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Faith in the Zone
Sunday, April 15th
Faith in the Zone with "Big Time" Mike McGivern joined this week by Josh Holden.

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Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and faith and how that to come together and Weinstein. Right now discover help people in sports walking face. But host Mike may give burned and pastor camp Kilmer. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. A walk on the faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I might we giver and and I am not flying solo this week he's back. He's this attack cannot say it's been a great start to his show here's tester can count there. From Brooke's side Baptist Church fast are you doing a night and Austin and had to be back with you on this and this being on the program and alone what you do and keeps them you know the numbers are through the ropes the last now it's just hit it plunged yesterday. Really I. This kid and pastor I miss YouTube it's it's just not the same in her that she's so I'm really glad your back. Our special guest today. He's a former multi sport athlete at West Point. Football and baseball former Cincinnati Reds minor leaguer and I'm excited about today show. He is Josh Holden Josh Howard today. I'm all American to be on the show. Ice I'm so happy that so we're able to to get a few minutes with Ewing and I don't know if it's time we could have been better later in the show. We're gonna talk a little bit about the nationally at the moment. What's going on in in Major League sports in NFL and I'm sure in the NBA it's it's comment and we're hitting pitcher take it beat out West Point guy got to feel and I know work. Where you land and apple will log get to that a little bit later. Just let's start with were you grow up and let's talk a little bit about high school time stuff like that sports you played. Yes I've played up on page law and but suburban area northeast Ohio about certain now that we've. Some putt putt and and you know very very you know normal childhood book my my parents were teachers. Thought it and you know how to at a grade of bringing with them and accepted Christ as my savior when I was sixteen years old. The guided John saw here who. China had a little little trick on me this is if you invited me to lions. Not in the game in Detroit. And it was a bunch of above other app is that my days at. You know pick your arm. And his order on you and a hotel and have one of the Stockton are players comment doctor low bit. And and Java app but we want to. Jesus to be our senators about was when I got say and it's. My mind. I don't know did you write do all right Greg Johns Jessica well our London judge I love it that's his that's what's most important when I asked him by his high school days. I want no way do you know if he's playing football basketball baseball running track. He goes right to giants are here who's been a guest on the show by the way you know really good one in fact and he comes who is the falcon player by the way. Are clear that's met. I'll remember that name but you I am back in the day back in mind you I or won't. And that's not that humid day brother backing off. I don't know bump back up good K so then you got a couple of veteran whose duty here they'll talk about back in the day. And Bob hey I was the good good good look at him I'd see those savvy these announcement are due to record that was back in the day young it and it don't we tell every night sit back in the day coupled with evidence thoughts on page Josh wind grown up did you attend church with your parents much. No I did and he knows more about things I didn't. You know is is sort of days. Hey we feel about about Conan we're not going to church rice so no organ ago and you know it is. There are great a great environment we ran with you. With the church programs that we went to. But you know there's really it was more of I'm gone through that on day. And I'm gonna enjoy it on that. Yeah you know and not paid where were where a lot of Christians struggle is. No they aren't quite that the like ought and so boring. You know I really can't connect with these people. And god didn't make church should be born made it could be fun and it should be. A place to connect with other people and I think that's where. You know I've gotten older you know finding a great church to be in that that dog back accent that connects people what. Two other Christians and other non Christians and that's what they're got different purpose. I picked up where a lot leaders. Kind of all off and today. Knew enough from me and I would hurt people bit of that plate is out there that know me. But they can make you know a church excitement. It's just one thing too that I would and it and on that is. You know so many people here want a guy says that I love being able to just come back. I think believers are looking for this weekend the church is what does does what what does the Bible side. And two to to really be able to focus on hey here's what god says not this is what. You know. This preacher that guy thinks this is exactly what the bio assistant. And and I hope I hope Joshua beer tavern in the Milwaukee area the chill and join us that brook side can bags that was Mike. Because my makes it interest thing. And nice if I send it back to the right shots per cent vet this c'mon over a bad cheer for yet and I normally 88 at about two minutes before the service starts at six foot eight inch guy sits in front of me. Pastor does he know on there he kind of looks around the but you can't help it if if if a if you get here in the next few years will be in the book of Romans outside and a half. You know it's a pretty good as our current there is a a native of Milwaukee. Ruling is equally quick mock. Yeah well you know my I have a sign that isn't Akron and he played for Mike here through high is high school years played basketball. And he and Tennessee's pastor in Akron grace church in Akron. What he did eight years and Terry Bowden in the whole football team come in you'll enjoy this sort Mike enhancing its latest. So we have Terry Bowden camel program right is dead on with his brother Tommy on via. Well that's that's out Kurt goes out seasons is a year and faith in the zone and than Terry races and am looking for these guys go to church. As a key sets it up they're gonna have breakfast and everything in puny all the Megan Taylor ID Manning. Similar to it's a multi staff the church and niece and it's kind of a large mega church use some of the stats take that they're coming at 1015 service or whatever. I overly the issue here coming ornaments listened at coming repeat them breakfast we get a 135. Guys him kick. And he said there'll ticked about it messages like the four guys that brought their crippled friend that was on the talent to Jesus. They had underwrote the roads to get in Paris that you'll always have obstacles when you wanna bring people Jesus slow. Assistant second up and yet and engine in there and I can't set up some more open chairs or whatever but I think you'll always have Bob Siegel's. As images give them give them there and so that's pretty neat though Iowa. Who has the past church or church what is his name. And no one nickel. Why you look him up I don't I don't know him knowing that the our Margaret circular. In church in Lakewood. It's awesome I'll look no no easy say good things above my thigh city marquee. Our news. Out and though that's an old. Well hold on you as you Bengals or browns fan. On rock report on. Yeah can they did that go ahead and children's. Visitors are tough loss to the vandals the other day and that is not a lot of gave them pro football in your neck of the woods right now. There are no we Rita when you're kind of our mantra. Is great we Wear it like. But it gold chain. Yeah eight to really find Wisconsin boys on that Cleveland Browns team. Joseph show over who's that I really could Joseph Thomas obviously maybe one of the best left tackles ever play the game. A couple of bronze they had their. They're taking care of their business in Cleveland those are some good men. And I'll bet you know what the organization I think there is doing right and you know obviously when you pared down an organization it is. Except in gonna happen overnight but and I think that they they've got directions and got a vision. And you know just can't take time about the conflagration. You know Joseph schober who's a really good I think he's playing probably inside linebacker now he's outside linebacker for awhile he played at walk Sho West High School pastor. And he was going to. Wind was in northern Illinois might have been southern Illinois sent. Somewhere else but he always trumped up plan at Wisconsin he was playing up an hour in the in the WFC also our camp which is in June or July up in Oshkosh. And the coaches up there. Call the staff at Wisconsin said look this is the best player on the field. You guys are missed anonymous kept. And they ended up offered him for a walk on you went to Wisconsin merely got it got a scholarship. When they found out it would pyramid sent. And ice now play for the Cleveland Browns and the Japanese the right reasons he's really really good. Hate the outlets so let's talk we can't just a little bit about on your decision and at the end of high school. I'd did you have some options on where I'm wording go to play sports and are you work. A football and baseball player he just in college two to college offers at that point. Yeah you know what I was. You know. A slow white had you know by 5990. And you know I had some might interest from Tom. The Mac schools and all those in the vision through programs are you know I have also. An opportunity to trial would be with the New York Yankees. And you know they kind of campaign that hey no we we're just said yeah. But if you're gonna if you're going at what point you know we're not in ways that. And you know adopt point. I was. If the movement doesn't Bernard Bernie Siegel maybe I should it would give retarded decisions burst Nash and so you kind of don't know what Boynton. You know it was. If you get a visit from me at that time and and Utley looking back it was a rock want me I mean you know being able to. You know go to a first class academic institution. That takes sort of the bird and most of tuition often my parents. Sort of made a no brainer man. They just last question for you to break the other show that they do here at sports 31057 out of ten as a high school. Our coaches showing each week we highlight. A a true student athlete. Some AT secure their business on the quarter on the field in the classroom in the community. You go to West Point obviously the word student athlete. Was south and that that she strived debt right you understood that it was a privilege to play sports and to cure all your business in the classroom. Yeah apps put you know what point it is. I would are different environment than your normal outset. I'm not only your use student operated what you're also. You know you're in the armed. And so there's there's sort of that military aspect choose to the the parents so. Very unique and something I'm very proud of them will. You know where or Miron with product my life. That's really get to break goes sather break AQ. He'll let Josh know will be about Kurt buy your son and what he's doing now also talked to Josh. About his faith and how hollow was in the military and to be able to it to continue his walk and walk were they were talking to Josh couldn T. Former West Point multi sport athlete you don't hear a lot of those guys at that level football and baseball. Also played with the Cincinnati Reds. In their minor league system Marie talked to him about that. A later in the show we use the first person exercise the army's alternative service options and we'll find out a little bit more about that. Again Josh hold in our special guest this his faith in the zone. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Worn out of feet in the zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Face in the zone. Is brought to you buying brook side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back defeats in the zone on sports review 1057 different am. I feel like we different blogs that bastard and killed there by June pastor the I'm okay you're a good offense should first cut shook guest is Josh Holden. Number West Point multi sport athlete that football and baseball. Former Susan in Cincinnati Reds minor leaguer. We left our segment one talk to move it about West Point in the army I know past your awfully proud of the of your son curt yeah he's just about and then. In his training with the Rangers. And so were we're looking forward to that and so the army raids at the Texas trio just aren't an army or injured it's. I can jump about that don't yeah. Very very big deal. And you should be very very proud and the army's challenging who have. You know I'm getting ready you know I we have missions conference in the week that he graduates. And hi a tell Kathy I said you know I don't I don't ever really I love missions a level we try to do is missions like to look at this says hey if we need to go and be their flow graduation. He did he did ask is he says daddy don't ya we know we're we're not apply our. I oval auto buyers that is viewed. So well wait let me waffling doctor. Or done I'll I'll I'll I'll bite ya tell appreciated Joshua where we're gonna get down there and since that time went in because it I Intel is a big deal I mean that what what he's gone through. And then you went through boot camp right and even though your West Point or they take you through boot camp. Yet it's a little bit different what's called conduct its intra you'd kind of a combination. Boot camp and learn how to BA West Point cadet. Well he send what's several he he said dad it is one of the best leadership training. Programs in America he says there's some time West Point grads that are here with fingers I getting I guess some really close friends a graduate from West Point so. So it meant as they get and I and I don't take away from it either Josh I mean I know is an intense and all he wants to do is protect our country he is dead I he has I am so pumped. To be an American and envious soldier KG in the US army he Josh and. And you're right this is an incredible thing that Kurt stunt. What makes it even more incredible these words come for me he was a squirrelly little Fella. Josh I coach Jim and I Italian hit thirty some odd years a coach and not many guys got dynamite under my skin the way his. His younger son Kurt didn't do any tricks so much pride in that helps. So much pride they've given me in coach Mike Gilbert turned red did he get upset in any human that smile. But what parent company of that's the thing that their kids. I really get out there you know about as what made them successful I don't know that churn up. Found like a might do if there. Well he I'm telling you he was the youngest of the four boys one of my favorite. Kurt tell the stories is that older boys used to pick on him all the time. And then all of a Sydney came back from from from being gone for a year. And he it's like he spent the entire year twenty hours a day lifted weights. Is he came back is like Hulk. I don't know and his brother he said I said their current I duty secret sir good coach are you doing. I should go to the through his Brothers it's did you guys still pick on him. And they Sydney now by ourselves. Had all Three Rivers earlier remark but. Not like we used you so. Yeah he he was awesome was that a direction just that you ever thought about Cohen. Yeah there was. You know it perfectly peaceful future or my arm career. But you know stuff when something that I look back and what. And I'm sure that you know everybody has an eight point might it what I done something but that's for sure because. A result. Hey can you talk a little bit about this an and I don't need you get specific by any means but maybe just what it was like. Movie you were you to tourists and what it was like in in Iraq can and will when you were. Over there and I'm wondering what your memories of that time is like. Up. It is like look man who has. You know it it is a country that was trying to fire sell and people that were to come along for the ride and and I Iraqis. You know they are. Extremely extremely generous man really aren't people and just unfortunately caught in a really really tough situation. And you know. To be over there to be able to do our best to help. I was doing an honor and you know it's it's one of those things that. You know you look back and it's it's one of those those seminal moments in your life these. Buick. And the united I'm like god that I can call and yeah able. Being here and and have agreed a good job and the beautiful wife and I'm just extremely blast. Just don't want to idea and I think I would concur here was my can end our listeners we wanna thank you for serving. That was no doubt has no easy task with boy what you did and and I'm sure you you sense even through that time how. As a believer in god was protect union how god was strict India and and and our other soldiers you know even those soon never yet have have made a decision interest rates. Did you have some opportunities to share your faith there. I did I did you know I think that you interact with with the sort of on a daily basis. And you know they see you back they see you know that you go to church and and it kind of the other hold future rated higher standard than they would you know to their peers and other other soldiers so there's definitely. You know opportunities to. You know more people. And the and help them understand sort of war on call and you know hopefully up on the outline counter to you know oyster changes their life. You know judge we can have some some high school kids are even younger kids listening. That they're playing ball also they know the lord and and and as you know we've talked on the program before and you know Mike has mentioned you know sometimes even the and we get a little. And nervous was to was doing something stepping out like that well what would be some some wars and encouraging you to give maybe some of our listeners who know lord. And about the stance and that the stand they take their for Christ. Yeah absolutely. I would say that if you're not new local church still are born today. Men and if you aren't a local church and not serve and Carter pastor tell him that you wanna serve small. And. While like there's two elderly men and men I've never see you press you can smile like that I got handed out right now I just I get away if you radius standing out you know you re looking at your cell phone all day Sunday to see pretty pretty Collison. Lot you know it looked bad yulia what did you say what did Jesus do. He can come down on them like hey I'm I'm gonna tell you everybody who's going to be what to do and on the mend it wasn't view of the man. But he said no I'm gonna sir I'm a certain time and you know he is set that example. And you know. As the local church of the church body you know that's the way it you know we are hard wired to operated to search other deserve a local church. And when I face are not talking about you know adding thirty archer week. And you know making a second job analysts and I'm talking about you know understanding what your tips are what your get that. Al backed into interviewed. To furthering the message. That that people do and you know people. And no weapons go ordinances sort of well topical discussion here but you know I think is another another thing that that we talked about right. I'll win I think a lot of a lot of people who worse day in and grabbed. The Christians say don't hide. Either because. You know all eyes you know what you know support it or you know you know I just. You know like to give a twenty here and there but you know in the Bible it says you know your your heart is where your money. Sir you know you. And your contribution issue you know the local Bible church is what speeds that are wrong. And you know god knows that that's why is that and I want you to get your first 10% a wanna do I want you did your first efforts and he did that so that number one your heart would be without local church. But number two you want to bless you. By doing that and you know I guarantee that if you start having abused targeting your first time percent unit 11% or 4% in the public offering about the you know you're gonna he got beat me in these lies not only work. Your family and and is developing but financially as well yeah it really kind of a backwards. All right I gotta get my my anyway I'm gonna get more well yeah. Ideally you like an outreach is Sunday yet Camara. Hey I gotta airline tickets from now if that weren't Murat right here to Brookfield Wisconsin IEA Telus a bull but we'll live with the short in my time here in this segment. King's church passer no one nickel give him Milwaukee guy on is it a bigger church smaller church. All were venture we just had our two year anniversary. Yesterday brought on Sunday it's awesome and we we. We have some really really devoted folks. He's been very early in at all these pictures of of people that. You know we've taken pictures of during the time. And we had a number 281. There are irrelevant church and to be one. Represents unity when people that made life decisions so that either. Besides me see that there weren't there for the first. Or recommit that their lives to Jesus so Rudy. Exciting stuff we actually had 450 people. At that cerberus. On the Annan wants. On that and were currently renting space. And we are believing that we're gonna find a permanent space here person. Now again and that's. I tell what an exciting time to be part of king's church. I mean today to see to see lord work. In in this indices that kind of numbers 280 once a great number. And I MA did surprise you see some more key guys leaving that shirt says oh they're kind of right direction. I'm just kidding with tag good good for you guys when when. Well who were were you edit different church before king's church opened up or how did you get over there. Yes of so pastor knows who is they got from Milwaukee you seen from a place called it in the church. I can't I and we had first moved back so I'll that was where. You know we we are going to church and you know there's there's probably about 3000 parishioners that goes there. And you know that's where you know we we have arisen and passer no. Had an art. To play church and in downtown Cleveland. So we you know being groomed ourselves them and media arts and we're really excited that at a. Yeah you know your closer closer church. And yes sir are you all but you know it's just really really neat thing that's a lot people comment today Turkey and count on. Music you know the method grade you know I feel the holy spirit here it's it. Really really is on the watch. They just were met at a time of Chad chapels. Military chapels you were pretty faithful going all that during your your Stanton years and in the Earth's okay. What's. The Indians there they I know they finally loss after winning for about a month and a half that you feel pretty good about. Their chance to give tech World Series you're still you're still having some sleepless nights over last year I'm sure. Well yeah we we are pretty much certain concept last year by. I hope and keeping them one that we bottle up only that but while. I'm rotation does help if we do do you thing. The Columbia. Well tired as Cincinnati Reds beat my more Kuper has not been for the right sure lately. Emperors who would would be here in the playoffs guys that skewed to break other said the break we'll continue our conversation he is Josh Holden. He again a West Point guy football baseball and he played with the Cincinnati Reds minor league system this is faith in the zone. On sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee famous face in. Is brought to mind accurate basement repair. Here's host Mike we get burned and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back defeats in zone on Sports Radio five seldom. Mike we your wants and faster front side Baptist Church pastor encounter and our special guest just told Josh golden. He is a former Cincinnati Reds minor leaguer who went to West Point played football and baseball at West Point and fact. He was an awfully cute helpfully that West Point twos some research using a you're running back. Led to I think led the Patriot League in hitting your was it your senior year. Editor junior year junior year and Manny did to some really good things played sports said at West Point just we're right. The middle love of all of this. Yo what what the NFL players who do you during the National Anthem and in I I for one thought it was kind of dying down a little bit and and our president kind of read to rekindle the fire and that thing. And now it's it's you can't turn on the radio turner and TV. Without Huron somebody's opinion on this I have my own opinion that your pastor as. His opinion news wall but somebody like you that served two tours was a West Point graduate and I just wonder what your opinion on that is. You know if it's a very very difficult situations and you know it there's a lot of a lot and they're going to and I think the first thing it cannot minimize what. You know what a struggle. Is for our people of color in our country and you know it that's why most thing that. You know if you're not a minority you really you really can't know like. And you know I think the challenge. Myself a new among some other people. While would be to say hey you know go find somebody that doesn't look like you. And go listen to what baptists say. You know lather rinse repeat. And you know that they've got about the first. That you know the second thing I think their. There is. You know a I arrest of suspected only zero point 4%. Of our. American populations ever Serbs. And in the military. Hand packed you know about that. Is different dynamic and at that better than ever that there are four and I think that that. I think contribute to some of the misunderstanding of what are our flag news or. You know it doesn't stand for the president doesn't stand. For any particular. You know person in office that stands for all of the people that. Came before out that you know helped keep the country for it. So you I think there's a lot give it to this discussion of the issue. And you know it certainly bears having that conversation. Yeah I I I do I agree with that I agree with everything you said. I I'm. I'm just I'm I'm struggling because. If it for me personally if if white. The message is idea I think we're losing the message at this point all anybody is talking about is. Are they kneeling or they stand you know the in the locker room are they holding are they cross in arms today. But I think the message of where this started in what it meant is been lost. And the other part that I struggle with fast is. If if this we there was a pea Green Bay Packers this and why they asked to Morgan Neill and he said. For Puerto Rico. That's in need to improve Puerto Rico. And so I'm kind of blast as to what like OK what is the message now can we give back to that. And can we sit down and have a I don't think we can have an honest conversation about it beyond suggestion don't. I I don't think. I don't think that that people can be 100% honest with each other about this kind of stuff. Because what will happen is he'll be an argument some video called the other racist and everything gets turned down that's the end of the conversation is over. And so I I don't know I don't know what the solution as. But I can't I think I know what the problem is and we can't even have the conversation. About it now. I tried to young men to school every day to African America its key Anthony plate in his brother Anthony. And once a freshman in high school once a senior in high school and the last two days this is always talked about. And the younger. He's a freshman high schooler so what what's your thought and this these white. I think we were freedom you know we live in America we should be freed had to talk about this since she realists say this and do this and an actual let me look here's here's my feeling if you're Chicago year. And you wanna go to a plaque cocky much cubs came up old schema White Sox game and you want to shave your head to rip your shirt up and Neil during the anthem. Then go ahead and do it but at that point you're not on company time. But if I owned this football team are you ought to sing which you have to stand and I'll tell you why and and I would tell them my feelings on it. And in I don't know if then we get to weekend ticket to. Tickets at second base because then there are upset with what the rule list. Big guys that won in Neal and and I don't know how we get around it Cha Cha I don't. Judge oh. Well I admit you have probably seen this before Josh but. When when my brother graduated from the army Rangers I went to his graduation. And they had the star spangled banner and you know I'm to send civilian clothes on the civilian you know and on this therefore you know the ceremony on I mean these guys were ban statute like. You know correct with the flag and salute the flying. And I kid you not I have never forgotten that today. Lou colonel or lieutenant who can came up to give the address. She ripped the civilians that were there. He said are you telling me just let me tell let me give you a little etiquette when you hear of star spangled banner and you see the flag. He says even as a civilian your hand is supposed to be over your heart. And I tell you what he got my attention like no one's ever got my attention about the star spangled banner and the flag. I'm always amazed when I go to a ball game you can see those that have an understanding or have a military background. You know because my whole family was military my dad my brother. And I picked it up row click that that. Takes a mean your allegiance goes to that and that's how I grew up and running so this is just been shocking to me. Yeah. I would spin. Got a point you know pumping. It's the best corners there's a lot of discussion on both sides and the united interrelated factors or that focal point. You know. You. Are saved from and you. You know. Usually you know did it in there you know you should want to be obedient because. You know about about our fate you know out of it is that right. And you know we put rules and regulations and and you know say hey you know you have to do it this way you have to do. You know that you're getting back to. Further reason why you came right Senator Obama made. All that law and all of that all of. Those requirements. That the use attitude simply got on hand. You know not just say that and I am not saying that you know this new thing it is is correct. Personally I don't believe it is. But you know. It you come down shoot you know understanding what the flag stands for. And that you know not aid. You do have a choice but he wants standard. You know if you understand what that flag really does stand for. And you would. You know what the number one in a poachers is right now Purcell. I don't. The governor of the bill and one of the case the guy from Pittsburgh from from Pittsburgh he just stepped back and that. Now while he said he should've been out there has to use team I it's just hard and it's hard we're gonna give back to it. Let let's get back let's go back and what's your well I exciting did you guys know Josh what's your favor reverse. Our server. I thought one time Carla. You know our our Ted Charney certainly huge truckloads of forestry lets quote it. Is darker it is for the lord your god with your area. Exactly. And that's in our report right there yeah right so I guess that is in our report you were your parents they must be really proud you made the decision to go to West Point. Yeah dead. You know being shut mom really cared as aware of the way brought. Incidentally. I can can turn out that. Or your Dell was a high school football coach did you play for him. Always at different opponent who died he was had a good to give time for you guys or is it difficult time. You know and a great time. You know there's always kind of tension because. You know. There is that in an option in my country you could probably earn those before when they're decode an artist on the bonds he. Now there's always a tension that exists that it's it shouldn't be playing because of that the coached. All these all the different things and fortunately. No but I'm on the senior those those discussions sort of want or expect a nice putt you know news just a great earned it to be able to share. You know. It's football season. Would whip my dad and him being intimately involved of what was going on and sort of being there undated an understanding kind of struggled without going through now what our team as was going through. You know it's just a really. Really cool experience and I and I hope one day that now by ever have to have an idea whether that this does law. That's awesome really get to break other sather break Korean talk quickly about Josh is platform. That the war has given him and and down way for me personally to talk to somebody that Depp played football and baseball at West Point also played in the Cincinnati Reds. Marley system of lords give Democrat who great platform. Two utilizing won't get to that on the other side of breaker special guest judge scolded. Against former West Point multi sport athlete and a former remain minor leaguer with the Cincinnati Reds this his faith in the zone. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports who walking pace. Thief in the zone is brought to my home windows and doors of Wisconsin. Here's host might mean giver and pastor came cal learned. Fox sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome back to faith in the zone on sports pretty 157 FM am. Mike you were alongside capturing you know learn. Corporate side Baptist church and special guest Josh all the he's a former West Point multi sport athlete football baseball. Please Cincinnati Reds. Minor league system Josh and I wanted to just have a short segment here. But when you're a West Point and certainly in the miserly suits with Cincinnati Reds Corky he agreed platform. To be able to spread his word re able to utilize that platform. Through. Not to. Wear a lot of Chris. I'll share my he's field bears saw that I feel like you know I don't know enough doctor. You know a typical act. Bird. I shouldn't have the ability to share much but. You know. When I got this sort of realization that it usually when you thing that I need and mean you know purses. You the ability to connect with somebody. So you know you can always find something in common work with another person but you could say hey yeah I went to gotten better and you know you know about about the first. And then the second thing is. You know having you know at please choose to take down the rich are different sense that you know they can have an experience. And you know one of the things that. We always talk about surgeon. The you know we're churches and a courtroom. It's our core group are all right so you know I'm not a judge I'm not manager is I'm not here you what you're doing wrong on just the way. I'm Tanya hey this is what you did for me. And you know let me take you to a place where maybe you can have an account with them as well and I do not think that the best. You know evangelizing you invite that I ever got. Pierce and you know. Put them in in a position where they could have experienced was June. Yes some Lewis says like one beggar talent other beggar worrying is find some grounds. Now always. Always. Sun lesson that's right on went one night when I can you know lord around this thing for someone share was now wanna share with someone else in the eastern hour. Absolute. Absolutely. Yeah I think that's that's good stuff Josh when. Way to win you'd didn't do that in and I think you're right it it doesn't. It is sometimes infected I'm I'm really guilty of the sometimes we over think yet. And when you talked about not being a biblical scholar and in not being real strong sometimes in this area. I think that there's a lot of Christian men that have that same feeling. And when they get into that where there's a chance to door might open just a little bit they might not walk through the torque is out there are free to some of the questions. They're gonna cat. Rather than to just. Be comfortable in in little word their belief is that and try to bring some real long with them. Yes I think what you got to remember too that you're not god you're not always there right yeah I speak so you know it not your job you'd say them. Only job is. You hear stories and put them in a position where analyst here at work and pencil and I don't think many people put much pressure on well. I gotta pay the guy now I'm I'm. Comment not just the underdog. And Obama pleaded. Exactly Josh you talked earlier but maybe having kids windier you Mary. Our Mary congratulations. And for. Seven years. Yeah a long way to go man kind of a long way to go to catch pastor. And his wife Cathy my wife Terri that. We've been at thirty some years you 34. I think were on that two and a third for a better know that I'm on day EAM out on the whole series I'll listen in on the date dungeon effect. I do know the date yeah June 11 you know she while. They got we're in Hollywood obvious do it'd be like forty years I'm off. Can I help you through meg you've tripled most of those efforts against him in marriage you know. Don't grow like court the long and we're did you guys meet. We met. In taxes from out of four the young with aren't in Q of their ocean. And you gotta do moved Ohio. I don't know I immigrant bill. The church you are you're deathly great salesman hey we've only got a couple minutes left. Pastor I know you love asking alaskans bush and so okay so what what's your highlight. In sports whether you're at the the reds or whether it was at West Point and what what was your highlight Mueller back that you you're gonna wanna tell your kids when you know that that whole little phrase you know the older I get the veteran was. What one for I mean what is that you're gonna tell game. Play yeah that'll that'll wallow wasn't for you Josh. So you know it interest because the actually game that out better for. It was my junior year. That we beat navy and it was back in 2001 and we just broke the streak. This past year and point it he let's. The so it was a game I've gotten under the game before and I couldn't quite. And that is my. My five island marker for sure. And what the EU Wallace you always sure about the atmosphere for that camp. John actual he'd you remember route down playing in the game herb be imparted it to your freshman year of what that was like. But I'm not. It's it's electric and talk about Eugene to. You know. Desperately desperately desperately want to be sure Brett. And you know there's also kind of an undertone that you know for the seniors you know the last opportunity quite possible ball. And it's almost seminal growing up moment right. Now it is no longer weren't school looked like it was real. And you know as a kid graduate they're going to shoot. Be good defenders of our country in taking care of our sons and daughters is that as we go to war. So I think there's. You know a deeper meaning and Aggies. Oppose others other robberies and thoughtful well. Mostly brother going against brother and no not then they got past it. Hey boys we've got to get you up. Banker wrap this thing up you order and what it could young man Josh if you ever get to the skies near please let us know pastor and cal there he goes pastures and make all that money okay fiscal lunch by each yacht down you get is that I don't get a coupon for small fry. How would you ever come up this way may you let it snow keep up the good work young man I am I right. I wish I wish you the very best and thinking so much for your time. My don't look closer and because Iran grade. A great show aired just just keep it on the ball. Thank you very much Josh he's Josh Holden. Passers could see gas see you next week. You will see in the next await my sauce I'll be right here with this his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You've been listening defeat in the zone with host might mean give Ernie and pastor can help me. You can hear feat in its own every Sunday at ADM. To find pat show's exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith. Join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Well yeah. The games. Hello Sarah. Noted.