Justice: These Brewers are so exciting

Bill Michaels
Tuesday, March 13th
Bill Michaels Show: MLB.com's Richard Justice stopped by the Bill Michaels Show LIVE in Maryvale, Arizona to talk Brewers with the Big Unit.

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Joining us here in the Booth on the go Michael show. Is Richard justice from mlb.com. Yeah Harry yeah undone while you can kind of scoring around here the last couple of days and you got a lot of interest in this teams a lot of people or stock price also earlier today and he says you know. There's expectations on the Dodgers there's expectations and the efforts expectation on the cutlass you know it's funny. Could you had a team has worth three in a million dollars in payroll another team that won the World Series and another in the wanna Walters two years ago. Are you in that classification and he looked recently offered anybody we believe we can win. Do you think this team can win. Yes and the most impressive thing it's first the meat a little advertisement about anything you don't know now at Milwaukee Milwaukee is a great baseball and I you have a great owner market announced Leo and I think he feels. The way fans come out to three million every year. That you have to do these eggs you have to give every bit a resource you key to winning. And it the other advertisements say it's there is no better general manager in baseball they answer I'd known him a long time he's brilliant he's put together a brilliant front office. And the most impressive thing to me is that. In the last year when there were temptations. To decimate the farm system and make one minute because archer Natick. He didn't do that the only guy gave up. He dug deep for whiskers yacht that's a young guy and Alter our player that you have for five controllable for five years so the bigger picture is the birds are great but they have pitching. Major League pitching that is ready at the minor league level and they have a good sponsors and yes they can compete I think the front three of the rotation. He is can line up with anybody will see me Jimmy gets back in the weight violates the need to be in one of the great surprises for entry. He he's really and he went back to Louisiana got back with the youth coach. And read the eighties McCain mechanics and I sit you know the point you make on a 180 dollars. Just did one embarrassment have if I'm going out I'm gonna go out respectively I like what's on Sunday he was throwing his fastball by people. The council says today he scores are trending upward he said that he went back and look himself you know seasons stiglitz agrees yeah I stunk yet why it two years in Baltimore kept I cannot wait Miley right. You know we. You know sometimes I guess we know there's a certain level. These guys have so much pride in what they do it and and eat. That's going to be the end of his career he's gonna do everything he could write his own and he's gonna be key to me. I mean I don't know how you guys feel about it would it mean Miley and Souter. Are now leading for those fourth and fifth spots in the rotation. And Brit Souter is as much fun to watch is anybody figures are based poses a great time you guys are gonna love Christina Ellis. He's a guy that the trend line is straight epic you know Lorenz okay we look back at its office and bill. And I'm maybe not trade wise but in terms of free agent. Christian Lorenzo Cain is going to be the best player that tree changes team he is the most complete player anybody acquired this year. And I think a lot of the people that take it deeper dive into it saw him as the number one freeagent in terms of outfielders. It's which is amazing because everybody once those two pieces fell and they have been back about whether to point for a period while the brewers Michelle the chips the militant. He kept waiting for the other shoe to fall on a pitcher. And they didn't do that they didn't go into the free agent market and spend money. They didn't make a trade do like you sit kind of decimate their farm system are you surprised they didn't. Well I'm surprised but I understand what David Stern's news was saying we have to have sent to sustainable here for the long term. And I think what the cool kids are doing now we see is for the Dodgers game when I'm gonna have five starting pitcher threw it ten. The Dodgers I don't think had anybody make thirty starts last year and I think only Kershaw made more than 24 so what you do is. One of the until source of baseball's a Tommy John surgeries are way down into the way you do that is by getting rest and getting back to the fact that. The brewers feel like they can take guys and bring them here. And teach them another way to pitch that the brewers essentially pitch backwards. More curve balls oral speech step. What ever pitch you have that he's your best pitch you throw more of those we yet I you know I look at Houston Astros do exactly the same thing we talked. Lace collars finish a postseason game clinching a postseason game against the Yankees are acting with 24 straight curve balls. Whatever you have that's working. That's what you row I think that's a different way of look at me he always traditionally sic gonna step us fast order probable all that what you have. You played your streaks so it's been an adjustment for your body tired oh. But I think we've seen the success they've had we've we've Davies who with Nelson in obviously I think that. That win win now that sheriff's genius going to be part of that and I I think what. Hate Miley gets me is a real eye opener because I saw him and all of over the last year or low it may be time to consider second career he's been reborn here. Yeah he really has and he's been one of the bigger talks in this camp -- you go back Eli Carter who is not he's struggled the F and now he's been you know relegated to the bullpen which usually is never a good sign good note. You know he has struggled his velocity he struggled with his command. He's he's being hit hard when he is hit you know why you hate to say is this the end your career this may very well be what and his career. Yet the what you do from organizations Timor particularly to those guys you know now Texas why don't August right in you invests very little in them. And you can get a return a year ago the Rangers did this within your character Tyson Ross. Did get my generals but got a breakthrough season had a Cashmere the Rangers are duty in the issuing. Mike Minor and that more in depth history you'd get one of those guys. I mean for a bargain for what you spent for all four. You've gotten great great efficiency you organization and just seems. That's the way it's going teams are shied away from game one player to one pitcher 200 million dollars let's get by pitchers we can give ten. Richard justice mlb.com here at Maryville. And the covering the brewers here for a couple of days now and that really high on this team talk about the rescue team you've got something about giving guys 200 million dollars of its famous along. That does that Saber metrics guys David Stern's the world USC's world while the Steelers got the money to spend. What he's chose like a guy like period and not to and say under the dodge yes I've said you know all along I think the value of starting pitching its highest it has been. Much like you said guys are making as many starts are not throwing as many innings and while I think 250 million dollars for five and two thirds. When I need to put that money in my middle relief and have ten good starting pitchers that can come in and for fortify anything in any time as opposed to having four really good guys in that one goes down my whole ballpark this group. Yeah I don't think this is the question you're asking that that lesson this offseason he has. Teams are gonna pay big money to 323330. Euros. About a year ago formatted in two years ago I was targeted general manager and I sit you know the NFL's all these studies of players peak here is H 27. And he said I can't believe he just said that he opens his laptop shown speak same thing in baseball. This but the economics now baseball are that for the first six years and 22829. Right. You know the team controls you the and you make big money 29. Well the data driven guys who have the information in front of them are not going to pay big money for a guy that's 343536. Teams are Smart that way. And so oversee you know who just signed three media area there's 31 I think yo have essentially Yu Darvish signed for three or four years if you look at that in the total dollars and all that. So that that's a change in the way you do it and look that. The data says that when you turn 3330. To 33 the production goes wait and this is true for writers to. So let's let's do what's best let's do. What makes him right in we've seen any of the Dodgers have huge payroll but that came from initial screening that comes from keeping Kershaw keep in Justin turns out that. They're not going out they can go out and engage in it with him with Darvish or need these self at all. These guys are read the study was couple years towards that where was your hand eye coordination your arm strength and your ability to see the baseball as a hitter. Begins to do the adjustment period as a rookie to understand pitching goes up. To about 27 between nine your hand eye coordination meets there and then they crisscross your apex for your knowledge. Pursue your physical ability to write that apex is your perfect points on the point and after that. Yeah it's it's what you can know as far as a veteran baseball player it's gonna keep doing look to survive. Yet I think about daily take area like you know for a long time with Tim Lincecum. We saw him as we won it. Him to be mean because we love the guy and we think he's good for the game he's a unique character. We saw him as we wanted him to be instead of as he was in I'm wondered if we're not doing that would take area. My love and I think he's great for the Phillies he's an example of you know role models in in terms it does his business at all. Can't he figured out can he make the middle aged just what you're viral to remember. Nobody made a bit of middle aged just evident Nazis right I mean it's incredible what that got them justice of what I saw him go from new York and Cincinnati area but. There are. Any topsy you know so you have to go to the data technology that. Guys do start to decline there's no doubt so this team this division cubs are expected to win it roars are hopefully gonna be knocking on their or at least in the rear view mirror for a long period account. I was in the clubhouse yesterday in this morning and I have never run into a group that said. We not only do we want expectations. We wanna knock at the back door these guys you know they they're not expected to be there they're still not expected to be that the cubs are still with what they don't Darvish. And that rotational what they have they're still expect to be that dominant dominant team. I've never seen a team that not only do they want expectation. They can hit are they just wanna be not they they wanna just be home records at this point you know it's kind of kind of a different. You'll club house even though it's that youthful energy well and it had that Dennis sorry about that it is a different feel clubhouse and you could from a far. Watch brewers games last year and feed off their energy now this is true the Astros in in people noticed it to the year that the royals won the world run every sing thing you can see. You know rank and Craig Counsell tape that there are things they do that make me uncomfortable. But it works and I think the World Baseball Classic has opened all peoples eyes when you look at the dugout the dominicans. Have so much emotion in the short it's not a bad thing to love your job you know obviously it's Craig told them their lines you can cross. But if you watch the birth last year you felt good about it now because they were about young guys have that kind of their lives and I do you think. Rooms have collected via its players have collective egos are rooms heavy dose and they have that you know there I was in there I think Sunday morning. And they started their dance thing. With the writers Dylan and I'm out of here I'm no art no not I don't know about you actually in the I don't know if you wanted like. Cut a rug and I was not gonna Terrell on up now I wanna work usually by the up at that point you have to pace is that all along with it and that's good you ready I'm out of here. But that the unions in this workers councils preach. Let your job you have fun all that I mean I'd I'd tell you bill island use it saw last year those guys they were people when asked Lisa. Are they really like to do you think that looked like a Little League team Maceda at a lot more on the little its ecology enthusiasm that talked about right today in that people tell you that about the city of Milwaukee and it's on the baseball tailgate parties ran the attendance and all of that. They tend to be at the reports yet that event of the Selig experience. I have. Yeah I've been through that yet is it you know meet the silly and obviously but lives down your are often not in my chilly experience is always going to call or a club Italian restaurant at north and budgeting and boots like to just say hi to area that's my experience I love that man he's a good guy Richard appreciate you come by thanks so much are they act they can kinda coming up the brewers have to vote or read you read about. All of all of brewers all the time to mark Corey enables gonna pitch an inning today like when he walked off announced that it was this Saturday yeah you talk home. What did cities and the knives this is tiger so he's back out there today he's a bit long hours they yell that affect Spock or go that's Richard justice mlb.com joining us here in the Booth.