Horst: Is there a list of potential head coaching candidates?

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Wednesday, March 21st
Bucks GM Jon Horst joins The BIG SHOW.  

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On the great mid West Bank highlighted John Horst thanks so much are coming up. What are odd that I saw. I was still legit guy wanted to come on to talk a little bit about what's been going on on the station and so forth in the last couple of days so. I think with back to stared are talking to break how we want to do this. And we both think it's got to be better off to college you just gotta have your opening statements in which you gotta say no kind of go from there. Not an eight mark Gary what you know. I'll. And international right now Gotti back that now are we staying here. In my art Sheen. You know rumor is and you know I think there's always people away from the outside. Always tension or want to watch. You know kind of nickname itself. And you nonstop nick com. But we got there continues the wrong kind of make egregious statements that it'd kind of wired or are are coached. You know the possibility that stick up for those guys or Asian so wanted to calm on here and are you guys. Up briefly and then go out and if you want a briefly just they're you know. You're willful. Yes they are completely all. That the you know kind of reference makes. Me in the aid that. We. Yeah folks are healthy. I mean that gene comeback in reform help us in the nick well what shared indeed the great up in the and so far. And you know never in any discussions about trading or you know in an idea about like that. Courts are got that register on me they're they're out there aren't players actually look at that compliment. All in all so you know that's not what GM is you know all of it caught the scenes player but one of our responsibilities. But we we don't try to Horry and are very excited. Right now we're going for trauma sort Asian. And then this other stuff in there Cook County. We arch signed kind of all want to let. You know that red mark Rackley and just sheer mark. You know wait out the search going on currently a joke on our intern coaching our coach. Into like we said we're promoted in. Where people supported Joseph. At every opportunity to form if you are you can it be part of our our greater search goes out he's been in so far. Out there joke when it happened currently ship with jail in their great mutual respect there. And now is very happy with out and so are we want more gain. The other part of what Joseph app in every one that caught the ball truck plan itself in the new owners. Call it and I gather that figure out ways we gain in Allah plow share so. I appreciate you guys in line is you can't combat. It's about those things again you people have comments and rumors but I thought you know have a as a teen executive himself. Yeah on line and know that vote. All out whatever it is art and I know there are walk out. But I outward for support our coaching and very excited about our organization and court to move on. So the job seekers you bought jamario of them what what's the plan then for Jabbar moving forward no that. There's going to be your contract situation with him at the end of day the indices and what's a game plan would Jabbar removed for. What Gary. Greg in network catalog negotiated got anything that we can't act Q you know we like it extends far. Com. That saw you because you value part of our franchise now going forward. You know I'm expenses don't app there's two sides that we talked about that for a short thinking and but that's part of opt out process was you know we they're really positive. Conversations with our agents in order great state in our relationship with Jabari a very strong that you need to grow it's very open. All that you corporate I'm wolf I think that again it looked forty Margaret issue going forward. It didn't look what he thought it out a lot courtroom and at a lot more people competitions and that an appropriate time. You talk about this team as it is currently sits go into a new arena and a new practice facility coming up this fall. And UCL a great pictures on Twitter in the facility looks unbelievable new arena for shore on do you feel any added pressure or urgency because you're going into a new arena. To have this team. Competing you know what at a higher level than what he is at this point going to new arena not only. Because you want try when Jerry jamaat is at some point but also for fans support and so forth. That's our it to be a question in net bank. Always battle long it is we want to build toward you know consistent success. At eye level. I'm in which you would think that that'll well positioned to keep church is at and you know looked at BQ let the players owners know excited about position or a records and point. I'd you'd think that there's a lot of forward Madonna has improved player Chris Brewster are back I'll be ready in about forty got it why are we better air. We've done some things we need to get healthy we need we need finish strong. Vision and strong way and it will have had a lot this year. But absolutely we wanna you wanna go at new arena we got. But he couldn't keep bill so there's not pressure that they were. That's and try to win as many games. Odd next here at at the expense of skipping steps or are so long term future that but the pressure to batters in and I think although a record that day which is a program last year there were great at it that today we haven't done that. We as an entry at what happened. It's a were not happy where we're at that point there are a lot of positives that we appealed bill in the right direction we have a core group of guys or so that is going to be. Pocket change over a church is the group of guys that buy art who won a cute together building. We are key to confront her about it. Mean to go walker I'm in Milwaukee and in February are really excited. Did you you're obviously a difficult position I've said for the last leader so I wouldn't want your job for all the money. Did you could possibly offerman because not only do you have the Jabbar richer two free agent deal adjourn after work through with his injuries and so forth. But then you also have our blood so you can become a free agent after next season Middleton oddly out options to become a free agency. I've freeagent as well which really puts you in the double blue exertion of if you do keep this thing the other lake you're talking about. Where bulk of those players blood so Milton may walk away in free agency if you don't get to Jamar back and restricted free agency. You can be left with not as and really no support for say outside of probably not come rog and and maybe thought maker she develops. Going into the summer of 2000 in nineteen. If you thought that far ahead as far as how this all stacks up as far as bringing everybody back implying how verses. Possibly moving us up around a little bit to be more stability pass this summer. Oh. No force them. She's. The girl in the different things we look at from cap standpoint tell them point. Our upcoming free agency market things like that we start yell. The the part that's great about that is we have great guys that love being in Milwaukee odd love playing with each other and that in so. At eight at it we continued except we have pilot looking accent. You're more motivated to keep that together and keep building. If you app that back in the news that don't fit quite well that you buy it when you look at ways to improve and change and it'd make votes. I'll. If you know the apple Q a quirk guys leave the region which I think highly unlikely again these guys you know love your age up by each other. And we're winning we're gonna or wanna keep them. Alba in the in that example guys leave it it's not like your lot with you on it now. In our young core it did. No rate they'll replace them those guys we've ever represent caps its ability to keep you know a league team in other ways but. That's not our goal our goal again it is like the core group of guys we wanted to keep building wanna have a high levels it. Except a little early to get. You know join you also brought that whole thing yesterday at figure as would Alex three with the whole quarters thing. And so you know and argue what you're seeing him in and for Russell social network. You know we're gonna win that game and injured you're right about where you stand. Fronting usually guy. And he EU role with him he'd use your head coach and I think a lot of you were out sick call and cause. Was worth just about that the blocks don't have a plan if these don't work out. And I know what you're he's saying is that that he is our guy. But every team or every organization war every. Fortune prominent company. Has a plan in place if things don't work out. Yet there that they're they're a big difference you know they need. Actively. Search he'd been having with the eyes ought to get them and it. That have been got internally or externally until that point side again we don't know audit report came out the specific difference between. Our Dewey back you know what was written yesterday for how to land in two situations and of course. I think beat on. All nationally and in terms of planning across the things like that we're actually get better at. Of course you're a plan in place and he'd like to have. On the dynamic and what that looks like what a search looks like what are the things that we want to accomplish you know what does it it looks like water. What characteristic of staff you know what are the side step all the things are part of land that you app plate. Cool that coaches. Is to be determined at all we've ever Ochoa that we apple support in throughout this season angle on an. Even. Quote. You admit that every opportunity part of that search that's the true and we're not gonna go any deeper into that processor that surge plan. It collectively he's so as we want or go to wanna finish strong prosecution in wanna make her body reached at bat on but it's not like. No CNN. Desperately girl that you of course that. Right job because there isn't it is is our food and that at the end of every season. Most everybody is evaluated correct. Absolutely players coaches general managers everyone in any in any good business in any good rational I think wants to be. They want to understand what. You do differently what their role are now going forward so absolutely guarantee that that's part of at the professional sports and it's been ugly. I got a question for I guess it's always kind of some and that's stuck in my carollo because I didn't really understand and since we got you on the phone last year. So wing Jason Kidd does like go when you bring in Joseph prime T to be a coach address the apple press conference you had said that. You know we give back to us all later on what shall try to roll would be going forward and then later that night we financial front teeth. Is gonna be the interim coach for the rest the year kind of as the game is going on it's sad. In that timeframe did you or anybody any organization try to reach out for. A different person to come and try coach this team for the rest of the year before you decided on Clinton to be the interim coach stressed the air. No absolutely not spark good question I think really that really just inbound logistics and communications column. Coaching or should myself sites that. A force without result the bad I mean I'll I'll let communicated that now so. As we wouldn't make they decision which is that we do the direction we're gonna go which show that decide exactly want to communicate back in one. Arms so now they're there was no bet that that represented in the Asian YRR except what did you. How do you feel team chemistry is with this team right now. There would like not that he went after outstretched at lies. On the unfortunately for us I think that we had an injury that lined up would be upset. Struck a glide. We're getting closer Al our guys have gotten through that you know I think. By and large and set a model search opt in exactly the results at that stretch but. We are happy you know with the option you have from a union import strong finish on your lap on him either. In into the playoffs so I think our guys are all very much aligned in in. Knowing what kept you out gathered to call in their ability to compete with anyone in the conference and they work. With a Ford engine is strong it is well. We always ask for here on Twitter to use cash to ask if there's one a so so the expectations. That you have. Are you meeting being the expectation because I guess there's a lot of fans were thinking that maybe this team is. Is struggling more than what they should be. Mean that you live Jason K going you will a nice wrong or projects and all of a sudden you know you hit a bump in the road and it feels like. The team is to your Foreman is saying where they're performing. On a Jason Kidd were really they had and got an upper she operationally better. I think it's more aired more of a little bit ago that no I don't think we are happy with arm the let the other recent stretch. Think wall which would equate fired at certain corners and certain things that we wanna try to definitely improved. That's vomit on the greens he basis when the losses. I think you are you and back and figure out why that is all look at pot the that are going on in eaten at Ole. There are a lot of that quite. There's a lot of individual group a lot of recruitment and in overall. But I am very happy which is the way that Joseph is staffed in real they're tired but not step it would exit from office because that. It can't gather. In really tried serious doubt that the group and in that that's hurt things that's why alternate our ability. There are structured or whether well. We have a ton of questions on tour I can't get all home but I just a couple from real quick so I know you sit here in Spain is that where you're at. I yet let there. Oh. Obama you're gonna go to sleep you're preceded it oh okay so a couple here allfirst off that's a lot of it's a situation. Our question on Twitter how is that gonna affect the salary cap room for. Are to be determined so but that's not that's not able. Position a decision that's been made yet. There's still more steps that ought La. That quite. Initially the first thing that all automatically will happen is we will have some direct effort the be it stretched so. Here's a solid with the contract for next eaten his cord stretched over certain model years and what is capped at and then of that student turned. Another question what's happened to Middleton defense this year. Well I think that I think it's really a question and one player. Tactic. I don't think the point and he all works or maybe. But I enjoy it as well as advent in unpopular and it seems you sense a novel often have we want our top scorers. Are our top leaders for the rest of thirteen rebounds you know had a pretty good rate sort art. Cassette on the scene and we think it also doubles in relation about the odd there. I had to replace acquired him look forward in building on texture that picture well. You know jar some terms you you'll assemble a team and a team come together and you just don't know how they're gonna watch. When do you know that you you think you've got a great pieces in there altogether or windy you know that those pieces are not meant to be. I don't know gear at what they if you are. Along on the wall for shorter iron and I don't know their exact moment when that happens I think what. Constantly communicate with eighteen car it was here coaching staff with what it might need it. You really thought they haven't you. Opt to patch was all the people on that you couldn't quite what you trot adequate job. They're all those. Look at value. Com you know not at all ever. A closer look let me start giving more credence and he looked to adjust. But I don't. Pick out one time. Buys. It all mean. He got there or not the way that we want aux. App well this year like or apple Alfred what we're gonna cut it but I don't think he. Get caught we talked about buddy. Work out a. One last lot one for you as far as Eric Bledsoe. Is I I had the debate. Not after you guys acquired a mother or not he be better in the starting Laver better off a coming off the bench and being that sixth man type guy coming off the bench considering. You know you had Middleton and John it's a both and needed to score the ball held the ball on their hands. What's your thinking as far as how Eric Bledsoe has fit with this offense and with this team so far. I agree I mean look at it quarter. That's about it all. But oh well. Over portions were able. Like to achieve. He thought that he doesn't. At this point what are seeing it while you get it out loud so. What you. With. We feel very popular and acquire. You are you starting in Spain but he don't. Months. Or the world's ill scout I I take Spain to go scout idols got somebody you get miffed a triple saying nominees is temperature. So while it's absurd area in folks forty. Although it is a beautiful country. Lou well in Turkey you. Answered in the same warning started saying it about four is actually watched game two hours later. But it got about shortens. Life so I don't really. Chancellor George. So I feel for you an instructor for John. I've always you know your your dollar round so someone blew your phone and talk to you need to do is over a I want Alfonso different for us it was going all over John huge if you wanna hold go put that fire. Well out. Honestly transparency. We track all the setup social media and elsewhere that he's saying. I called it got that call it secondary on the and at that I have enjoyed my arms are sparking there. All of a look at the partnership with a station a select a lot off like they want about the dialogue about inside. I got out on the there you go. Out it was about. I used Google book Jonah courses and books and as John or as much out there Ray Lewis bank like John thanks so much for coming on. You know regular for a simple and convenient for approval process for your new home construction renovation lone culprit midwest bank committed to providing. Uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products since 1930. Five.