Imig – Can the Packers live w/out Dez?

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Wednesday, May 16th
Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig discusses the state of the Packers WR core. Plus, is it still too early to identify what kind of GM Brian Gutekunst is?

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I'll make every legal analyst joining us on the Schneider orange outline I'll follow. They've built or are a bad day you might just be the crowd Betty when you got home. Can't say that and part of history now and now I haven't had that either so I'm I'm I don't know if it's a part of Americana that I'm missing out on or not but. Apparently it was a bad Dana Glover household win now when he came home after the third rather the cigarette of the PGA. So Paul this team we're talking about this a little bit earlier. Says that it will not be pursuing the services of Dez Bryant are they making a mistake. I think it is that you know a couple of about it before track and I think before the Packers used a sports sit in the route at. Our wide receiver I think you could make the art and that. Injecting a wide receiver room. With something like Dez Bryant was somewhat of that talent level albeit somewhat who is the aging Mulally order Nelson. You know kind of gained about point where they're not players they want to work. You would still like to. At that player now he was gonna make sixteen million dollars in the office you eat eat eat we eat well past the point of being where that money in it like Dallas. Let him go now. Bring you get into a team that I think would like to consider itself a Super Bowl contender and it seemed larger Mike are you would never. Turned out yet that you need at mortality is offense. You know at a reasonable for five million dollar number to the Packers could afford to do that that would be on that that ranked pitcher that. You editing we get closer and closer this season and then right remains unsigned. I eat I wonder if there are a lot of teams who were in attackers had situation really good teams who. Convinced as bright take that at a concert will be attractive but. In the packers' case in what they can do training camp and something was to happen. You know to look to market Adams to Randall Cobb works it it just looks like yield to their three rookie wide receivers it and got shipped. In here wanting to either Kennedy or undertake while the developed that's become evident. Then you have to explore because both Judy Graham is. A wide receiver kinda you know sort of that's not technically what his position that you were trapped at all what are tied at. But he you know that that we not a blocking I need to be that he's the pastor a church so. You don't you don't EU opened up guys there but if you wanna look at tech. Technically you say we'll try outs mr. Cooper read what she and really if you could rent a cop into kind of separate conversation beat a lot guys are. Sometimes their own bill on the other kind of look at all Oral Roberts and on position. In today's NFL swat diversity outlet receiver but that extra out of your number two or you could argue Asian amateur. That sounds like a team that needs of that great you know at wide receiver but they had so many possibilities. To. You know whether accusing Jimmy got a wide receiver is tail again not technically but let's face that's probably it was gonna play in essence. But that let you drown out the at least three. Rookies you have Yancy. You know you have options you're Trevor Davis you know got to that I've kind of put on the on the back burner my mind is because that just don't think he outfit. Skeptical that he's gonna become anything other but it turned out. But you have options and I think if those don't start to chilled until early on. And or specially there was the injury to a outlook guy. But I think you explore what I'm really curious about the I I don't think the wind up in Green Day I certainly don't expect that happen. But wherever he size whether the Packers are out where juries and at. Contract he's willing to take and what type of team he's going to coaches you know it does have to be a contender or people that. Got a really shell out on a smaller team and that. They can money you're at least LB is dull so I you know I think it is not a dull yeah I think we're I would have to answer for the it in the hackers to pick in the draft and I think it changed. My opinion of the settlement of bat hit anything you kind of have to see what happens somebody that I used a lot of we can asset and invest a lot of draft picks and and others saying. In bringing a lot of guys you gotta get my chance to keep it. Are we were talking earlier today and the question was posed off the Tom source an article. Is prime could against it is he more Ron Wolf or more. Ted Thompson and when you hear that comparison for. Give me your thoughts as to where you find the new general manager at least in his early tenure fallen. Yeah I thought the article I don't like it it was I mean it's thought provoking I think track record that by saying. We have. You know a long time to study what Ron noble was we have a little bit thirteen years to decipher that. We have five months to decide performance related to let Ehrlich. Brian it and it is and it'll roster here is largely not at least starting to put into. The fact that he picked up. 20191 round pick. You know that he asset accumulation traffic accumulation. That's very sent you know like I think what we remember. You know that won't be compared at our reliable I think we would have set Ted Thompson would have done right Republicans did in the first it would trade at bat at a traffic for next year. Only but we don't do step looking into the future one step looking to present you know and that's. A good thing it's adapting it got Putin accused of you know of being. Two forward thinking not you know active enough in terms that they should the 2018 team. India that it can beat but it would also pleased to attack the track was universally praised by national critics because beat the Packers didn't go all intelligent kind Cutler. Back to you all that you can get the good they were acting. Bit that's so far that Tenet tells me he's had help them but. Ted Thompson doesn't sign the Walker's. Ted Thompson doesn't essentially each flee to Jordan also urging Ingraham you know like they're they're got a couple instances in recent years. Where did you start to wonder if other. Front office people and the Packers front office were trying to get Mort Mort stay you know acquisitions like exciting Jared Cook it like trying to tell us that things of that nature. But Jimmy Graham and the walkers in the same offseason. Letting Jordan now control you know that there's some of the track to return public expects you to to cut a right to I think there's enough evidence of both types of guys in and the trap and it set more immediate account that not at the trading acting ticket at the draft pick. Burnett here in the first round. But also the receiver that's like identical to what you content that a year ago or three running backs you know. I'm so I think there's there's been a couple sides are now go downtown site Dez Bryant. I think you can move that needle lot closer around all the shape the artery right in and and things of that nature we're sites where you brought a guy who maybe was. Disgruntled or you know people questioned by the locker of abilities and all that chemistry text saying then. Ron Wolf president doesn't matter tell the player forcible contender let's do it so a lot more to be uncovered in the next week even few months but got the next years but. I cannot in good shape and also I don't know. 01 to go back because I said we in in analyzing good against I'd said that when you look at what he's he's going to do. You can say well. If he's he's going to do more and the reason being is because the window is different when Ron Wolf took over he was building when Ted Thompson took over he was building. When will Americans takes over he's building he's trying to get to a Super Bowl and in bushel is is chip to the table right now so. As much as I wanna say. Yeah he's going to be it's gonna walk a thin line in this it's like not always drive for five years to be able to get a a Super Bowl or two or three. And then he's got a time. That's why I think he's giving more like Ron Wolf. Yeah I saw how all the reps are when they're when when Ted Thompson took over. So far have been thirty. Slot didn't. So go back like 2005. What I mean do the mass equipment it's far right now 47. Forty yeah. I admit it Joker quick look at it that it but there are no target in his. 3435. Finish check I arms since the league in forty easel. 348 to attract thirteen years and that means arms 35 or 2005. Antarctica over that would mean art was 35. Rob is gonna turn 35 later this year in December. So I guess if you wanna look at it from that perspective you could date. They're inheriting similar situations now it's interesting or disperse saying it's not the first thing that I'm in debt adding 35 year old are. On its roster was to draft Aaron Rodgers with the first we will dispersed over traffic. Well not at this at the same symbolic nature of other app rep G Asians are sure but what the first hit right that it can it was. Trade traditional Kaiser who like the car keys that would have been in the top four quarterback of the discussion would have been talk and pick in this years draft. And other work that it lost or at least in my car up so. You know there went let them takeover but take in in Brett Favre would if Brett Favre the GM of the actors from 2000 by the 2000. He wouldn't run the team and track to the team and done quite a lot differently than what accounts and you don't get confident look at it like. You know back into doubt something to look at it like all went out of it now has certified programs are a few good years left in his career. After all and he went out that it won't let's take our next quarterback with the with my first ever tech. You know what kind of built this thing slowly let cabinet where the future at all time of course get reps are understandably could be like alien. But you that your slept and ultimately we saw where that episode I actually think there's pump and dump similarities there. Where again the quarterback is just one position but when you have. Intergenerational quarterback. Like our and then somehow you get I don't want that lucky enough could it wasn't just lock but pretty fortunate enough to be able transition into another generation or that utters. And that it that parallel. Inheriting these teams in those quarterbacks are give or take the same age to particular year. There's similarities there and I think what you see the actors in it toppled or destruction Packers trade up will be tree. And they'd trading back and it in the future asset. Or you can I think today is he is chickens more all out. And I can tell you what maybe it is dissected more or become more tense time in that. Aaron Rodgers had like slaughter of at that point hit at a certain speed or rot resistant speaking out like you know I'll be consulted Elena. You know I I don't actually have to find about. Van pelt I should guild have a say in Jordan now the departure that are etc. The person don't look here yeah. Yeah I'd done. We talk about that part Griffin earlier tuber said the same thing that refers anti Favre is is Rodgers has been he's he's very much starting to walk down that path. Yeah and it's I mean when you have the success that our cap and then you know what you of the 22 year old kid kind of steps in the locker. You know looks at cramped apartment at least 350 while so all in all you kind of become that got thirteen years later and you're looking at a lot you're in the early. You know you're the old guy. There's guys there who you know were first great when you graduate high school and stick it that's what happened your quarterback last in the league as long as. Writers of the on this Favre didn't you know you can you know you can edit 42 year old he can stop at that type of commentary and accept that behavior or you want. And that you see it play out yourself and you'll take it back at. I turned 35 in December 2 different route just yet to be certified in December. Let's go what are we waiting for. I don't wanna play into one or he would eat right just keeps talking about played into this sport is. Want to eat right and operational that's great but that's in the that's not true really aren't you obviously so. Yeah it's it's it's a fascinating kind of if you would certainly over the differences between. You know could reach verses Tom in person Walcott and also the titans team that it's an inherited compares Thompson. There's actually get more similar to that list are just too good to double what are about it. Bob good stubble job again literally took. Aren't open yet out targets and they don't fallen bigger agreed legal analyst joining us for government.