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Monday, January 22nd
Bill "Baby Tausch" Schmid and Tim Allen break down the latest Brewers news. Brewers pitcher Josh Hader and Milwaukee baseball insider Adam McCalvy join the show. 

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Get up to speed now with everything brewers this is hot stove weekly presented by Milwaukee admirals hockey. Now here's the franchise. Tim Allen and bill baby Tauscher Schmidt. On the sand. And welcome inverse fans it is another edition of hot stove weekly presented by Milwaukee admirals hockey Tim Allen maybe tell us bills med and all hell breaking loose and in Milwaukee here more on the Jason Kidd firing later on tonight on the box pick can save post game show that's gonna be insisting Sparky back in the chair. There's a lot of talk about that man. As you made some friends they get ready to take on the Phoenix Suns tonight and Serbia. A great show tonight as Sparky breaking down the Bucs head coach firing again I'm Jason Kidd today. Wow that's so little bit surprising. Thought we are here for the next a little bit less than an hour talks of brewers baseball for you as we head toward the on deck event coming up at this Sunday are ready and hand while kept on Marty in trouble you are yeah I'm in I'm in trouble forming ensure that on there yeah that's fine well we we have to be there. You think you think Josh you'll understand my situation. A thinking well I think you well and let's let's talk with the brewers left hander Josh hader as we. In a mop on the great midwest bank hotline Josh timid Billy here what's happening. Our program. Well we're doing OK were you that right now I'm I'm sure it's warmer than it is and has been around here. Margo of course right now that's what I like to hear that's what I like a year awesome positive. Whip my boy. With your voice. You know not yeah other. Okay all right sounds good arm all right I talked to a David Stern is general manager of your team there. About a week ago and he dropped a little bit of a bombshell on meet Josh I I got to ask you. And we've talked about it before starting and or relieving and he said it's possible that you could do both this year. Is that true. I think that our. Did you. You know not really sure. They. Bought fallen apart so we'll see how it's seeking go to. Which you I know in talking with you beforehand you you probably wanna start if you had your choice right but just sewed. Outstanding in the bullpen no but your choice would be starting. Yeah like I've said before man I just wanted to stay in the big league in its long and it. At the main focus in whatever ways that are generally not all forward. Good at another now there's got to be some kind of changes and in how your gonna prepare for a season. Knowing that your gonna be going out there you know 33 times doron hopefully six or seven innings where. You could be doing pitching in and you know 75 to eighty games as a reliever. When did you start your drawn plan. Actually in the December. So it done quite a long time now in the everything we own good. You have really not too much it's changed them or allow more so the work out I'd want slows stuff. You're really on our rate of low impact enlightened kind of game. Lleyton you know it worn out. Yet used by the numbers look good in and you know the the results were there for you out of the pan and and really. Bullpen in baseball Josh is you know they're becoming. They're becoming big time yet to be a big supersede or have to be a starter anymore to be a superstar out of the pan. What's the next step for you if indeed it is it is out of the bullpen what might be the next step closer role set up guy I know you gonna tell me wanna get outside I I get it but. What's the next step for you internally. Really it's it's more consistency on. And all of pigeon. A little oil. Lou it is not China. Arms. You know I would say it. You know I'm going to be demo outlining. Short short and in so. Really noted. Been able to go out every day in the consistent ethic and they. Josh won when we look in the spring training here were you guys are going to be report here with within a month. And eat you guys are are going through some stuff in that rotation not knowing exactly when Jimmy's gonna be back. Just how important is it for every single guy it's a no. Later on in the season last year there were there were times when and Kregg. Came out and said Samir bullpen day where we're gonna have to work through and there's going to be Evan B got a lot of guys getting outs forest as bill. A little bit more camaraderie out there in the bullpen where there's a couple of days. Where you know you're looking at all the guys down the line there insane and he might all in this game in this ideal weather we're gonna get away and. Yeah I mean law thing at how to open up a long nowadays. You know are all right apart in the game you know. If they needed me you know all the guys in the open and you scrap together a little. Last year there were some moments that you had that we're just amazing. There were some learning moments as as you know I mean you know no one expected Utica mountains just throw goose eggs every time out. It's always surprising to us when when someone hits to later Austria but do you have a highlight from last year Josh that you look back on and say man. This is this is the moment iiroc publicized being interviewed by Tim and myself give besides. Yeah. Are the people the whole time when I mean you always. But I. That it you know have fun. Caught up. I'm a little all. We're live arm. This is that we added team. On this one game short you know it's not a better film than. And that competition. Roll all of our. Yeah I admit that we're we can't wait for the season many take the next step and you don't look back at you know Bryce Harper bad battered than them one against LA year any one stand out for you I know the one in Tampa doesn't that that much I do now. Does that bring that so hard so hard. That's voted. There are new who who probably worked wrong. As an ally on this. In its own you know look that way and upwards. Is. The long haul home from. Great. You know is. And you look forward. Mostly what we I would. Like oil. All right so last week we talked with well the last two shows last Monday in the Monday before we talk with your roommates. And Morgan of we're gonna play a little piece of what we had asked them we asked them. The room rates that you had Branson Phillips in new man I want to see a baseball as their baseball card future stars out there that has Branson Phillips and you're on because if there is one I want that card. I definitely do that. The cards going to be worth a lot of cash but we ask them there are removed or if it. Could you go all right so we asked who is the mets' biggest. Within that apartment in Colorado Springs and Brad Phillips and will start with him he had this to say about that roommate situation. We're all pretty clean. We are we respect each other states that big. And they're out you were all grown men though to take care of our state and respect each other and edit it worked out very. OK so that wasn't too bad he said you read and throw you under the bus Josh. Order. It could well look let's see yeah it is I like he does the foreshadow it hit the drive. Now we get to it now we get to Louis Brentson here and he told us this about the cleanliness of that apartment. Nick were all a little bit equal I think I don't think anybody's legs more messy than the other I think jockey a little bit more. Clean. Then Meehan Brett and you know when it comes to like be kitchen and stuff like the track meet that now at this moment there. You know but there was a lot of fathers are there was a lot of video game by those guys they like where the video game but I can't they anybody's room was. You know. More messy than the other I don't wanna I don't want to. Hey it's anybody but you know the guy with the weird laugh at how do we have room to. So where those two comments were those accurate. You are or. You guys are way to seat now I I would have been thrown my roommates on the bus. I would instead of guys throw anybody out that bag to connect guise of free can slop that guy doesn't clean up he doesn't rinses dish is. So that that is. Good. I guess you know in the mile into light and a little hand to you gotta clean up after so where you have very. So you have yet to get us week in new year contract to Giroux made on the road in the bigs. We got ma date planned on he didn't militia are too often. It normally not by himself. And as yet thankfully will be they are true. Who is. Oh yeah yeah okay that makes sense yeah. Well but I mean. Suu Kyi guys out who's yelling match somebody just get a hold one I think is the issue. You know animal then. It's so what do you shoot right now what what all you guys sit non. Or it. Mean and look what you said how. OK I was gonna say what it where where you sit over apartment I didn't know if you were you were scratched her if you work. Hanging in with the big boys on the golf course I'm of our self. Check myself out Phillips said we're going mount olive garden and Arizona. And I asked for a couple of Beers he said no way you do a glass of wine he thinks he thinks we're a little bit too wild for him yet Branson said he come in Branson said he come along way at. And so that that leaves that the third of the three amigos here are you with us this. Dateline that Brad Dick ballot out all of. That's exactly what I said. Never any possible ought greater rock and roll. I'd just give. Get get back to your golf game man and we appreciate the time we'll see on Sunday at the on document then certainly in Arizona mammal were looking forward to his senior progress year as a big league baseball player all right. Are you excited for. Don't balloon over the over Lugo out there. London liquidity thanks perhaps on. Ride there and I appreciate it Josh cater joining us on the great midwest bank hotline so he's in but he's more in for the food that's that that's Hillary's undone. A look at. It is pretty committed a personalized coverage sends lending since its peak 35 when you're in the market the by bill. Renovate or refinance discover the benefits of simply local banking. There's agreement West Bank dot com they do not have never ending salad bread sticks now and yeah at least not yacht I will say this that there was say yeah. Lot or know a little earthquake that happened last night and rural land. Yeah and my phone was blown up last night partially because of Meehan and one vessel that I had. But reportedly there's an offer on the table for one of the front line starting free agent pitchers in baseball if you haven't heard we'll talk about their necks also at a McKelvey joins us in a few minutes as well stick around its outsold weekly. Present about Milwaukee admirals hockey here on the fan. Celebrating surge seen years of brewers coverage Tim Allen and bill beta tau Schmidt at keeping you warm with baseball conversation. On the hot stove weekly. On the fan. Some of that has been at. Davey overly exaggerated the precedent or something torque on that that. Haven't been discussed publicly at all so we'll keep you guys guessing for a little while longer and we're certainly working on things and and it would I'll say this it would not surprise you if we make a subset of moves between now and and and spring training. There's general manager David Stern says she appeared on the big show last week welcome back it's hot stove weekly presented by the Milwaukee admirals and it's Tim Allen bay beach house Bill Smith cannot wait for brewers baseball. And a man who their first taste this side bus and all the shorts today simply because you're doing the show they go and where now with in a months. So when players report they're gonna report on Valentine's Day I can't think their significant others are you happy about that no com. But they are probably happy because they're gonna go bring in some bacon out of spring train you there are so I I think they'll they'll forgive them for missing that holiday. But dude we are. We you know now. It's the 22 tomorrow. We will be 31 days away from boarding our plane to go and tires out that's right camp were 31 days we do a live broadcast from that's just his weight from Maryville baseball park in and talk and some brewers baseball and by the way a cup programming note here a DO latest version of the tenement house in the morning podcast has. Has been in the in the tank now it in and out to go up Thursday morning. There was some of rumor Tyrone its report out there are saying they canceled this podcast. Does not true nice drive good. Good effort al-Qaeda funny yeah and it's one of those you pat on the back guys tried cameos that was cute yeah I come with something that you're gonna have to give wake up a little bit earlier. Yeah the 530 he'd at a McKelvey will join us in a couple of minutes so last night's watching the football games in a my phones are as blown up and those we that was podcast you know my phone. I don't know habits. If I don't wanna talk at a stone and you don't answer. I don't care Otis of them and I'm busy OK but it you know. And I we're going to Vegas with Ted had texted me today did you see that that you had texted me and I've owned and the whole phone rings and reports out and crass nick Rosenthal been I against confirmed right that it offers been made that you Darvish in his hand. Confirm that they've made the offer to Darvish. Nobody knows the years the Lang the money now but then right away what Yu Darvish has been doing during this entire free agency period. Whenever there's a report out with his name and that he goes in searches on Twitter for his name. Then when somebody talks about him and the report something he'll either confirm or not. Right off the bat and in his solemn. Language there there's different. Fonts and stuff that he was using. Confirm that yes the brewers were indeed offering something to wander. I wonder what we're there was a report out today though that at least one offer that he has is a five year contract. I'm wondering if it's not if you look back at brewers history here. And I don't know if there's a connection here at all or not I'm just saying what the pattern was back to CC sabathia. And back to Prince Fielder. I understand there were similar deals twenty mil a year for 45 years. A somewhere in the 10020. Range. Then is that what this but at that time I think bowl Sparky united both agreed on this. Knowing full well that the players bold prints and CC we're not going to accept that off. But they just threw it out there has sort of a world yeoman effort here Brett yeah we're we're gonna do we care. I hope that's not the case here. And I also hope that. You know maybe it's it's David Stern's. Wanting in early on this free agency thing I don't think I read a piece the other day that said out of Keith law's top. Fifty free agents this year this offseason. Thirty are still unsigned and there has not been one contract. In free agency besides Justin Upton getting re upped and restructuring with the LA angels. Of a free agent signing contract that's over three readers right. So they are. Wide open so maybe it's Stearns one to get in early and maybe there's a panic on on Darvish aside the same and we should take this we don't know where the market's gonna go I don't know. But I will say this that oh. For those that that have this philosophy that they don't need Darvish right now when he mean. I don't understand that but it doesn't and I don't get that. Nobody remembered Jeff sue park this is Jeff soup pot I've had I've had arguments with how many different people especially about Jake periodic time. I'm not as sold on Darvish as I am on area at a which might be the reverse which is a lot of people are the reverse a lot of people think that area at a might have caught lightning in a bottle and that's where he won his twenty games his Cy Young. These two guys are closer to a Zack Greinke. Pick up than they are or Brady wolf much much or a Matt Doris. You can't compare those kinds of guys now and if you say you don't want. Darvish or area out of there which are also saying is that. Number one the brewers can afford it now the money they have the flexibility year payrolls going to be probably sixty odd million and in. Or number two that you have five starters better. Then area and a land slam or Darvish or in some of these other guys you don't have five starters better than those guys when you know. Then I'll say no to area which don't. Think about it. You know you have Zach Davies Jeff chasing Anderson yeah Jimmy Nelson and ran in Woodruff. Yeah Jolie star seen. Everyone flows down one mark if you do sign in darkness and warmth closed down one spot. Put him in any order you want I I should've said closed out. One guy is Al yeah one guy gets bombed that's what that's what you want here. That's what GU wanna add in a guy who you know I'm never been a big fan of when you have to have a bona fide case. I don't know what that man if you get five to lose. As tough series the same argument football or people say it's a win assumed role you have to have a top notch quarterback. You don't need to you need to have 25 guys that equal out. To be one of the better teams and in the game which don't have five starting pitchers that are better than darkness you know. When she did now I will our. You that you have one guy that if he would get bumped out for Darvish could be better than Yu Darvish. I think Brandon Woodruff is on a projector a trajectory to be one of those top guys in the league love them. So that that would be the only hesitation I would have what I can move he might be the bump he he might get to be the got to get if if that's the case he's probably gonna go back down to AAA or he's not helping you with the Major League level at all yeah. So the Darvish thing variants are stating you just heard David Stern's talk about it. Wouldn't surprise him. If they'd noticed an active move. Now it also idea. What it's a to do something they're gonna do something and would it surprise you if it's not a pitcher. That would surprise me now you're duke last night I was yeah yup got me on me. Fake PR account of the New York Yankees that it had a move. I went right through time line instead of looking first at the followers and realizing that discount had six followers. I read through all the tweets and I was like man these are these are their actual moves. The moves in and it's a divorce have traded Travis show ought to the New York Yankees today for Jacoby Ellsbury area a minor league right handed pitcher. I texted you and I said dude what on earth does happen I just I didn't use that kind of language where their cash consideration but if I'm bill that was also. One of those player and enable players as well that would be shocking and I. She just as he thought Trevor shows can be abroad for a long time which is what I've been saying for awhile and I. So I've once again as you'll hear and podcasts this week I mean a lot of Greek. Blame due to react to shots and for no I I just weeded out something about. All these brewer rumors because it was at the same time the Yu Darvish and started that they were all making my my stomach turn now while I was watching the game I couldn't even enjoy the vikings getting blown out in the NFC championship game. Because I was so frustrated and worried. That Trevor shot I was gonna be on the move. Yeah well it it appears that there's some kindling get started. I'm still not sold that day and think this line up is what they wanna go way offensively offensively. Still think they make a move that second we'll chat more with adamant cal via our insider you'll join us next year. Another edition of hot stove weekly presented by the Milwaukee admirals hear on the fan. Are the brewers rebuilding. Or are they competing for a playoff drive we're talking about it on. Hot stove weekly and sports Radio One 057. Does fan. I welcome back it is hot stove weekly presented by the Milwaukee admirals and you can check out bill baby tell Schmid. Entertainment host at admiral's game Saturday night this guy or one yup. Cut two man advantage promotion so don't wanna run it sure is actually this. Saturday night the night before brewers on deck you're gonna get yourself lay out a brewers admirals trapper hat you receive one of those it's one of those like big. Everything's got got two ear flaps sonnet one side as an admiral's logo one side has brewers looked so it should be good. Guys that'll be our runner around the on deck event joins us right now on the great mid West Bank hotline he is our insider at a McKelvey from brewers dot com And nothing to report that. Adam how are you. Hey Gary. I'm on. Secondly it rankings on the person to be as apparent here yeah there. The debt that is news in and the kind of beer you cannot let up a kind of new Yorker for. No was there some. Okay let me rephrase the brewers have a shot at Darvish. I you know yes I think I was I was Joker consummate knowing him like well like I mean the answer actually yes. Because. I didn't feel like it was the panic yet a little surprised that the various points in his tenure I think Hillary tried a couple of you know minor one but I remember in the call about the U Roger's streak going with what it isn't this totally outside the box. I think he's going to be the guy. I'm the type of that kind of surprised the law or any terrorist certainly you surprised but the little bit I know what Yu Darvish. I'd be very shocked if you know more Luke. Yet it seems like he enjoys the finer things in life that are are more Arty and LA in new York at market. Yeah yeah I think I'd want to be comparable. Who influence. He. When he he's a free agency gets chooses market and certainly isn't he the pop up where. But look at who we're answer and there are going to be a lot of really good lawyers. And I want to eat our vision I can't remember what happened in the world news glad that. Not you know murdered a haptic or that ego and I bought I think that the actual hair and here are here because. The group put together operative compelling. Consider. Yeah and I would think that he got creative in that offer maybe an opt out plan. And maybe it's just as you said it's been a weird offseason. Maybe it's just trying to get in first just in case someone buckles a little bit and and they just say hey man maybe Jimenez agents say amen. We better take this money now we don't know where this things don't. Well I think that I yet he explained a lot of well there have been doing all because they have been moving students some free agents. That. They'll. They would have never commitment to going. So. Weren't looking the birth of all why would they be intrusive but. Like with doctor. They have. Four years of control remaining 31 over emerging player attracts quality pictures in my pocket I think mortars that. Victory. Look out a million different area and you know I think with the rise of indeed they ripped it right and analytics. It's not your greens are using the guy could do it what you think you could do coaching they not have mechanisms. To. Quality and all the different combinations of players. And you put it doesn't look what it says what the projections say get out so. You know use aren't looking as an example paper aren't talking then flipped. Some outfielder. For. Starting pitcher and add that there and so it looked like fear I'd go back into your club. Think they plug in the their model. Year each scene and their proprietary. Model they hope plug it into the computer. And they won't come out in I think it's beating around the game I think one of the factors. Things slowing down a little bit is that. And he didn't seem to be considering weigh our options outside of the box option and they did before and I think part of the reason for that is it's not just. You know it's not just brainstorming in fear I think they do have gone. Gathered to witness and allow them I think to consider our options. That's a I don't personal period and I I think it helps explain why that are just the link. To. So many different free agent. And you know it but yet there's been little outside of the street dancing. Well in an atom. I've been just fascinated with what is the lack of movement around baseball and how it's it's changed out right now it seems. To be kind of at a tipping point of where teams are looking at. Changing the ideal one when a guy's Atlantic prying eyes and the the bottle right now. Where your your pain and Dirk for the first three years and then you had arbitration for another three and then you're paying guys for possibly either their physical decline. There were I know we're far away from 20/20 one. When the new CBA is gonna have to come up but do you think this is where the game is going. Or do you think this is more of an anomaly teams waiting for next year with with the three studs of Machado Kershaw on harper. Well that part of that you look at. I. It was either. Abusive to me what's happening at all it was. But I hit a perfect. Watson. Fact number one of what you match lectures. Music. And I think he would like a certain that their planning. To save your Mexico. Off the next he's 2229. At a big red circle around because. If they develop well it would have money that they be trying to be very active the top or. You're competing on the very end connection. I know. Well but that all the more generally pay on the back where there aren't part of it is. Are left. How though it did let me almost there now easing the path they're more data driven. And I think that is. One who's now the little thing died in all of baseball. Sam are buying into the eight year rebuild slam took me now. Get as excited about rebuilding. Have about went totally am I. Yet well look in and but I think that's part of it too is that she and don't feel. The pressure from their Monday's. Debate in Egypt he'll just to be an 85 when talking. They are able to convince fans that look acute patient with dots you he would talk smooching and got changed. And I think all of these things are sort of playing into it asked me making sort I. No but he couldn't. Really contain her past reform. There are in the appropriate. For. A ban happened. I'll but I do think that. You know I I don't Oak Beach is an ex CPA two to. Our kings and ray players are paid crafts for the first. Arm but it it is certainly no different the winner and now I just into a lot of. Adam McKelvey brewers dot com here on Huntsville weekly presented by the Milwaukee admirals we just talk to one of Kregg council's vote getters. And said Josh and Josh hey aren't for a critical look at that and I doubt I'd. Asked a question to a David Stern's last week on the air about Josh his role in he had said it wouldn't surprise him or whatever however he put it. That he will do both starting and relieving now could be fun with words and fun with sentences he it was set around. Couple of different ways your thoughts on that. Josh haters situation where. Now trying to figure out what he meant by that and and you're obviously. Obviously not gonna go from the bullpen to starting today it throughout the whole season but I could see him starting in this. Bullpen. And mid season or later it moved to the starting rotation that makes cents. Well or it even more nebulous and that is that he's primarily Balkans or others could perhaps routes when is that you what you do get other guys blow. When there is it's a string of tweaking and rode off date you start thinking. But what do via shorter start though then. I I think it would be it would get three innings start something. I think that. You know you and you started it by calling them out there I just think in general Craig Counsell and and out. You know David Stern and Matt Arnold and Carl Miller of the others in the office. They are thinking differently about using Pritchard and not river a much faster than they don't keep doing but the cartel for them early adopters. In the regular season. Using it pitching a little different you you can't do it like they do in the post. Took care you do need. On some level they have incredible league innings from your starters. In order to them licking is over haven't 62 raiders. But he has I think are are pretty creative with where you just an associate Peter got built up and got to experience in the last year. And I think the addition of Logan is really critical for the assuming Logan it's healthy that term back and Peter Joel Otto. And it frees up entered nor. I wanna use him in fifth inning I think here. Good stretch of batters Reich and get in and out of three innings. And I think it frees you to really huge out here and creative interesting. Wade combat you have other left out there and he looked mean suitor might end up being memorable turn as well so you could have three left. Yeah I I I think they're ordered him. Applying a label. Who you can go no star verses beaver to Josh and all these I don't think we're gonna hit the answer any of abduction. I I think council is gonna fight diplomat all the way in or use them in different. I got a couple of different things that I I really think this team could use. Going into next year and one of them is is clarity what's gonna happen at second base. Tim's very sold on the ability of Jonathan VR two to give. A couple of months to see if he's able to take that job over or do you see them that being a move where they go outside the organization. There's a couple of guys Adam I note trading in the division is soft but I think Josh Harrison would look really go to the Burr second base spot. Yeah and apparently making trades were you look okay you know that you know what they are. The outlook of the people prepare Cole wasn't terror you know it didn't hurt and that badly. So if the player we're gonna make a deal and it won't hurt yet badly hurt. Big deal Walker's still in place for the virtue and a guy you know probably his heart he wanted to for your field and does there. In May be which victory in now looking. I don't know what his offers a collector is market looks like elsewhere but if you haven't heard his name actually I haven't. And he's gonna and a patent ticket shore term deals and he could come down to the brewers again as well. And look the possibility exists I think that it is you aren't so that that we're Iowa. All BR had stretched and review them. You know I useful player and soaker surgery involves scanning at but that's happened. There smoker you're ready not turned an ankle. And nor will that right on the all star break where he kind of went downhill after getting hurt. A platoon there could work because Johnny BR right and it lose quite effective and I'm sixteenth gave you pop. And you know those subjective part of the thing about the art. You offered him 23 million. In. What about a year ago this time. I don't know that a terrible year one bad terrible she. Makes you totally get cards at a valuation. In Iraq that'll that you're willing to give them 23 million. In January. And then I heard you just on the captain's side yeah there's something in the middle there for Johnathan BR. He has a parent term and usually. All I know he's a league doesn't think on the basis from strike out or perhaps only got to control. All I just think you're if you're patient with number could be. Final thing for yet Adam. People ask me about the you know what's needed for the brewers heading into this season and there's a lot different answers from my answer is. They're still bullpen arms shore and and I'm a little concerned at that the back up plan. I like Corey can naval had an outstanding year of the all star the whole nine yards I gather. But what you have and and that's to me is that there's a real pivotal point here can they get a power arm out there are swore sect IE. You know I get in that mix with Jeff Friesen hater in and can able. You upload a quick look really good coming back to complement the repeat the year that he had last year because he made apple. Pretty good person bring out. A spot and I agree with you curriculum now gonna have to prove that over course of the year he was really really good. And really shape reflect your replacing. All the ones that could've been disaster. For that losing a close that you're that. And cable made it pretty soon. Is a job for us that if they have if things break camp now are it would be Jefferson can name old Sega it's murder under produces. Well probably in Jeffords can get back to what he was deliberately burning Jacob Barnes is a guy that. Again in terms of meat and experience not a product and he's frustrated at times lectures we hope that the pretty good on the can be very effective so. Those those you know. Taylor Williams can't I mean you grow would you be if you if he's gonna have to prove he's durable I think he's start in the minor league. I think you've got to preserve very high on I don't know starter or reliever at this point but you think I think it could be really exciting at the back and you owe them. Perhaps by the end of next season. But but look there's there's room to add in the good news is. There's like 150 players out there waiting to find homes. Armed and many of our leaders and I had a he's fine but you know older former cardinals closer who is sitting out there. I don't have the list in front of me but they're they're the guy. So they want to add up open arm experienced an arm arm those guys are available and you know again I think. I I have a very strong since this rotation is not finished. I think they do where I don't know that it's Darvish or area. But. If there have been notable names in my opinion coming to his putters rotation. And then that put everybody under your belt and really aggressive and are ultimately. I don't either of that sorry you he's feeling really good about his chance. Two minutes. He left of the season and then perhaps they thought I'm going to miss and there's no. Yeah is it sounds like well before the all star break. If you are if you didn't have actually seen nuclear. And you know they get something out you well. Everybody out how to get pushed on and I'm really didn't care outcomes of for our bullpen arm it's your. You know there's been another sort of couldn't get actually went off of the top rusher but he now. You start to look a little deeper and you work but I agree with you there there them and pitching right. And I think that's partly factor is that office is so so. I'm nervous for your body you mention his name I really am I you know what he's got written all over it and this is assuming they sign a star. OK let's say I sign another star. You'll Bonnie has it written all over him that he's ten days before camp. Breaks say we're gonna turn you Lucy confer Joba Chamberlain kind of all over yup yup. Oh look I mean at the bit slow from his point of view he picked the spot but he thinks he can have the best chance to make the club. Yeah analytic like what he did at the end of last year. The B over the back a bit that that really helps for our when he was good. Lot of that one that power crap all purple combo and if he can be you know more 9394. And 1991 he's got a shock and go in market dealer incentives for Oprah work. And I think we're gonna look at him pretty secure the football yeah well he's the guy who could be in the there. Yeah that's that's crazy ride animal turning loose here will see on Sunday at arm that are right. Aren't they are the areas at a McKelvey brewers dot com Our insider joining us here in the great midwest Bangkok criminal West Bank committed to personalize common sense lending since 1935 when you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinance. Discover the benefits of simply local banking is great midwest bank account quick break we're back and hot stove weekly talking brewers baseball. Presented by the Milwaukee admirals hockey club here on the fan. Brewers doing behind the scenes which former brewers making headlines it's time for brewers news and notes. This is hot stove weekly on 1057. And our way out here I don't know come alone no well students in our I don't know I've got lots of music is down 100 hour. Is Sunday yeah I didn't school that'll be fun. And then number two cast in here and be in big league camp casting your ranked first. Among all Major League prospects second baseman. Ahead of everyone stay thirty some DS this kid might be hitting machine. I mean really except there's two guys in that minor league system that I'm interested to see where they start him. And the truth. Irsay Irsay finish last year in the playoffs the triple play do they move him back to double play. We're live just let him sit right there and get ready when things replaying that with I was surprised he wasn't one of the guys that they said it was going to be in big league camp. Yeah that that is as he was big league camp for awhile last year they just didn't hear it by the way their first round pick this past June. Dude it's 440 in a division one. Program and a pretty good baseball school there he had there's something to that I think it's. Preliminary indications show as a fine peck we'll see that's worth two year deal for Neil Walker at second base with. Awesome to bridge the gap he got Johnny V man yet. Saw no known now I don't know I don't I don't no no no I drive for my Clemens. Yeah I'm a glass over their for babies house bill Schmidt my name's Tim Allen don't forget Timmons house in the morning podcast for. Coming to the website when. Thursday morning Thursday morning check that out. More Jason Kidd talky was fired today Milwaukee Bucks dickens' A post game show after the game tonight and tomorrow morning forward. You guys have a great night but doctors soon and remember smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.