Jennings- I didn’t even realize we were 1-7 against the Cubs

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Friday, May 25th
Brewers’ relief pitcher Dan Jennings joins the show to discuss the hot start for the team, the dominance of the Brewers bullpen, and what it will take to dethrone the Cubs in the NL Central.

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It is time now to talk to one of the relievers it is in the best bullpen in all of baseball Dan Jennings brewers relief pitcher joining us in the Schneider orange allied dead NATO and Mario. We're while our guys buy dragon magic water out there are a lot man this has been as is a brewers fan I gotta tell age is just fun to watch what's it like Al they're beyond the fence. If you get time and we have a lot of fun out there's a good group of guys for sure we just try to keep things loose and and they feel like sometimes he's got everybody does their job will be. When you get a group of guys who start to click. He do you dish you know there are setting in radio doing what we do when you run across an interview or something where you know it's golden huge or shut up you let it go. Do you know do you get a sense as to what's going on at bullpen right now what kind of numbers are thrown out. Yeah I think we don't we don't correlate to artists like that that we just this because the job out there and I think a big thing is. You know what what to Los Korea I was I was it to flow but it enabled us to just take on the responsibility of everybody doing any role and I. And I think that that you'd Wear. Guys just basically you know don't really know when they called out it was going to be and I think that's a good thing because. Guys just are always ready constantly ready to do any job any time. So wiz with Josh in and Jeremy and obviously quarry coming back hitting all the headlines. Is it kind of nice to fly a little bit under the radar which is feeling right and do your job and so we the accolades a part of a group. So for sure going like to keep under the radar I think that we won timeline you know reliever get transport sinners never gave thanks to let your clothes not a game Michigan and generally if earlier gets put on or sinners because again of the game time bombs like that so flying under the radar kind of what we do in this sort of like it. So I equated it to this and I don't know if you're one of these you know baseball historians or not but what's going on out there right now. We as the trio once you do the seventh inning where you guys just aren't given it up. I said look you guys have what I thought growing up was the equivalent of a nasty boys with norm Charlton rob doable and Randy Myers and what they did back in 1990. Eat that's the kind of numbers this group was throwing up is there that level of confidence right now. I think for sure there. The ability to have that confidence in about theirs so walk every day I think there's a lot more goes into it and we're not. We're at a group of guys that just goes and does a hundred and blows it by everybody I think coming to a group of guys that. Certainly knows how to tension and mixed pitches and and so we're not out there just you know. Relying on pure stuff to be people relying on you know scouting report and paging and just in the ability to move the ball around a mix. Except your pitches well I think that good things just. Basically comes down it just pitching rather than relying on stuff. So the other night cores can squeeze a little bit a door and has behind the plate. Obviously. Big moment in the game when peace comes up and guns and the runner at second base it just seem like there's there's these moments in time in which you can circle women say. There's a level of momentum you can carry in baseball that brings people together and that could be one of them is that one of those moments you can witness be on the wall on goal looked like the rest of it that there were just going. Yeah I'm not sure if there's a defining moment as much as just the momentum we've been we've been carrying strip last month there vegetables see I think. This is Corey walked that lead out battle think there was a person on our team knows that certainly worried I think they just do that. He's gonna come back with a big strikeout or whatever it is I think he's a level cop that you talk about that we just Nucor was gonna get we are off. You know up on the fence from the ball and try to get a closer look at and you get upset about certain things but I'm in today we do we have to conferences and many pain and dying quarry get those out. Soledad Jennings brewers relief pitcher what is it like. For a pitcher who in court situation you could squeeze bite my Angel Hernandez Amanda be used to go back to the fox tracks you look at and he blew some calls. What is it like the next day when you have to walk on the field and a new jogged past that umpire and you had worked within the night before there was a heated exchange and then you see the guy the next day. Yeah I think you know this came to try to keep life long year. You know same thing for those guys we script just as much as they did so. It's hard for us to criticize one you know they could equally criticize us but. You know eight if either guys that we seem enough where you know you're gonna have that guy again as I mean they call it gonna get a four is so I think he just. Keep it light and the conversations stays that way enlightenment and that's what I do I like to do it there's a close call I just like say you know get that down Ernie at that out just so basically you know. Kind of moving forward where that strike them as he. And then you just try to throw pitches accordingly. Today some changes or may in the roster and there's some guys are sent down one B Orlando or CIA and obviously his name's been penciled in the short suffer long long time with his club. I'll what does it say when a guy that's been a starter and been here done that for quite some time. What does it say this team when a guy like that is sent down I mean it's not that you know it's not a slap you're just going gonna try to get yourself straightened out that's the way internally even taken an external I look at it as. This is not your your father's brewers anymore this it this is a team they expected to be producing and expecting a win. Yeah I think you know the changes he. Are seeing Don and active defender and made me play all of the field for me. You know we're gonna familiar face back and said the you know if not we're just you know bring in somebody out that we don't know or aren't necessarily comfortable you know bring it suburb actually everybody knows likes and does have around so you know I think it hopefully as short bursts here. And I come back out to see how this ballclub. I'll do translate to big him big a deal out of a win like that the other night. Which ones do the other night when you guys get the win when Corey came and got the close. Defense and activity of the deal yeah terms. Well you know are you leave the ballpark you say man what a night in and like you said you're riding the momentum wave and you're only as good as the next day starting pitcher I know this is a really weird sport which is very tough to take momentum. Kind of in the next day from a high experience in night before is an. Yeah that is for sure I mean native every day stressed me trying to take it that way and new series series there. Turning over the next one you know faith in me seniors that. You know it is there's the cardinals again so in late fifties look at period of years and if we get it here as well and every time about you know we're we're pretty good shapes you try to. Minimal libel and minimize the losses and you know you try to ride the wins for sure and enjoy them but he also you know you gotta turn over the next day. So coming into this organization last year this team played lights out baseball when they got to the all star break the wheels kind of fell off offensively. And then obviously the bullpen Mosul attire and things just didn't go their way even though they were gonna. Q and you learn from one season to the next how to win to get past a certain various certain. Wall if you will coming out of the all star break knowing you have to play a full season not just up until the break. Yeah I think we we have good group of better catchers that understand the full season in the look at. The standing in April may June you know it in the stands and allow a lot of baseball left. Badly. Team that's been on the ads in the first place and in June and you know if it became meaningless effort in the year. And SE bit skeptic keep on just keep plugging a way. And you know you just keep taking care of business and all the sudden you find yourself this August and hopefully we do that. We're trying were all trying to latch on to something that's going to say this team not only gonna be here right now but this is a team that's going to be either down the stretch and possibly. Their first post season visit in a long long time. Blight and I'm trying to equate things like I equated the other big you know the other question to say the nasty boys trying to look at dispirited this team plays without enthusiasm and that. You know I don't know if you wanna call momentum or confidence whatever happens to be. I look at this team very equivalent to maybe what the Kansas City Royals were a few years ago when things started to come together the year before they didn't quite get there. And then when everybody came together with whose stock is in Escobar and Cain and all those guys that went through that one World Series. Is that energy almost collegiate type atmosphere is that what you guys are feeling right now in the clubhouse. Oh for sure I think you know seeing now firsthand knowledge superiors want to do things so knowing the inside. You know the thing that we saw that you just played amazing defense that didn't make mistakes that we do they did all the right things. And the little things to make the plays and and I thought I didn't strike out much. And down. I think that the little things that you know on a day to day basis that we're taking care of that which you know. Spot and that they play good baseball data day you know not not occasional good baseball or. Occasional dumb bonehead play that that you just quite consistent. Good baseball from day to day and and you find yourself in a good spot and a forward strategy or just plain that the system based off. You guys on the season thus far one in seven against the cubs everybody else you guys been able to figure out what does it take to beat that one team that nemesis the cubs finally got it when they got into the bean ball war or Saint Louis and said we're not gonna be your little brother anymore and they just basically took a two men have owned them ever since at what point. Do the brewers do something or maybe not necessarily be a while or at what point. Do you get that we're not going to be behind your considered less than you anymore. Yeah I guess you have the first time I've heard that that were once so that the cubs and I think that's kind of the extent of how far that goes is nobody's really worried about it I think down. Like I said before you play good baseball and take care of some just as we add you know about series against the cubs in Chicago. You know tough put the plane and you know what we're gonna see them plenty more throughout the year and you know all that becomes relevant how you did against one team. If the policy and comes into play is that it's just a one game curious what are they call it doesn't matter what happened last year. And one more thing before I let you go as the weather search to heat up Yunel thrown a division in which you have. Cincinnati. You have which is Great American Ball Park band box their band boxer Wrigley band box at Miller Park PNC the same way does he change in mentality when you go to mount. For me no I I've always try to do a ground ball to him on the ground ball pitcher but try to get ground ball so. I'm no matter how small ballpark is if I do my job at ground balls. Gotta die and they played them in good shape. Dan gonna talk to vessel what do you guys throughout the rest and we'll talk soon okay. Absolutely thank you they are Dan Jennings brewers relief brewers relief pitcher joining us for a couple minutes in the Schneider warned challenge Schneider hiring drivers right now. You work they treat you fair David due to for a long long time eighty pleasures call 844 brought a go to shot jobs are coming on Ford for brighter go to Schneider jobs died count.