Manny Pina with Bill Michaels

Bill Michaels
Tuesday, March 13th
Bill Michaels sits down with starting Brewers C Manny Pina.

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First and foremost you know give us a kind of assessment you guys are doing right now return him and bring it within the greatest hope it. Connection in the club. Experience it's one of the pitching staff in general you've had a chance or their body now. Being conducted another of your being with one trader at this week's peak stood up talked about your busier at vision. I mean is it an a new eyes emergency and you are doing. All those kind of honor his reliever loosen you. So like iron cancers constantly and it was and that's to me though can return. To being part movements in the same page. Call our rotation these issues is demands. I don't know audiences to anyone's you know I see and as you go through mail. Angry and we don't we pass on lessons and ambition now with you know but it's simply used to come here. Their team museum the rulers. Talk. As a catcher you kind of the commander behind the plea you're the one. You're telling pitchers with the thrown out throats so to speak. You got veteran guys and have been for a long time are they teaching you. I mean I mean I don't stalking. I was thinking before digging out of one of the you know I mean then being told to run a corner don't like gotten back and retention of the game we talking before big games you would lose our record. I didn't I Tenet letter handed to them we are we any time we squeeze on 22212. All that kind of stuff what is this sickened misdeeds. So when does this time on everything so loose and. You guys last year into the season struggles were runs for the guys on base this year. He got a hitters in this clubhouse right now mostly in the pitching is in great the way it was last year too that you got stimulus scroll around. Yeah Desmond season against him last year on September 30 and we still haven't testament. It was just lagging behind. Any team and and everybody. Who's homeless we have lost. And I want more and just when they succeed in his windows 98 so NBC it was a little did these. Seeing a lot of nurse and all of those problems and I'd come home loss team we are more equipment to move would be morning. Is there a difference coming in this year vs lass who actually said you're expected to do anything this year you guys are expected to do a few things. Is there a different feel in the clubhouse or is it pretty much same guys same spirit. This is almost the same and I listen dude just has more experience some more. Our guys play good and then leave for a long time and so I T team doesn't only mean last year and he wants more experienced so so all I can this year we've. Yeah I'll let it is ultimately up if he everybody's helped. Really quick your guys they came in last year split a lot of time. This year receiving going down I mean you pretty much the man right now and you are excited about that obviously you are but it wants to start but do you feel you ready to handle it. Desmond is I am I am very happy yeah. I am excited list didn't mean when so that you. I just come here and hockey tennis to the real good team holds on to plan last year as you give the opportunity so precursor to just two to spot. Some dignity and do well last year so easier I have more acting to bloom bloom or an occasion weren't entry into the game and I want to. The plea deal. On I mean all of them do on the instrument has to be over into the red in the on the person.