Jason Anderson

Faith in the Zone
Sunday, February 18th
Faith in the Zone with Mike mcGivern joined by Jason Anderson, college basketball player at Colorado State Pueblo.

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Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and faith and how that to come together and Weinstein. Right now discover help people in sports walking face. But host Mike may give burned and pastor camp Kilmer. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. A welcome their faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 up from the fans. I might who can run alongside pastor Keyes Fleming set then for injure. And these days he and the injured the best one he mastered. PO. Fifteen you know what the numbers for the show gonna go through the rough and I kept just can't I can't believe that yemen's streets day to day. ID. And we have to get you pinch hit it's it's God's if oxygen network you've got your Rockies shirt that. You're exciting news Iraqis are coming to town this week and these airs on Sunday so won't know that's. Either the Bucs got a win this week but hey we'll see ya bin add Iraqis too much improved team yet not nuggets nuggets. Any of them got a good deal in nuggets let's say Iraqis but you know I hit has craters and catchers reported today Ed Rollins on the brain off so that our guests can pick I don't know him but sports no it's not about sports you do you do and who walked by I was Le Roy Butler would you say. I say go Broncos go Broncos you're lucky that door was closed these he would not take timely I'm excited this young man. Pastor it's time we get to talk to two young guys. In an NI NG guys that figure out to their faith so early in life it took me a long time. And and I wish I could have those years back is they would have been a lot easier and a lot better price if they had I had I'd known then what I know now. But we gonna talk a chance to get a chance to talk to a guy like Jason Anderson who's a basketball player at Colorado State at Pueblo. Just a blessing for me to hear guys like that. Yeah it's it's exciting in and just the platform that she can have through sports. And down and we'll hear a little bit about Jason's testimony here but just knowing a little bit about his story. And and and he's he he's a walking the right path well it. Any 68. If he always she had some Ellis who left active uses sixty boil over Martin Luther rapper ice to a cheaper I need what. And in fact let's let's bring your mind in Jason Anderson are you a tough 68 cater you'll cued up floats out and choose to resolve that. I'm big effect that. But they're paid to third five. Oh you become like a we shoot a low high school time left that invites Hume live with my wife through that and that feeds every day your bike you get the ball in the post and he and and gets him some baskets from that. He take you so much your time your willingness come on her show today. You bet he Outkast huge you know how lower or Jason can you fill me in how did we get I pastor can get in touch with wood Jason Anderson. When your on Cole Chris Wright Jason. From there from Carolina yeah he he spoke at our men's retreat and and then Jason your dad's name is. Jeff Anderson he's going to be our he's going to be our keynote speaker missions conference that's next October. So through those connections. We are able to get them in touch with Jason man that's awesome and again thank you so much for your time. He Jason let's talk a little bit about where you grow up and Andy and were you started to your first love for that forgive basketball. And then later in the show we'll certainly ask. For your testimony and and find out. You don't worry your love for the war has come from but let's start with your life or did you grow up. Show you are in in Colorado. There are or. Colorado three G or that that is I know right it's God's country it is gas and yes absolutely absolutely beautiful words you worded I spend most your time in my I was northern Denver Westminster Broomfield area. So what area brings better basketball players. Oh you know what. There are a lot of good best openers that come out of the springs. And I think Denver I mean it's it's not a hotbed like Texas California Florida Wisconsin but Wisconsin yes hoops was cut loose. But but the athletes that come out of Colorado the they are underrated but mountain time zone as the forgotten time zones so yeah I don't see much of these guys now. I know I don't watch a lot of a lot of games. He Jason were you why were you kid in in high school that did you play varsity ball your sophomore yourself like that. Yet they'll play the law art school for the first year I was in that on the first heroes JV and varsity. And into your partner and I transferred to a bigger high quality. Did did you like the trade you when you transferred were you happy with that last year if you had to do it all over again would you stated the smaller school. Pivotal question in this smaller lot of that. Had a little bit of the coaching situation what very happy with that I was. In other little smaller acrobat and maybe 20250. Arab. And with the talent we ever offered yet you point point guard. The parliamentary. Report and order problem. Or transcript or school or play with burglar had firm A use. But they're Kirk appeared that way so. Up pretty well I am pretty happy with that transition and they. Did you did you enjoy played a huge more than then then play high school while. It worked on it from the perspective. You're with the logic you've become really close friends where and insist he go out for 34 weeks at a time and you know my effort you know a chance to kind of Buick records for a while I grow into and from. Evidently got on instead of just two games we can you know you'll have to return game in the day all week and has turned against the social law are. Take a grown up did you know that basketball was a sport that for you or did you play multiple sports. All growing up my main board actually talkers and then I didn't start pulling out or until about that their experience. And it up point eight. I patted switched over you know per year in the kept playing soccer ball in the thought the focus about four months without a little shoot popular coordinated he played soccer after speaker Byrd. I Hedo passed drivable I always love coaching soccer guys that are played basketball. They they defend they can run for ever. They just keep going. And they can defend. They can't catch and shoot pro botched a lot of times they're not used to using her hands and spoke mad defensively move those feet move those feet cued up and down the court. I never minded when that soccer players start trying out for a for basketball. I'm real quick Jason we've we've read this story about you going to the air force academy. I pulled that terror. Off the Internet and boy that had to be a difficult time see you decided to go. From high school into the academy correct. Yes sir I went from of course to the prep school for a year. An airport prep school. It before you're made it easier for community you're great to be able. Get an appointment for your fourth avenue and at what apple or your Deer Park kept me after about. When you got to the air force academy did you enjoy your your time there and we'll get into the story about a about you and your wife. But AA. At this at that point when you when you left. That that's that one year that she had to wait in in goes school did you likely part of the academy. It would it would of just is that depressing me is what my freshman year at circuit having it took a lot of you know hazing in training in military training really cup academic a lot of current during clock. It's an experience I wouldn't trade for anything. Because I think I was very typical year in a very difficult hour news of. Did you come from a military background at all. Not at all my grip. Served in the Marines for a few years. But that you know all week it would never have with any military affiliate news totally you Culpepper create. Boy that had to be hard pastor that's that's a tough step if you don't have anybody amend truces say she's you know this what you're gonna go through. Ticket to go from you know from from from net not really anybody telling you all listed to get me into that part of its typical. The Avago have a good number of friends that went the academy. And it just in the Denver area and here in their stories and and the transition and Jason as your as your mention in here. That is not an easy place to transition to. You have yet not by any means. We got that it was a good experience for me just be a little bit out of my comfort zone though vehicles with speaker of the amount paid in by relationships and the deal would grow in Europe they. Up did you did you play did you play ball the academy. You are okay. That did you play a lot as a freshman. I don't the that's that's too Okur buried on it. But how hard how hard is that for you. In somewhat of a lady here because we would go on trips you know we were. It is it's quite remote weapons in a lot of big schools and what's called a play at the airport that is a lot of games travel Tuesday to Skoda to live to air base you know we're taking more birdies to slide. You know of course are no tickets you were thirty we we were to say Diego replace stated it stated purpose stated this in although a on what seems so that they can't. You know you whip when you're with the team. Ever all the military that kind of turned off their paramilitary training very it just be able to get great that you know and they're sometimes you have a game Wednesday indicates Saturday. We would leave. You know Tuesday morning at this whole week of classicism to have two leaders and teachers should come are trips without help the stakeout at their school work but it still kind of get a break Serbia. Academy go. And a no 580 M I'll wake up calls in and sit ups and some very dark and no walk you through airports in and right. We can propel our troops and depending on the availability of you know the military aircraft of a longer trip we exist or don't. You were thirty and take off which school. And only typical Portland. You know not playing much and brutally plain in blowouts and you know not like it's committed. It's so it's frustrating when your situation like happened at the same time you know. Coach could have mud look at are more counting her up I'm not playing much do but I can't get players who are playing. Great play in the bureau you have remember sculpted. Now you said in high school you played point guard and then and then you're at the academy plane involved when did you when did you hear your growth spurt when did you switch to. Either it to senator. We're not quite what Herbert you're here with six oh you learn how to me while I was on the door the door to thirty yeah I murderer. Should micro or was your first thought warrior art school. Six and point guard ninth UIE Embry says he's a local telling Mormeck do Greg you're a little clubs here Davenport. But man 68 point guard it wouldn't. Wouldn't mind that at and at all. He weird talk to achieve Sunni Anderson he's a basketball player Colorado State at Pueblo. And boy he's got a really good story we're looking forward to talking knew about his faith in his testimony. And why he's no longer at the air force academy its interest in story. And I read this and I thought boy there's there's something that I don't really understand it will ask him about that on the other side of the break. This is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. More now on faith in his own discovering people of sports in their walking me. Face in the zone. Is brought to you pine brook side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. What. Back to think things don't aren't sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I'm Mike we govern alongside pastor Keyes Fleming from brook side Baptist Church our special guest. Two young man's Jason Anderson to basketball player Colorado State at Pueblo. And we talked about cheese and his his trip to the air force and he played it here first for one year and then read in this article Jayson as this boycotted jumping into this. And not be will be read this this quoted says. At the same time Anderson and his high school sweetheart. Is it Guba. Lou Lou but. Wanted to get married at the academy prohibits cadets from getting merry said the couple had a spiritual ceremony that showed their commitment to each other. But they were not officially married. The academy saw it differently. And this is a quote to JC said because of our religious backgrounds of police who when we get married but knew we couldn't because the cat in these regulations. So we just had a Syria with our family and our friends had no idea what caused the problems that it did. Jason so the the academy says look because of that ceremony at your now married. Well basically what it was is we're wanting to political that would rather than we are very close burned in the yeah apparently just. With a couple of port gotten it would have a when it never paid. And from my understanding of the I think you'd think difference between spiritual marriage is legal. And so we we were spiritually buried it in that you know that you're that you're talking about. But we were between married and then win. Of the airport and the officials. I doubt about what happened and didn't they were veiled plea we're trying to you know workers as well they never had a situation like that. But there was about a two month period where a total in the gap about having to go everyday and be with the lawyer a lawyer there that I happened. Keep coming up with these these are important. In our sponsors. They're claims about what happened her mind and everything. That basically at the end. Or are at the beginning of about a coach just told me. Basically both suspension from the team that is more geared for crack bigger part it worked out good news of it was a distraction to see the film goers all. And then. About a month later I was still working through everything district court battle in book it right now beat a field day at the academy. The Pentagon you don't but it that I have been to loot from. About all the officers and now I. It would work that you have to if you're not in your police do not you have to later. Intramural sports there singer had a northern Israel where archery days. And I was brought the most frustrating part about this situation that is before the coach is there. And but he made the decision about now. You know kicking off the team essentially I found out through you don't rather than put never from the public having become the talk every day. Incident a couple of eight instead of wanting to keep going forward. You know fighting. Legal process of whether or not like appear to indicate that a weather and I had to resign or he'll be kicked our big I cited turnout myself. And are looking at other options that we open up are hurting for other schools look at or more interest. Her to do you guys send officially get married after that. We will be he. Pretty much. Buried in doctor let it Seoul. Official date which I was. That's a role in the cabin of September 23. In a few weeks later in October we are he had. Your wedding ceremony which is what created all the issues then we went into. By the legal marriage license. So here's what I don't get. I would sell operate. What these what these two young people that. I would celebrate that they are willing know when the rules K we can't officially get married. But but this spiritual ceremony to show each other the commitment that they have three each other with their family and friends. I would stand up and applaud. I would roll rice I would show up with a gift take whatever I could to say young man well done. This is the way that that that look you know that you can't do this officially. But the fact that you want your family friends you want this young ladies know your commitment and your heart. Right now so that she understands that when you can't officially get married you don't walk that aisle. I would celebrate that pastor. Well with the with the how marriages be today you know it's hey why do we need to get married why do we need to make that commitment so. So it's great to see that level of commitment and young person. In the world we live in today. Did JC that'd be surprised at the reaction that you got from the academy they yell or shake your head and go watch. Yes sir that I was dependable and I looked out of their perspective. It was just about wanting to. Kind of shut up get you know one person does that mean. They dictate not this year than what would stop any other commitments they say vital I doubt be an issue. And that they knew how to explain to me why they were trying to. Basically make an example out of my situation. I just say it is a problem with. Ruled that the airport had even if it's not a legal marriage. Point I I again I just kind of shake my head I don't care for every kid that wants to do this if if they feel the same way you guys do. And it it it's all it it's. Almost like a pap tease him work you know you are you wanna just publicly say look this is why Gammons is who she is and and were were together. You know this is what what why we're doing this. We have a put the air force academy Jason there. That they've got their rules and they're gonna stick with them don't think yeah the up so easily go through this challenging time. You know at the academy yet to resign. Your commission from the academy. How war how did you get hooked up with the CSU Pueblo. So what I that this was going to the airport at the start to try to get attacked the of the schools that are incurred in high school you know at that point it would. More than two years in my. Commitment to the airport got me to have you know play there so it has been over to your site has become attacked the the other coaches. And so my age you. Coach who helped me make all the percent of visits to different schools and the coach if you probe globe that really wanna be. How about high school you know I was a pretty. That that'll go to division one school that he ought to appoint a -- other division with schools are good contact with. You know it felt good spot to walk Fincher has done that about two years ago played a bunch. And so it'll offer dog getting with broad. Of the rocky mountain athletic offered few of the school. And he had a good options you know I was one source would January and the other without talking to didn't have scholarships available football we ought. Think we probably would have this blog that pay tuition out of pocket and put you to Pablo wanted to become an injury in your pocket scholarship. The that semester. So he will be committed January of last year in the Richard so the whole second cluster plot euros. Taking opted out practice he about the return don't play games about it but basically. The number one reason that you can actually semester of school pay for about caller surprised at all that he was just the feeling goes. Somebody really wants me to be part of their program builder program and most other schools were to say almost you know we'll see. I'm markets we have looked over next year you know he outplayed out there want. Schools that was just saying yeah we really want you won't do it takes to bring you here as of now the site we want a numerical value what I can during the value in the person than. Overall the great decision you know where we are in our lives right now extra. Very very good. Position for a beer and. Great so you so you set out the fall and then the and then this this last when he started at Pueblo CSU Pueblo. And so you've been able to play this whole year. I actually developer first the first thing you know there NCAA. And because so when are barred from the airport at your little faster. And if you are role that it. The doctor and don't finish a certain number of credit carries over. You we've we've eligibility out our old people that I walk if you process by this but I'll until. Finals I'd been missing ten games. So existing did you read a quote from Margaret Roth turner he recruited to. Me Anderson high in in in hard in high school. And GC and pursues our guest he is a passed ball there 68. Senator at Colorado State at Pueblo. And Dow rough turner says this. He said look I knew j.'s wanna go. But I talked to several times what what's not to like his coaches and everything you want as a player. He's a better person and then he says this and I love this this is such coats. He said he's strong he's a man. He's got great pass ball skills he played for the five. And of course he needs to get better defensively. Apple hopeful for the five I just let that such a coach right there. Jason looked yeah he's gonna be easy to pump you up to these you say but you know what he needs get better and defense event of both. The for the fire. But he's certainly got thinks highly of view now he's a basketball player but as as a man. Yeah lucky me and that's just you know coming in. On the day that I came here it is also important to protect Billick a personal relationship with. Because what facility bigger than sport and about ball and big plays replica or spiritually and personally. And emotionally well developed about walker that the ideal situation in the you know. Boy you gotta love that he were gonna get to break other said the break we will ask Jason Anderson our special guest for his testimony. And talk a little bit about how his faith is affected his wife personally. And and certainly through college and also ask him if it was hard to walk worthy when he was in the air force academy. I don't tell. I don't know that answer pastor and I'm wondering. If if he's got some insight into that them. Interest to tell it to to learn that he is again Jason Anderson he's a senator 68. If he had some high school low eligibility left and invite him Milwaukee quickly 6235. He's a powerful senator at Colorado State at Pueblo and again we'll ask you first testimony. On the other side of the break. This is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 57 FM the fan. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee famous faces. Is brought to mind accurate basement repair. Here's host Mike we get burned and pastor can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. And I. Welcome back defeat the Sony on sports for anyone of 57 from the fans I'm Mike the giver once I passed Keyes Fleming. He is from brook side Baptist Church sit meant for pastor Ken tell our special guest. He's an impressive young men he's Jason Anderson he's a basketball player at Colorado State at Pueblo. And we normally utilized segment two for for asking guys whose testimony put that that air force academy story was really interest in. To me and I hope it was true losers well. He Jason let's talk a little bit about your testimony and and how old you were when you start walking worthy with the war. It's there. Thought oh my god bit that a pastor before I was born from where outboard in the Patton senior pastor great Bible church and artistry and it is not it what is just. What parent it's great job of you know -- civil magistrate and walk with the lord. The first became real for me was there was brutal a couple of our church. Who took a group of us to this country where what music in the Bible camp during the summer called camp great. And root them out about that. Either eleven or twelve years old. And don't the first time you know I was awake from my parents and it was our experience being. The move to the wait because work the public area kind of instigating record with media happy experience. And on the laps led the case of the afternoon it's endorsements. Giving it simply super simple gospel message to say it it would it would a camp where there's a lot of scholarships available for the crew scheduler and a lot of if you were raised in it Christian hope you know there. You look at the circuit gave indication of and going to want to support talked anywhere counselor pastors. To receive salvation exactly questions feel free come forward in. Died at her arms and here's my as the united I kept saying that it wanted to get up part of these other kids walk or in the titans kept sitting in the conservative record on most of the sitting there and sitting there than not final yet catapult. Don't occured and a walk up and start talking to one of the counselor early to say you know I've heard all these stories and I've heard all of this facility confidence. He thought that the word you know one of the week do you who I wanna I wanna live there it's my life this way. And had become a reality for and so. You know doubtful that you operate with counselor that's what I really believe. I what do you think about like bully it into my partner is expected salvation than. The other with our you know it's such it is it is such an up and down. Walk with the lord you know sometimes you. Start at all ought to fellowship Weaver is given that relationships are chipped it about. All in all of that experience. You know god has been there with me through everything it's been such a blessing field the app that caught in my life and be able to develop relationships. What people who have the similar beliefs and my family is just so quote the world. We allowed the opportunity it's spent part governor we can't in the northward all the high school. Or by you carpet at Kurt Bible church I met my bike now white loop. And you know just having your romantic relationship with somebody got the same. Christian values in person patent you do and being able to. Grow your relationship to her together and also help each other grow your individual walks with god at its is that you do it's been so beneficial allies. Praise the lord praise the lord for that testimony by Jason Howell the U. It. 22. I am mach three times Catholic and I don't know what I could learn a lot from for new young man I could I've yet. You know. It's for some reason the stories touch screen I'd think pastor Tim Norris don't know the guy the one day. If you have you ever talked to him since that time. I have yet is. It but it is it's dollars. We have because he was report called the apple wants perhaps a year out help without tribute basketball team 78 crickets. And you lose. Helping gutsy coach of the team and yet I have somewhat relate to witness that he has that talent. Man. What what a great story yet then you know here is he's 1112 years old he's now 22 years old. And look it's. You know not. But the fact that he has started out is as you know at a young age understanding. This stuff that he knows ready and he you know I I just envy. You guys like that I do and you know idea Jason I need I say that. Our initial buy at times we have guys at the worst thing they ever do was steal a candy bar. And then we have guys like pastor Daryl strawberry and you're too young to know we've got this. And myself. That went a long time in their lives before they figured it out. And I think god they did there's a there's our theme music for this on our for our first show. There's a line and from pastor Marlon lockyer and in Milwaukee. Got a great music ministry and it says. I I'm not the man and that I wanna be but I think god I'm not the man I used to be. And it just fits with with feet from his own with some of the guys here are two. Your debt must be really prod the. I hope I hope he is. Yeah he's a you know what he has you know he is Jason and Brooke if you if he gets a chance to listen to this show in this podcast. Trust me I always wanted to know my kid it was like when he couldn't smile Michael Long. McBride who are not around the corner out that in the card that the classroom you know what is he like when he can't smile Michael ware you're debts can be awfully proud. When he hears some of this if he doesn't. No it in just the way you carry yourself and uncertainly as as a young man. And Jason you know you mentioned the peaks and valleys and you do you definitely had your peaks and valleys in life. I don't know about every ten at the academy. But but you know what the lord remains faithful to it's. And and we should remain faithful to him you know you read through proverbs. You think of of Daniel. And everything that he went went through east told you know you will not pray and he goes up and he praised three times a day in theirs they were gonna throw you in the lion's den. And down. For the lord to just guide us through those difficult times and and and how important it is for us to stay faithful to him and just what do what do special relationship that we can have with our with our lord savior and I Jesus Christ. There isn't no doubt with that he geez what is its what is it like. For you in the locker room I I ask this question at ten athletes all the time. Is it is it easier to walk worthy in the locker room or outside a lot crew for you. Their report yet is it easier to walk worthy when your in the locker room or outside the locker so it is it. Is it easier when you with your your with your guys your basketball players. Or is it easier for you outside. When when your when you work outside a lot crewman you're hanging out with people that you go to church with. Eighties so I guess that they've been the main part of that question is. Is it easy for you to be an outspoken Christian. In the locker room at Colorado State that Pueblo. Get a quick question simply it's definitely easier. To walk in a way that you'd have gone would be that by which use the service which year. With people who are holding him accountable outside of the locker would have required. Nuclear teacher teacher. Here whatever. It's a lot easier because they're people who you know order encouraging news in the right ways. And about the heat but I don't sure you guys both understand that the Euro the law group where I think out of fifteen. Got in the locker room. Maybe three or four her outspoken Christian. Thought I would they agree to street walk through it though appreciate local achieve its. Sometimes there's that temptation. One indicated with your teenage. All that to a higher standard than. You'll want it built altered at the ability to typical in at all political leader in situations like about where you have quote relationships with people lord of the fate. Is that you want to be. Their windows users. You what could be. The person you're there look you're indices. While he's different than I want to Buick or how that he's without outlook. Edit it edit a mission. Are all sort of all the you know. Are you local pollute belt on the speed perfect Christian. I think it's still so important that you when your walker your it's a situation where. You're much easier to just say something or do something with somebody to fitted with their Crowder did it with you go the way they live their lives. The more you fight that before you try to be that that light in their lives in this brief moments. Can change some people like he never dealt with those opportunities percent. Exactly yeah I agree that we're talking to Jason Anderson he's a 68 setter at tech Colorado State at Pueblo. He Jason when we we talked to guys is that are playing college sports are Plame Minor League Baseball. And we talk about that that that temptation and we talk about trying to make sure that you know that we walk worthy and it's it's a typical place specially for 22 year old. To be able to show that. I you know there there's going to be a date that some of these guys that that you feel like you know might snicker behind your back or they don't. You know maybe think I still I still left that this guy said you might think that is your Christian and I can be tough enough sometimes. Which an effort to ridiculous by the way. But there albeit dated some of these guys in knock on your door. And you say look I you know I apologize but I need your help. You know I need your guidance this this happened and NB be ready for that. In an open your door for for those guys and say hey. No words Louis Louis figure out what's. You know what I can I can help you it idea the other question I have for you with. With your dad. Did you feel like you're being elected to do Michener work is well. They get a short term basis my in my long term here Goldberg our. With a two year old ability left of finishing up by a undergraduate degree in economics finance and getting my masters in business administration. And somewhat negated their financial and also. Which she detailed look at super boring career that you ever to me it's just interstate in its. Kind of obligated to. They highlight that I had ID the numbers at the church so. I let Cory go on. And so I don't see myself. As being a full time pastor full time missionary. And outlook of the bureau's short term basis. Actually got to talk about the opportunity QE2 about what camp in the Philippines do you won't need it's got to got to try to be. Coaches are you know young you couldn't tell people about what camp and it also app the pop or. Took off with them to get into like going a mission church. You know whatever is available. My carpet that missionary work in. Navajo reservation at New Mexico. But it are all part of idols themselves. Yeah people are. We we knew that when you do that basketball camp you need an old guy that can teach guys to shoot threes I'm your guy. Now if you look at for the kite that day you get a get a look at Q Ed Pastor kept her pastor Keith I've seen him. Play a little basketball. On the side of the couple Saturday morning stuff I'll I'll get in there and being he's more of a beggar now he he beat out of luck with you going block to block put your hands up but the way here's the way you're supposed you. Our special guest Jason Anderson he is just six state senator Colorado State at Pueblo. What it what a wonderful testimony at the age eleven or twelve at camp Kris. Under pastor Tim Norris. He really you don't have liked by his story he does he said look I heard this stuff I heard all the stories. But but until I heard it from from him. And I said waited and they get a chance start somebody would I prove that so many times and that was my nephew is somebody said that the show I. Look I knew Jesus Christ the same way knew Abraham Lincoln. Grown up now would you capping school they said here's the Bible Carrie don't open boards they would senate. And I felt the same about she's gonna say new all the stories. An annual that Iran we can stories and their reconnaissance is to stories in the new. And until asserted that personal relationship. Right and you know that's that's a key to this whole thing and obviously Jason found that early. Yen and and Jason you mention it when you know when your talk about the locker room in the guys in the locker room. And you're where were you on a day to day basis you walk you walk the walk. Andy because you never know when okay that's gonna be the day that that the Borg really speaks that personal holy spirit gets a hold of their heart. And you you know just that data de faithful walk with them with the lord and it's so important he a lot of times those those people in my locker room the other might be some. Oh man yet Crist in this Christian that but. What I've learned casino like Q I went to public high school large public high school in the Denver area. Those guys will respect you for for what you stand up for. And you know the tough part with the with that is it puts on a pedestal and they just wait. View to tell have a little bit of a slip. Say see I told you he's a hypocrite. And that's it's a tough word for me now you know Kristen those Christians are no different look at what he did right they and yeah on you don't like and if that happens. Men you know we're chasing you pray about it. I seek redemption and and and move on and and and keep doing what what should you guys we've got to get to break. Others said the break short segment at a couple more questions for our guests Hughes Jason Anderson. He's a senator at Colorado State at Pueblo and he's an awfully impressive. Young man. This is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Baptist faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports squawking today. Thief in the zone is brought to my home windows and doors of Wisconsin. Here's host Mike wing giver and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Unnamed. And welcome back to being in the zone. On sports for anyone up by silently and or should I say Denver bronco football retail I don't know I can't let the round to her in the break. We've already treated the fifth day we're going to go through 21 and second pick or sign in we're not gonna send this corporate. This is an alt rock I just sit and listen. They keep talking with the quarterback that quarterback. Meant Favre and Rodgers we co chair quarterbacks out here in the state of Wisconsin. I might secure her own blog site pastor Keith funny Burke's side Baptist Church our special guest. Man idea I'd tell liggett's. Very impressive this young man Jason Anderson he's a basketball player Colorado State at Pueblo. Maybe maybe he should go in the finance and start working with the Broncos so they can sign occur cuts that we are you figure out how do you give them that you can be the cap or did you root you know there you go into that that would be awesome to have either one you guys you guys have been games and it's. Watch it in my high up would you know before moving up here I grew at least one a year okay well you know Jason how much you. I've been to one and I thought possible the best quarterback to broker that happened a lot. Years the bagel. Broadcast weather back out our OK okay you can look at that I was going to pay Manny I'd yeah I knew it was a price cuts while the lineup when the. In the Super Bowl year when Payton was hurt. In like week fifteen Brock asked whether beat the bagels and and so that's Arnold and go with that Jason of that as a comparable here. I was you know your finger. Yeah with or Oregon. And faster every week I do via. The valet parking at your side you forget every week oh yeah you're doing oh yeah yeah. Which you remember that week fifteen with paid for any type hurt that Brock I swallowed beat the Bengals yeah it's well that it's a sickness and it's in the blood. You know why I I understand that Kazaa a whole sports thing I don't know my nieces nephews never gonna names. But I can tell you that right crew at 311 is plastered to Minnesota Twins right that's the kind of stuff that I remember and it's just. It doesn't make it's much sense to me he Jason just said this year's best full team we talked a little bit. Off the air struggle will bring you the guy's attention normally shoot the ball pretty well. Up for your team's struggling just a bit and go with your little. A little ball to the road to see you guys have lost couple in a row cracked. You have your little political mr. garrido. Hey who's who who's the team to beat your conference. Fort Lewis. Where would coded during the caller. In a day hands down their normally the team that's that's at the top of that conference. Last year and this year they've been the best team on the lecture before. Okay. What that judge you get them you give more more time this year you've done claim that. No or don't play the clip we played them. Culprit sternum that we don't play them again regular season. They didn't did it beat you twice. Yeah they did it the first time went down hill. I'm to sit out eligibility it is either the second time will play. Now you have a chance you're already beat the SE CU color Christine universe do you have them. Coming up here this weekend how that game look and. Well again we are pretty good alpha. We have really good match up against that should be fun game. And that's the ages your are your family Brothers set scissor they come they get over some your games. Yet it will be quite a view they. My sister and it'll be reported today. But ultimately Roche dot. Stop the coda that he would play games here they may weaken out of that other quarter. Our way to who you who did you play South Dakota. Or. Okay. That's awesome we there's a guy from from here. That's been on my high school stuff he eSATA Coetzer South Dakota State. University division one they're having an awfully good to hear your IT's yachts rivers their head coach and he's a guy that I grew up here and and use in Iowa State for a while I was an assistant and now he's doing a great job at at San Diego State. He when now when you're done with basketball then you're you're Ross you're to be done academically at that point is that's kind of that the path that you're trying to look at. Yes I'm doing the program we're working towards a masters while still regret. And so at that I get right way to bird. But two years of eligibility left after the here in about I don't know ability to play it out money. Bachelor in economics finance and my masters in business to stretch. I had the Eekhout around those boys are Smart poised now. Is is that how that works at the thin air is Ted hughes' defense and it is hey how much your wife what does Lou would do. She in school. She worked in the wake her and she's finishing her nursing degree. Then good for her. Good for her my in my white Terry's a nurse and opera yes years she worked on the OP for now she's a medical review specialists for company and in now Minneapolis and she works out of her home and you know it's it's a blessing sometimes in a curse is he you know I mean you can walk in in and coffin. You know it's just a cough and all of you know she's got to look at this and she's listen this is she's how did you hear urgent. He but it's it's convince family members to Jason 3 in the morning when they have kids your phone goes off. And they wanted to talk to a to the nurse in the family because one of their kids. Is sick and it's. There in the year you obviously who was quite Smart has to get through nursing. I know it's area series awfully Smart. It passive this has been a really good it's segmented could death faith in the zone for me. I I needed this today is it's been great distaste and here you're you're too. And just your desire to have to live for lord. And down. He you know live faithfully. Three year. You know through through this skill basketball in the U to a best quality have its it's been great. Yelled thank you so much for inviting me on a distraught would be for a little bit. Yeah you bet he Jason Jimmy fair routed the hardest part about this faith in zone is to is to find gas. Guys that come on so if you come across eagle players players in your conference. Our security camp and yet you've got somebody up please let us know you've got now you've got my cell number in and doubt we would love to continue your talk and it. Especially guys your did you think it's really important did our listeners. Hear some of the year he does not call young bucks you know these young buck Sydor bettered the guys that are gonna continue to spread the word. After were gone and and they're doing a great job with hidden in one of those is Jason Anderson. A Colorado State at Pueblo Jason thanks again for your time and die good luck the rest the way keep playing hard. Are you got it pesky thing Q the nation you're sitting there like thanks for having me back yet he's sixty day DL men your McCullough is right that a word you know that happens you never gets back in that chair all right you've got businesses have faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 at them. The fans. You've been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike and give Ernie and pastor can help now. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. Just trying to patch shows exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith and join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well as the no answer. Our service. You know already who is.