Keston Hiura with Radio Joe

Bill Michaels
Tuesday, March 13th
Brewers No. 1 prospect Keston Hiura sits down with Joe Zenzola.

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You were trapped them last year and now you're in the big league clubhouse hop clothes and how it's it's this amazing you know. Who's talking about just a year ago from today now is playing a full season and a UC Irvine and to be in today's objective for this opportunity and now to be here. Has it been easy to just fit in with these guess yeah it's great group of guys is I've makes it easy. Had to get along with ever on an a fit in you know the organization is seen as loss. Every every one here is an arranged just so often done know each other pretty well and now there is a great group plays in both on and off. You know lines once again. Is there a particular batter in the span taking you under his wing religious that you can just learn as much as he can put this. I mean everyone's pretty much. No done that part to the party that. Now I tell people know my second base I've I didn't mount time we talked so lard yard. About their experiences and now when more rustic this it's been. Has been some times since and not play there so I always refreshing the memory and learning new things and all that. A lot in my earlier guys hear you're along all of talk to them laden nick Franklin he's been you know local papers I've talked to. A lot. During this spring and there's a great guy you know wearing off. Well you know for second base sell because you know you do it allowed the ancient western mine so. Actually get an out there and get in the perhaps has been feeling got a mere you finally get settled and yeah I mean obviously now it's it's one thing you do in practice and one thing doing games you know. More game at times I get in. Jim experiences the better you know I'll be so I'm opening yet there's much they can. Making all the plays and you know learn from failures and mayors and all that in. I think you know those those games and plays and once you really take away the most vs once practice. Ostensibly though this has been pretty good spring training so far very. Yeah I mean you know just chat for the bomb play. That's a vote so work contract and pitches the better. Moving better pitching than economic customs is so. Fear that Al bit by a knife and I just don't know if there. Tries he lost at the ball and and do everything came into that document. Talking and for a second baseman cast and here I'm sure this has been asked about a thousand times they can't yet where you're going to be starting the season right now they haven't. I'm just in time. Taking it day by day out here and in the best they can know what time comes then an outcome so. You know whether it's. January's just whoever those I mean I'll be happy to play there and your argument. It's definitely a a really cool feeling evident chances. Be among all these Major League guys. Know this whole idea of Spain can act that is correct council has said. You know you definitely want to absorb as much as he can because. Who would it be crazy if you find yourself on the big league roster at the end of the year I. It's gonna take a lot of work for you but you know I guess anything's possible this one. I mean like you said the Chinese are much I can. I think there's still a lot more to learn a lot more access to grow as a player and now hopefully you know during the season now if I'm at that point and I get that opportunity then obvious you know forever grateful and happy about that that. Formal during the season and stay healthy and all that so that's I'm McCord in the house for a second baseman casting here are Kasten thinks that time and thank you appreciate it into what to make future.