Imig: It’s important for Packers to get off to a good start

Packers Coverage
Friday, April 20th
Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig weighs in on the Packers 2018 regular season schedule. Plus, he shares his thoughts on Aaron Rodgers’ contract situation.

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Joining us now on the shiner orange hot line Paula meg is our green glory analyst in now Paul. She got a chance to digest if you will be the packers' schedule what so what stuck out DO. You know there are they haven't slowed to a bill but I think it's. Start it and I think that there in. Which I think presumably will be just as an achievement they were last year up potentially better or content delivered on it it 84 million dollar guarantee contract. But for the most part of that in one. Thing well or you're out at the start and it really leading up until their week seven bye. You know back at the very admirable the first six weeks it really. And you had better buckle up yeah post by a stretch because that means we're all going to from Los Angeles. You know it's not just a passenger traveling from one side of the country to the other that you're playing what we presume will be really good. The ramp to really ramp up opt in on a roster that already. Drastically improving they want it it's like seventeen from your goat like sixteen and that it could get up there and say. Mean you mention it went and then not to attend an effort that. You brought a short week going to the apple sell you the opportunity to start and the debate though they had better start up because. That post that post by. Month long stretch. You know you'd be buried in that practical to do that would probably be very good. You is very good level they even go to into an abstract so he kind of start here and they fallacious stretch in the medal. And that it via the admiral in December have a lot of home games and not having any if you could be like difficult opponent. It's weird that adamant in her start the year end and and it supports stretch that. Com what so if you look at this one it would. Do you have a number that you picked out we said anywhere from 106115. That's the I need to work out enough so that. Where they can anyway bill and I I think you know again it is all very much spared much of that subject to change. But it is you know I think the Packard bell I think public art they look at that and quarters right you're dispersed or second or third fourth and a bottle or it's even. And I hadn't yet become a sport that in the middle and say OK but how they look going into the apply and I really think they'll but the Packers should be. And eleven and five and eighty even tenant expect it would I think they will be one of those two record I think that they error. A subject knowing what we know right now which is not a lot but we know now about what to look like we know that. Aaron Rodgers is currently elf if he's under contract all of that they that. You had better be I want the spot you know and I know that a lot and a high expectations. But didn't come back but I really thank the Packers to regain their control of it ignore it they're going to do that. It's got a lot but you had better beat and one of the body because you you know like lately that things really pick up after that. And I I think it's only fair to say you're going to be furious or content or you're going to when he has ignored. Anything less than are sure to let in order to look more like anything let the odd one at that. Almost made even break in mid October October. You know that if you'd be recovered from that you're not odd one or at least points. So now that you get past the schedule you start to look at the team itself. You know we we've obviously heard from Aaron Rodgers or any of my Clemens coming up here shortly by. For what Aron Rodgers had to say about not needing to be the highest paid player but he did expound upon the fact about. Guaranteed contracts in May be changing the NFL in such. What you if it's not about being the highest paid player I have my only assumption is the holdup right now with a guaranteed money. Otherwise why not get this deal done. Yeah and I still have a very light and the market around Wednesday Thursday of next week. They get the Rogers expense is going to get done. For the 2018 feet and start I think he'd get done next week. And that not you know like random date to have circle it's because. That awkward time and the actors and historically. By and they're big big big money extension that for birdie the last and Aaron Rodgers got his extension and elect and claim that you've got an extension it's. You know it kind of a packer time to do that kind of you know an Indy give up that level of money so. Let's just say next week comes and goes the draft comes and goes and the extension still haven't been signed. We Herbert Rutgers had to say. We know we need to spend a couple months a little while now we've heard from Brian Republicans in the front office in terms of what they have this day. But you don't necessarily need press conference quotes is to read. Behind the scenes in the at a read what might be going on and a bill I've heard you talk about it you know not just when I'm on the air about your show. And let's just become the goat in the and is not an extension done. I don't get it. I don't understand what the hold of would be yet. We're talking about a hundred million dollars and a team without a look at what that's in without a true owners so. They're right it's typical that and that level of Jack in the confirmed that level contract. That level guaranteed money. But yeah I just don't I did I would understand if it's not next week and then then what do what do would be and it's so what all the it would be you know there's there's a bigger piece of the problem here bill or really is just a typical that it to sign over you know up in a hundred million dollar and thirteen money. I've seen like what we've only we all know very well but without that Jerry Jones to sit there and write checks. Well we know that to the general manager Rangoon commenced is going to us speak here. Soon and that's going to be something I would assume if it's not the first question it's early and in the top five. As to what's the hold up if Aaron Rodgers isn't does need to be the highest paid player all the NFL what's the hold up why are you getting this thing done and that's were a lot of it that's where a lot of these questions orient or deflection on his part is going to come into play I think. When he when he takes the podium and starts to talk his pre draft press conference what do you think. Absolutely and it and it's I mean I I think it. You don't wanna I wanna keep it up you wanna be like. You are being driven by deadline press conference of your preacher prep you don't want to operate. In that way. But what you can obviously would prefer to do is on the podium and you talking about. Related stay and things like L what do you think about fourteen it out about bulge. A secret united I'm not there but it also in Oakland at least a tactic to trap and two point. Yeah that's great about what the draft and the Packers need to evaluate a lot of things don't stop GM can say item throughout. But it's gonna end up being the errant rocket past cup and the between incumbent last week. Between the object you'd like to gotten report that he. It refuted you know they did not. Her beta but he called it could be somebody were to call click bait you know you go back that would end quote tweeted quote we did back the actors. I'm others they're. Other levels to that but I think that there are question or bright and you can answer and and not you know not beat around the bush about but to be direct about. I think that the bad. And a lot of weight has again doubles press conferences which state the obvious. The job of the reporters to figure out an answer the question that the fans want answered and I think you bury bury bury bury their question is. OK I get this to your weapon airliners contract but. What they hang up is right now it just it about a lot of money were talking about. Or other other snake that app to be worked out. It. We are not popular and restricted free agent here and are not outside but I would. Going to select your topic is still to hear about it if you wanna play are all you have to opportunity to branch I'd take the guy when he's 36 and 37 years old respectively. So it's really a forty year and so you're not their hurry. But at the same time ever talking about everyone's curious about it is that in Serbia and that you treat a franchise of your team. I think there's there are due diligence there is to take care of and that's why I think among many reasons why. Week next week is sort of the next. Date to circle and calendar that the doesn't get done and then like that band wagon and why not and what does that hold. You meet Archie go way I talk about our lead scouting service not every other scouting service out there we've been reading it goes through the needs of each team and most agree that it's three may Packers in defensive backs. Arlen has said look if the defense is going to be great you have to give bring the best offense you possibly can. They said the number one priority for the Green Bay Packers is shoring up the offensive line protecting Aaron Rodgers. Along that. I would not I would pretty strongly refute pepper cutlery but still somewhat like the critical and it's not the the defense has then. You know the the ugly step child you know it's the one that. You look back then it occurred every year at answer about that he sent a lot of heat and and that group. And you bring in Mike Patton and back to Auckland accent and look for Mongolian that and and talking about it and they're short. Moments with Mike Patton like they haven't even. Training camp practice get together but just from the but they're getting. There is Eric renewed focus should always be focused on dignity and to make in the deep and it can be renewed energy I think it's fair to say it. About making his deep and at the bury at least in middle of the road. And a belt at the defense. And if you are expecting to go into. Week one. And you're expected to go like we said post fight we know it'll Angela and go to new England and then go at Seattle on short rest all these saying. And you know what they're first round pick I'd and I I'm off and the wind and and then maybe you'd expect comptek on a wide receiver and then at the last seven Clinton Rollins. Yvonne outreach model Williams to be your quarters and ask. You know. Spiegel and color Roland Reggie Gilbert to be the only guidance of up behind that he's in Jerry I think you're at her world of trouble. If if the fact that three or trumpet great you know you are not in the wind and you'd wanna upon. You know midget wide receiver or it and. On one pick and you have related chip of the earliest chance you have to trap this high in the draft in in nearly a decade in nine years. You you want it that's where available but is about where a lot of board is big guard or tackle. And their name is not being now than in other albeit the Sunday dark yet and it's not it was all it. I don't think there's anybody else that you could justify taking rather than at the very it was or a quarter or an edge rushers so. They beat the roster is not strong enough on defense they'll let a lot yourself to beat that repealing and say well. Forget the defense let's make the opportunity is possible because there is still the development Jake spray. That they need to be in that that they had already apparently back then that what they did two years ago the trap and I think you can either comfortably say OK I don't feel about the development of a great. What do we just leased side job we average for another year or we hope that brought a lot of them that option. Great option but they eloped but all of the line addled but at that level options on our defense at some positions so. I would I would disagree wit. The idea that they should address often with a particular lap again it's just such an upbeat guy who has fallen. Fourteen it's like come eat you have to do. Particularly now that fourteen plants there which you all thought shorter but they just crazy like that I really strongly early lead. Bob always good buddy enjoy the wait till judge on Monday also talking more NFL draft okay. I urge the target soon they don't call me joining us on the shatter or challenge matter Harry garbage right now you work arbitrage fair eighty plus years the beginning at done. Column 800 portable prod British not a jobs cut cap.