Heff Sam and Dan EP16 - We get HEATED

The Producers
Friday, April 17th
Heff, Sam and Dan EP16 - Evan Heffelfinger (Associate Producer for the Bill Michaels Sports Talk Network), Sam Schmitz (Swiss Army Knife producer for the FAN) and Dan Plocher (Executive Producer of the Wendy's Big Show) break down the career of Aaron Rodgers and whether the Packers did everything they could to help Aaron succeed. Plus, we'll talk about how the sports hiatus will affect Giannis Antetokounmpo and whether he'll stay or leave... and let's just say Evan and Dan get heated.

2:25 Did the Packers do everything they could to win with Aaron Rodgers?

32:00 Will this hiatus affect Giannis' decision to stay?

39:00 Dan and Evan get heated over the future of Giannis

56:00 Best moments on the FAN this week