Kennedy: A lot of questions for Dodgers, despite adding Machado

Brewers Coverage
Friday, July 20th
Kevin Kennedy, Dodgers Radio Voice and former MLB Manager, previews this series against the Brewers, as well as the addition of Manny Machado. How much respect does he have for the Brewers? Does he think the Crew will be in the postseason?

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Kevin Kennedy former MLB manager who is now I'd Dodgers radio voice Kevin joins us the Schneider orange hotline. Kevin this got to feel pretty good rate many mid SATA joined in that hole created by Corey seeger shortstop is filled in a major major way. Yeah you know we but also happen at the all star game with Mac campaign and that damage Otto in that assurance sell trees in the map later explained I've known many you know we used to work out Miami together etc. but don't yet seem pretty. Pretty definite that that trade was gonna go down and and we know that Baltimore when he traded Baltimore prior. Players were involved going to Baltimore's. Historically it's. We have some technical problem was a couple of players. Going back because of the you know passing physicals are not passing the physical so. When we heard a lot of people thought violated their trade was going to be busted out I I felt the gun that aren't that many prospects remained ideas so it was not a gathered to bid. Builders cervical cell. I elected viewers there are so now you've got man in the charter probably gonna hit third dodger lineup I would assume you know Matt Kenseth Phnom. I'm all year Justin Turner. Is not a 100% yet with a wrist problem and lately have little bit of this year going on as well. In with. Taylor and not having his big years he did last year striking out an awful lot now honestly agree which first there was a need for another red handed back. I'm in doubt as mine after an important captain Nebraska available that's. Sure this is one of those situations where when you make your trade like that when when you do something that alters your season that much. I imagine. There were some that said let let's go play a game let's not wait till Friday or can we started now. A great defense bill that oriental you know it last weekend against seeing angels and has the dodger fans are coming out no matter weapons sold out to reconsider its the two to 4000 every every day and same thing and now and the weekend before so. The fans are gonna come out doubters were there where to being ten games under to you know be in first place rapidly prototype division with Arizona. Obviously have to game Barack Colorado had a good finish certainly two Brackins actor and an end there as well so. Doubters do they had to do something because those teams are going nowhere we don't know what they're gonna do Arizona try to get mammoth shot it was well there was records are eager to sit out for the year. That all season long has been two huge hole because that that's been the badgers number two here however. America Monty you know get called up from the Marlins got to get released by Oakland he steps up an army does have 2.2 home runs. Part of your turf brick and mostly he's been hit number two lately Doug Peterson been meeting operatives right hander pitched himself. Soledad you know way the other days will now what happens return much larger investors and and the first thing and it's going to be a concern me much you can lead opposite works the count well started to run all that much they were might have been a power definitely not dispersants in the lock in this ballpark. And in turn are committed to him and which are mutually Karen pitiful Ballinger you know let you record your father's a lot of different ways that the gutters and bill because they have so many lefties and varieties and and this which are pretty geared. With those guys that's where that's by design and a lot of those guys play different positions I think the biggest question is what happens to Chris Taylor what does he goes we go back to shatter that remove remove the second base. Who's gonna be off the roster took you know Logan Forsythe is not here two years without those differences were in grade. Lee has been the best computer for the Dodgers even announces retirement I can't imagine and to commend him off the Russert could we go to Philadelphia. After the after the gonna Malarkey here so there's a lot of questions that the data center anxious to hear about aside from you know manage our. Could be a fun series Dodgers in town for three starting tonight. Now will step in the other dugout for a second the brewers in a very unique position. They lost six in a row and then had four days to sit there and think about it now as an MLB manager when you were managing. And you had a team that did this would be good or bad in your mind. To come off a losing streak and then have to sit on that for four days. You wanna you wanna get rid of that do industry news I was fortunate in my very first year somehow back in 93 we actually went into Toronto. Who won the World Series or two years in a row on the cedar gaps and and they are division we play pretty well written after the break and remember we had a four game series and I told my coaches are certain horses could makers or breakers straighter. And we have a lot of injuries and somehow we slept. Toronto for a straight I think that if we lose one game out. In our division met her days are only two divisions rather orange and fans started you know they thought I was Joseph McCarthy or something. Affects hit in the you know we've got to finish inspecting their particular here in America year Brett. That really felt good going into the all star break when Yugoslavia pirates who by the way the double digits in the purse recently and their pitching was just really Scotland and I think the Dodgers I mean averaged about. You know. Twelve runs a game against them source shocking to me that the growers. Get swept in five desperate that's just there was hardly ever have a lot of respect for the brewers is they have a really good came up on them all yearlong and you know it. Have a ten year old Matthew very bad by the way his favorite team as the brewers' home at all. Yeah. And his mom in an amendment in ten years old and he dislikes Milwaukee and little bitty note that I grew up with Robin you know I haven't been told him California now to do you know Robyn Meredith Allegra rather than place. High school ball with Robin we've been great friends for years and in my first U Mahesh inevitably Robin last year was going to do the big leagues so. A little irony there and I didn't I didn't close my nephew by by issuing any thing you actually it's little bit over particular start to understand rob him is more accurate if a trooper Burke. The brewers ever really cute jeans I mean haters and unbelievable can able beamed back to an avid of their injuries to over there. You know Nelson is just in case when he gets back give him when he gets back they're going to be in good shape and I know the brewers probably wanna do something sooner rather than later dislike a lot of teams because they're right there. Yes Chicago played better lately by. Tom we saw them. You know how to longer either and that they're teaming up some home they're good they can be beat there's no doubt about it discuss how to right retirement of the rhetorical victory at the wrong time. But there right there and I think it would create council he runs a game with the addition McCain and you know which. And the depth of that term line after in advance when their healthy I think that the brewers are still going to be there report's also very I do believe the brewers are going to be a player after this year the Motorola. That's that's something great deteriorate there that developed over baseball know walking they'll appreciated the other thing about this brewers team. And I'm always curious when someone is is coming into town to see this and you watch them this year's you know this already is they they do a ton of stuff. In terms of shifts I mean this is a thing now in the game with the with shifts and and launch angles and fly balls and all of this stuff but. I feel like the brewers still lean a little toward the extreme side they do more of this and apply more of this to their game. The most teams is is that true or is that not they had more in the middle. Yeah you know I'm always on the Milwaukee trip I do about forty years sometimes four or five games for the Dodgers on radio room. You know roving broadcaster for the chargers are seven years I'm always a Milwaukee took more graduate via Milan upcoming. No market yourself. Eric good to see the brewers and they know last year a character who beheaded and everybody knows very little chance to Americans are seen. Credit councils have just taken over the course in the general manager etc. In that the word from Harper's grows to their guys are shifting now with a shortstop and third position on with two strikes report initial step back left side. In that makes more sense because is that the most range for two strikes and more beer bar most likely etc. So. Yeah they do they do a lot of shipping the Dodgers go to their ownership or sifting through them in our outside its mission for the divers were due to ownership the last several years. You know under treatment for a variety their front office and they have a lot of front office people analogy people rather than keep growing and a profit so they keep throwing information down and and Dave Roberts will do a lot of shifting. Constant shifting if not a total ship Oprah people up the middle and some of your rocket rhetoric from Maryland as Chris Taylor. Stand there which is really you know. For hitters that are used to doing that growing up I was if the ball up the middle backer upper middle parade field go the other way I was branded here. Well now to do that in earlier announcer our dictators what I am saying where did as they are starting to adjust the one balls are way if the pitcher can execute the ship works great. The picture doesn't execute. Then you're really tension against your defense and that's really well you know we did it back in my day. Is we didn't you're shifting is much remotely might have gone a few scripture references scripture which is something that period hero with Miami. The Marlins they don't to return shift internship and but. At the same time we've got hitters like if you if you you know Chase Utley for example its first year the Dodgers. Everybody would shift on him I thought it was a dead pull hitter there'd be almost nobody on the left side. Chase is started and that severity go inside out on the fastball in. He be articulate forget about it as slapper right to left field in and get a big city runs harder than anybody else who doesn't steal a car anymore but he still fast. And you get on base. And so teams start shifting on him like I noticed that sort if you make an adjustment. I don't mean it's your palate and forty home run to give yourself up their retirement. Slapped a single bit try to drive the ball the ball the way people have power going out should feel. I've seen no it's good scene I've seen a lot of guys Stewart you know and and Dodgers have Burke diplomats much you give the next month you'll learn you're picking out maxim good left fielder devastating amount depression and noted that senator. The American mr. fastball and action in turn certain time that it you know affordable for Europe and the prevailing and so. Some hitters are making an adjustment but by and large guys are going army dog ribbons to the peculiar orbit were there that ball's going to be here but again you're assuming that the pitcher. Has the execution and if he doesn't then and fish literally goes out the window a lot of times. I think you do this for like three or four hours talking tough route by a Kevin Kennedy really appreciate agreed in size looking forward to your call Rick Mondays with you rate for the weekend. Think that it would have little lunch right now and in yeah absolutely just blew in last night he was on his vacations so. Among six days of this trip I did the last the true open really we've got work in particular rumor great friends or yes mr. Rick about when America. Looking forward to the call the Dodgers radio network Kevin Kennedy much appreciated thanks for join us here. Our record a car wreck Kevin Kennedy on the Schneider orange hotline Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard. 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