Haywood: 'Jason Kidd is why Giannis is becoming Giannis'

The Wendy's Big Show
Wednesday, December 6th
12/06/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW - Former NBA player now broadcaster Brendan Haywood joined the crew to discuss the Bucks start and head coach Jason Kidd's impact on this roster.

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Joining us right now on the great midwest bank hotline heading lengthy NBA career you now see him on NB ATV and hear him. A serious except NBA ready along with Jared Greenberg on out of bounds weekday mornings pleasure while command. Brendan Haywood Brad and I do my friend. I'm not very we're doing well you made the transition from a athlete shoot two media guys are two former Packers here have hobby hobby like the transition so far how do you like being one of us. I love the threat is invaded its age you may you never call it. You may strike and I don't work out it's like man never bought back governor outlawed. Walk all the cool. Nobody holds any leniency Garrett. Mikell. Yeah. Friday Eli. I said jets listen to you buy it in a more than Jerry Greenberg I'm I'm out of bounds and just come way super impressed by. Just how good you are a not everybody is is able. To come across the way you do as far as tell the truth but yet still being entertaining in and have a good time with things. When you look at his Bucs basketball team yeah Odyssey is one of those guys it's as toward third birthday. But today obviously in Jason Kidd continues die by the fact that. He did it peace with undefeated an odd time and how this team is really young and they're gonna have their ups and downs until they become more of a veteran team that. Is to be expected how do you view this bucks team. RB in the book game of a young team respond to grow. They're trying to figure out who they are trying to find their identity that was so many young players. It's trying to learn. What it means to win and I'm sure the got over there that your your your back whether they would argue. Young guys have to learn how to wage don't walk into the league you know how to aren't set the alarm Bledsoe. Thought they all these young guys they have got the language who when he gave an that it takes you're experienced get into the playoff habits and they're going vertical. You don't what was your thoughts on humans because everybody right now you see in his Grohl he's just you know been an incredible player right from a place. I mean I phrase how do you see him outside lieutenant. Yeah honest to me is scary news because and how Watson gain I think it guy they engage in thirty or forty on any given night. We get it all connected and polished he still I think between father portrait respect we don't shooter in the mid range is jumper comic company goals. And still lighting believe golf fired. Yes that's such a long way to go offensively. But yet he has he's still. Such a good player that sky's the limit because wanted to hear you gonna come back. And he's gonna get reasonable better ball we thought how long to launch games to get it probably won't. It got to cover now we gonna become a better integration and when he had one of those things consistently to a game. No one's going to be able to check. It's sick man. I mean again sometime thing and do whatever he wants special and that Payne and I think that's that the only. Deficiency of people just packed a dagger in their mid range shot. But a double by Jason kid because for some reason. You know the book's fans don't seem to like him for whatever reason not think he's wanted guys who develop beyond his. It to come a point forward so how is Jason Kidd around early housing viewed. Whopping books and abilities and needed to apologize and execute realize that they've made a mistake. Because Yahoo! could be who you studied some everybody was trying to figure out what position did go out and play. Addicting kids or everybody when you but the point Kabul with the all the McCain. And let him turn into what you're today. I did the it was a good move but I would respect other people thought it was a mistake. But it wouldn't have allowed on this to become a household name they'll put even I don't like taking kids it's got a full list because. Java not used to be a good player but it will be of great integrity what you're allowed which is cute that you debacle would put the ball and. Talk with Brendan Haywood of NBA radio here weekday mornings along with Jerry Greenberg. I'm out of bounds and besides the accident knows Mikey just said and I've said that many times Brendan about the development. Of a beyond this that would not being possible without Jason Kidd. His value as a recruiter fear if you're free agent and you're being recruited by multiple teams to come and play somewhere. How big is it for use that you walk into a room in one of the first guys shaking your hands and welcoming you to the building is an NBA hall of Famer himself. All men listen would would occur about a recruiting that that that big. Anytime you have all the rain but it won't mean you're in it means something because you respect those guys you don't pay it to go to war they April. You know the basketball knowledge they have so I got to the hall of Famer and welcome to gain a lot of guys going through. Respected college respect the decision making more than maybe it would somebody yelled and it could be wrapping but upon your create. Tom Brendan Haywood former and the air now with NB ATV and obviously NBA radio weekday mornings Jerry Greenberg. Hey Paul third defensive scheme that that's been the one. Trigger I think we bought spent the last two or three years they continue. Team of presenting their dead last in reporters are allowed this year it's been a common problem and now. They really had nobody in the middle Hanson you don't tries his best led nobody's cars a rim protector outside offensive and no just him and found maker on this roster. A from a defensive standpoint what can they do to get better than what they haven't been doing so far. Former. Because they they have a lot of young athletic god would land that's normally what could be could he have a bomb. The only thing back if you could possibly do different will be just try to put out multiple lineup with a lot of linked up like they normally do. We've been trying to make sure that made me think there locations are also may be switching a lot of screen rolls on a lot of switching. Well Bobble things sort of make a mistake make an aggressive mistakes so whether that's attacking the ball boys or strapping. That guys really pressing in the report you're running god awful lot make them take contested two. The biggest thing they have to do is probably continue to look for a few tablets in young athletic that they have now we look at got it you look at guys like god and it. When you look at. Yet there you atomic why accuracy it's great for a good thing is that. Tony now when you look at vote god lets you know so many guys that apple have felt they are very young and athletic. Big Apple app athletic contributed incredible. But see this and again Jason Kidd they did Q&A with a journal sentinel of the other day tiger by the defense has struggles and he talked about the length and Jeep pretty much said that. They seemingly can't move their feet as quick as they need to just stay in front of their defenders which leads them. To play a more aggressive trapping doubling type defense. That maybe what other teams would do because they can't stay and fight other guys because they're so long. I don't I loved it here nobly would have many hits he helped lead our team to a kind of rattle I don't believe that. I don't we you have got these young and athletic they can move their feet it's a matter don't want to. You look at the cavaliers pain at the beginning of the year. They were still giving up all wanted every single night because they wobble a bit because they all they are all out of shape but he played it way to shape for values you don't compete typically. And they're getting it done it would seem that older like that can get it done token these young book young young book their religion. And that there there is farther criticism of Jason Kidd because a lot of people agree with a what you just said. But as well what about Jabari Parker how do you see his future mania has yet to be able. The healthy for an entire year with two unfortunate ACL injuries but what you've seen from him how good do you think he can be. Men out there. This kid has that bad luck I love the game vote along party. Got better every year. The vikings trying to take everybody a little bit more on the to that will be the biggest secret without public feel urgent need is. It Weytman have to be low recipes Kariya beat an app and make sure Ichi too much weight off both the possible. Costly making sure it quad and everything are strong but I love the game. I like how we attacked a remote hole yet this same couple. About that he people for the ACL injury trouble we it would come back you better put you at the start of the government to resolving the barbecue backcourt that we quote can't score when he got hurt. All of last season and it's one of those things where. You hate to see you expect for him because have a mortal wants to and you just hope creek about aspect we could be figuring out the thing he can be yet another expect that they need. That is Brendan Haywood former NBA Boller himself nine hearing weekday mornings I'm serious sex them India radio and out of bounds along with Jerry Greenberg. Also frequently on NB ATV in his first visit into here to the Wendy's big show. Let's let's not make it the last one let's talk again soon Brendon thanks whatever. The Mitt thank god thank they have a good now. Any time Brendan Haywood joins us on the great midwest bank hotline great midwest bank has been committed to personalized common sense lending. 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