King: Packers need their defensive front to carry the day

Packers Coverage
Thursday, December 7th
Peter King, Editor-In-Chief of The MMQB, weighs in on the Packers, as well as numerous topics surrounding the NFL. What does he make of the GM situation in Cleveland?

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The editor in chief of MM QB joining us now on the shatter orange allied Peter King is here Peter right daughter. Everything gone wild bill are you a wish we could say the same. While at the Packers get a win and that you would certainly open trends in the right direction of Aaron Rodgers can come back plate. You let me ask you this Peter if you're Mike McCarthy would you bring Aaron Rodgers back. A 100% you know as long and as I had a a week of a chance at the playoffs. Absolutely. I don't know why you wouldn't I mean the only the only reason not. To play him. Really. The only reason not to play him. Is that if you feel either a he's not a 100%. And there's a chance that he'll hurt himself by playing her be if you're out of it. I mean that's what we're we're certainly. A great quarterback can win any game Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterbacks so until their out of it. They get any chance for a play outs I absolutely would plan. To talk about the league the game that we all witnessed on Monday night com a lot of talk about the brutality. About obviously the suspensions should go to the NFL PA even even try to get these suspensions reduced her. Go after the commissioner the army just a lot of things that are contentious right now regarding the league and none of it seems to be good. So what do you take away from money night's game between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. Probably read really objectionable things I mean I I hate to I hate to have to sort of bypassed. The Braintree easier injury because. History will look back on that night that will be the biggest event of the night. Even if he fully recovers means another. Probably the best defensive player on their team on playoff team. To lose him. You know to. To a life threatening injury really is is really. Is a tragedy it is this. But I think this thing is that the other street thing that bothered me about this game you know number one. Clearly that. The fact that this is such an incredibly. Should be rivalry this is different. It ravens Steelers even at their peak they just where that was a that was like watching. Rock them sock them robots you know for people who are old enough to understand those are there was it was just it was it distressing being watched number one because. I think you're so many hints. In that game and so much intent. Send a message to the other teams if not clear re injure the number two the fact that. You know that that is that you use which is still a rookie in this rivalry. You know has say it has me smashing block our volunteers over quickly the Steelers eight. And then stands over him like currently Foley scandal Frazier you Ers suddenly insert taunting them. That it when your own guy is in the hospital lean mean at Milwaukee. That shift is one of the most tone deaf things I've ever seen ever in sports. That's number two and then number three. Ben Roethlisberger sang after the game and it's saves in our football well if that's they have seen our football. Obviously nor should exist. Mean that's it is bad bad bad football if you just say hey good hearted game it was a it would it's too many over the line here and that game and I think the NFL it's great to come down our. Then they do and then I guess you take 33 B if you wanted to when Antonio browns behind you huge Shuster Smith saying you know that's karma that's karma and then afterwards being asked about what was his words as you know we clearly knew what he meant. That they be dating Democrat they route to hurt somebody in and yard completely agree review on that. On the then you've got I mean there's so many stories is in the league has become fascinating. For some of the stuff on the feel like yet but for a lot of stuff that's around surrounding office joining Eli Manning being benched and them prod back the next week if management is fired and what's going on in Cleveland and they can't get a win now they've got parades for perfect season of a an equity image is so many weird things going on the NFL this year I never thought I'd see this. Well I think Cleveland probably acted. With some cases here because they feel like they might be in competition for the same guys. That is general manager of New York Giants art they've gentlemen a former. Carolina Panthers GM and John Dorsey he former Kansas City Chiefs GM. I mean shoot in the last three years these guys have been candidates are executive the year here error street. So I think both those guys really. Are gonna have some interest out there Cleveland knew they were gonna make a personal. Change. You know in their front office one week and that's why Cleveland did that. Who won't know if you had to pick between the two who would you take. We know George Dorsey obviously here. I'm well I'm from high they or CP I currently take Dorsey because again I don't mean. I don't wanna get in Egypt some awesome year but I mean they get it turns 67 early next year. You you want to have a guy who's going to be your general manager for. Many years so I mean you don't. You don't hire a general manager hoping that he'll last three or four years. Higher Jeremy enter open they'll be rock walls where he'll be you know Georgie honor something like that him and I. And I and I and I think that the track record. The track records of the two guys are comparable sort currently are there Dorsey. Tarlow Peter King editor in chief of the MM QB brought to us today by CT dot com we'll talk more about than a minute I circling back to Green Bay now we've talked about Aaron Rodgers. If he should come back and they should then god forbid they run the table. But are they then whisked him at full strength the way they looked prior to the injury do they become one of the perennial favorites to win the NFC. I mean the NSC is as strong as I've seen it. It tight you know depth wise in a long long time they're defense isn't good enough for MVP favorite. Or anything like that their defense is not as good as new war not good as the rain and it's not as good as Philadelphia. Certainly not a good Carolina. But as I say I mean you get it's not as good as Seattle even Seattle. But as I say I mean look. I I will get pilot hit the Green Bay defense and not a good day. This is a defense that can present problems for means to play him. Clayton Matthews obviously. You know while an injection or life. You know in the game the other day. Yeah Kenny Clarke is really emerged this year as there is a big factor along with Mike being able to comment line. And so you know you look at that you look at the fact that you know they're getting Goodyear is not super carriers like Martinez in the period. And you know they're they're circus sir are using it in the secondary you know it. If you know what I mean you guys watch him obviously. There they're there they've you know can continue with being. Over time. Is going to be good NFL quarterback. But I mean right now eighteen tee. You know beat date way they need their defensive front. To carry the day they need your front seven to carry the day and I think on a given day any given pass rush. They're good enough to do that but top to bottom they're not one of the best defense in the NFC obviously and so I look at it. And pretty much say that you know they're gonna have to win some scoring contests. It's a way to your opening. But I'll take up until that is their Rogers in any player in a. 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Diego that is a Peter King I go to CT dot com he's promote king king for twenty dollars off and not only does he bring information he brief little cash return Peter it's always a pleasure Powell talkies and protect. Oh absolutely there ego Peter Kent of MM QB the editor in chief joining us in the Sharon child I.