Imig- Lewis was a solid pickup

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Friday, May 25th
Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig talks about the addition of Marcedes Lewis.

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Got a Raymond Paul and make our green gold analyst joining us on this matter orange hotline hello Paul I don't want. Good you know and I'm doing well it feels like the holiday weekend is upon us this year. It is. It's it's just days just kind of goofy Alvarez because Joe's gone it's like it's like you're young student teacher and or something like don't write more about here I don't know what and yeah. You know just kind of got off the rails and a couple times it's fun you know so we've had a good time playing all kinds of weird music today. But I wanted to ask you about. About the Packers acquiring this back up tight end a guided Mercedes Lewis to block I mean he's. Look he gave each of tackle can't fortify the rights of all I go and find the tide and the two blocked for a little bit as well that's what they did I like would go to Cannes is doing. I bill I think people when he starts you know we're gonna talk more. A two out but will Christian we're gonna talk more about Jimmy Graham. They're tolerate that from a numbers perspective you know if you look. The next game and looking protected and looking for tackle Newton stacks and you know touchdown catches for any ground at whatever else. That's going to be that the net pops out he going to appreciate what our city Lewis. Does. You gonna have to even watch the film. Watched more closely when you watch it live. Where you're gonna have to subscribe to something like a pro football focus and look at what the blocking numbers are you know because it eat not eighty. You know check out the box score look at the next day the company at a key point. He's not that guy what he is. In either gonna block pretty extremely well and bill at this site and crap and you currently in many times. They faced by the tight end yup kinda but they signed a wide receiver like that yes he's going to catch the ball that Jimmy Graham are you blocking guy. You look at what the rest of that tight end group was able to have three guys total including Jimmy Graham it was like. Who is Mike McCarthy going to put out there if you want. Basically is to die on the line of scrimmage and he's gonna be you know you put on an actual offensive tackle declared ineligible equity don't believe that it's it would. You know it's not like a sexy glaring need at. A guy that I think Mike McCarthy will be able to have confidently put in the game at tight end. Next wanted to tackle him and confidently say that pac a political bloc. Now they have of that so it it's not like. You know this is the guy did it take in the first round you're an extra eye there are the guy is gonna be catching touchdowns at Rogers. But I think that the data is often artist who desperately need it. And and I think that the fact that. You know I keep going back to lake with deciding it happened three years ago five years ago late. At any point during that at times an error because. You know piece of that kind of players still available late may at Memorial Day weekend. And previously garlic a lot of hype. Oh you wolf eight brightens in his previous you know lower hole. These are the guys that they would bring it at times send. And I'm that would do it yeah you know what it's fine let's let's use our. Our undrafted rookie year you know whatever the case might be acting the fact that something like this. Have been where he'll be brought in Green Bay Cilic is this something talk about it think about it. You know get they expect declaring name now like while all the guys production from a numbers perspective. But and the rockets stop you know and it's not like you Rappaport broke the news spotlight. Anybody implement national immediate respect below is it's him holding on to grant mutilate he got Dominic got an under the radar. And I think it's another encouraging step as we start to put together what type of GM Brian that can going to be that you're gonna kind of be happy in this. Late screen he crosses letting people think of free agency is being over because of what kind of leader it's not over like this but I do think I'd like this that. You know commodities and I think it's on a case of that you a guy he really needed to. Distill that a roster spot. That you do have a blocking and other lightly not only a couple of put that you. What do you think the odds are they good chance comes up with. A pass rusher or fort vacation in the right side of the offensive line some additional depth. Well I think the right side of the offensive line peace is going to be. Wait and the other medical stuff comes back over the next three months writing and Hitler become tax break come back politely comes back and made progress. I'm sure if you know if you could even half of Mercury inspirations were electing elected a lot is not ready to leave in early November October. Elected Murphy's political inspiration as good ago. I'm not saying that makes it right tackle spot. Great I think even they necessarily good at we'll get to that developmental time and I think there's plenty of reasons to think that they're not. At their ceiling as players yet but you know it would still be even if there was more fierce rate is still like. In uncertainty if they'll concerning because they just don't have the track record they don't have the production rubble for years to say OK I think he'll constantly net player. But it's more medical situation at that spot now I know that dictator in another Clay Matthews. In two you know are practicing right now and they have their period only covering the monitor off. Surgery to clean up so that they weren't taking part article TJ but you know. They are going to be you can go back to a claim that these spells that. You know in the locker on this week this is not going to be this is going to be a group. That whether he likes it or not I that you liked it or not. You know the equitable life and the scary making twelve million dollars a year aren't quite that he's making twelve plus million dollars per year to produce. At a number that is reflective of what they're being paid and yeah behind them is. Unproven guys like beetle and back Roland Reggie Gilbert. You know that is going to be a spot where that didn't carry don't stay healthy or they are healthy and don't produce. You are gonna rely on three seasons question marks an in an ideal situation. You know with limitless drastic limitless resources available for dollars and off you can pretty funny. Of course right because would have liked to have supplement that group. Of course I mean we it's. That first quarter I think you know though I feel pretty topic now. Kevin King the first overall pick of the second round last year this year going back to back quarterly Alexander Joseph Jackson didn't pay you know you've got to pan out don't get me wrong. But you don't go to next year's drafting you know look at it quarter again now the number one need from me now clearly to this team not just in the credit probably in the short term future. It outside linebacker not just because they don't have quality depth. But because map views on elected its contract we've talked about how Jerry his contract for two years which is Adelaide this year but you wanna get out of that bad. Those guys are highly paid I don't know if they're overpaid but it I beat it. And production to match that and totally have like that next young up and coming guy ready to be delinquent. Sure it's possible people become better Gilder have become that but if you look at where they were picked compared to repair it was pitch first route now because they first round. They don't have that same expectation that feeling at least as prospects so I don't know it it's the petition they need to address. I just don't know if you don't like last year like Chris don't know like you know can you find somebody to kind of plug in play maybe. But I would think sort of a map user Perry training camp preceding an injury. You know Bryant would have been has made decisions she's made in terms of addressing other spots instead of outside edge rusher and now he's gonna be crossing his fingers and hoping that that little guys to announce that helped a little of the choices he has other than picking up you know make a minor keys you're there. Thought the biggest packer story over the weekend unless something else Amazon via signing or trade or something like that is going to be Aaron Rodgers going to the Indianapolis 500 we say four and a half times -- the over under on how many times or C Aaron Rodgers face on TV poly have you watching the Indianapolis 500 today and and that being said how many times what Aaron Rodgers reach out. In light display cute I say I will not be watching my interest level is less than zero Lilly is that it be and guys. And we talked actually what Monday we talked about you and I are our club hockey fan club NHL yeah yeah Ella Ella that in. I'm a hardcore hockey and I you know obviously that the major sports in the country. I'm all about but I try and it might get different stages in my life I. Rather it whether NASCAR or IndyCar into the suggestion ever. Even remotely caught the bug so. But I will rely on your note to beat that come Tuesday I'm that went. I cannot deliver that I can respect the fact of somebody that says I would rather watch two animals on the nature channel go about it then and watch racing OK I understand that. But you know what they're ultimately these exotic means than any I agreed on I'm like yeah not eighty but I'm not set. Ninety degrees look at that's one thing. The net there and count is brewers series the brewers. In Ali watching it's about. When I can't even if it's on DVR on that guy that. I can't watch the replied. I eat yard. I wrote like well I do not look at it I don't look notification that a go at Twitter dot think that I wanna watch every pitch at that I'm watching it live unit for you on that one great burst. Kind and and then and then we'll see. The group did it they can outback of that. They're the brewers game last night as they got shut out again but aside from all the shut out for the clippers as well. And watching. Racing will be up to brewers then. Hopefully spending much time outside as possible. All right well I can respect that our goal that put him forward to a good stuff now we appreciate it. They don't judge assumed they don't that is Pawlenty joining us for governments and the sirens ally Paul always here. Talk into his about the Green Bay Packers retard more Packers coming up against an orange outline. The your cartridge fair and they've been doing it for a long long time lawyers call me a 144 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com.