers U a lot of big money from this guy acting you will have a total personally. I'm hoping that's my case. Because it's super person or repair the long term. Yeah I hope it's five year it is that we get them either build allowed my experience you know it's ran out. You know what Sharon knows that those terrible over the years with the exception maybe. I'll brought you know welcome partners find an outsider there Russia on the PG awoke with the injury still but I hope. It we can do something relevant which you hear there weren't an edit. Really get out what it was the first round of play is not won a championship penal and the way we can't seem so I was some benchmark for that is. They ought to know I don't worry you're used appreciated. Because he should be appreciated every 23 what he's done a remarkable now aren't. You know sort of release products and we're sag is neglecting your consumers. A budding superstar. Recruits and you know you're always Syrian aggregate figure Koppel. If not sourced as austerity get a group president grant. And I hope we just find another one here here you know to actually be ramble on to a police still can't yeah people at NATO.