Jon Greenberg: Milwaukee Admirals President

Chuck & Winkler
Thursday, December 14th
The Milwaukee Admirals President Jon Greenberg joined the show to share the latest on the Milwaukee Admirals.

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Perkins restaurant in big variance. When I'm fine sponsors of the Milwaukee admirals. Jon Greenberg team president joins us on the great midwest bank outlined. From a hockey standpoint green I saw this come down yesterday. So Freddy good drill. Stanley Cup you know hero three goals one game. Just dude man his travel plans he's gone from you guys to Nashville the U guys. To Nash well how does he get how does it comfortable housing get their groove when he's. Going all over the place team to team. Yeah it's stuff there's no question about it's hard to yourself so much about. Which were relentlessly been corridor was will be able to switch on the last two weeks to live so. Users salsa so respect of the national Beckett a total playing time a commercial. You know he's got back to back tunes. You know reduce. And doubters it's impossible to talk and backed up its partners would vaccines are golden and center just across new law. Noticed could be packet back to those two it is that it. About plants workable idea so it's it's just kind of part of the the challengers slipped but it should be keep those players sure. So he's he's so you know he's the Butler is considered leaders expect up now. Actual like news about this how you voted down an entire. Season and he crucial lest I attribute it to percent one. You know Freddie sewers were thrilled album featured great players were awesome. You know to advertise. And scored triple into the cup final play it to the rebels it was never about that. I don't know how these guys pulled off of this travel this weekend like OK Friday night you guys are home against Iowa. Saturday night direct Grand Rapids some of the New York Chicago. Does that possible. What could attract well fortunately adults it's he's got where did that you don't orbit. Where registration go to Chicago to Grand Rapids to have fourteen K a TI skeptical Balkans W. Now what are sick I figured those guys Dejuan bosses you've probably take admiral one though. You know that charter crossed. Yes and it doesn't actually keep people cup. Have to hope. Don't know the hopper the buzzer to be viewed here Friday night and to about a four hour Forbes fifteen minute ride from here to. Two Grand Rapids that included under wraps up after the bus or give to Chicago foreclosure Tibet our backup that you lost all the overlooked. Before its web site there couldn't. So you can close and personal lucrative regarded as a actually aren't. To be. Are there regional network leader of Libya. The American hockey didn't we just have HL network Sunday sold to watch yet rules in the walls of TV's. Well that's fantastic exporter. Absolutely I was up first first that I can remember. Of just people who do review all the way back to New York. And original locked out borrow equity break the first or second year. They'll tell you where you Bob Herbert ducks in a long time since. National television exposure from the admirals. As right after the packer game that works out or repair it well enough. And all the games all the games are also right here 157. FM the fan Jon Greenberg president of the Milwaukee. Admirals so it's like. It socks that there's three games in three days and I think you guys try to not do that today and the benefit of being on national TV. Guys got to suck it up this is great firm. Yeah and I started to. You know it's got drug revolt of the tipped everybody wanted Egyptian washed up. You know not having to look. Doubt to be in order to have the original network and cable system. You should be able to watch him. Going to be exciting food for the guys you looked students allegedly. Particular virtual or doing the last Q what's retreated you don't put a lot of those shortages tolls for them to occupiers isn't so. It's better than it used to be senator rubber. The first user resign either nine blows schedule. There although it's tough arose to also do you look couples back to Detroit. All right all tune in I don't think chuck is NHL network as he's got star cable or whatever you know you add a formal cable systems are. You know if you look at the guy doesn't get I don't know what should have shot over Ottawa is that I do any. Check your question yeah. Ha yeah grandma's house yeah yeah I got to go to Zimbabwe. On Friday nights you guys have the home game against Iowa all pretty regular Monday morning the aisle of the Al commute quickly. What's gone on Friday night that people can look forward to besides the great hockey. The salute you get. Our annual we interviews. Rules talkers overdo you know everybody conceded on now on Friday night and this students' achievements. Players were with their dogs certainly tortured me. They've decided universal blue foreign. Opportunity to have George throughout the course of the year. Luke Russert deals comes to me decide insult and assault. We emerges from readers are good sport to Parker brought us to do that sort of tips. I'm not a foreign players a lot of formal default ocean meets. You know it's and straighten out of assault with blog got a blast open about the need to do 1 o'clock today so I was really a lot of hard enough. Which also are around our schedule. Part of territory drive here are the sole. It's would keep up with capital on just little bridge partner of ours for their kids tickets preponderance. For Christmas and brigantine. Unwrapped toys. It will be doomed to put it doesn't have a quarter give you special what I would do want to talk to the puzzle that you get to February. As for doing that and also you have Barbara took about placed director. Regard to where wildfires slot cardinals experiences which. Maybe watchable to walk from the bench. Flying in the blood. Being human hockey puck right have a suitable deal or be your favorite apples parcel. You know just for obligatory to donate to typically drives were suited up yet we're considered a wonderful double their retreat towards her kids are. We're glad to be a part of it. Jon Greenberg president of the admirals we'll attack you next week greening. It is right.