Imig: Restructuring now w/ Cobb/Jordy/Clay makes a lot of sense

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Friday, January 12th
Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig also weighs in on the Packers dead weight. Should the Packers considered re-signing Jahri Evans?

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It's Freeman now Paul Allen Europe twice pulling. All of your reading on in. And places don't. Green and gold analyst Paul their biggest brush you by the sprinkler sitters local 183. Protecting life and property since 1906. As sprinkler bidders 183. Dot org and you. All NA guard greeted on channel. Joining us on these Schneider orange hot Lyon and Paul so they've got most of the staff in place announced decision making time I asked their branch at this saw askew. If you had to start picking apart to the roster and say there's so much dead weight here whether it's physically or financially. Top a couple of guys you got to take a serious look at and say will they are willing I'll be back with the team this year. Yeah good question I think the part with. Not a peep eagle look at the contract that would mean maybe look at the deadly and just. You know the bottom ten guys on the roster. I think we're looking at a T 28 in a bright but it is going to build this team in the way that he. Inclusion of the winning easily envision that during an opening press conference. I think the bottom ten of the roster are gonna look different like the most part under Ted Thompson urging you've got a situation where. Five to ten spots were pretty much reserved for guys. Worked develop metal group or. Undrafted free agent and agreed that a lot of agents across the league wanted their undrafted players who they were the Enola agents went guys. Go to green but it because of the good chance of making the roster be it out and electric basically. Held the spot but oh by the players I think it'd be a much more veteran latency. And that the again you know maybe guide to this past year would've they've been. 42 43 forty sport that's player in the roster are now going to be the last three spot you know they're not all that and spot. In the pecking order because you know the scene does these. More better and present it a lot of pop your players. It would seem like that's a good look at it is gonna build a roster at least that's how he seemed to want a plan to build a roster if you look at the more high calorie diet. You know the Packers are let let's put that out but first they're fine financially how. App state even after expanding about and the court lately there is cap space the question is. Is there a god or two in the agency who are big ticket item. Is there you wanna spend fifteen million a year on Malcolm Butler. Our information Johnson you know someone is gonna command hefty price tag and that if you need to and the trend. You know you need to cut or help them out and or read the cob celery and up. Did you convince those guys to do that or argue are you okay what the possibility of. Presented them with that and say no and that happened basically cut and ensure that you made the twelve million the other are there are. They'll Bible out and making seven million to you could negate the rate is ready and ride a lot about helping to begin let them that you trust rate to be the guy either way. The money saving. There's ways you can do in an debate at an idea of course is quite that you and I just don't know. Didn't work eat and it would already lack playmakers at Oakland happy that a point where some people question it is. Production is workweek being pay cap number perspective. I don't and the elected willing to take election number that if you ask these players and we talk about it though like oh how big let's bite out. Simple I'm you know so I I don't know what you. It'd depend of course literate in Britain and decent talent the band that you know but that weight about it right now I just don't know that makes at this point. There's your look at the number of all the Elton. A lot of and I don't know there's another big number on the book that you could. That you could you know just. Pot doorway that would if you want to money but again and the money they're accused and without having to cut anybody it is did you go out. 82 high price a guy that he's got the start looking at you know can you live without hobby but cap say it would be. Obama will we talk McLane met Angela go back him specifically because last time we got in this discussion in Sidwell productivity wise on and on and on and I sort of look at the numbers and I thought you know wide. Instead of cutting and it might make more sense because like you said he still is more your better players if indeed he would be committed to going to the inside if you find an edge rusher. It might makes more sense to extend him a couple years give you some additional money eggs are pro aura you know extend out that signing bonus a little bit bring that number down. And and now what you having for another three years including next year. Audio coming season are rather than just kinda cutting off your nose despite your say a face a serious office some additional money which you great. I do and I think that's actually two days ago and it brought up with you know the idea of doing something similar for Randall copper for Jordan now until. You are the same situation they were quite happy that you are adult guys. It view and vision and it didn't go to con and you litigation and being a part of your team in 2019. And beyond even at that just another. Year or two like you know now at the one you left out at the one you're left. If you want both got to be with you for three more years and that of one more. But that's knelt in order that copilot a Clay Matthews. Of the chance to do that by giving them an extension which hit back. Cap number for the upcoming peak until you can only be gotten by those two. You know big price to eight free agents which I'm sure would be a dream come true the most packed promote Pakistan. Have gotten it can be a tent content. And it lack of of anything of major significance for the most part. You know people at the time you don't wanna get in and out there cover Matthew's. That is where it comes into play I think that is where I can it is going AB cup wants to stick around and he would like to add to your edit this deal. Maybe quite happy at the same thing going into interminable culture alt restructure. It's not if you do add a year or Cuba what it lets you do with what you've spread out. That cap number and if you need the cap room and what EDT to look at all the big ticket free agents. It's a great way to kind of place salary cap now he can juggle the public peace to the round. And it's because it lets say that this is why Russ Alter the lottery and that the Packers organization value trust ball. But none more so than for being like that's where he can go went into the cap gymnastics. And it could figure out okay. It would add to your to quite happy meal and we can kind of bury the money it would put the money there and it in the states they get temperament what do you eighteen that we need another player. And everybody went. Right like the player not feeling a bit they got. Torture is because law and I'm playing perhaps the money out the post to so dominant note at my value out where he kicked in and out. Amid what in the Packers are better teen and 28 eat it now than carbon that these are all part of the scene. It is that's undeniable it's just how much are they work and how much can you. Al in your cap dedicated to these guys that they can make it all worked related expenses here or there of the capital report AT and it's equivalent went forever. Still and I I I would do the same I would probably invest some money keep them around. Bob be able to help public Martinez who continuously continuously gets better and better do you think Willie Martinez to actually get. I don't know how high the ceiling is built but I think the fact that he took it jumped he did. From here one year Q tell it has a lot more unlocked. I don't give the guy you took would figure to jump of course the first that pop up my mind are Kenny are complete Martina I think Andy Clark didn't you know he. Just 22 years old became mentally really under I couldn't body and what about the only twenty years old. When he got trapped it and it already that good at the year two player appealing to meet seemed almost limitless. He could be extremely extremely I don't know played Martinez had that they in. Hired Elaine. But he's gonna be really consistent well above average and that's kind of element like an average player. Late by accident had a really good year Q if you can build on that year in year or tie but having a very not you know not get top five. You'd buy at linebacker where I think any part of the top five in the league. Interior deepen the player and a market has that in his position group but you mark. Good consistent player who rarely makes no big costly mistake made coverage scheme Dornan you know and from the get it letting a running back after Merck got a quarter. Very good player to bury its second nuclear the Botanic Garden like Martinez and I'm sure you know you're gonna see what Martina played a lot of snaps for the team war. You know obviously the last two years there's rookie contract but I can't imagine if you're pencil and three years and now that he's not a part of your. You know but a guy do you wanna get an expense to a couple years and. Obama going out real quick and this is the last question make you quickly going to the offensive side of the football. I had asked air branch at Jahri Evans very quietly contemplating whether he wants to come back a little player you think he has. I think it was surprisingly. Good I mean for a guy that hit it every once in it and outlaw it accidently signed TJ lying. Jahri Evans has been around the block but that's not necessarily a bad thing when you've got back in for Aaron Rodgers. And I think quietly it was. I art arguably the best off you can pick up that set up and have a in week seventeen there last year in the Dario have been looking exactly like you know that the jump off the page pat on the aisle what do. What do flashy move by Ted Thompson but it all now that he's Atlanta. And are evident if you've been swapped places and at it would have been alive and keep doing what the state of hacker. Keep in mind these Palin got significantly more money than what Evan it would have seen a difference between those two I don't I don't think you blood. And that's saying a lot about a guy in in Evans who's 34 years old right now and has. Had played although your New Orleans so if they have people want to come back if Jahri Evans who want to come back into the wanna retire. And want to get that one more trying Green Bay. He's going to do so at notre three million dollars per year. I don't that you shell he showed very little if any signs of aging this at these and you can get on a one year deal and that to two million dollar range. You can keep McCray and you're kind of swing guard that a guy. Yeah again I'd that would be obese slam dunk Evans would be willing and and looking into that I'd raw I think get a very good 2017 and again I don't see. I think he is walking at that moment but he is performed well at. In recent years before. Ball gets doubled job again soon okay. I don't present judges and they don't Paula made her remote analyst joining us for a couple minutes on the Schneider orange college better harried drivers right now call 8044 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com.