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Faith in the Zone
Sunday, May 20th
Faith in the Zone with Mike McGivern joined this week by Jacob Oldham

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Welcome defeat in the zone show on both sports and faith and how that to come together and lives being. Right now discover help people in sports and walking FaceBook posts might mean give burned and pastors can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome to faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 up from the fans. I'm Mike McGee are all want side pastor can count there he's back. Did in the bag my I'm from occurring through degree -- cut about flying solo. All of a sudden. Pastor comes back and he's five but now he finds out we got a guy from Nashville Tennessee and Kansas and Oklahoma. Oklahoma let it that is Norah drawl is the interest and I think at. Passengers get to see you again I did I see you my. Gary back with your million U had a good couple weeks and a great couple weeks own bullet schedule and it's. That this show was not the same without a full time gotta say it's better words. I just think it would have flags although. He's always yeah they're yeah does that so my wife Terri the show was nuts and nearly as good without faster than younger. They are special guests and you're gonna love this via passenger and oh yeah he is. All the things that that you truly believe. He's he's he's right line with with a lot of things that I you know I've talked to by an effort you preach on. He's the executive director for full count ministries. Full count ministries these Jacob oldham Jacob might do it today. I am doing better out there. Well it. And you were just back from from a three week a mission's trip and and where are you right now you're in the speech someplace our chin. And I mean Gulf Shores, Alabama for a child from birth weight in Nicaragua. So that's great but with a friendly. This await their Goetschl and cannery you know I've within after the month of what I. Eight passer on on the web sites. It you can go to web sites war one word full account ministries dot com there's a picture of Jake and his wife and and out kids. Yeah yeah accurately oh yeah oh he's in our club on any object is to help kick his coverage I don't know young Jacob a whole lot. But I yup he discovers a lot like you do it almost like a man married to now absolutely you like yeah coach it's. OJ about pastor kid's been using that term ally that fit out picture coverage will like D. J. King he's come up with a one of his own his wanna thank you look up. Jacob how was how was your trip proves a good trip for you guys. They're worse overly. We return to retain. Back to back to back. Them for retains a one more week long and we took over. 64. Haas school college. In adore me and baseball players. For the three way so. A lot of spurring. Both from working that we weren't. And detained at one and also from the ministry on the ground. There in Nicaragua. So we should stay in my agency. That median. Obedience that. Comes out of these strips and so when me and return to. Well we don't say that the one we can spend over there affects the 51. You live back home and said that since that's what we're seeing McCain got plugged in the industry and start being. Different things. Don't respond to say what happens. Pace yet Jay can I would totally concur with CIA and I love taken. People one on mission trips and and I always loved Clinton some athletics inactive if we get the people who can compete with. Was whoever that were were overwork and wasn't sometimes we do sometimes we don't. On the baseball side element to study based also with the foresight at. How do you guy a.'s sudden do in competing with sudden you know the fell southern Nicaragua. And that's great question and there's there's many levels of baseball in Nicaragua I mean that he. That but based on Nicaragua they. Wake up going to negotiate client really did it but there's. There is so it differently and so you've got to professionally. Over there they got some called Bayer say. Which is a pretty outlet level may inflate. And then they've got a neighborhood or community needs. Just a bunch of being. Quite refined that there are no aggregate chip dependent on Google+ in. I would have been really that would be pretty bad. And down the competition and Hooper who were trying to reach that particular week. So you you would play all. And all three levels of baseball over there with the guys that are really good to the guys adjust your from the neighborhoods and rank. We did and so catalyst that are playing. It's gallon and it wouldn't we work and our staff on the ground in Nicaragua. In Tillamook I would get this. This caliber tango and then they'll put this little. Could they're trying to arrange though the all time match gained. There's a bit we played thirty games in three way that would interpret that. The last we went from employee. It where from Major League player a and neighborhood. In those thirty games. Yeah and I would think if you're gonna have an opportunity to. To be able to visit wasn't Tomlin you have to earn their respect on the ball field to right. You absolutely. Yeah watch everything we did. That that we lower the very first trip there I'll probably onus made up speculate that it but we are watching what you do and how you do it. And so how did you guys do on this last trip I mean you guys win some games or is about 5050. How today. We land. So it was like 28. And in the three way. Which would be good we have some really get school ballplayers. That are played college ball. They're with. With this this summer and then. We had a lot of talent on attained so we were but the lately painted beta. One of the manipulating. Did they just want to bask in its due to grab things and the best part about it is you know everything we apply our staff welcome and did you create. Scheduled meeting them. To start some credit disciple relationship with those things. We are talk and it Jacob all the music Jacqui of director of full count ministries again their website is full count ministries. Dot com or you can follow him on Twitter it's at a full count nine to five so it's at to full count nine to five. Jacob but how do you find enough pictures. To come with Steve to play thirty games in you know in that in my time. Well I don't know. Johnny holes. But that and we will we can do it every day every. So that works. You're gonna be they're getting it on the mile. So we've got several that are pre term ways but. Pretty much every one that wrote in to. How how is your arm feel right now. Whereas. Until I never thought it broke. And will answer. In. You know or missionary. There is not a lot smuggler and have a certain markers over it and an agency dish on what. What better reason to have surgery. Been combat air play with a possible. Both cook saw you and I I kind of account like that. And. If this. Some crow and my crew and they remain after you made after you're over when no when your thrown well your arms not broken. You'll you throw free while. I used to say yes. I'm from the left side so that helps analyze. The blue color don't probably 83 decades when somewhere in there and relied heavily on my change. In curve ball so. Yet but I can Wear a lot for hikes which I don't walk many people. It's on its front give back at their. You give you left that curve ball's gonna come right to me yeah. I don't know right where we always naturally one hand yeah. Cause stuff. Where are Moeller real popular apple does not thickness. I asked yeah I asked him a porous and now I can't wait to ask Jake what he would earlier he was pitch into the in my then. I'll tell you what they're going to be tumbles on the park in line men who took up better now god help. Yeah Wal-Mart consider feel good yeah out there trick you suppose you don't. Ministries Jacob let's out. Let's find out where did you grow it in words you go to high school coach. Yes. Europe Japan or just sort of national quarter race still live there they made it their bill. Tennessee. And I went to each count screw. Is there any person. And was basketball baseball players there and then. Ended up going to volunteer state community college. It's like baseball to pitch for three years. And then after that I must solve a sort of have more trouble they have. So I was gonna go play Rebecca. And you don't finish out my crawl college career. Rebecca college's national. Decided that forward instead to finish a Japanese university. Tennessee Knoxville. And quietly debate with my that's oriented. Bomb. Carol Weiss. Would sit there and can start our life. Together and so that for what a bit. James you did did you ever go to off the austerity night. Football game at the to watch Tennessee play. Well paid to that. They edit. Out there before where you're happy when I went to every call away day's. Oh it. Good they were applied to Wear their. That. We're straight it's awesome. Well what I take great Tennessee football what monologue. Oh. So I've got a guy he spew your body in my we played a lot softball together and you went to school there and he said look I've been to a lot of places. Worried you know you at ten LSU. And certainly at Alabama asserting that close ball game. Game at Tennessee is is as good as gets. Meant he'd just and that's when Tennessee was pretty good back then they Kayla did a couple of hard times it gave a couple of years were they struggled. For awhile but I don't understand this quarterback that they had last June it's just got drafted. I saw a piece on him he's about the smartest guy that ever ever watched anything on them in these. At quarterback in Tennessee he's he's gonna like aerospace. Behavior but I majors yeah. Mean and he's I he's a good football player she's got a chance to play I think on Sunday it's. He's got a lot of good review so that they interesting walks yeah it's typical pro quarterback. The game change in. It is. He did before we get to a break give us an idea I and I and how full column ministries how this thing began and before you do that I he just tell you are on your website. You talk a little bit about full colony and how people can help. There's three different wasted to help would do with the one why did I really liked. We used to console game of baseball train athletes for maternal. Crown and I think that that's really important. That you guys come right out in India and and and say that you utilized in baseball and in pastor Ken I'm happy he's here this week because it it just fits with a lot of things that he believes and ended that the best way to to do mission trips so before you get to a break can you give us just a brief. Idea how full count ministries began. There are not like it's. Extremely important start with the wa. While we've. Ultimately the only who count ministries exists is because we have a burden critical law. I in the world. I'll Wear the bird for people who do not though Jesus the lord and savior. So we. We have an urgency in the leg that. And make his ducks well known. Getting into the air. It's important. We don't have a lot everybody else on our. But that we're we're here with it was an action is in the net. The game of baseball. They're. The people all over the world in baseball and it is. Incredible influence on other top eight. I exposed to report in my life. And so on. Played a lot order Koppel on the more right here on the world and they're guided brought baseball back in my life. And we won't eat it I now to. To train people who internal program which is exactly. Trying people for a current level last with what. Per screen on. Paul Brown and that's what we didn't go their strict trying. Jake you know what went when you're just talking directly in the year has that burden to go to early get the message of salvation a third of people. I'm dumb is this reminded when you said that of jesus' last command there an accident. We have us something up our church did to says as the round for your his last command our first concern. And his last coming analyst Forrester go out nationally share with people how they can now they can live with the and one day so on mailing you were talking about your your passion and that's what you guys are really want to do that's so encouraging to hear. That's great that's what we Wasilla city is that Bachmann. Is or per square over the what are our online recruiting me. Remembered by is bitten by disciples. You open a pasture if you could pick up a ground ball this would be great group for you for years ago. When these trips with well you're you're you know I kind of played it yet less than I've played softball I'm barely made to first base and I you risk of muscle so bad in the batter's box I haven't been back out. They're sitting there 800 billion ministry or Eudora that. It has been on bonds fall as. You can put me at first base. Up 88 jagr Viacom went to unify you know one operative the right fielder and he throws you out at first. You just get me on the next plane home to come out hot tub hook us yet apart if you're right there air. Let's get voices get to break in this outbreak we'll continue our conversation he is cheap goal that he's the executive director full count ministries. Again website full count ministries dot com. Father my Twitter at full count nine to five. And as we talked to Jacob are you to let that you wanna help them. On an and their ministry. Again full comedies she's dot com there's a place that she's going in and donate and and help Bob help their cause to do really good work. I Tennessee and and travel and all over the world. She certainly introduce people. She would Jesus Christ our savior and they're doing good works so we'll continue our conversation with Tim this is faith in his own. On sports Radio One 57 FM the fan. Worn out of feet in the zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Face in the zone is. Is brought to you buying brook side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. It. Welcome back to faith in the zone I sports Radio One 057 up from the fans. I'm Mike Gilbert wants our pastor can count there. He's head pastor Brooke's side Baptist Church. We're joined by Jacob all the BC executive director for full count ministries. In America located in Andersonville Tennessee right at a Nashville. Go to their website full count ministries. Dot com for more information. He Jacob I spent some time on our new website and BEE talk about there's three different ways it's somebody that wants to be involved with full count ministries can help one is on the field one is in the community. And one is around the world. How can we talk about each of those a little bit retard but on the field you guys in your on in your area. To a lot of stuff that's that's close to home was forest cancer or league stuff like that. Yes so. Everything we do it in one of those buckets. The first one on the field as you mentioned. That. The main purpose that ministry is the engaged baseball players so now we do in his leadership we have eight. Always bald faced only for a house. Catering by entering ninth grade through twelfth grade so. We typically have about a 150 player where when I have one wake of registration left. I could this. For this fall. Would we give about a 150 corner from about twenty. Between final out schools are sold so. And so we've mixed up. There is saying we have fifteen gain fall schedule. Which he just probably in the hole. No the whole purpose of for the ball players it loses its relaxed atmosphere. When you get a lot of great work your game. I. It's good for underclassmen trying to move up to the bark in the local. So they're just gonna get a lot of a lot of reps both for the ministry. Aspects where godly mainland. Dinner coach in the east changed. And we got to. Weekly diversions that we go through this. This forward though throw the book of Zheng together. So they're gonna do they get to walk through chain. And get bigger the gospel. Over and over again throughout those Bob wage but our coaches get debate relationships. That develop relationships. With the players in the whole purpose of it is to get import into a disciple and relationship. That's from the ministry aspect. That's for the value for but from the players aspect. Of their didn't valuable. Competitive race. To improve their skills set. Liked the like their whole approach of the coaches and I'm sure you get guys that are able early connect with these kids and because I've always. My can have talked about yet connecting impact. What about my lone question what you have your own facility or you Renton facilities will how how do you do all this baseball down there that area. Very cold week. Important without school field so we about seven or eight hostile local high school fields. Then have agreed. Is that saying that empower. In their dugout saying their community. And today. They trust us because we people word would do what we saw it would take care of their facilities. We help them out here. With different things and eight and so they donate their facility. In the follow profound way. And so we just move around the high school. They don't and that's why Kirsten. You know continue to build relationships with those countries in those programs. Have any of the coaches ever gone with she are earning their guys on any of these trips overseas. On the missions trips with baseball. The people baseball coaches. Today. Actually we only strips and expect some whale with. Some of their players. From Earhart school which just so. So Ku would say. You know there hostile callers gathered attention they actually you know you know really lived or worked. And allowed a shared their play in just it's something they were that we don't we take for granted. Because we know that doesn't happen all of the country. It is it is not Jake are the kids that are playing false sports at their high school football. Our soccer they allowed to play your baseball league. There are. He's gala. There's. You double that supplies are association. You're tennis say. Several rules that I would no ordinance pops. Players from the sign out who compare playing so they're short or by different rules that we get patients it's like and how we split up detained. But it's also very cool. He hit it from rob hospitals. Played together in the fall and usually those. You know relationships develop in the fall and then in the spring when the battle in the future of their they don't get that common ground with full count. Now putts and a lot of that's awesome here the second party in your and your website that. In the Bay Area where people can help out with three different ways that's on the field and in the Indian community. Can you talk a little bit about that one. Yes sir that's remember the article ship ministry. This civil war this ourselves. In the community. Really where all the disciple. Take place until wobbly. Every anger. We did before. Four losing and in the everything we do on the field flows are hoping that it'll float into the the cyclone relationship and everything that we do their storms round of one. Flows out of court decides what relationship should cycle shipments are that some ministry. Like our mission is to make the cycles. It became a face off and so what we didn't hear. They're decipher shoot birds in different hospitals. Currently in about thirty out schools. Where we've got a mentor or leader. And worked with this specific task or in any literally mate wants. And we've gotten cycle shipped journal Faulk himself it's curable. Words bill bill goes through and specific we did topical passages that we did. We were true book in the probable. And they they deliberately. Open the word of god. Talk and I'll. You know the character got the simplest and Ole. It may be the great thing is that we are allies. Every week as we walked through the word of god and so somewhere else to root for here. About Haskell and somewhat. Dictated or any. Almost the whole thing just the Koreans know. What school it is and how much access to it. And and said that the bets or receive the most why. Is where it was politically. Eight terms there. Hearing in hearing about about crisis now we open up the word let the Bobble do all the work. Goods it did that's called. Is that your it's called talk more DID group and I'm your website or yeah I yeah. That that's and I printed that out for Pasternak is that that that's really important. I'm when you go on the web said he get its full home Ministry's dot com one word. And take a look at so some of the stuff they're doing fatigue were worried has. And end. What it is. And and then it talks a little bit about why. And and how often chewy meat and word is the group meet edges so really some kind of questions that if if you're wondering if you know how can I start something like that here in Milwaukee. It really does give your nice road map. As to how to do it and if you're thinking about you're doing something like this this is it could do a really good place I think to start. You know. Jake by coach basketball this may 36 year coming up. And we don't have there there really isn't anything like this. That I know of in in the city and walking I think if if there was somebody doing something like this that I would've heard about it and and I just think. After reading this a couple of times and the definition of what your. Congratulations to that I when you're talking about given back the community and being in the community. You know this really proves that it's you guys are walk in you know what your talking your in the community at different schools. It gets these kids that think ready to go one the next bubble. And college. You know there are some opportunities at the college level for these guys to either continue doing this or to work with Fellowship of Christian Athletes or athletes in action. So plate that's so that that's wonderful. Yeah and that's always. There's. If you really. Characters like success but that's that's what we really look at it when they go to college. We former if they don't go to college and going to war school or their quota. Can to make the cycle there they're quick to go and do likewise. And what was saying we've got kids in. It's they're Boris getting kids to college. Intended you're currently has certainly towards. Some other college is to say we're very. One restarted my a big group although college by altering. Others like College Baseball but preacher and bigger and they started investing in the house goes there and do it. The group were at the local high school there and they get a but they're take what they're more in the goal global climate which is. At all or. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports and Milwaukee they face in. Is brought to mind it's accurate reason everywhere I guest host Mike and give earned ten. Pastor Ken Kellner. Fox sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean he Rancho we'll miss. Then you won't be easy executive director welcome back to fight through it Hillary Clinton's work on oil spill like some of these guys down. Or highlight them in twit and I am a great diamond like we did tonight and you know it's. A total comes in big problem I've read this is an excuse after that particular deal could win over seventy. Don't let the governor called him diversity and that didn't stroke. Her chest it's chick coupled look easy executive director for full count ministries. Full column ministries. Dot com wanna work full come ministries to account few chance on that website. Big fan ID. I watched the video they're indeed started. My video blog. That they're gonna get back to that thought was was really fun to watch in and I just collected into when we talked GO body Sewell we have no idea or numerous that's perfect either usually does have worked out really well. He's the third step on. How people can help. You talked about around the world and we talked bundle will be the first segment but if we can I spend a couple minutes on on your mission trips. Obviously very important to what you guys are doing. Yeah all. Where are so many reasons. You know the war this article. The one that's been. Would conclude one out there. Most important factor or destruction of crops is it important to have a hole for the world. We got let the Billy. Simply won't. Could hear it. People are they're covered out of there do you and in Portland who see. The world ordered it. Musically they're is gonna. Just explains completely completely. I'm the oldest cook. Another bet that it would. What. True pretty. And it during my term a one quarter cup. And so therefore properly. And inaccurate but also. We're going places that normally. There have no huddle. But explore the high school is. We don't like baseball player is no trial. It's there god it's called us then we've created this. People rarely come Mason current output by Baldwin their trucks and we're gonna live there yeah. In. So these short term true that serve the way. We do that we can't sort of true because we go social. Amount both Google and we don't go anywhere that we. That they simply. Put one more the cycle ship into religion definitely. We're really. And JJ got a few questions here for new line it did are there other countries today you're going into other than Nicaragua and then to. What is the cost. For the ski as they wanna go. And nine go on a short term too weak. Tripped into one of these countries what's that costs and then finally. For you personally are used salaried by. The the ministry there a full count or do you have to go out and raise your own support. Yes great question. On all. The first witnesses to call. Or is there is there are other countries. Yes. The current went over learning. About the week. We take one home very eager. It is unclear whether I'm in the border. Our country of Nicaragua. Some of their pockets of villages that I mean a baseball. Compare that village is her program place vote into yes we. We go to Honduras we have. I'm interest director technically in Honduras and Nicaragua oil. I want currently under their victory villagers. In Nicaragua. And public good that would aid in Nicaragua. A week or so on Clay Aiken is a trip that at a mall. In the pool. I'm a lot of opportunities in the communique. Deputy Japan with the open. Where everybody's all. It is wrong only. You know our vision that we won't get everybody spoke only on the world the opportunity to hear the gospel despondency. Girl that was. What card today. It's open. What what about what about the costs for. You know high school college aged kid to go on on the team where to. Oh. Our troops. 2000 dollars. And that includes you aircrew and while all in country. Call. With transportation and I translator and who's you know like. Also won't include. Packet is you get from pocono which is now on the Nike to us in Asia. On two break voters see. Two count. So pretty much influence. Going trip journal pretty true just pocketbook I've been a colonel in here indeed. Yeah and our culture that it is we don't know. Then there's some people like papal. Because some wanna go with him look at different didn't. That would not call there on the little bit of the term. But the fiscal 2000. Dollar. And hostile code we've got some. Go yeah. There's that we try to open is uncle coached in this is more you know. I. You are or mark are you salaried. There are used to going teacher support. There has sought to. Normally. You know. There and then they're. Pretty much or will it sort of great yes. Our starter in 2014. And so when the ball. In 2013. May 2000 pertain. Them at the end of the year. Begum. Quit my job. And don't fault what with school count which it sounds so ridiculous. He thought about it. Yeah handguns into an enclave where it. And that there but it has not been the separate or. You know before arc after hour. Beating woods that you don't have. Our religion must sell it January. 12014. I'd raise enough of a police more to. 84 and so that your. And just it didn't make it really is. Being extremely grateful. In every aspect that I didn't want twelve. Quoted Gupta. You backing go to full column ministries. Full come ministries dot com. If you wanna help Jae Kuk if you if you if your feeling like you're being led to help these guys continue. Their mission and and it's really. It's a mission that's that has grown quite a bit. Over the years they've done a great job guys really get to break. I promise other separate we're gonna start with asking Jacob for his testimony this his faith in his own on sports Radio One 057 app found. The fans. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports who walking pace. Faith in the zone is brought to my home windows and doors it was constant. Here's host might mean giver and pastor came cal learned. Fox sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome back to faith in the zone on sports hernia don't know 57 and the fans. I'm Michael you're alongside the head pastor at brook side Baptist Church he has pastor Ken Allen pastor. DNJ pointing you know we love to do on 32 zone that's really why the home. Program. Started was to have fellas give be able to share their testimony on their journey of faith and how to begin with curry so. We London love to hear your story Jake. Also. Yes our. A lot of you go to save a little bit and they deserve it. I grew up and try to arrive great. Yeah. With the church most. What portable or. Girls that church for those who wears this shingles. Church and I was baptized into cries and take it step forward and didn't. There are some by gone days I didn't doubt the scene. And you see the risky. From last stand. And in news that did not see we need to be inhale. Because of my hand. In the sixth grade. Very cheap this must say here and didn't change blah blah focal alone. But let their trust Jesus to send me. From pale but not to leave alive and then two more high school and college. Are squandered. A way a lot of money influence in the people. On the danger. I'm or ordering everything I offer and I wanted to be cruel and wanna Beilein. And as you noted that most of the time he. You know follow Jesus Suu Kyi won big Coke and apply. So just to kind of probably animal. Hand throughout my hospital college. Career. And in in June 2008. You have to graduate college on Friday night in the local Baptist Church in Rio. A he just came onboard. I'm Noah there while it does people. There was room full of new world. Should have been. At the ball or email with nobody here. I should get anywhere that initially. With about 300 feet deep it who worship and work and I don't know what it. Pastor preached. That although ultimately. The game that night and jesus' work monologue. That night. My life got her ups. The words. You know the mayor or. She's just whispered to him is that whoever wants them. Where in my besides what about themselves like they're. Crossed the alien problem needs from you ever want this Belmont is that whoever loses their life from me. We'll save it and then I know not 24. This first steel itself makes what did visit someone became the whole world and yet to lose or. There are so. That was a lot that's Ramallah trying to gain. This war. That the cost of that the potential cost of muscle. So. My life just radically. That you do this now trust it instantly they. And trusting him to they've got they. He would protect Weinke they and 2000. Between the boring baseball back in the why I thought I'd never been around the game began had so dark you again here. But just after their crowd. Radically changed my line them. Free and actually help. Some arcane. Back in 2000. And then. Coming out of that some are saying. High school coach what are well coached as they do they give pitched those. Divorce state. Playing now my hostile by spoke. In 2000. And now my desire not to be the best pitching coach of the world. Or the bear it because Bob. You know my aspiration to make disciples. On marketing. Well our. Jay that's Jay if that's awesome I got to meet to cut show forget about three minutes left tonight you know pastor it's. That's a great testimony and in I know each and every week that. You know we get soared Kurds by the different testimonies that that we here but who put that testimony from me and it rings out that. The you know boards giving Jacobs who's this platform with baseball. And he took his desire away a little bit maybe ten for a bit and now that. He specs for in the words you put that that love right back to and that's how encouraging is that. Yeah and Jake. Either approach has some opportunities to lead some guys that are on your ball tinsel or attention. I have several. Almost felt like. Saying it is god does it that if he didn't. This year the gospel and and my lot differently to. He's. An eight or through high. We've seen terrible day and say indeed this. Because of that and there's no. Then we involvement although with the Greg afraid that decision administrators blah. It would ship the current. Not to you know the trust her I mean you see aiming to set rights airing god uses the opportunity see someone burst into the kingdom of god right there whether being a restaurant atom on ball field. You know in the parking moderate Ciurciu wherever might be. That's that is the greatest experience that we can really enjoy today. He he guys we've we've got to wrap this up at Jacobs thank you so much I know that picture on vacation this week you for your willingness to to give us this hour. I really appreciate it. I if you listen this show when you want more information. On full column ministries go to full count ministries dot com one work full come ministries dot com. I would highly encourage our guys that are elicited your feeling led. Help them out financially there's a place everything that they do. They have to raise their own funds. And if you could help them out if you feel led please do you got. Jake take Joseph would've loved to what's been segment talking about your you know your family please tell them but thank you for us. Tell you today's allowed you an hour with a sign on your vacation. Enjoy the beach go back and have some fun play with the kids and Endesa a load your wife force. A word there I think California baldness and goes on in there. Preaching Croats and increase its. I kept also orchard there and continue to. How I made a site. You've got that Jacobs thank you can't full come ministries dot com this is faith in his own on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fan. You've been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike and get burned and pastor can help me. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find patch shows exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. They in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith and join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah. The whole game soon. Hello Sarah. I know already who. Steve.