Jennings: "Felt like my rookie year again"

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Monday, March 12th
03/12/18: Brandon Jennings on the Milwaukee Bucks Pick N Save Postgame Show.

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I joining us now on the red midwest Bangkok live he is Brandon Jennings the star of the night of course why wouldn't need B this is what Brandon Jennings doesn't big games and not have to feel like. You probably felt like it was kind of a big game for Brennan common name your first game on this ten day contract. If men feel like my rookie year again. You know scout so you know start it at great intersection so. A lot of nerves. But I you know I was I was more excited in a clinical and clinical. I've already looked ahead on the schedule I don't really care about the next two games if you I'm looking for showtime against the cavs on national TV that's an imam Marty got circled for you. But sixteen points twelve assists eight rebounds. A tell little bit about how this grading Jennings was different than the Brandon Jennings the last time he was in Milwaukee as far as talent surrounding you on this team and you. You know be the ability to play within a softens. Yeah I mean you know my time and armor is so. You know I'm prone back healthy from my Achilles injury. And you know I'm I'm just here to help the team and the second unit. And you know the public much as possible so you know no ego is no. You know book on the other day and just for an inning. You know I'm just here just instead of detain. Now now hold lasting. Observers while you're always young barking moloch. So you you aren't gonna shag that meg you don't look like you're 55 or something where you could shape the young buckle that act out so forget about allied the F. It'll all. The last time you are here mad at you know you racicot to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders your kind of looked at as the savior. All of this team they had to be quite honest and I'm not banging on your former team has would even have probably nearly as much talent around you as you do this time around to where. You can kind of let the offense come get the assists and let the offense kind of flow a little bit more to yet. You know knowing don't play with Oskar. You know let's go let's hope we have good notes and so we have guys has been around for a visit. No guarantees it VP caliber arms so now my job is to come off the bench out the second unit Christa case. And put the put a lot of pressure on the second. How do you fit into this locker room and I would this year for guys. You know I'm I'm really juniors and so you know kind of like that so. You know now I just north is caught deal that was caught my interest and tried and so whatever I just. Go out there and do my job play harder and it. If you play five minutes and again I'm going to be protest hard conditional on say that right now people already talking about getting you signed for the rest of the year Matt. Hey so glad to have you back look forward to watching the rest of the way. A basket to win once when he won 103 he would eat their young buck Brandon Jennings a Matt thanks for coming up. A record it.