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Tuesday, May 23rd
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Yes it is the west these big show on Tuesday are running Mac cloth along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer in the former Packard badger running back Gary dollars and we got Jeff for a lost the other side of the glass. But the a couple of yet to be named interns given name either of these jokers did have which we have a lot to get to refute. Between now and 6 o'clock and being maybe naming those guys coming up at 335. Receiving at 435 Kevin O'Connor. Of the bird of the bring your he'll tell us what you should have your eye on in the NBA draft and that's kind of where we start today spark is. The box and in the NBA in what they might do in the draft in the news that just came down impacting all of that Ager in motion arouse ski confirming what Marc Stein. Earlier had indicated. Sources tell him that Bucs GM Jon Hamm and has agreed to a five year deal to become more windows GM. He'll work under president Jeff Wellman Milwaukee. Ownership agreed to let Hammond make the move which should clear the way for GM and waiting Justin's and it. To be promoted to GM what do you think this means. For your Milwaukee Bucks 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan back army seem you seemed downtrodden buddy. That's sad day and it's. I've said Kate because draft is June 20 sacking him people are saying Hammond is that the buck worked out right now. So Meghann mr. arm but John doesn't have to be the bus or got a contract mailed out nail down. His agent has its contract nailed on heat and have to be there Hanna could get his phone texting or does that and his agent saying are you owe this money sure dot. Ward's house he doesn't past. Just doesn't mess so if this was somebody else. Reporting this besides Georgia now ski I'd say. In Al maybe this is wrong what about mark Starr. I think he's mess in the past. But I'm tiny warts now speak he's miss in the past two knots and he's perfect as he has missed it. Armed but I would be shocked. If he misses on this 11 of all. What man jump Wellman who is the president of the land a magic number that came down yesterday around me. On I was all happy AFLAC I don't care how socks and has like OK thank me is that we keep avid dot right haven't stays he's the president Orlando. Good luck to Jeff well. Never in my mind and it should have. Crossed that John Hammond would be new general manager in Orlando on her job Wellman it's a role reversal. Wellman was under Hammond here coming from Detroit Milwaukee and woman left for greener pastures continued to expand his horizons. And now welcoming it's a president job before Hammond and Hammond works under what. I think providing that this is through much I'm guessing it is awards announced he's reporting it. This is a huge two for the Orlando Magic to a pulled off such a deal. Now we'll have to wait and see who else leaves Milwaukee. Will Billy McKinney follow. His two guys. And Hammond and well into Orlando. And Dave Babcock has been here for ever and date what is Dave Babcock do now a does he stay or does believe he's been a part of this draft try. That's the whole time too along Billy McKinney. Lots of questions that it was it was general manager now team dozens attic who is the guy that as assistant general manager who. Came here from Utah Jazz in the reports word that he was coming here to eventually replace John Hammond wants tenants contract was up. Which. I thought of the time put Hamlin in a very. Weird situation knowing that they have a replacement and that you're probably Don after your current deal is up. I sad couple weeks ago issues make him president of basketball operations and be done with that. Peter thing is president of the team I understand that but you can also have a president of basketball operations. That could've been John Hammond you could of legs and it still be general manager. And moved on to cap cam and within the organization. To see the fruits of his labor payoff at some point with the NBA finals appearance or championship we know. Now all we don't want to degrade and all. I don't know much about panic I don't know. What his velocity on the draft this I don't know what his philosophy on free agency is we don't know much of anything. I've put in numerous requests over the last year to get dozens Danica on box weekly on this show on post game and have not yet gotten dozens and a top wants. On any of those shows so I still know nothing about Justin's. So I don't have any words of advice. To Bucs fans on the day and let's hope. That the ownership group. And knew what they were doing when they're bribes and again. And they hired a good talent evaluate her. That can walk in and replace him and let's hope that was it because if they made a mistake he could really set this whole thing so let's hope they did make mistake. That's. He's down he's very doubt Gary. What's our phone number here 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan back come. What do you think this means for your Milwaukee Bucks gen John Hammond added to the Orlando Magic to be their GM Justin's and it likely steps up from assistant GM. Into the chair vacated by said down payment. Well we knew what was gonna happen right I mean this is no I don't think we did you and I think it was a big surprise it was so you knew what was gonna happen. When to hold Jason Kidd dust up came in ideas and you want to be GM blow block so you saw the writing on the wall that means you've been in this business long enough. Knew who you got new owners new people they were under your own thing you thought maybe Jason Q was gonna come here he was particularly user Biggio Jahri there was rubio. Les I knew that eventually this was gonna eventually yes yeah I mean you just kind of saw me this always happens. But to me John is pro I don't know I think they're making a mistake. And I don't know how are you know how would you remember John I think John to mean I think. Has done. A great job here for the Milwaukee Bucks and sometimes you're in Seoul such a rush to bring in Europe people. That you. Overlooked the guy gets it right on your face the guy is big here are notes another regime and maybe. You are not loyal to John Lackey loyal to some audio did you want. Quotation marks an air your guy. And so that's what I mean you gonna get Jon Hamm is going to Spock gives you score with this guy his job. Point bit worst in in in Orlando. Let's general manager was fired. Month social John it's my job it was months ago are want to organize and it was is there was vacated and that that's when it decided present basketball operate object. And now do we have new ownership and it is the it is. Warburg. Don't think they built their way Hart Scott Skiles and it's. And so well and comes in in EU. They've hired his. Join them which will be your great work picture would you as a good move for John. Probably not so good move for the Milwaukee Bucks. I think it's a great move it where you gotta go where you. It just felt like to me. This is new orders came in here that John would not going to be here. That was the sense I got wind in the beginning when they first hired guys and did you are but then the longer that. This day when god and they co exist did I count and I got the feeling I have no insight into this necessarily from anybody inside the box. Maybe Sparky does I got the feeling that. They had sort of learn how to coexist and everybody kind of fell into their roles and Jason Kidd knew what. How much power he had how much sway he had and that organization and John Hammond knew how much power number it's way he had in that organization. Brought dozens and again that was assigned that to John Hammond and it was time horrible as what it was grabbed unease any else it if you're contract was up again this year. Brooke I know that but if you had a contract and it was up again this year Rami and they brought in Billy maybe Dallas and said hey. You're gonna replace. Rodman when now whenever it is that he decides to leave me like I would rant I wouldn't expect to you contractor like oh crap like writers Evan and his job wonder if they're gonna renew me. Probably not it's. Billed as you guys co exist now and this. Deal hitter if that doesn't read. Go exist for a couple of year I thought they really I thought maybe the next move would be and you alluded to this that what should have been yes Justin's and nick would step into the role of a GM but then maybe because things have gone so smoothly. Over these last three years is Jason Kidd got here he gets bumped up to the presidency. That's what I thought might happen here I didn't think that it was necessarily. A foregone conclusion. That that John Hammond would be leaving the Milwaukee Bucks did you. On yeah I thought he's probably going to be leaving that's why I was saying January sent hoping that somebody over there would be listening in May be agree with me. Obviously not. But that's OK here's sending. Hour's drive unveils messages trying to the bill while what did you just say hey Peter traded. Try not are glad Israel I'm not sure that Vegas as he did Terry was vague yeah I I and I don't. I don't know who made the call on him and have no idea I don't know old which it was party ownership group that made the call with somebody else in the organization made the call. On the Jewish kid that made the call don't know if no idea. Oreo o.'s John mic and call that I'm done. Right. You know thing John. Well here here's from sing about it. Is maybe John. Felt that he wasn't one. But it what you were just trying to. Because jogged onto his job and Jong was doing his job doing everyday but he's just kind of an uneasiness about being in there. And he's just decided a while. Warming may be due I don't know but it is. It's gonna be downed some articles from. He's got to make them move on our courts if he felt that way I don't blame him at all. If you're not called world where you're in Europe and people are really investing. I guess anything's a possibility I never got that sense from anybody over there that that was the one trying to get out men and combat medic does that I got was that runs aggregate to replace him Jack Hammond had to deal with that until this deal was okay. Every time I brought up to Hammond this year. These are you could hear it in his voice that you want to about it and genuine happy new. Course. And when while we got the president job in Orlando which he also went for by the way and com. Now he's the GM job like you said that just. The best part about it is the draft is right here you know this is a big draft pick for this organization you. And it's been successful doing this draft rights movement now free agency and other stuff you can criticize but the draft he's done pretty good that. And now you go into the great unknown is huge question are we examined as far as what he's gonna do. Now you hold that Babcock in McKinney both staying so at least you have that going for you through the draft process to guys that were pivotal in the draft picks before. Even have points still solicit the war. Mean we all talk about angering all these other guys what does everybody it's it doesn't and wants to do intimately. Well it is attic is the same way that it doesn't matter who's here for the draft process and he's Jamaica's Olympic. Now he's open to listen in these other guys I mean doing this for a long time and saying right cultural do you gusts gusting dismissed or will go with it. Fine that's different that I am that I'm not as worried. If this is what's going now. But like I said I don't know does do format right now I have no idea Ager Roger asking confirms Bucs GM John Hammond has agreed to a five year deal to become the Orlando Magic GM what do you think this move. Means for the Milwaukee Bucks 7991250. Or you can email us live. And 1057 FM the fan back camel hear from you Bucs fans next on the Wendy's big shown holds several studio. Big show live in the old Chevrolet studios around if there's market there's a former packer inventor running back Gary Ellison. Jon Hamm and he goes from the Bucs GM spot to the Orlando Magic GM spot magic cabin on the website. The five year deal confirmed by Ager mold your roster of the vertical. I feel about trends 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan. That down the right out your calls right out to tell us it was Sean you're on the Wendy's big show it's upshot. They're guys saw the gauntlet and my concern. Is. What box players I am gonna try to aid. Orlando what Wagoner try to trade opening my opening marker. And not I well look I don't know what Jon Hamm is gonna do and where we've already reach out to him on prior to Sharon trying to Monday showed today console him that happens but. I would imagine looking our Orlando's roster and he's got a three to five year. Window here that he's got trying to figure out how to deconstruct that roster and start back over again. That rosters a disaster. And a they've got they're not I don't know if he's necessarily. Gonna be concerned I'll look at their contracts I don't think he's necessarily going to be concerned about trying to win now in Orlando. And he did take the same process process or use the same process you didn't watch eulogized draft guys kid on draft picks in the build around those picks they get better. Phenomenal job open book for sure that. And now that's what Orlando's getting they're getting two guys well men that was with him obviously Milwaukee part of building at plus Wellman went to Toronto and helped to build Toronto. So both of them approved making a build organizations they get bald dome in Orlando integrate data be a magic and I can guarantee of that yeah but it brought man you guys ever go on. You bet to take care and look at as the Orlando Magic fiasco that they. The Viet Disco. I want to see what they've got left wise. It appeared to. And opening to have. Real. And there is a fiasco. Wanna be traded to all my name might mean. I don't really I don't really follow imaginative idea how far it. The Orlando Magic are they being in the middle. America. Other than his 25 probably 25 point but then gave up something so they traded a one and got along back at some point it's my guy or will this work. All they've got a yet 25. They would have if they would have stayed with the players they had. You're our enters or has this expert. Economist at them very well possibly yeah that slant six. And they've got 25. Now 20/20 five and they've got 33. Yeah. And 35 year so they've got draft picks they've got four picks in the top 35. That's right up Hammond tally right there the growled as. He knew community those guys. David Bradley got rather the top six of the bus Saddam he's at a situation gotta get there now he's got time to bring in different guys work outs. In Orlando where you might be looking at. You act as you look at the different guys all of you and some guys already were you look at that guy at six war. No 625. I mean seventeen might be certain guys that could fall to 25 possibly sure Nazis not six I mean six your time normally month there. From Kentucky guarantee box from Kentucky. Johnson either from Florida State get its missile North Carolina State. I'm immaculate Orlando's. Stallion here mean. There's Matt B combo like bees may be humble and just like saying Bismack beyond Bismack Biyombo but named say commodities economy. There's a funding certain it is. Basement beyond. I I I just don't know how you can't be little concern at this point the combo is that. Seventeen million next year's 79 2018171002019. And under freeagent. He's got Evan 48 and another. Bad contract for a seventeen million next year's seventeen million a year after seventeen million year after seventeen million in 2000 and wanting. Of forty and there's meg memorable still young adults before. (%expletive) greens at its are sure to free agent this off season Jodie Meeks got that he drafted electorate are restricted free agent. Who civic twelve point 25000012. Point 75 million in 2018 or street. He's got to get through 2018. Season and that he's got a lot more money freed up then he's got. 48 beyond though and DJ Augustine on account. You're assuming is gonna wait for money to free up you know I know John Hammond is what does your of one of his specialties getting rid of bad contract a deal to get rid of Kucinich on Terrence Ross and dealing ten point five million. That's a lot of money into isn't created a game and he could find some reform watch to be us and totals. So yeah I'll we'll see happen again and I'll probably dropping out what does it for draft pick or top 2530. Thirty there. There this year than as what he does best. Well we'll see what happens when that that's got to be another concern here because the Indy she sees no no I'm away not that what I just said about about dumping bad contracts we get the every GM makes bad sightings the good ones can get out of them. And John Hammond was that was one of his specialties was getting rid of some of the bad contract that he signed. And there's a couple on this roster depending on how you feel about Italian deli. And and a couple other guys on this roster now can Justin's and make if you want out of those contracts candy work away for the bucks to get out of those contracts the way John Hammond. Seemed so skill that. Yeah I I don't know I don't know I'm a big ball can lead guitar and that we need to talk to just is an agonized. And it just gets somewhat of a handle and what candid GM what this guy is. I'm only don't always know I know that some say there's an article is are we talked his first drags on the 22 we'll see what he does let's talk to before that. Is his velocity different and haven't announced velocity was swing for the fences. Is that it's gonna be different is actually more about that trying to get a got to help now the problem as you've got one Jew or like the top 25 projected in his draft law. The rusher from rest our freshman sophomore. So you're taking a project no matter which way you look at let's get out to the phone. I feel Bucs fans at the news that John Hammond is headed to the Orlando Magic to be their GM. For the next five years 7991250. You can email us live at 1057 FM the fan back on the Stephen's point we find nick nick Caroline is make sure. But it didn't look all those old. Little. Little weird situation there Bono. Because I have no clue who is. I know you don't know if you've been on. On our with a book organization over the blue book. Nobody has definitely don't. And what you I know you bears have you know candidate. Cheated on post game show and on the big issue. And the fact that you can get their Garrard or. Article it's probably just not right. I don't know but I rebound will be open for maybe that you get in the business side of things. And I get ten. You know. Basketball operations over acute. How much select. I'm more confident than. But they're successful that way and to give him Virginia and to. And so you wanted to have. Policy let we're the president that's why operations such as well where he can you know get because he wants. But as far as like the business side of the Julia. So you want you to step down and beat you on Q step down as. As the echo. I. He won new bolts. In our our our yeah I didn't think about though. Honestly. This kid can bring in somebody who has who came you know was a great playbook. Him being who he is he can do it. That would always be a plus. I'm Malek connection cute as we. With is his players quality connection that would have been voters weirdly. Sudden there's no connection to any of these players would panic like PetSmart that's my issue you know fought this small market more to. Egypt who. This has been distilled battle over if you know what I'm talking. Politico he did seem to have that personal and if you if you had any personal interaction with John Hammond that you felt late you had a personal connection with the dude he was genuine he's just that type of dude right yeah. Embraer Rami and so it didn't seem like he's he's sort of had a personal relationship with a lot of the players on this roster and I think that Joseph. I think that's a positive and I don't know just he taught us how to draw right. That's yet. That I said I'll out that's not right there. Let me tell you who John there disease equaled equivalent. Bob Harlan. When you talk about all of their home don't you feel like. Like Utah near Graham right or our nightly your Hammond would like upright like that but I can't why doesn't like you've known him for a long time. You didn't feel like he's a blood at all. And quartz regarding what they have to say boy you feel you know lessons I was like that Doug Melvin. Yeah me just I mean. Just like they were the blog just like they were just regular guys had Joe's. Doing their jobs and with that economists. Certain themes from complications with a job religious they would above at all but we really goes. Not yet. In that. Can't talk to that article nobody talked to know that. The same right here right to edit out above all but it's just told me you'd get a feel when you are Barr on when you talked. John Hammond would you talk to Doug Melvin. All three of those guys to me are a lot of light where you feel like you can approached him and talk little about it now I would say this. David Stern's. Rami. When we came outside and we didn't agree with them yet and we came outside. And we'll post them again yet seems very approachable personable. That too yeah. And it in in in today's. Time that are what we do we don't do a lot of guys and alike. Our guys have the guards up I don't care a couple of beating guys approached them outside of the the interview in media and GM relationship and environment. If you feel like you've sought to outside of like level feel. You've selected your approach or he might run away from you would walk right past you integrate. I go hungry tent when we summit come by mean Clemens autism toolbar right so that but you're right that is the perception that desire. Bill which he laughs you drank attentive yet but. Because the perception though that you're you're accused were agency experts. You would think they'll run away from but it's not. Very you know I'm the collection point I don't care is attic. Is a good guy or bad drafts and just win and dude I don't care who you mean you could fraud care yeah just winning both. I don't. But still wanted to things that you lack about a got to go lawn chair I mean is some qualities that you're right. You taught me. There's a lot of stuff that people don't know about John Hammond and certain things that he did. Away from the mics and cameras away from the basketball court. Not much input as business out there and don't put as I. I know for one personally were I I actually talked to him and thanked him and let him know how much he meant to somebody because I'm match are equally. Really knew how much he meant to one person and yet huge impact on the life and. And he's a Muslim north and in men need to be known yet but he he's a good dude I think the Bucs should get a parting gifts here G yeah yeah I got to be honest. No no no I am tomorrow like a watcher was just normal. We're ready to win rings right now bullying when an O rings Orlando Orlando any time soon and if you are looking for a ring. Well my good friends over at the Giroux listener. Happy birthday to a different team are the owner at amber at the idea of the juries today is his birthday. At fortitude. All right so when does go it over the jurors and Mitch you walk into the jurors today in which deem artery. A very happy happy birthday I don't know. If dean operatives today is his birthday of these like image available which is what I won't go find out because if you give him. Did you ever vigilant and to be happier I think he will be today on millions of DU I culture. It's time Jean Marie check out the jurors look at Lleyton. Late and location of trio of Monroe it's pricey nationally this year. How do you feel today Bucs fans GM Jon Hamm and he's added to the Orlando Magic to be their general manager 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan dot com more from you Bucs fans with a Wendy's big show returns in the old Chevrolet studios. This segment of the Wendy's big show is brought to you by McCormick law office McCormick office Wisconsin's neck and back injury attorneys and this is the Wendy's big show on. 1057 FM. What it takes a lot holds several SPS. News breaking just before we came on these airwaves at 2 o'clock down payment now former Bucs GM he takes in general manager position. With the Orlando Magic agreeing to a five year contract. As reported by Adrian most drastic and I responded tweet your quick mayfield Bucs fans 799 full fit what tells you broken by Orlando already announced that so it's official. They would not remember which announced anymore. I mix which got a fan he broke the new please do summaries are Johns sang before judging him quit judging and we also we don't know anything about them from our ready looks like you'll be a great Chia. Advertise something here. Make your real sizeable Fareed. Every time I knew her coach's heart that was an assistant. Every time a new general manager is hired that's never been a general manager for me those pieces where they're ripping the guy has never done the job before before he gets the job. Every job a new rec coaches hard sport there was an assistant Ol boy he's gonna be great you know he was instrumental in this this and this the best. T Donaldson becomes Hackl. All they are just GM he was yes just near a boy he was everything for the general manager you wait and see he's going to be great. It is guys work. Whatever it why don't we were never had new GM now would. Or let a public young guy was gonna be great to. That didn't work out tools CO2 and now they're going in this direction would build a more age and experience guys that are proven it in John Hammond. You do not know. Nobody emails the bucks they know how good just insanity as. Will find out if they're right or right or wrong obviously every time nobody is bashing bashing Justin's panic. I'm just saying an idea about his do you tell me all you want about Ole he was instrumental in this guy that hired this guy. What is your conduct. A yeah I mean that's great and you wouldn't job. Some. Honest gore and it worked. Very popular. Me a free agent Jeremy honest credible but. Derek they hurts. Again I missed. From my from my standpoint looking at Utah does a nice team. And I do my job opened and out there are no I hope we can have a team like you talk we don't know anybody ever set and this boy I hope we can be like to jab Monday. No no it's. Lord I hope we can be like Oklahoma City want with Iran Westbrook and those guys who bring it to that. That's what it is how we beat LeBron in Cleveland is now boy I hope we can be like addressed. And not not that I'm just saying we don't know we're how much and present a cabin in the way that team was can we don't know how much retro the ownership group out had in Utah vs what they were allowed to do vs what they want a lot to do it is that it wanted a couple things and it he was told. Who knows when her goal is here to imagine how much safe here either so we know how that played out of coal. We have no idea how good this guy so let's just wait and see how it that's all I'm saying is I'm sad that we're. Literally a month out from the draft June 22 the ground. And his strong suit and a strong suit is the draft. And we don't get I'm innocent it's a known risk is right for Orlando because it all these Texas a known vs the unknown crack your sad that you're losing what we know is a good Yemen John Hammond. We don't know what just as edit half the allies that's not a criticism and s.'s landing it's not just don't know is that passing judgment on him. For that matter right. He knows it's a big question mark the box did the research they like don't they hope they're right. Just like Herb Kohl hope she was right when he hired John Hammond to turn out to be right. Will say. Get to the phones into west Dallas KJ are on the windows that cajun. Love it Jack. I think he's on the draft here let's get back into the wind is. Go to Darryl and built it. Did earlier otherwise these big show it's up man. Without you sent to bed. You know I have a great got in that story. You know what I did lose a great deal allude to whom he might agree. Don Hammond. Whether it's we about the fact that you must doesn't. Included ago when the fans were allowed to go to practices. I respect I don't think I'm hitting it out talking embodied in becomes it I mean my side. And you start. You know I don't know that they got a joke when we got the other thread that other degree panic if they live pretty tight also outside gigabyte. It seemed as can you know I mean you'd get you'd like Manny. No doubt again. He'd like picketed gonna be great effect I promise you. And I thank you I think you're gonna be a great player I'm a little bit I know you're going to be a great if you could put. And anybody that include op Ed and started you know given a teacher at did you know you. Yeah he didn't even look like it's a lot of talk bad boy you're right you know you're like you know emulation didn't they are pretty shocked. You know that you all marketable. You know I don't and I and let you know it did. I think there Orlando Magic you know if you don't want from a code. I think he's Y make different denigrated them and limited but I mean he you know. As immigrant barber put robbery per Yost you know I'm Charlotte bank you don't take on a contract jumped up on the lead and you know get rid our Beck project that you know he made mistakes. I mean I think you'd agree yeah. You know what I would say this. These last three picks he's it. So you look at John as you look at bomb maker broadened and those three guys there I think for sure tribute to cornerstone of this French cars. Now you talk about bringing move over mean that we thought that was going to be something but I mean account lukewarm or almost certainly the organizers were having if you look at. Ghost three picks along could be the cornerstone your franchise moved toward in future attract. Of those Rollins I certain garden. Burger says Sparky. Process is better than the results were stopped to ask Maggie. We used that term number one gas tank and where are I don't know I replied that process what process what are you talking about. So just tweet back and explain it is this vaunted process and I Bucs have. Cornered the market on that in that nobody else has rendered to match that we don't even have daily news just does it make you angrier this yeah. Repairs grameen charges Twitter I get to dig what I'm honoree as your. Right yeah what are you lottery let's go to this album is gonna our good a guy gets in your way today at yeah John d'antoni tweeting a bill Michael's. There's a war just aren't about the only threat to the bucks. Is another team hiring John Hammond a way. And that is exactly what happened TG tweets at the fan and this is a sad day Sparky Sox this had to happen in a critical offseason. For us. On casualties of the fat like Yemen become rock is that almost a decade without a single series went maybe it's time for some new blood. Right but two of those years how many of those were his decisions vs the senators. Just ask yourself that before we judge everybody because we know. We can all cause of meddling at least two or three of the major decisions that were made were made by senator Kohl or decisions and they wanted you could have been vetoed by senator cult and those are just it was that we know and has angered by the defense COLT tell you he's gunnery team do what he wants which is true. Absolutely but it's very hard to judge Carol manager until he actually get to do what he wants libel and Janet JS which had a bad timing isn't great. Hammond now know sue the Bucs are targeting. On if he wants yeah he take a second first down they can move up and final take another player if he so chooses. Not because he's got to second round picks to go along with 21 round picks I'm telling you that. From Orlando magic's standpoint could a worked out much better I mean this guy strong suit is the drafting giving them four picks to start off. And is very first draft kind of helped rebuild that roster nick tweet at the fan bomber he will be mess I'm gonna trust her owners reporting it's a good position. I'm bummed to see him go but not Matt. I'm mad either. Bombed would be good way to play it for sure to add sure. I'd gateway to the Fed bucks ownership to Jason Kidd instead of John Hammond welcome back to bite the Bucs organization. We'll see we'll see what happens as Jason Kidd a lot people speculate in a kid's gonna get on a larger saying this now but Hammond is out will see it. Until it happens let's not just assume that that's going to happen kid very Wyoming may maintain. Being a head coach on dawson's we don't spend as to become president now is at a GM and a new coach at feel this was all in the making for some time. This program if it goes down that way. Now you have even bigger question marks going full court if you add a new coach and a new GM. Into an organization have finally has some forward momentum going finally is going in the right direction. Now you risk putting a complete fork in the middle of everything by changing your leadership group. Exactly that she urged why inmate that's what is this whole thing never really make sense for me or is it wasn't like John John Hammond. When doing a great job and looking did. You know view you came that your situation and the guy was failing blood but clearly in this situation you gotta gotta. Do regret. I don't know how you go. Recreate that chemistry so to speak unless you think you're already have it but. I think it's a bad move by the box right now for not resigning him or not sure what Angela whichever comes hours. What mark on the Sony Brian in tow serum Wendy's big show with some brat. They got a great aren't so good. Noticed myself with a pot itself and yet the great guys men and a couple times of the most down to earth person probably mean that position. Yeah on a stick was obviously like off the charts ridiculously broad and looks good maker. Could be a great guy. But it worked on it turns around great. If he's great cut Ted Thompson the best GM. In professional sports rapper whose drink never won a lay up here. You got a need to since he's been great like five times. That's great as a person greatest person to do what on the radio. Or said he would be great and our role what I said was is he was great in the draft yes you can say he had issues in free agency for shore. And a great shot on great that it's not maker by yes honestly yes you are yes. There is great you don't need to be great yes I do and finally I plug in doubt finally won GM who you consider grade who didn't miss on a pit. You miss Joseph Alexander. I if you look at that body of work go about well referenced in the illegal from his when he started TM until today about if they're straight that worked out well. Notice how it's normal that wasn't his elbow. I wasn't his deal oddity I'm backing from ownership. Even stop that knocked out I did you just have to understand what you're talking about thanks for the eastern radio and it maybe he's a rookie to call. Again that was in summing that they wanted to do they wanted to continue building and doing at the right way. However others in the organization wanted to rational on the process and try to make the plants. That's how battle thing went out that again just. It's fine if you want if you wanna go after Hammond say he wasn't very dealer what ever that's fine. I'm just telling you as a as Gary and Roman. Great ideal number one that's how we use the word Corey we never said he was a Greg and Matt are not necessarily though. But I do think he's very go to draft law. I always say this Steve downs you're looking that. All the use of above average. Most definitely a ball where. Here's a great I don't know who looks great right now as a junior. Any change maybe. In any change in Danny Ainge has a. Championship brain cells are you just look at teams are in the playoffs right now I guess that's will be. Determine your lawyers say we're greatness really is if you look at what they've done cavaliers are. David Griffin is great. I don't think there is great GM anymore like used to be on our radar. Don't think there is Dole's. Kind of guys around anymore. John Hamlin Jimmie if you were if you could have some more success. What really guy RC Buford in Santa could be considered as great. Ratings. To be concern is great but I with the John Hammond most certainly. Above where. You take. Your calls on this site feel bus transit news that John Hammond is leaving the bucks for their land no magic 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan dot com more meet next on the Wendy's big show on the old Chevrolet studios. This is the Wendy's big show it's dinner time and you worked overtime so you have no time but that doesn't mean you have to cut corners and when these quality kid's meals have everything your kid's life for just a dollar 99 after 4 PM. All you can get something for yourself to at participating Wendy's for a limited time. I'm gonna contract against her for next season and it could not that be more excited. Two to be a part of this organization. Is extremely broad so many fronts you know yet. Look at the ownership and think that. Western markets have done that our facilities. And you practice facility. And been a great home but you know woven into a new facility this summer's going to be great you see the arena popping up out of the ground now. Just so so so many positive things I think happening all over it or in the organization from ownership standpoint. From the basketball standpoint from the business standpoint a lot of positive things. Jordan sound like John Amos plant and on the bananas may fourth season ending press conference that's what you heard there this is a Wendy's big sell more. We learned today that he is leaving the Milwaukee Bucks to be the Orlando Magic GM with a five year contract. I feel and Bucs fans 7991250. Or email us live at 1057 FM the fan back coming up more what yeah. So people are like already Eagleburger was his honest parents not pass legal barriers are great defensive player yes. Not going to be as Gary would call transcended. A year or anything along those lines and we and EPO legally can really compare her to go bear today. Shouted. I. Great great defensive player well it's yeah it's a real. We really is still. Not understanding what we haven't got this a lot of books read the crowd to both of you good routing of bear great defensive player magazine here in saying that he's now. But nobles when you're on him. That's. Pretty go there. Runner is that what it is is you want to minimize I think these are people who want to believe so badly and just in that case. Then they aren't they're comparing regal Baird Dion and right so you minimize what Johnny's done out of but I don't think that's their intent I think their intent is to say no we have a good GM rookie drafted gritty go bare right and one backside I went back on the back here. And look at what they were under Johnson's attic in Utah law. When Zach was there like how long was in Utah on what the records while he was there thereby getting hammered in a series tells you LaDainian just. Go to the phones in the meantime with that Kevin and Greenfield you're on the Wendy's big show it's up camp. Matter fact Google what let's. I didn't hear about there. One night I have never really. Which which. Europe I was on hold that you are tested talking. About somebody leaving the bucks. Polly all Kate. Kevin what was the topic you thought your colleague had to talk about. I ought to talk about past use. I use the politically to have the ups and oh yeah well. Want it to everybody anyway why don't you wait okay Elway in on what you guys who don't should be do bring you back here. A yeah isn't values do you even know. Dow is a radio announcer trying to sorry my belts out course a double corridor. Well on. The reason I say that is because. He wasn't good thrower announcer with our view could. It. So Kevin images as you quickly do you think you bridges randomly call our program to talk about where you wanna talk awhile now where we're talking about. News is that it is that a lot of remarried I have always spent some time visually impaired tonight. It there was a caller that just when I was on old. So on the boat Jon Hamm. You know we talk about John him. Yeah and I couldn't believe. That he was leaving. His side and I was listening to. I was listening to. The comes. And I have a CD. About bill. So what I want you guys to do is to. Say you know mr. Hughes would you please come back to war. We'll put in the call reporting growth thanks for me because they're you list used to listen to those everyday right. And you've got there by sitting around radio transistor and listen to write. Me Thanksgiving we appreciate it. Okay now is that and it item does that give tourist you guys you top your pride in 2013 fourteen season. There are 25 and 5738. And 4440. And 42 and and he laughed and came to Milwaukee prior to the last season. I didn't make the plants and you know years and then last year in this previous year to 51 wins. On and they lost the Western Conference semis. So. You can say let's act deserves all the credit for what happened this year because he was there to help build it. He did not grant Gordon Hayward for those heat on the got to Gordon Hayward does not appear that that was the case tell heating draft anybody he was assistant general manager furthermore. On and that's the other thing that people have to remember. Just because you're the assistant general manager does that mean you get credit for every good pick that happens boy Gergen John Hammond had straight. Nobody knew anything about John him but Hammond was given the credit for every good pig Jo-Jo do you Mars ever made that was all analysts say they'll make him to gather that Allison Dallas Joseph do Mark Ballas have Hammond was the guy. Okay fine well let's see what happens when he gets your Milwaukee. And now we're doing the same thing with this guy again and. We do not know you don't know and I don't know. Anything about this dude you've been reaching all the stories that you want blossom him all over Tommy how great he has until he does something. It's very hard to make a read. It here in Orlando Magic and you can have a re in a take on John Hammond there's a history to go over with him. A general manager of how he is as a general manager they can have this conversation. Are have a conversation I got has never done this before. It was an agent at one point I believe it's like you know what you're getting from like in Jersey you just know. May your good Rami in the known as good it is and you know some people and Butler. A good friend of mine. With 20 the mean how this past month Tuesday was moon. After happens or what. They played a bit Mother's Day cricket and now ball patio furniture from a big box retailer. What he thought were rock bottom prices brought your your. When he got at home in a box that surprised missing persons missing parts and all color all goals hours trying to salvage it and he should go well. The issue of gall to the outdoor patio. Expert there's a difference over elect and yours lacking yours. Patio furniture with good better and better pricing. Better quality. And steal at low price. Would delivering video fumble and put it on your patio or deck right where you want. He told you'd take home if you write off their filling floor. If you need for. Serving their coffins over 107. Years. After them become the experts into big discounts. The pay your particular starts this Thursday. And gold tooth on it do you count guys it's Thursday. And go to Sunday. Well there starts here our good friends over at that he enjoys just the nuclear. Talking about John Hammond. I'm the Wendy's big show him the Bucs GM yes has left the beaten to go and be the GM of the Orlando Magic if you call us up at 799 pulpit to your email live at 1057 FM the fan dot com. Please talk about that. When the when these breaks are returns in the hope certainly studio.