Ledbetter: Budenholzer is all business

The Wendy's Big Show
Tuesday, May 15th
Atlanta Falcons beat writer D Orlando Ledbetter joins the Wendy's BIG Show to talk about the Bucks interest in Mike Budenholzer.

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Joining us now to tells little bit about mr. Boone older formally of the Milwaukee journal subtle now with the Atlanta journal constitution tells a pleasure to welcome men. The Orlando Ledbetter. I haven't done. Are you know it's also pleasure what what can you tell us. About Mike but Boone altered those guys and and by that I mean Izzy Izzy a players coaches yet tough love coach because I was saying yesterday. As far as the tactician stuffy checks up all the boxes. I'm looking for for the Bucs next head coach I've heard a lot about his personality the. Yeah I don't have market Lauren eats it up. I'll bid it not really have lived out at a map there are hundreds learned under aren't that great crop bit. Happy. More popular. Code in Bali on a whole lot of gangs here in Atlanta. You know boorda in depth about dropped restaurant. So he's not a guy wanna get on weekly on the big show them. Probably not but he you know I'll I don't do it won't be exciting for our let's let site about from from this perspective on what happened with him why he lost that presidents rolling. He got the president's role at Bruins coach in the air gets it for a couple of years and then loses it. Last year in 2017. In and goes back to just being a head coach for the last season in the rebuild and get something out between him and the owner Earl what went wrong. Yeah we're very ownership they'll them there and of course when you get that out. I had a little bit of controversy in the front not a without any variance in my. Alleged racial comments that I've kind of put the that operation upside down or allow. Ended up with the new owner into a he didn't you know that it would job as president. You know a lot of came in wanted to. You know Britney don't. A lot of power take it away and did not let fairly. Generally agreed with the direction of Sprint's. So what he really god being do you that you would hire a game for the Milwaukee Brewers are means right. Maybe the hawks are probably are fought in the summer there's maybe he have from former what do you Buick you want to hire to take over franchise. There is looking to win a playoff. In a series that really looking to move out. Art art here in the MBA. Dad yeah yeah I believe it's did great fit for awhile don't seem not. Had to upload to watch him in the playoff here. And that quote about coach blood caliber were up with the birds guide automatically. The Q and again it would often reds' David. You don't let nobody really you know Cleveland that was Byron the player that. Certainly not give quotes in the playoffs. You know about this sick there's Goer or the bought it where outs you gotta keep them. Now by you gotta gotta is going head to head up that team prepared that Larry. Every night. Dock with the Orlando Ledbetter here of the Atlanta journal constitution. On the Wendy's big show so. Basically the reason that if fell apart in an Atlanta it sounds like. He wanted to go to different direction than what the organization did there was nothing. Necessarily where they were pleased with his performance as the head coach of the Atlanta Hawks he was successful basically through the end it sounds like is what you're saying. Are not Gagne went into the party went into it again it would not take. That it a bit in that conference by Arnold. Got web sites have no shame there. But in that direction after that kind of got murky they go about it the wide power which you know failed miserably. You know let. You know you bark that kept me go to your favorite straighter. You know I'd move little shake their you know but it coach wanted. And then you get the ownership Tuesday. Are a lot of learning he wants the way I need a lot of his record. There are you you know start spoken around looking for jobs that into the Spain then. And didn't like and there went my opponent you know our being here and dust so there we actually amount. On the market right now on the many up off hire a lawyer appeared here earlier this week. Yesterday there is a report that Dennis shooter had told reporters and in Europe that he's he's he's trying to orchestrated trade. Out of Atlanta and one of the places that he'd like to go would be Milwaukee is he was EA might booed an older guy did they LC I'd I into DC booed halls there. Bringing him here as one of his sort of lieutenants to set the tone of what he expects from a basketball team should Boone also get the job. Yeah it would be a perfect fit I think router. I've worn out its welcome here tab. Maybe the other questions of whether he maxed out or not but put bubbling. So mark so he got. Think it has in motor who have been them. Maturity is cute here. I'm movement but already be the perfect data comes out direct traffic go up there pledged support and our other book. That is the Orlando Ledbetter you confront his work at eight JC dot com on the alert an Atlanta journal constitution. And follow him on Twitter at the Orlando eight JC got one more form GA younger nor do. All. The folks. Are all sick but mayor runs Contra. I'm somewhat on the warrant that don't know much about the balls at the Bob Hope. Well thought it would not. Keep hitting it. You know we need to stop it is to play cops and Dick it'd greens and you know get numb to it super borrow anywhere or recorders. So let me you know would have what do Julio Jones any any anything gone owner Julio in Atlanta. Much ado about. And you know why that. Back up Alabama. Will break it down everybody. It's not that do looked upon with the art you know branding bad asthmatic I've got it. You know and about eight different state in China and Chuck Todd on again it is just social media branding campaign. Vote caddie cleaned today about. Why he talked the about it yet. Are are a good argument anything could I have heard the main body. I'll believe in the most social media. But the run. Yeah want our money and we got you but. Well let what they're hoping without the Clinton thing about it and at the branding and the date of issue in not the anything more than. Did did it I hear you're right your letter that he he's got business in Wisconsin wants to play for the Packers is that would you yourself. And yeah. Yeah. Out. There Adam get Obama dug out. There. All of like that would enjoy it is meant they threw a few minutes. You are part appreciate it it's Super Bowl where the Orlando look I know. Join the south the great midwest bank outlawed if you're looking for is simple and convenient pre approval process for your new home construction at. Our renovation loan called great midwest bank committed to providing uniquely tailored common sense mortgage products since 1935.