Jeffress: We want the Cubs

Brewers Coverage
Tuesday, August 28th
Jeremy Jeffress, Milwaukee Brewers Relief Pitcher, joins us. What is the focus right now as September baseball nears? How is Corey Knebel doing since being sent to the minors? What does Jeremy do on his off day? 

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Jeremy Jeffrey snow joining us in the Schneider worn challenge go to the Quincy German Ramos to third where right where it was more as it what's it like down there. Are to vote there and start sorting out quicker very damn little human ball flies into. You know construction or are Arturo. Ruger. And she hey. You guys have complained blues some good baseball. Unfortunately the cubs have as well so. This and it's been there and been through this with you know you are callebs coming you've had guys Kamal come down. Com easily what is it like right now because I've said it's kind of like keep your swimming as hard as you can but the island doesn't get any closer. In Europe. About ethic which is try the farm that I think that one stretch right now bomb in the open playoff since. Well into the season you know any team that finds that one. One walk straight in the eleventh game but maybe like eight or nine games stretched. There'll still be looking good it was a play also have to that's what we're looking forward that's where we're trying to put together and everybody's progressed from a good right now. And graphically but it would just be that the district to get Republican. You know reassure our. In reality you guys still hold your free your hands because you have six against the cubs in three against the cardinals are you it's not like you are you looking for nothing but help a mean still you guys every year reality your hands. Yet here I think. They resist this is what we. What we need to just continue to do right now in our last our home games as a target them and there were hard fought. Certain game wasn't too well what Google still prepared to war that's the big game of the first period. Fifteen minute you let that long but he and then the next couple days and we felt we. Mutual belief of that game when you know we felt. Of the amount of energy we use in that game considerable period was was was just fighting for. Know so little for the rest so what we're we're cost forward skirt in the wee bit out of there were good numbers and to impeach bill correct. To get a win like that in fifteen. He obviously there's jubilation then to lose a game like characters deflation by it it if you lose that game it just takes so much Gary doesn't. Our men but I mean. The pressure of baseball itself. The military we've got the most out of what you wanna win when you don't it makes reliable partner for me makes. Feel like you go you can do it argues there's. Reacted to the game but yeah lose the game like that. Well Rick you know almost Norman took a lot of work outcome of that of that game. You know where it was like it's so hard in and others who do we saw that gave them if it was great force. What is it like I was gonna ask you this because Corey struggled. Ever since he came back from injury he just wasn't the same guy and his strikeout rate was down any just look like he's just been struggled to find a play consistently. You've seen those guys that are just on and they're all stars and you're thinking this guys unstoppable and all of a sudden it's just gone it's kind of like a golf swing you just. You can't figure out how tough is that to not only sees somebody want your guys out there go through but to go through just talk about what it's like to go through some like there. Our own a minute with the universities that it's a challenge it's our it's our. It's it's what we do actually you know we recruited skin you know. To learn how to continue in the about historical. We need this game is its citizens reputed Cerro solo woman won't work failing this is not that. We're not good it is just we need a little maybe a mental break Beagle that we might each of breast. Busting guys belt Spectra pulsing. You know continue to be an all star hours. You know throughout their careers so. Think he scored it. Court one record them and there it is not. It is stuff it's that you brought to mind these system you little break in the in perfectly with what they understood there and spoke to. How much is it wouldn't you know because we've. People wanna throw pitching coaches in batting coaches under the bus you know once I can't figure it out it is it really is something as simple as looking at a film saying your armor your release point just a tick higher or something to that effect or is it. It's just you getting into a groove again. Was sort dark it's it's both of those things definitely are. You don't got injured no. They come back and they're strictly used at saint. That singing. Swing of it saying our pitching motion if they've been user that you know that they're competitive nature. You know that you are. Whether it wants a Philip. Know what purpose certain pills like. You know in their body so I mean. We got to find other ways shall look at that video talking with the pitching coach or hitting coach is it definitely helps. Are we journey Jeffers Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher out there in the town and our guy so. You get it cut you get a day off as you get to travel little bit so we did talk about it often because you guys don't play your rear ends off for 21 straight days. And now he got a few off days it was you know white in honesty we're looking forward to the cubs playing all these extra games in maybe taken a couple losses and they've taken advantage of it unfortunately but. You guys get a couple of off days you just relax and take it easy so what's an off day like for your major efforts. All they can be. Do your best mark popular. See the city a little bit you know took up their barbecue places is to have it in your outlook orchards and replace Turco. It's a sort of are or where is the minimum. Are definitely Ford Chrysler outlook that might. It's half or so when you're in Cincinnati have you been over to a Montgomery and are bought and if you're looking for Barbeque man you gotta go. All right that's the place to go it's off hop skip and a jump right down there on the waterfront. From the ballpark just tell that elderly driver take you right over Montgomery and you are ready and there I was actually QB he's from the an area but it. All Oscar Robertson he's there all the time no order yeah. Yep thought Oscar Robertson and herald times so you gotta check that out and there's a terrible week so religious donors alone you gained Dana replaced he. So there offensively speaking you guys it did it seems like the bats are waking up yet eagle are kind of busted out of that all star slump. You got most doctors who's hitting the ball brawn has been hitting the hell out of baseball. What does it mean when offensively you start to score runs is that take a lot of the pressure of what you guys into an upturn the fan. Yeah sure it's it's that there particularly the manager. You know two Eagles could jump start governor and in Israel has twos threes and did two through them to cover. Makes as supple bodies and it makes it gives a lot of rest all work all the ball that it is looking for address and whatever we get that. You know with its couldn't have a good compliment paid and and answers. You guys I know it's tough. But it. I mention the cubs series you got six games when coming up in back to back weeks I mean our dart is out one of those things you guys are kind of like smiling encircling a little better as you all. I would see where that publicly renounce Smart about it. And then we are two we we want you know sir if it's not it's not. That we got to play them soon pork. You have got to go back there whatever no we want them to come in which out of our ability to keep them to work so well when we were leading up to play the coats on and so. It's like. We know what's important to us we know that sort of loose but we don't hear you know you we would want I want him. Who's got gas right now who's to who's that who's that fire in the tank for you guys. There are called Billy there old Billy Billy is just doing it this year meaning. The things you've been able to accomplish. As Kabul from you know from Miami. It is has been an incredible remarkable and we we jump on as fact we were so we're trusting it and every time he goes to the plate injuries which sort of horse. And we look where America look sled team they've put that you don't stand there let you know they want there. All before I let you go a couple of different things do you guys pay it I mean. The win we get stats all the time they tell us when you win when you lose what is the probability when certain things happen when you score first your probability of winning is is much more when you guys don't commit an error. You guys focus on stuff like that when we get those stats we look at this and say and analysts at any game will see somebody committed errant auction. For the likelihood of them winning this ball game just went down a hole like you guys pay attention to supplement. Or would they focus on it but I actually. Broke that we notice it if it starts to accumulate you know couldn't make it a problem but. You can't just where revolve. One thing in baseball are swiftly towards the end in the race you can't just work on one thing it's the only thing. I think the collective group have to worry about this a student here what we care that we've preached to or not. Are mostly recently first pick your weak union the disk you know. Wherever the results come out of the merits which you you go try to fix at all of them support their work. In the world you lose one thing in or try to. It's a five minute cab ride probably from the hotel or in your stand it's maybe less than that from the ballpark it's Montgomery in other boathouse and go to America to rinse because they're fantastic. On the way are you remember they are fan I'm not kidding they're fantastic and if you get one of those seats outside he can sit generally nice day and overlooked the river it's it's a great place to go all right rocker I've been talking next week. They got Jeremy Jeffers Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher joining us for a couple minutes Schneider or challenge. She they're hiring drivers right now you work are they reach fair eighty plus years living getting it done. Call 844 Prada go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs Donna Karan.