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Faith in the Zone
Sunday, January 28th
Faith in he Zone with "Big Time" Mike McGivern joined this week by Justin Henderson.

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Welcome defeat in the zone show on both sports and faith and how that to come together and lives being. Right now discover help people in sports and walking FaceBook posts might mean give burned and pastors can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Walk on the faith in his own I'm sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I am not clients over the swing I didn't recognize him. Now pastor Kim Keller why didn't introduce himself to me. They had broadcaster. Cats got to tell you walk in this place you're calm cool collected. I was are coveted perk set Baptist Church during meetings is walking in. It's become cool like calm cool collected that you look good it's good to see you pastors who is not in the same. Doing the show without much. Well I miss it my can I appreciate again all that you do. With the program and a low listened to it myself so. Even when I'm not here Mike. I thank you for all you're done with program. You know there's a lot of things that I like about she was my pastor and a lot of things I like about she was a man. And I'm gonna tell you one of them and it's a combination of of of use my friend and use my pastor. I personally. In my entire life have never seen anybody. Who's willing to just walk up to people. It grocery store in a restaurant. In in in a at a basketball Jimmie just saying hey look how you do and a pastor Ken Kellner. Just wanna sit with the ferment. And just and it just and I know that biblically were supposed to do this not everybody's comfortable doing that. But it's here in my wife Terri and I talked about this and how how much respect we have for you pitcher so comfortable doing this. So when you call that set me that tax that she met a guy college X college basketball player. In an airport who come out Satan zone I just kind of giggle I said yeah you this is what this meant a dust. This is what he does and he and he said hey you might want to reach out to this young man. And I did in and look I had fun just an undersea follow former college basketball player he play university Texas at Tyler. And doubt we had some good conversation lasts the last couple of days. And I just want to take you pastor for for one how you do that and how comfortable you why are talking to people about their in their walk. Well I appreciate them like I'm not sure adjust and you might have to correctness here I think did Kathy start the conversation with you vote. Before I did it. He's not perfect and their path to what we might have to go to tape you've had that corporate data you're better off. Look if you don't like where would you Mary whereas one we are beyond. My yeah that's not. Her cat he's sick cat. A little bit and you hear a statement Michael if you tied like the Michael page before we gets you wide chart to adjust in just snaps just tell you this and Ed Pastor hates when I say this put. Pastor can count there when I coached all of his boys in basketball. And it's my 36 year coaching basketball. And when I was coaching his boys we had all we had a number of relationships at that time. He was my pastor. And he was my friend. And he was a carriage of a kid that coached so when he would come up to me and what he needs more. After the game to discuss. The game. I would not to identified Justin who votes socket in my talking to her pastor. In my socket in my Fred. Totally part of it but bastards I've told a lot of respect. If it's up and Kurt I tell him to walk away call me the next day and if it's my friend they're probably punch him in the darkness still use that a clip board show. Separate publicly report starts to you know. I love their hey that's fun mug boy that's what my voice. You know ended up. Going to calvary was because of my Justin. And and Mike is a great motivate her and now I believe he's a great coach. And I I knew he would impact my boys and a good way that that's why they went there late we we will we were Chapman some options there. But it all came back to Mike. You amusement and his voice to play Justin so when they've made the decision to come to school Bennett 67 kids in the old school. And we are seven or eight Boies on the team call this the Caucasian invasion. And human language that's. We'd go ahead and just go play anywhere. You know before it got their date they kind of played in that public Christian school ball bullet ant to analyze success. I would I was hoping for is to be able to open their eyes will open open up that the talent level that playing against. To see what level could we get to. And I. I'm not sure everybody was so happy to scope of the things. We're doing over there but I know pastor that that you weren't you wanted us to go play the best that we can play. Yeah absolutely and I it was you know my voice to talk about my experience is just amazing how fast it all went by. It's a mate yet yet but but the classic they always want to talk about. Was the look on your face. And that's in my files state championship game plan I was on the floor mop on the floor. Just understand he was from the floor. But what that was used Josh there are some eager to mop the floor and confused your parent trying to keep closest to his kid. To open an embassy takeover we get into account except that refugee at the the fourth. Yet that's what I still. That if you mark pastors I've writers you appear that way he's but the floor and he was an event like duly gathered yearly one. Asia. What month that was some favorite moment implied no doubt. And we are talking an art special guests for the entire hour an average I'd she's really plastic at him and have its way have to be willing to come on or show he's Justin Anderson. University Texas yet Tyler former college basketball player. All over the place you Wednesday a military brat kind of Natalie here in the states and England for a couple years we're gonna talk about his up for you. And his family just in tinsel but for listener who these stories stayed on the line. Or your willingness to. To come my feet in the zone. Where were you live in right now. I'd let them you keep I'm not quite well this semester of boats and on graduated school on the graduate this summer. Take your pick in our net a lot of work let them like edit it it doesn't bigots here that. It done there by the next capitalize. Well what's your what's your major Justin. Marketing. Business marketing EEO here and we're taping this show during the week Kia and it's a little bit cold here today Wisconsin. Tyler what who what is it like it Tex has gotta be what 7080. I. Unit posted its seventeen degrees there today. I hope campuses shut down. Nobody's going outside. At seventeen degrees here was got two guys taking their shirts off man that's a key way. To. Yeah of the universe at Texas at Tyler at seventeen degrees that that's a shock when I heard you guys. Because how far you from Austin. Or a road desired the irony at a big ice storm and shut everything down there in Austin. Yet note here and yet they were out playing around and know about five. That is being kept well yesterday I can't open it well the met regarding up the good. Our competitor and not have. Can you go see and you've seen snow before. I have so whenever a lit bit you know going their pre op then. Throughout the winner. As cookies glad says the first time you see snow is going you know I'm sure some of your classmates it's got to be the first time. Dense over a very often in in Texas say let's talk you've we can't. A bunch your upbringing you why you moved to a lot of different places of what do what's what military branch is your father. I don't airport. There were thirty year. And you guys move judge give us some of the places you left. I argued that its outlook. On board Florida and at you armed North Carolina. There in the Albuquerque. And it can't protect the there and it is closed New Mexico. They're McCain to England what we lived up thirty out a camera and a military bit of note off. And then we came back quote that I graduated I put out there from my junior senior year. And it and it protect them but Eric and I are Whoopi yet they are first you know got adapt or eight without a threat here. Man that's awesome you've seen a lot of pretty cool cool places. Yet yet I got bit. Very different culture and Alan is that check out different areas of the world I never a good year about. Student in England back there my dad call acute deport him in Baghdad he called it an eight at England like England where you know. If there thirty. Not a teacher and right. IIIIA. When I talked to either on the plane you tell me dad. Was air force any special forces and air force my brother. Was an army ranger and I've been out. You know helping you know. Take down you know my mom's house I think I think that's where we are flying into his Keller springs with yet. And I told him about you and your dad he said man if he's an air force special ops. He said those guys are the real deal he said man because I have nothing to great respect for. For those guys that are servant and so. If your dad happens to listen of the broadcast she let him know that. We appreciate your service for our country. Decade at a dozen. I thought I'll be Saturday it will be sure that turbulent and it. You know what would get an audience and earn Tyler Texas there you go what would your father's name. It TJ would you tell him added that we we think your first service that we and like I pastor can set a lot of respect. For him in and and the work that he's done for our country. He went when you were growing up was modes herself than you thought about as as a possible. On journey for you throw out tell your adult life. You know get a lot and back whenever I got up at school I'd offer like that well there are like California and Illinois got definitely looked new. Out by detectives about though it is the news about its new M I went to knew where they way. But it will quote then. Whatever iron. The doctors are that. Active it yet it is joint air force you know in the end Antonio. Because rat beat up first Lachlan. My dad told me that it are they want you to take advantage of that call it opportunity if you can yeah I'm sure app I got out and play here. Eight beat out a price on the net proceed during the might call it that while we it still aren't going to airports and go to an up there that they'll open up that are. But on other right now we liked it open and ball sports ministry. Hey windy windy Jews start to. I have a love for the fourth for the game of basketball. I would say RBI. First grand isle that that we were wrapping up at the bar bet on baseball. But something about about Lloyd I regret the tech that Indian indoors hit nugget numbered at that very help in the. I got a do it it hit an eight day. I guess I'd they'll look why don't you each an idea how tall 65 some like that. Don't expect them. Six I tell my. 99 I'm probably pretty good judges with a guy looks like he can play or not not till mica said that. I think just in to play I mean if a low blow I thought she said you could post him up anytime anywhere. Is that it tends to analyze where can I set I could take him outside crossing Mo. We're gonna end and do you step back you out that somehow. Pastor said he would you all of you on the court judge this is challenged if I don't we're not supposed to live free zones on take all of that fact but I think he said he won one that happened that I you. She got back. You know why. And I I I love listen to send your stories and you. Had a pretty successful high school Oxford union in New Mexico. I would that would be there is greatly under the in my senior year or asked walker a program with. Ranked number one in the state they edit got it done doubt that you actually what Marquette on their Milwaukee. In what was it what was our what was his name dot dot Alia the anti America arming them. Yeah it is there are inviting that it that it. And state final that actually with on dating might use new year it whenever I transferred in there at December at. It was December 2012 and I talked Erica Arco and the Mac he. Former U that they adapt Boca truck seventeen hundred's gain Gregg got to take a power play Embarq is a currently got a got herself into got the very. A covenant from England has a different doubt about it volatile in part by the got in that that one program. That that an idiot I really thought and yet. Gotten gotten and then detonate on you every day. Let them make better. Yeah I dozed Euro steps right you're taken Euro steps and these guys slap in the back we. Area there. Well you've probably if you if you are playing over there in in Europe pulled that you probably developed an outside shot because it seemed like a little 72 center ice since she released. Utterly confused at their bar right. As my strength I really played like it beat it out of that the or just yet if in doubt that he bought a love of that without where'd that crap aboard the mines shot but or strike at my game. Hey I wish she had some high school eligibility left a setup I sense in hand with seventeen degrees your haven't today Texas you can handle it six below. I did TO which we use 65 cubic issue open. Over Martin Luther guys that's due to break other separate retarded just invite his testimony more charged him on his journey. Really happy that he's willing to join us former college basketball player at university of Texas at Tyler. He is Justin Anderson we are faith in the zone I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fans. Worn out of faith in the zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Face in the zone. Is brought to you buying brook side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor Ken Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Unnamed. Welcome back to faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 F and and I'm Mike we girl wants I pastor can count there. Brooke signed a Baptist church and send them a while yeah you miss that don't. It's our special guest. Schiavo former college basketball player university of Texas at Tyler. He's just in Henderson. Yet it's. Kathy Keller approached I guess in the airport on the plane and a pastor Ken and I called me and said hey this young man it would be great for Satan zone so we really appreciate the time that he's he's given us. I you know segment to pastor we we I was late show it to start walking through the journey for our guests now. And and one reason might that I I love the show. You know other than. You know I went through. Well the loss of my mom and end in December and then that's what we were going out Keller springs to do is to take her house down and decide where where everything goes. But at her grave side service a fellow who coached there in Denver with me among a public school salmon like high school. He picked me up and took me out the graveside ninth he distant Iraq the airport I flew back that was in December but. But but one thing coach Jackson Deming. He's taken many say you know can I wish I had that kind of confidence that your mom had that when she died she was going to be in heaven. And I've been talking to Jack for several years now and message Jackie know the Bible says you can have that confidence. And that's what faith in the zone has really been about whether it's Tony Dungy. I Don Beebe or are so many of our guests have come on and they have shared. That they recognized. They needed to save year because after life is over on this earth it's not over. And they. Then they came to realization that there's something greater than this life and say life for ever to live with god and Jesus is the only access to heaven. And as I was thinking about faith in the zone was about even talk tended to Justin on applying. Faith in the zone is all about people knowing that they can Louis got one day. So it's not just athletes and its coaches and so forth that can know that anyone listening. To the broadcast today can know for sure. That. As we have just and share his testimony how I came to Christ. That that invitation is open to anyone and everyone that would column named Jesus to save them and ask for a love about it might as Justin. I don't takes her Sharon that by the way you know led to that's her personal. And and for you to share that. It's it is it if it goes straight to the core of what we talk about. And what we believe that faith in the zone can be into an isn't should be. We goof route we have some fun we talk sports. But. This is that's what it's about two and a half and I get people ask me all the time but it's so I appreciate you do you are you talking about that. And in your willingness to acted to see what happened. There he Justin let's talk a little bit about your testimony and in word started. And dive weakened as as a college basketball player how are affected your wife. Both professionally personally. I looked up. Yes our op I grew up in that I got that military adamant about airport thirty years. The second out Borneo that bug in a bit of back blind military bit. He kind in the court in the military. Very immoral the fabric the you bet that very talked about. Facility and what am I kind of what I would agree at night doing the right thing and the right thing act there right away. I never really understood by. It yet but you're gonna talk about you is I never did like. Who achieved his I grew up going to church but I did understand him being at church in I don't like at. And I go to school Monday to Friday we go to church on Sunday and it made sense in my edge now that I never had a meeting at that. Whenever I'd. Knew that other black sheep are following Christ oh and all throughout my I houllier not don't cry the bill that church and and an Italian and I I then came at adapt well suck at it they edit cried at my you know like well on the big and I can't look at me. I stepped foot on campus and we get our team meeting and they're thirty guys there. I'm like lacked in the world that I like of the Indian Barkley what conine Abbott. The complete audit but why would the bad. On that it would have been a bit in the thirty guys include it in picking up right the net and alma Bennett and what I'd like that Alina. Dumb I'm grateful for the opportunity to have come here by. It's great epic of the Bert Roberts sixteen guys alert that part of and glad the way the board deficit the debt. Iraq ain't here yet they can't it be big man on campus but with the lord done in my life and Dana Tyler has completely changed my life forever you know. They keep. Yet when it right whenever it came on campus. I really don't get big men can't but. What are they may infringe those in a about the guys. I can go back in court decision I made it much in the suddenly struggling you know like that. Targeted big man on campus organ playing. Are electing not violate oh advantage over. Kind of make things better in one day I was gone pounded this currently available on the issue at a depth and knowledge about collegiate game. He's been out the other night ago I I'd let you know commitment they've really examined it trying to make good game night. He had been at the caller after Al what is crazy about work in there. I like item that Miguel the color absolutely and Eric equity beer I caught that blatant I don't read. About it. It than they would get all it did say that I audit you know I had to pull out our blog and that. He that start talking about Satan. It is crazy like I got me because at their billion by you know is. Well at night has gone to deny that there's a circle guy didn't go to him and talk about gospel that I insert Oppenheim has the docile very. Nothing equip them and I got had nuclear with a guy would not say that I grew up in church nuclear like I didn't need diapers across. I had no selective meaning in life he did you know I mean. It in a book online bank or nineteen years go to church and not understanding the meaning. Like Christ died for it. An ally and eternal life and they not only that but by the government believer in Christ but I came follower like our mind every day alive. India surrender and that the worship and at that what are and make it down in it's like. I think about. Romans 121 is therefore argue rather. The sisters that you got murky. Your body's ability sacrifice all include. This you're true proper work in any notes that are disruptive. Not conform to the pattern to the world be transformed by other areas. That are elected constantly do my mind. Is going on it like every day out learn something about cried in I mean that but because it that call it accurate. Either way we had a program airs at church call. And that worked in the matured very inequality it gives them NATO. Because now the media while one it did not me I appreciate the week. I'd include but what about the guys but the that they did call him by trying to get they'll be better. Also a way to out of future toll every time. Our out while out. There you can ever needed to pull. And yeah this is just sponsor of our program today. I thank jazz night I got one a question for Rhea and I appreciate this year what loan insurance and no. You're you're not quite done with with what all guys and doing your life but. So. You know you you went to church yet that university Texas Tyler. Did you did you make the team. Yeah yeah yeah you may detain you weren't getting the time you thought you'd be didn't and so you get. You know it was a puzzle humbling and then Melissa and by Chike on this. Who was it what was at the college faster there to church Jews who took you aside and say let me tell you what Jesus did for. Yeah yeah definitely so that. There yet although there's an addict. You I'll never forget the guy's guy worked Kurt excitement through an engineer major. Annika 130 gotten dark hair out like a bit and got what does that make it. And they're out anarchy that you know he talked equipment. It's not about the money that I'm gonna get missionary India next year. Like what a pretty Creighton you guys that like a that I hadn't eaten again like in equity Dylan and let it that it made in there. You'd stock he would I can detect it or it. Here around the world wonder what you bet on that quick demise Ed I'm very visual it would drop the bridge and I'll talk about the outlook ally we're separate and got bit. It got an elaborate. Either. Down Eric hit. Bring it back together you know make it wanted that we added that it would bother them. There's definitely cutting down Meyer is consistently poor enemy that fattening. And you remember the date on the had two coaches. Yet I gotta say I in my life decried the unit where it. It didn't quite that went to. June 2 point 62 licensing and for those of you listening in the Bible you know I talked to so many people and they say well I'm always gonna Christian. And I allowed amount the Bible says you must be born again and a whole born again is there's a time when I recognize my central condition is just and in nine by Jesus come in in my life and save me. And that took place for you on June 2626. Thing that's awesome yeah. While yes that's. They're greatly. You know I think about my own app before that about a month before and you know that there it might certain that I am I right about the church in dispatcher. Event coming up on stated that it get it very pleased after. It I met about struggling now and it bought are good and they're gonna like. You know what's going on like I'm not in the quiet and I respect you know I really put my toe on plane you know and saint bank debt but I. Because it's known here you in Latin around the late quote people like and in out. I bet renewing in the mud like now I don't wanna be analogy is to be you know it you can't talk talk pastor. I'm I'm I'm really struggled in that what you read about how to buy the necessary and there's no Eric. I think like Shakespeare. And I think that that I don't understand you know like I. He says it without the burden the Bible you treat this submarine indicating game bird being sick OYE needed data for your it. It's like early early in it their debt burdened. I'll get at it boggle my body here in Ireland at that if that trend let's not start read it. Let let that doubt these guys that are not play in a while. But I think if I get revenue in my eye you know like all the world of what it. So how did how did that affect she do then with basket. And can it is and was it this Hoosier freshman year. Or. Much stock remarkably nearly yet they can I sit battled about all there. And it is funny at the biggest story and it but I had no clue what recurring profit the like are good thought he would eat that day. The deck a catch out of play I get by you know that might nick and other current practice where I get you get them because. Outplayed the crackdown here but they're working try to walk on our walk on. A long story short that I didn't make it in not at all like. Shot elect. My idea and eat it I called everybody at. That is the option in god and that does open the open knew it knew what my family to about never got or. Related figure out what you know whenever I got it never. Let them and a irked some adage you get dirt mile an absurd Internet news. This quote to really grow up nine. Yeah I'd add it's a great story guys we've got to get to break he's just in Henderson. A former college basketball player university of Texas at Tyler what a great testimony we're gonna talk about that. On the other side to break this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 at thousands of fans. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee save face in. Is brought to mind accurate basement repair. Here's hosts might only get burned and pastor can kill Americans. Plus sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back to feast in the zone. I'm sports Radio One 057 FM the fan I might think you're launch site captured and held there for Brooke's side Baptist Church. Our special guest is sharp young man. We are blessed to have him news just in Henderson. Former college basketball their university of Texas at Tyler. And Justin. You get to. University of Texas at Tyler your sophomore year because your freshman year you went to university of Texas at San Antonio correct it. Yeah. And that you thought you we're gonna play there in San Antonio. Then. You know the the coaches. Tyler gut got a hole that he contacted you to come over there. And you were kind of while this is crazy. But what that when you really look at it. 169. About how the lord wrecks are steps. I mean he puts you over there so that you would be invited Terri to go to an activity. By young lady. And then you would need a college pastor. Who was. Very concerned about where you were spiritually when did you know that you could live with god one day through Jesus Trace and it was because you ended up there that you're you'll hear that gospel message that that's a pretty. Powerful. Redirect let's say by the lord let it. And so you came to Christ here you're you you you're still on the team you're going to church and I think he tell me that the was college faster in the pastor of the church that they can play balls you know him no once you Kim always play ball at them. Yet that that might hurt and that's your. Yet that in the ambulance back matured since I inept that would not vote for mr. Alec background. In the summer I strapped new church because. I've got to church and by the Stanley and they look at earlier that quote here. There's one event I had heard about at a really pick. Colleague Ian eagle urged other yet but make more friends and I never really. But the bad credit that person it's great that our freshman year he hit that Beverly detonate it around my age group. I get it urged shot and one on one Sunday and it. Accurate name and it talked about you with the ball but FDA it's like college well. Like I like that but I am doing it right Alley that Creighton I go down. At the they're back and never plan that ball might in the complaint with the and they're just trading Allah lord you'd like at simple conversation. That really. Put it forward and it felt like months on odd that leapt like cry like you know what it down for me an op bill. This realizing what community because I never really. But basketball abuse they get out and you can really come together and make up and are needed to get that action I'm artwork. Or ministry will be next here. Past week we get so we get that from a lot of guys where they separate the two missing in look baseball was Mike got for awhile. Or football was you know I was on the field instead of being in church that's close at a U turn instead of being at church. And they separated. And then we talked to guys who've put it together like just in professional. Bass fisherman church forever I think charred now mark gross was is and it. And he said look when I put it together and I realized. That the guys that were in the files of these tournaments. They had to choose between being in the turner getting to church. On Sunday I just started doing Bible study. Armed. And I think baseballs and a great job well baseball chapel bass was that a good job. We're talking to Justin Henderson can university Texas at Tyler for a college basketball player. He just to win when you were in the locker room. And die you're you're willing to share your faith and be reopened at about who you were at that time. Where it was at a comfortable place for you. Does cut up because my teammates. I guess some of them like we're believers in Christ they're different between believing crichton. Here again may have forgotten our fallen you know that Doug and I'll let you much depth with guys. Talk in the about it the tablet I mean ever really understand him not trying to lift for. Doubt that would set congress that it. BO real quick on his bio. That I that I printed onto its research for our interview and art are chat with Justin. My favorite line was hurt after aspiration. Justice and I don't know what I wanted Q Cooper wise yet. But I know god will vote on will and will open net to work when the time is right. So I like that the other thing I liked about it he's favored player Dirk. River that's what San Antonio Spurs favorite TV show. ESPN's thirty for thirty Jesus sports guy yeah he is forced you and hang out there if you moved up here. Yeah yeah and I was what a tough time more on the plane but he you know fall asleep on me so. First. It happened you. Six subject I don't say yeah yeah fees so those guys I've done I can put him right to sleep this. I don't jesuit you're talking about there in the locker room guy eaten there there's what you call professors. Other faith and and they professor at the than you have really possess yours I mean they possess that they live. And unfortunately. There are a lot of people professing it. I I sure. Sure pray they don't this year when their when they meet the lord may depart from and never knew you. I mean they yeah they knew their head but it never traveled fourteen inches down of their heart. And yeah that that that isn't that's what I would say is American Christian and you know Alia oblique and have always believed in god. But but there's nothing that. Love of Christ in the the possession. That. They they they've taken them on personally invited him and so so when the guy is so. So reasons some guys were happy about what what what god was doing your life for some guys is kind of what she offer Chanda how did you respond. Yet sure about debt and put up this that I elected ready getting guys like it never does anything wrong and by no means that treat like. I've still been about it and guys are you know I mean I noted down for me and then I can read and I can I internally mutt and really big capital what is this statement it up. So there's definitely guys that that put me away but there's one guy that they're very about it and David Moore. There's an absolute. Is that sophomore this year artwork read errors in Ramallah he quote the national report record for all of that you that day. What the law school called Martin's mill. It did like hardest worker in the gym and always. In the gym like in the shot Newt had a wardrobe like that we Turkey and political life. Brooklyn and in the we've got their best. And help them. Boy he's. And that's awesome. T need to you now that you're not playing right now did you go watch games. I have been elected I was at a couple would have wrecked out got for about a month that there is related to start in the copper it does it start to kick out that. To begin the chart at the. Is it hard for you to tooth sit in the stands. You know it could not understand it thank god called it a bit different you know it. Got a gal I would find out slightly graph like it was ordered about it in my life but it got a bigger one bit on that. A lot of white dot bowler practiced by neighborhood that I don't stretch and got that out. What's going on yeah like what he called me it and it by I put it finally and you like you know you're at the end the art by Andy bobbled it but it. They're up a definite guys on the you know like I had mr. met playing college about wanna go back that Robert it's not like. I came here to I got bullet got called it something different in LA is determined that. On the planet here that it wanted to open the you know. Hey would you talk about sports ministry. As something that maybe is is it is in your future. Is that something that you need that you think is a youth pastor and utilizing sport to do that. Or or witty explained that part of it at least watchers think Kim made maybe your future with that. And I'd be graded your ballot well like it is at this point and it kind of extreme but it like Newt. Go somewhere where you build again and there at a point circuit content is displayed sports. And here they begin to do that and the other a begins that it I got on. Do whatever I do their homework in apoplectic on the hang out they'll say and it will cut in the pay what they like I mean I did that but you know despite having a place for kids can come by that law. Care about either that Ella me out a once again I'd bat well Brennan guys you know because then got mark start back at me like. It crates or by about quote he would get together you know. And you can even taken which totally you know and for the present time there with them but that that is exactly. I mean Justin you got it. I mean you could do that you can do that here in the states you can do that oversees. You can take your group of guys with you to play basketball someplace. Overseas and and and have opportunities from ministry. Just listening to use and after might answer that question. Listening out EU ruling him you you understand. What it's all about and I guarantee. And that some of our guest you've been on the pass of their listening. If they would probably wiry jet DO man Austin Justin again it. Hate you remember our guest she started upward yeah. Keydets that this is exactly easy if if you're not familiar with opera. I'm just into Google it because it's all over the country now for kids to play different gyms and he built to Jim. And it is Susie bill to their disease dating didn't have enough room and he would turn kids away. And he went home and told his wife you know look at we're worried book that she's so warn about the forty kids that. That Arkin revealed why. Who's gonna do is get administered them so he'd. Went to the guys build Jim and said hey we need to build another one. As vehicle to another one and they sold out so that's kind of how that whole. Things started guys we've got to get to break on the set a break or wrap this up he's a really good guest sharp young man. And in I've got to leave his family. And his father TJ especially very proud of the young man as he's become he's Justin Anderson former college basketball player University of Texas. At Tyler this his faith in his own. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports who walking pace. Thief in the zone has brought T by hello windows and doors of Wisconsin. Here's host Mike wing giver and pastor came cal learned. Fox sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And welcome back to feed zone dance or trivial 1057 after the eight. My Mike Gilbert wants attaching camp counselor for Brooks are a Baptist Church our special guest. Former college basketball player Justin Hansen a university of Texas at Tyler. I pastor I think the words got big plans for young just. Yeah idea to idea to just so we're. We're excited to have you and what thing we like to do kind of lonely wrapped up the settlement of fun here talking about. Did you remember just announced what what what game was it high schooler and college that this stood out to you that it either hit the shot you played well you'd. I mean is there a huge memory for yeah. Yes that since they're big college betting in my they had a plan that that that Merriman very memory and you put it but that I school. Against them Eldorado I'd go to Mexico I have five breed at a game and I did a gambler. Oh man no man or ably and say they've had a game winners. You know southern and what at the buzzer. I would go to the budget at that big play it down ally yet by eight at the play the open blocked it but our our best game. I school at a Greek blood bought in the locker report and take an intermediate outlet. That. Then read a lot but I like a big interviewed for about Roy quote way better bit by a school. But I would bet well. They just who we talked ever once while the showed it to athletes do and we asked them if if continue block worthy and still try to win. When you when your competing and pastor and ire on the same page on this one where were we believe that. Not only shoots can you put shoots you in the answers yes yes you you know what play fair. Of play hard and try to win the game that you play and did you would you agree with that. I really eager that it sent it up into saying or by a person we should be the hardest workers. By our actions. It should that we live or something greater. Mean our workers you know like in whatever we do whether it be a paper our professor or about organ or organ issues. We should stand up. And of course I got deductible not a book art you know. Now I'm has been legalized first printing and sent 31 duel to the glory of god no matter tortured denying. You think if you would ahead of that back in high school and college even and and really push yourself. You know if he beat him and this guy would have been the limit a little bit there with him. Oh my gosh it it definitely it could buy other walked through my high school sports career. Having been victimized. And not the pick or might elect of applying because. But don't like me. Or I'm not playing because that something happened and practice you know words into reality check I'm not playing that I'm not wishing my uptick in Ike bit you know I'm not. I'm cup played a part like that match in the gym equipment at shut it Adams doing the minimum. I think I am I too much pride locked up big and too good rest you know quite regardless that Imus worked and that it up. He just tonight they begin 36 years of a coach and an end to. I see I see a lot of that I've seen it's you know less number of years and and it's Stifel called. As as a coast to say hey look are how hard you practice and you know ha ha what it what to cut how're you doing your classroom teaching you TB and discipline in eight hours today. An incoming new chairman be disciplined for that hour and a half two hours. I don't think it's possible. So your your fluid right class get in trouble in class but that's stack carried over to the court I I I would disagree with that it's just. It's hard week and we had a guest on a while back and I college football coach assassinate his kids really changed don't you think over the years. At Philly expecting to see out they they have and he said no I I know others whose social media they've changed a little bit but I think it's us. And it's a what do you mean he's who looked like when necessary coaching I was a head coach owes us 26 years old. A coaching college I was removed about three years from plane and and that was the cool coach I was single I was hanging out he should now I'm 44 mirrored with three cats I've changed. Always do what you gotta practice go home it's my kids he societal they've changed much but I've changed and end. You know I guy I agree with the motto I'm a grandfather three now. I've never been that cool coach but if you read not really not that cool coats though. Hey guys we got to wrap this up by a pasture Ewing Kathy thank you so much for percent in the south. And we will continue to tell AP IV contact with Justin Henderson and and I'm sure who works there great things plan for him. Yeah Justin thanks for being on the come line and share testimony in the NB transparent. With with your life and you know what you learned you know not only through sports but through god really. Bringing it to himself and input your trust in him and now want Linda to walk towards the end. And we look forward to a guy's gonna do in your life. Yet at that so much and public appetite so much for parkinson's and on the play and. Well I I talk to you son now on him on us he startled me a few times you know. Don't drive it's not so dollars Joseph McKnight that they ship which use tape of the games I was coaching yell at me reporter poured back into the okay I'm here just just in Henderson. Again forward browse popular universe Texas at Tyler he's been a great guest thinks so much for listening to this his faith in zone. I'd sports Radio One 057 at them. The fans. You've been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike and give Ernie and pastor can help her. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. Just trying to patch shows exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith and join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah. No chance and our service. You know already who is.