Kasper: Bulaga is the biggest question mark for the Packers

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Tuesday, February 13th
Dan Kasper of Sportstalk 105.1 in Eau Claire talks Packers and Brewers. How does he think the potential Aaron Rodgers contract extension will play out? Plus, does he think the Brewers should add another arm?

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I'm Dan Kasper was Warsaw 105 point one know Claire now joining some Schneider or chow line you know and then. Dan Morgan bill under our reader sir so far so well today com. Got Angela start out with your experience on radio row had a chance to see over there obviously it's within driving distance for you guys pudge enjoy it. You know that was my first experience that was you know Monday you know it's kind of a quiet day and I didn't know really what to expect of a you know not too bad but holy cow when Thursday and Friday. Kind of get there at the other week it was. It was a do it or not cut a few people you know I was they'll probably from doodle while a lot of people you know this was probably the most. Cramped they have been and that's all of an area I mean it was just you couldn't walk through that thing I think I ended up. Knocking over some cameras because it was so. Just jam packed and trying to get through that native. Yeah I it was not today it was not the best of set ups I guess the best we reported it was it was a great experience a lot of energy in the in the area out blight is forged being cramped together again that's probably the most compact avenue and now all this is my eighth year of Vienna at a radio row my Clemens with twelve or thirteen. Amro said the same thing and this was really cool experience what way way way too cramped there's normally it's much more open and at the last time it was that crowd it was more your New York. And then they wouldn't give us convention senator because some. Convention was in town then there in the end they wouldn't turn it over to the NFL so we ended up in the Sheraton Hotel ballroom. Well off for whatever results are now by Teva nevertheless. We visited spears love bit mean it was kind of you know walk around a quarter near Cleveland running and everybody and that most want Tibet to read into. You know with his entourage of the speakers on his back. It is everywhere you watch you lose your current wording Internet. Lover I'd be kind of recognized everybody around that or so I was with a lot of fond of a lot of work obviously you know a lot of hours and we drove back in or every day so a lot of time on the road you know but I wouldn't I would duty and RTC's. So our best experience on radio row career best interview best person biggest thing you did in town what. I would like catching up with Peter King I mean you know as we are texting back and forth leading up to that weekend and week out so it was good you know it always catch up with him and you know just possible policy you know. You know Leigh Steinberg the agent I. Wasn't really quite sure how they interview was gonna go but he was one of my job or surprising interviews I really enjoyed just kind of going a little more of the behind the scenes where I was. Al Green Bay does it all they do the negotiating. Summit is freeagent. It's the Leigh Steinberg and of course we did you know Jamal Williams and her don't you a couple of other Bob Packard on her but Ross Tucker it was a good interview too but. You know Peter King always enjoyed my conversations with him I mean is that judges who loses football knowledge. Yeah always an average but he's a walking encyclopedia when it comes a lot of the information within the NFL he's always good to chow worth. What is the what are the fever pitch right now today if any thing and the western portion of the state for brewers baseball. That that's our right now man I mean a couple of weeks dole was I was McCain in the yell out were over the course that I wonder at all to happen of 1 the next morning. It was it was it was just brewers to our people are ready to load up some bosses and it starts delegating right now for opening date. I mean the west beat the kind of an interesting dynamic you're all clear because when you talk about football. It'd probably like 8590%. Pakistan. Quote we are to the city. It's still Packers city but when you get the baseball. It's more of a 5054. Twins and brewers and feel like. But what the brewers made those votes holy cow I mean. The the excitement level for brewers baseball. Opened up a notch and I mean it was still kind of there after last year's successful when you bad. Cain and yell ouch yeah there were people ready to go and start growing right now for opening day at it and it would they were just I am to now if you Darvish. Go into the comes. There's the excitement is still there I think now a lot of fans are displayed OK what's our content what are we gonna do due to combat that because. You know I I think fans are really enjoyed the back and forth between the person account you know social media. You know rivalry going on went to Italy being told it was Scott tonight that series so I think that's kind of opening get the fans a little bit more jacked up for the brewers cheers that they're seeing the brewers. It depended on Africa accounts are not afraid to do little trash talking and social media the fans are are really like him. Who do you wanna see them pick up if anybody regarding the arms. I'm I think they do need to make another pick up. That's a good question in your area and I'll win archer and you know Kabul there I would remind secrecy archer to be honest you know they'll have to make a trade for now on. But I mean you know area is you don't know how much is he getting command. For his next contract. It is the sign depicting. The remaining guys in the rumors out there out of the brewers are potentially catch I would nineteen Chris archer of our goalies not. A stunned number 18. But I think if you add into that after the when Judy Nelson. Eventually comes back. Hopefully sooner rather than later that the solid pitching staff it's not better on paper. And Chicago goes well it certainly a solid pitching staff. Than the questions who you know who's that gets it and sort of guys that your body is it going to be. They region guerra Leo itself which he's having a pretty solid policies until. Or maybe Britain Woodruff Brent tutor so. The brewers have options but I still think they need to upgrade that pitching staff that started pitching staff I wouldn't mind seeing a guy like Chris Carter coming. In the town because at least you can eat eat it got to make the trade for him but at least you can control them. For a few years and at a relatively low price to. So. With some with the Packers don't want to get back the packers' season. The Packers sitting right now with some of the changes that they made it going and a free agency top three needs in your mind going into free agency. After he needs obviously you need to upgrade the edge rusher but here's the fingers if you look at the current crop of free agents raid on the NFL there's not a lot of good freeagent. Edge rushers right now I mean self contained when teams are just interstellar capita mean if you look at that debt free agent crop. There isn't a stood outside linebacker out there right now so I but still they got the number one need they probably will address that if addressed that in the draft. Other than you know cornerback. Do they go after Johnson from the rams is Malcolm Butler an option for them you know she's not going to be going back to the patriots book. I think the Packers still needs well for a number one Corvette and get a look at that right side of that offensive line. Bryan Bulaga may be one the biggest question marks for the Packers goodness sake than because I don't think he'll be ready by the start of next. No I mean you already there's no way when he went down mid season when an ACL he's he's probably mid season until late mid season the best. Exactly so I mean you started on the pop list or would you move on from heaven meters that talkies reasons to salary caps series of Yemen in the right guard. I got a few of me is just McRae going to be you know eventual starting right guard for the Packers let. You know they got a fortify them right off at the line the left side. He sat gotti's better yourself but you know they got fortify their light profitable until I look at it at rush recorder. And some offensive line help as a top street meets the packer. Do you feel there Rodgers goes into the 2018 season with a new deal with the highest paid quarterback in NFL. I do and I think he's gonna play it smarter I think he's you know let you know Kirk cousins get in new deal I think he's gonna let. Drew Brees gave it new deal I think it is if you. Being a Smart business guy you let those guys in his goal is to be you know. To get as much money as he can you know what those guys sign their contract. And then you'll kind of go to the table as they aren't that maybe get the stuff you want you know he can go there now. And get a contract done but you know Drew Brees or her cousin may get a bigger contract and insult if you look at to try to get. The most value pots valuable possible. He's probably gonna wait until closer when the season starts and that way you know it went for Kirk cousins of Greece to get their deals done and there's more of benchmark that he can try to opt out. Dad always get a jalla deal we'll chat again soon I'm sure I'm sure at some point throughout the seasonal CO general Clair okay. You bet thank bill heartfelt judges and they go that's Dan Kasper is with sports are 105 point one auto Claire listening to his. Are actually if you're listening to is he is down that area always a good showed take a listen to. And a letter sent me a great title read to our radio row is his first time it's he's absolutely right it was packed it was cramped. On radio row is a great experience a lot of energy. But as you could hear in the background it was crazy it was crazy it was packed in was cramped and it was nuts but it was a fun time it was a great experience and young. But according next year Atlanta is next year's amount of energy we go to Atlanta and then we go to Miami there weren't LA. Over the next three years so it's far more ready for all that as well he join some chatter or trot lines.