Happy Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday, November 22nd
Sparky's Bucks Podcast

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C.'s marquee five per it is we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. Everybody ask to be thankful. Or yachts as a box and that's actually one guy you must be thankful for the sport right it is a no brainer. They got us has to be number one on year on Thanksgiving less I know a lot of you probably are very thankful that Eric Bledsoe is a Milwaukee buck. But after that trade that obviously has to be another factor for what your very thankful for others may be very thankful for cash Chris Middleton. Are being on this basketball team. Others if you believe what Kevin Garnett has to say about doc maker that he believes he will be MVP one day. Many are probably they pull that gun maker and his future as Milwaukee buck. Is still on this basketball team. Let's see who else could be that brought about rookie of the year Malcolm rog and thought to be thankful for their second round pick who turns into a rookie of the year. Not last year and I don't care about the class and who played and who didn't play who was earning wasn't hurt when he rookie of the year so a special deal. Regardless of who's in that class or who isn't so -- table for Malcolm broad. Are barred barker we'll all be thankful when he gets back from his injury coming up here in the second half of the season still with all star potential. God does Jabari Parker haven't hopefully he BN number two option for your honest going head to had to be table for that. What about the bucks ownership group had yet seen. The new arena downtown have you been down there have you seen the pictures or do you see what it looks like the practice facility the parking garage everything that goes along with it. It is unbelievable. First class there isn't anything even compare horrible to it. That we've seen. By in this area anytime soon just look at the pictures of all three Arenas the panther arena that it is bigger at the Bradley Center and then jogged enormous. To what does new arena is going to be and that is a large part thanks in the ownership group. Herb Kohl all helping to make this. A possibility. Have to be excited and now the box just after four had to really come through. And be that title contender and these are covers like we all hope. And want them to be doing well that's an happens of their defense improves and they get LT a lot of job for weeks. That hurts. I had sent out to against a suns that obviously is gonna hurt but he'll be OK I think after that want. They need everybody healthy and on the same page in the defense and intensity must pick up if this team is going to be as good. As we all want them to be sought to be thankful for as a bucks fan for Thanksgiving. And I'm thankful for having our Milwaukee Bucks producer post game show for another season here on the pan am very thankful. That you guys are all tuned and and participate in that show on 1990 rout of the box sees himself thanks for listening to the fans have a good Thanksgiving ST Sparky fight here on defense.