Joebermetrics: Brewers wins and losses

Chuck & Winkler
Monday, July 23rd
Radio Joe Zenzola joined Chuck and Bart to share his Joebermetrics on the games the Brewers should've won but didn't and games they should've lost but won.

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One I'd trade that says. You hear of tended to on the van. The executive. Producer. What are you ice shaking your head I'm giving you props top of the statewide bill Michaels Stores stock network which. I'll have you know at any given time can reach out to eight million people. Sure sure he would chart to show Mississippi River to the Lake Michigan. Ask enough Bible a book I don't carry these Mary he had married over the weekend he did. So congressional seat built for awhile know Kevin holding in all week this week the goal is to execution yup so radio Jose and Zola ladies and gentlemen studio. I. Joseph was talking about this thing that he does I've heard him on bill shows say. Ballot this one in my column he says he's keeping a spreadsheet if I'm correct Joan of games the brewers should of won. In games the brewers should of lost is now if you could explain that to how good mood today yeah Lal. Yeah wiry and good mood what's the deal. And just and a good mood and always in a good move all home debate of all the a all isn't it. Products' stock alive and stop part of mile pace and that. I'm gonna T Ammann MB team shocked on this one okay. By the way I did play basketball when I was so in 67 grade and I was awful Tokyo rose seeks an earlier athleticism all people who were. Party SP what five guys. From the stand what I have my best both human and like Fuji is item I've never urgency play basketball and I respect that because I sucked. Well he went right around the point. And then Gary is there you knew he could never go wrong with a formal Cody Zeller and all. Are roses played three and Michaels as the ball I work for him. Maybe testified yes and your big up front there intent of the screens Joseph tell me about the spread sheet yet in a way that's not confusing to our audience okay. So that I thought about this going back the last season because the gain the brewers. You know missed out on the playoffs they were one game away. One iron 61 games are won 62 and so you can look back at all these different games that. You know had brewer should head back gamer should this gamer. Don't take skate three months ago. So what I decided to do was I've wanted to put together this little spreadsheet in keep track of particular games this season. In which the brewers were in a position where you can sit there watching the game and say. Yet again this game. Or you can look at and say. Gather or not win in this one tonight. But then it reverses and Eagles the out of the way Seoul there's criteria. Since this is how. A game this what do you make this available online. I can try and at some point yes. I I I can try it you'll you'll run down here what's going nominal August this works. So there's two different types of criteria. In order for game to be charted as they should have won game or I should have lost it there's not just that I feel like they should want that on Joe's got the system there's a system out of formulas is my formula that this is an from the Saber metrics people. So schober manager here's the first former criteria number one. If at any point the brewers have 84 run lead. Word deficit. And then it goes the other way. That will be charted so for example. Any point of the game slipping in the second inning the brewers are out here on the verge of losing China on on your honor just Syria. So what's it for example in the second inning the brewers are already up thwarted nothing. At that point. We are now in a position where the brewers. Should be winning this game is arrest for nothing. If they were up three nothing that doesn't make the cut because the way I see it you know a one run two run three run lead I still feel like. I can change you know once he gets a four runs though. Now at a point where no okay no more is different and third correct it's like a save all the actually I think the other way bigger brewers are down three nothing that I feel horrible. I feel horrible down to nothing bad about the game was over when they got dump five to one justified the two game was over. Well banking certainly didn't own the charge but okay four runs yes a four runs that that's for that's right kaput that's the minimum. So let's say the brewers are up for nothing in the second. And by the end of the game they blow that four run lead in the end up losing say a six the five and that game would be charted as a game the brewers should have won. But ended up losing so it's. Ahead or behind by four runs in any game. And at any point in the game cricket. Now there is the second former criteria. The seventh inning or later connect okay. This can go with any lead or any deficit so let's say the brewers early 183. To two in the seventh inning. They give up the lead and they end up losing say Puerto story. Again that is a game the brewers should have won. But ended up losing because now we're late in the game you're getting into the back in your bullpen and you want them to lock it down wanna hang on this game. And if you blow it well. That's the game you should've won in what she did it same thing at the brewers were down say to nothing in the eight. And they end up coming back scoring three runs in the gate for two runs in the eighth one run in the ninth the next game that they should why don't any come from behind wins or losses. Count from the seventh inning on for the there Nichols an extra innings as well. A chuckle watching. All the games as you have do you feel under Joe's criteria. That the brewers have. Won more games additional laws or laws McCain's vision of one. Well I mean you have to go back and every game here but just your general sense of the of this I would say their final game as the pirates. Yes I'm not asking you to gain all but you are correct that game is on the spread would be here that you feel like that's an Islamic accession counts three. Is there it's away from winning do you feel like they have let more games slip away. Or do you feel like the brewers have won more games that they probably should a lot I think people I think they've won more games that promotional lost wearily in the standings GO. I believe correct me if I'm wrong you have the sheet right there at the brewers are up three games so they have one. They the brewers this season have won more games. In which they should of loss compared games that they should of one battered up losing I think it's like ten to sell ads because of the bullpen. Yes I think opens big part of that according to Joe's criteria. The brewers have. Lost. Seven games they should've won. But they have wine ten games a suitable are what about recent games. Recent games you mentioned it the pirates game five in the brewers blew a 53 lead in the ninth because it can naval they took the lead in the tenth. And in laws the game. I go to the of game one of the Marlins series he when the brewers blew 21 lead in the seventh. Catered gave up back to back homers. Now you can go to the second. July. The first game of that twins' series brewers were down 51. And the numbers came back Brad Miller had a game winning. When you haven't. In weighing nuts. Rural rural little walk while bass slow walker which out of these and any sense I Freddy's on the team. In his numbers have dipped. So the brewers are winning more games they should have lost. Rather than vice Versa which. Is a fun than if you heard about today gay rights. Arm of Philip K under Joel's just my guess three games but they've won their eleven games over the 500 mark. I feel good vault them the eleventh I should feel good. After eleven games over the 500 mark but I don't. Now I judged on Friday to ask if Friday's game fell into this. Formula because Friday they were close was it tied on Friday when they went to Taylor Williams or they down. Because he's Robin Williams and a spot they typically bring in a year but they weren't going with hater on Friday because of all the off field stuff. So I thought well maybe this is the game. They could look back what they could of one thinking that they would have pitched cater could have instead they've pitched Williams seat that is the key there's a difference between should have. And all of that could and there's a different between woods and would then interact and I've learned that this week too or no so. Are you feeling optimistic Joseph about the brewers because I am completely writing off the NL central and not happen. And I'm still feel good about the team I still think the win the division but you get 65 or six games out. If you come back to this West Coast road trip in your six out for him I would say Joseph was probably your vote. Look I am not someone that says that I'm in the done over the verse that's just absurd. They had done club sucks yeah that that's ridiculous yeah credit no I think from a division standpoint I never thought operas are gonna win the division. And the cubs should win the division because the cubs. And much more town the number such as fassel the cubs are expected to win the division I think. I think right now wild card that's just what she captured four and I still think that's very possible now the brewers looks at the brewers make any trades of the Davis and decides. You know what Obama can do anything here if the brewers keep blues and then I am at 84 wins at the beginning of the year that could still happen assuming David Stern's does not bolster this. If they finished 88 in 74 and got a wild card spot and still lost that wild card game. I'd still save the season was the success. Yeah but yeah. Go with that there. I mean you're gonna be I think it was all playoffs at this point at the players if you lost that of course to be disappointing. And board and I don't think they did win a wild card game the pure good about it. Now when we think you should ever doubting them I mean they can play you know. Worst team in baseball against lay dead team from bad news bears yes. They could be yeah and dumping him a shot. If news. But some icy it's is on a success considering how quickly did not sure you know hopefully Jeb is a I think though that the cubs are in this run where you're gonna win the division title they can make. I thought that the brewers win the division on the stool of open I think the cubs just on this great run we write it out. Well we will get Joseph wield some target this outlines of the people can see the hard work and dedication you've put into your children metrics he. I liked. And fielder Matt sharks okay now works pretty simple on our radio Joba metrics I present a multiple yes oh yes Joseph Lieberman church over metrics.