Krammer: Is Cousins that much better than Keenum?

Packers Coverage
Thursday, September 13th

Andrew Krammer, Vikings Beat Writer for the Star Tribune, previews this matchup against the Packers. What can we expect from the run game? How big of an addition was Sheldon Richardson to their D-Line?


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Andrew Kramer the vikings beat writer for the star Tribune in her I don't. I'm doing well and traveling on. So here's my question are on the other side of the coin what are you guys expecting this coming Sunday when it comes at quarterback play in knowing greenback. All the vikings are prepared for Aaron Rodgers there's no doubt about that Iverson and their leader and by and all this week. Lying I know he blanked the chronicle out there prepare or at even that Alan they erode earnings due out this rivalry. And he said look America go out there and back and comeback and a vision. Well. They're very much expecting him to play and let's be honest if he got an epic the premier athlete that he doesn't Du'Shon about they're just based on. A little bit donut shop an operative. So this this. Obviously this this defense that comes in town a description was earlier in the week we have Brian Billick on he said. When the front four gets loose it's like watching the entire Minnesota Vikings team picture come at you how good is this defense in your eyes. In a row without star without front for your absolutely right we're talking about. What did you can bring to Portugal key right up front and then made another eight million dollar issue and that upbeat and I've written Sheldon Richardson and in outlook up a lot you'll have that someone. You could cut the number one hand. You're worried about retaining all those guys not to bring that out but I hear about much money what the plan here or we object in an effort that's going into the monster shall unfortunately Iran stops Riyadh politically quarterback yet. And also have an Apple Mac you wanted to grill Jimmy garrote all right when he threw the game losing interception that Harris met. And so this guy is what people will be been missing August on climate natural jingle action Aaron Donald I'll Marshall that have that kind of actually anything in a while quite yet but you might have to the seat a look at what eastern I think they were really missing out in side pocket present to build a potion or quarterbacks outward and we are you know how they're different abandoned parcel to meet. It really start with the vikings defensive lineman and I think of old now and the blinds no matter who you are you to worry about that group first and foremost. On the need to ask you about Kirk cousins there's differing opinions. About him some say he's he's good look at his numbers are greased analyst for years others say. He's more about Kirk cousins any is about just playing football ambient team leader and all I kind of stuff what what is your perception of him. Yeah a lot of guys in the locker I'm not saying look we understand why people call them morning. About you know under lock style comment or not normal little bit. Armed by what people then we're about after that but is it leadership when he got the outbreak. Not one of those guys who says one thing and got another day. They all the cliches about imminent not anybody they'll say anything different that he showed up first and ultimately collapsed to leave a Turkey and honest. Talking up in the media and saying look I don't have a lot of friends here in Minnesota I don't have any border which go and building. And kind of put all the work and necessary to do well and Colin with the vikings so I think he's black guys were getting used to his personality. But on the field showed it. On Sunday against the 49ers and some of them wrote hey why they made that investment in him. Over galaxies he memory and over Sam Bradford never and LT. Content bring the durability and you bring about touched wrote that he made for twenty yard touchdown on egg. And detention those kind of played out and he's keeping them before and so naturally I believe an upgrade. We can also on the fourth quarter and the niners why he's not considered one of the elite quarterbacks know that well because. He completed in the past you want all respect America and all the game away in the fourth quarter and they need more from him when it comes at the end of the game so I think there's a lot of work to do what you want over the locker room and with his leadership and even know you do hear those stories about all of the promotional. Code. But why ask you got Delmon cook because differs much is there's Kirk cousins and pressure on his shoulder is so endowment caught. To come back and deployment while you kind of what do you give Lester although it TVs Marie had actually a better game endowment cook did but can your thoughts endowment cooking his return. I thought he looked really good and I allocate its brand better between the tackle. No doubt and of course up the fumble and a and that the one thing that doubt when it. Economic calculated his game what that fifteen yard run when he fumble in the shedding like four tackles up the middle and look like you're finally getting that breakaway. I partner's back to him and then of course you get the ball popped out and so. The vikings around here is crediting that to a guy who is playing its first game back in eleven months. In not used to having that goes so ferociously out of them all like that bottom line is they need to get that fixed what they've got in doubt when coach I'm here is the seat. How the viking ship the workload your commitment we'll take you show them something. I think in my it would take it a little bit more work between the tackles and try to hit Alvin Moore and outside receiver guy. The battle line him up all over the formation dolphin really to create. Some matches and await military is very cheap he's found what that you are receiving yards. Really good in the screen game equals. What they call you know that got modern running back is really a tool rat in a company Drew Peterson what I'm not on what it is Murray really hasn't. And I think that ordered album gonna make you money and really really push the vikings forward so to me. Dallas had ninety totally art and acting in the opener I thought you looked great eat it looked tired at the end of the game at what you want Seifert and coming companies also. Orders are and talk to me about to the wide receiver position because for as much as we wanna talk about. What they're Kirk cousins can do giving the wide receiver position looks to be healthy looks to be good again this season. I don't worry now how long has taken him to really get into synch though. Yeah actually I think you thought right away what aren't they incur up in the preceding note got connected especially down it'll really well. In and Scott take operate late in the niners were that 22 yard touchdown throw those. Right over the corner shoulder and and they took comfort but this is almost broke you've got Aaron Rodgers sometimes you can brought Oca. That's kind of what Kirk and so you're seeing now report kind of clicked right away but I don't know Kirk ever had that is good at receiver or receiving duo. Sort my pillow lipped his play a little bit people kind of sleep on Adam you know when that time did not yet 12100 receiving your last year in kind of things you this secondary got mr. On Dick Wolf we saw on Sunday at my case the receiving up on the path now. It goes Blue Adams he won more than that on day I didn't go anymore but they like I. Where am going to be more that will change in between the 20s that I am so it got some dynamic weapons and we're talking when you're talking about. He's former first round pick and on track well who's just aren't getting below the quarterback who want to throw his way. And so I think you're gonna see these guys kind of show why. Why they're considered one of the best wide receiver group and the only. Looking at this matchup coming in Lambeau Field how big is this being played up right now over in Minneapolis. If you reached at that the earliest that the vikings have an able to. Go into Lambeau Field in quite some time I think it went ten years and they played a September team and green today. And knowing that this is going to be now Aaron Rodgers might not often obviously eat place. But this is the earliest they have to relieve reestablished their butt hole in the and a ignore. They've beaten the Packers four out of the last five times they've got two out of the last three division title. Now what they wanted to look a lot they're in Green Bay on Monday and show why they're bringing divisions. And they cannot preach the players the coaches that is. That the court winning two games that you got caught there when this game you gotta think about it that way of how important this is going to be content December when they're deciding. You know how the rankings play out with the division so this isn't going to be the biggest September game I play. And are treating watched. And appreciated as always we certainly will touch based on the road thanks for joining us for compliments okay. Now I know talkies and Andrew Kramer vikings beat writer for the star Tribune joining us. On the shutter or challenge matter hiring drivers right now you work or they treat you fair. Eighty plus years that he needs and call 844 pride aggression nighter jobs dot com it's 844 try to go to Schneider jobs start count.