Holden: Cain and Yelich have made the biggest difference

Brewers Coverage
Thursday, July 19th
Kevin Holden, Reporter/Anchor for CBS 58 in Milwaukee, weighs in our multiple choice question regarding the Brewers. What should the Brewers do now that Manny Machado is off the board?

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Joining us now on the shatter orange outline Kevin holt from CDS 58. Who is now you know credit joining us in the tank and how this for a few minutes docket of baseball. So Kevin now we are asking a little while ago the last go a couple of service program. The multiple quite the multiple choice question for the crew they have no one bright games primarily because of the eight edition of Piniella beat the backing of the bullpen. See the underrated starting rotation or team manager Craig Counsell I'll ask you the same question. I'll let that die eat you pointed out really good reason that's sort of goes with him in order and they might all count sort of thing I I think if you. If you look at the court this so it's eating yellow it's an immediate. His record get the ball to open and active but. The point is. Ryan brought in the active here means was hurt for a lot of years Domingo and and it in Tripoli so we outfield depth that the brewers puppy yeah. What really care and being intelligent and able to maps that a little bit we thought they had too many out here and it turns out. They have just been dolphins and emulated in stars and two of the three outfield position they give me are the two best players in the franchise. Sold look moving forward we know that to the brewers lose out of the Manny Machado. The sweepstakes. Now what what what direction would you go you're the brewers. I've still and I know they're gonna try to get something in terms of middle infield help and O'Brien poachers are guys have been talking about. And and that wouldn't be bad it wouldn't cost as much certainly as much out of would have cost this team but it. To meet its still. If you're into making this product you are talking about 4018 is that the year that you wanna go in and just be competitive but win or play out here maybe when a couple of you gotta go get eight. Frontline starting pitcher that conversation for me. Still has not changed now usually the rebuild process. Sort of happens with the addition of an all star pitcher Kyle got rolled Chapman and and they won their World Series the Astros got Justin Verlander. And then they want their World Series so. I don't know what the brewers are in that position yet I don't know what big east pitcher makes their main World Series winner right now. But he could trying to get our level right now. And in that that they you've got to do you got to see that met so if you Jacob de gras and you have to offer up everything you're gonna have to help Colorado Springs and a box. And the vet but he but. If that's what you wanna do what he wanted to be competitive now to me that's still the number one in the heat. Frontline starter the waste of ethnic here this team and the lingering here. Do you think Orlando Garcia and his may be turned around he's hitting three to 42 overall. Right now down and out Colorado Springs he's got a four point 90 on base percentage he's got a slugging percentage of 458. And OPS of 886. Do you think he has sending him down has gotten him to an all around do you think he's leading down there for awhile longer to see if indeed this is more than just the mere reparation. There are here is he's. First of all it's an incredible defensive player but one at one time. There's this sort of you know future packaged the brewers could see a guy hit some home runs in swing a pretty good bat plus that gold glove tight defense and bid to treat it I don't know all of that is less RC acting a couple of months in the minor league or month or however long we're looking at. Has been pretty good form and and maybe it's that. Just to kind of ignites wake up call and I don't know how much to read into the numbers with that's an error in Colorado in the Pacific closely and all the things that go on their so. But I go to those sounds to me. Like the numbers of a guy who's ready to come back if you had a young player with those offensive numbers in a gold glove right on defense at a position of need. You want to bring him back and are you wanna bring them up and I think you're Garcia's case. It pretty soon I think your return to bring him back in and see if he's better deterrent is that he hit better. This thing for Domingo and and if both of them hit better they get the way they're capable of hitting. Functions like entry deadline addition we live our struggle at the bottom part of the order. The answers might be Merrill's estimate RCA and and a turnaround. I was gonna do the same thing about sent innocent 108281. Down there right now on an open yesterday 68. And he's been playing very very much better the other concern is. Brett Phillips has not been able to figure out triple he's still hitting 240s or PS 742 while not bad it's not great. On base percentage at 331 but he has not been able to figure out consistently minor league pitching as. No solid and it's. It's unfortunate because I think there was a time maybe two years ago. Where you would look at Phillips at the city was that it and there's as one of the top prospects are guys that can come up and B superstar in the big leagues but. Yeah the way it works you know that two extra years of needs. And it he has improved facing the minor league pitching you're. You start to go okay well what you're wrecks so going forward to mean that the army in the outfield instruments and you see a little sparks in the edit things but. I I don't know I don't when I think of the outfield in the future it is her team. I don't necessarily seen Brett still in it and I think two years ago I saw him as one of maybe the most touted outfielders that number unfortunate end and still based on his earlier numbers. Think that there's a chance for him turnaround that. But like they did a little bit are Phillips and and it doesn't help that the brewers are so many outfielders and with apple to Milwaukee's. A blocker. Or Kevin hold from CBS 58 to the sport stricter there. So now that he you know obviously the Dodgers have made a move in here 'cause my child in the face the brewers look being what it is right now. That the brewers losing streak in the fact it out of the last 43 games there are three games under 500 since may 29. Is all of this concerning your is it just a byproduct of some guys and that's sub par years guys have been sent down injuries that have accumulated. And that really as brewers fans we don't have anything to worry about the should be write their reports also and a. I have always been an hour and a lot of cases I've been at the optimist that been the one that says don't read anything into a week or don't read anything into a series. But I'm kinda on and straight now because. I partially because twenty teams starting to feel a little more like 2014 to me I still think there's a better team. And in a much better future obviously been what 2014 was. But it only fourteen we sat there after the the brewers swept the Dodgers and Atlanta was mid August. We thought it may be the brewers would be the best team in the National League that year. And they win. Wiley Coyote and you know it got equipment helping yanks sign and at all. And I hope that that doesn't happen to this team. There's a lot. In the last week in half it at least you are a little bit concerned the offense. People were saying they weren't scoring an up and they weren't getting enough from the bottom of the order outlook total turnaround. Well he is the bottom of the order still struggled and they have been trying options there. This barely work for them the bullpen has been a huge plus. And there's that little streak in the unit that worries that maybe one or two of those guys don't have seen that app that they haven't the first term of the has the most about this that this is still competitive seem to me but. The street. In need nipple concerned. Fourteen years. It at least. I don't know you wanna they don't repeat it that little hole like franchise seeding thing but they're in other words that second half collapse that they added 2014. The looked at it if I. Do you think Dozier coming from the twins organization will be good move for the brewers. Well nice one it did opinion that BR circuit that's in between guys not the Tony sixteen B are not the Tony seventeen BR. But you can move him around a little bit. If closure and give billions that well he's the guy that but this is interest being. Three players. Between 2015 to 2017 have a hundred homers and a hundred doubles and he's one up and the other two. We're superstar players Machado and I think maybe Mike Trout or someone like that so. Go to your innate power he'll give you extra base hits and you get you home runs and the weight of course like to set. Don't even bat a little farther down in the order eat it's that the issue of not giving production from the I spot down. If you don't you're 663. And hit home runs for YouTube doubles where you drives in runs for. That my sparks something that is seen so that combined with what they would have to give up which is not as much as much out of tight back. That great I think that if the brewers still producer. Like to see him get a quarter Escobar to. I'd make it to her deal and you've got a couple of guys you can play right in the middle and feel it's actually pretty good trade for. Yeah I was gonna say if they get a couple of different pieces that are gonna pollster this team I'm look I'm all for it I just. You know I don't there's people that say what they need that that are actually got a goalie got all your chips and a the table for the rock disease control over two years so want to go ahead and do it I don't think there and get renewed growth. The Anderson regarded he's had some arm issues so I wouldn't wanna put everything out there. Percent to guard because some of the problems that he's had in the past you look at OG you look at different things that different options that have been out there. I just thickly I go back to go back to some general managers speak in which you've got a hole or two you go for when you've got three or more. You can hedge your bets a little that you try to get better but you don't mortgage the farm to get better Armey. Don't approach it a good way to talk about it and Richard is. With the brewers did after 2011 what they felt they had you know one or two pieces that they needed so they went out. And spent money to get some free agents and did what they had doodle choir pieces but those pieces turn into you guys like Kyle Lohse and Matt Garza. And the brewers don't eat it shakes right now they air in a position where you're taken distinct from Tony eighteen the long term. David Stern spent a couple of years building up the minor league portion of this franchise in doing so very well the truth that he brought into the mine at least. We haven't seen the fruits of that labor it's too soon to see the fruits of that labor. When they did this rebuilding use and they were hundred seemed losers for three years could beat you just brought from the minor league. It didn't matter you're gonna lose a hundred games anyway did that upper position or course earned an upper position in this rebuilding our debtors in order. So yeah make a call whether you're going to. Sort of abandoned what and that minor league system that we haven't seen yet. All 100% ready to hear what I'd I'd like yeah we're completing 2018. But I like better idea of these guys who values hitting so well like you're too good valuation system for what makes a good hitter. Q what would moderate prospects were quite so I don't know what I want all of them traded away at it and it literally just said they'll treat the world Purdue gram that. Also I don't like to eat what you do not Stearns you know prospects make it to the major leagues. 81 more thing in in that is that back there in on the match auto deal that they were there that they were at the table. Does that signify the end of this rebuilt. It might write it's a mean. There was a mile bit surprise there but a whole lot of sort of like eager anticipate epidemic giggled a couple of times closed. I honestly three years ago when Carlos Gomez might fighters were treated. And that's rebuild began it but. Well when you're gonna hear relevant baseball in Milwaukee again and the fact that they're not just dumped at the table as you mentioned one of the top. Competitors yesterday when that deal permits how to hit a snag. There was a moment right what kind of per minute of getting this guy anyway and that's. That's got to be enticing for Bruce fans because Egypt you're already at relevant baseball it. Early in the process you can ask Hughes in a long and painful process what. It makes me think that day I think the work rebuilt mediocre start this sounds good guys on offense and he's not afraid to get in there. And make opera for superstar which means. You're gonna be relevant in 201920. Torre exit from the outside of this the start of an upside. Yeah and always gonna tell you buddy we'll talk again soon okay. Much appreciated. Automobile lot look at this thing in this. Got the word goes away for the winner that that big bright saying. Yeah now I know like I gotta get as much as you possibly can't get a little color alongside will talkies and okay. I'd like to go let's get a hold of CBS 58. Our sports reporter over there the anchor over there aren't always good to get him on the inner talk a little baseball with a she joys of a Schneider or challenged matter Harry drivers. Right now you work hard they treat you fair eighty push yours have been getting it done. Call 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs not coming to report for product showed jobs on account by the way Kevin's going to be do it's still work for me. When now when I'm gone today on derby done after this beat our for ten days in back a week from this coming Monday so local. Look for a lot more pivotal he's gonna be doing every show with me is zero ever ever won. That didn't know that usually. You know when you're gone when you take this time off we should rotate between you know three or four guys but it's stood just Kevin and I for the next six shows or whatever it is. They tell you actually be a lot of fun I know a whole lot of capital I know hopefully it's not too much Kevin all the but I I I think most people love Kevin holt I don't. Really you don't ever. We are haters bill I don't think Kevin holding has any haters that don't think he does. The detectives Kevin generally good so governor Holden who's gonna be Philip the entire time on their ego.