Imig: Will Gutekunst be more suited to be like Ted or Wolf?

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Monday, April 23rd
Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig discusses Brian Gutekunst’s approach heading into the Draft. Should we expect him to be more aggressive?

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Talk more about the Packers the draft and Aaron Rodgers all that committed stuff up Paula meager brain going analyst joining us on the shiner orange outline Pope Paul. They don't do well so the thing and I got out of the good against broad presser. Was. Is there's still a lot of mention Ted Thompson how confident are you that Ted doesn't have his arms wrapped around the sent. And I mean there's I think there's a reason you can ball. I think it's more about. There's an interest level in in what type towns and involvement is and I think that's more of why. Part of that role the line of questioning was more just like there's. Particularly optical and had content didn't even talk immediate during his retirement or well not retirement but it's step away from at the end either GM. Is secondary role to think that. You know sort of a peak of interest or are appointed interest for a lot of people. Is what it that I'm doing in this process now I think we can comfortably gather he's not gonna be one of the fight people. On the phone working the phones on draft night portrayed that at that right you can have alluded to that obviously gotten that by people working the ball well. I think we can comfortably assumed that something political jokes you know he didn't do that yet it back at you now that's what you Ali all I. Collections workforce so now look at you that John Eric bolt and the other guy kind of in those feature rolled. It looked at Compton is. Was any or all of the things he was great at all the things what integrating it. You can pretty darn good scout and an an M at the very least a veteran voice that I think right you can do is. You know why these two at least inform now he's again at Townsend along little one with his. Proverbial name on the signature line at each traffic now that belongs to pretend that. You know and ultimately it's gonna be the successor failure how you'd be right at that that that's the power being GM get to go to get that bad you get ready get the blame. So yeah I think it's one piece of it and I'm sure you're gonna get to a two but I thought I took two other important things away from the bill press conference at one. Is sort of the admission. That. Best player available is it necessarily. The route he plans to dull mean that. If all things are equal need plays a role and that kind of what you and I talked about in recent weeks is. You know just the idea that. Is that really I mean if they don't take an edge rusher or corner or in a much decor it built big edge rusher or a guy in the second baby to safety. Kind of a hyper guy. If they can somehow luck in the early game. Yet even been awarded to profile the safety and certain systems. You know these kind of things could happen but it also. They're up until I get it in the become Malamud meander on for too long but don't look at them like Keith it was the. Well what else would you talk about good against and his. I wanna say philosophy of amid what he's taken away I like the fact that he did talk about all we actor Ron Wolf and Connor that's stylistic. Approaches to when you talk about the draft and moving forward knowing your draft with the supplementation of other pieces on your team and what you may need. It sounds like he's really drawing from a lot of past experience. And I don't know Buell we've seen him go out and get a couple of free agents will percent and obviously Jimmy Graham. We also seen him lead gold a couple of guys that you might not thought that he might leave let go up so. How much do you think he's taken a page out of the Ron Wolf playbook by saying. It's its first of all go out and supplement guys and secondly it's better to get rid of a guy you're too early than a year to let. Yes and at the last that laughing use that I think is that the most key piece of it all added that if the rubble line edit the idea that. You know you have to project you have to try to use the data that you have available to say. If you were to strip away the name sorted out which is in the beloved figure he was a great Acker. He's one of their rocker's best friend's favorite targets he. I had it been a long time early public and Donald Driver. And not being brought back for is for you don't for one additional year and get taken. A guy leaving the teams so hard because you know people of Cornell that's what good you can have to do is yet to remove that emotional aspect that yet to remove the idea. You know it was only seven years ago that Jordan out as break out game it all in all game in the two or you don't you have to kind of say okay. You know past performance is great but what do I think advocate going forward and you know what you do essentially trade. A thirty you know an early thirties wide receiver for an early thirty tide and the meeting from alternate grant. It's not like you got younger in help from going to help Ingraham it just kind of a piece of which died I think going forward. And especially in 2018 to get to the back production. For that money and that money is you know somewhere in the ballpark of ten million dollars now if you look at another guy came up in the green Bay's system and Reggie McKenzie. He let you know at the open market surprisingly ears and surprisingly to some. And that's right up for a contract that was more than what else would've gotten in Green Bay so you know differing opinions different philosophy etc. but I think that. I think you know. Burt ward could attempt to have kind of ban. Pop and inadequately elected pepper him to remove any emotional aspects of the decision making and and not sort of letting it. You know himself be concerned about maybe being a temporary enemy and they what got you can directorate helped them like. I think those are encouraging early spectrum at bill like that one other quick piece. Editor called up this morning would be eight unit I like this quote it was it's harder to find. Talented big guys and talented smaller. Meaning if pressed between nick in equally valued Ed Ed rupture or equally value quarter. I think that will connect you to believe he's gonna go Ed defender some bigger guy at heart upon count the big guys. And how the smog check them the kind of attendance your question but dumping it on our equipment. Yet it did because there's a lot of questions as to which direction he's gonna go I mean when you start to look at some of the players that may or may not be their markets to imports a guy's been talked about by many ill at defensive end. Do you going that direction do you go that outside linebacker when you try to find. A guy that's going to create genuine pass rush like you said it's hard defend the talented big guys the guys were quick feet low center of gravity good arm extension being able to kind of cup push players around. I eat he he left a lot on the table as to what to expect from him I'm still. When he was asked I think was mark Daniels if I recognize the voice that asked her about the number of picks that he has in. You know the thought process as far as trading in moving up and really play Tom played Kuwaiti literally say one way or the other of them have been valuation of talent but. I gotta think at least I I think a lot of Packers fans hope that there's going to be a dealer to jump up and get a guy is definitely gonna benefit distinct. Yeah I think we had seen enough I mean you referenced in the last ten minutes or records or Jimmy Graham and in record now and adding we'll we'll Christian and you don't you when I first broached the idea like old Mohammed in the trees and maybe attack that. We didn't even know yet we had no. We had no previous history to draw on and so we get on to become accustomed to. Half joking about the idea the Packers adding a key free agent like you know welcome to kind of popping up and we had a certain what do pieces together and saying well Mike Patton used to be the coordinator. Maybe something makes sense here that they'll of this because. I think what we've seen in the first what three years out months of the official tenure running the current. Is he is aggressive and he will do things that. You know some people disagree with they'll do things that are bit risky I think he's like against trading Jimmy Graham for juvenile and is correct. Adding mobile person who got his big contract and then kind of disappeared in direct trading to various Randall and a position of weakness for a backup quarterback. That's correct you know the only two quarters at the offseason about helping smuggle aliens. You know are certainly especially in throttling case at the prime of their careers and about outgoing and it is. What eight year this season in didn't exactly go out and make your quarterback room better you know you might even take a small step back so far so he's taken wrecked. And I think all of that is to say. I don't know I know what I need to know what to expect come Thursday night come Friday afternoon Friday night. In the first round draft but I don't think could be anything. From an aggressive perspective echoed occurrence could do that would surprise me and that anything that start the week where the idea that. You gonna swing thing is gonna trade up or 56 picks to get the guy he wants and I think again we won't know for years. After that would happen how really have turned out should be done and should not have done that and ensure that would get up early returns in terms of praise from Pakistan like. It would go you know more attractive GM I think so parties start to take a picture and self. That he's willing to do looked at. Tell Paula bigger green gold analyst for a let you go they announced over the weekend Aaron Rodgers on Friday that he is a minority investor now on the Milwaukee Bucks now you know summer reading into the says while he's got a deal done. I'm not necessarily saying that but it looked I think Aaron Rodgers is a sports fan he enjoys Milwaukee Bucks probably a little money that he can invest in it gonna get some of that money back or put it up and some kind of attacks sheltered but nevertheless. It did to me it just further entrench as the fact that Aaron Rodgers wants to stay is going to stay and will stay agreement. The Berkshire and bill I've ever there were whispers of this lower market for your problem right on the times I've been connected the dots right around the time of you wanna ship coming into the box and I I remember asking Rutgers about it and you know we kind of gave like in Ansa and AG sank. If it was happening it would be a while. So to doubt that it kind of slipped off the top my mind in terms of the company that Rutgers ever gonna do. And now here it is no surprise he showed up on game three of the NBA player options that is you know I'm in the minority owner of the team which don't. Rodgers has fully invested themselves in the Wisconsin culture and becoming a huge Pakistan and taking a guy like Dan Becker and many others but the former better basketball team under his wing. Going to talk about games being involved and all kind of ways so again I don't think it who would the without. You know ownership in the box with liquor without. I don't think there was any reason to think that at least for the next four years at minimum. Aaron Rodgers wasn't going to be a packer but I think it's more titans now. To Wisconsin to the sports teams in the city and and obviously what kind of help media you know you can never almost got it shouldn't helping lead into right most O'Malley 9%. Go out because. The leak and to force them out of their current team. You know forces them out and everything but in this case I think it's it's it's. Further. Affirmation or if anything else that. But this you know he wants to be here there shouldn't be in the context couple get worked out there's too reluctant contract it seemed like it to get done it doesn't make sense why not done but. I think it's if anything the small anecdote does. Aaron Rodgers kind of is Wisconsin at this point and he will it'll probably be to leave the Packers that he's forced out and probably not for what they get they'll contentious which again I can't imagine. Now I don't think so a lot of blog itself we'll check him at wake okay. Our power to audition they go Paula lingering on analyst joining us for a couple of minutes on the Sharon challenged potter Harry drivers right now are you work hard. They treat you fair any pushers the beginning and then call me 144 predators Schneider jobs dot com.