McCalvy: Huge series for the team morale

The Wendy's Big Show
Friday, August 17th
Adam McCalvy of and joins Gary, Leroy and Sparky from St. Louis previewing the Brewers and Cardinals battle for second place in the NL Central.

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Various cells out of McKelvey on the great mid West Bank hotline. All right Adam over under how many runs parole to gets up on the first tonight. I could but I'm happy. Lasted. As did two I I will move on to the next question. What tableau chances do you give brawn and up on the DL would this right now arcade rib cage stiffness. I would say that all got better I think are likely at other parties. Kind of irritating lead gated they think that are you ready I come out. And Uga pregame you know BP. Running all back up as usual and to help our in the ready yet and I can get through it rate it he got the other and that's kind of what it is but your Internet on. And up times that oh that use. Just can't predict it you'd have to account goes through your work out then and you know deal. And be careful though it. All that unfortunate for him because you heard. Great to talk about that the that your heart on and a lot of resolved yet they get all over the last week. And man threw a liar or a ball out the other you'll. That they're it's. Yeah how is that when talk about Braga and have them available that not a lie and have just cannot Adam. And out they thwarted biggest thing I don't know if you had a chance to look at him and that's what most people. Have been looking at comparing the lion compared to how good they are defensively. Hoping that a guy averages self out do you think that's okay with that I just play the best guy. Who can just whoever's hot. Well I mean maybe a did your vision and eye socket and Donna though that they're willing to trade eat them or. Awful. And probably that those aren't there on the open market at any opt. Well they are going you know and and that there was so quickly I think what kind of a bad example. Anywhere. That tradeoff hurt them there were played where. You know the ship I think overall it and I'll that is your shift hurt them. And that's a game and out popped a center. The lack of Marines from. Saw a second base opens shortstop. Definitely showed up at some critical moment but after they're going with the candidate so they are. You know sort of Auburn for knowledge in the fact that it is. And they're not going to. You know have a knee jerk reaction when I mean. Happen like that like the one on Wednesdays are so we'll see I mean if if there are more like that where you can. Hurts them and they could not get anything from Johnson go I think you speak out on to going back and order CI. Just live with the East Hampton and you know last. Com and at least Orlando aren't here it is that. Sort of great range and you know the if you are up so it it's an interesting gamble and you know you can't it's two weeks and they're obviously gonna decrepit for a little longer than Matt you Aiken. You know how the straight payoff. Adam opt out what more foreign and I got you to Craig Counsell they're like three minutes. I just seen gets out moved into this Sunday's start four of the brewers and a call earlier today Sam's Club pointed out how bad chest scenes numbers are zero point seven with a 69 ER eight career. Up against the cardinals as an eight point 59 ERA in two starts against them this year. I your thoughts on them. Yet entered and they again it's a fact that. Going with your hottest pitcher. During the blow up back at Dodger Stadium on them look at it last. You know in part out the out liar you've been really good serve them. Or over a month now and they are betting that or series against the united charging at the bird banding. They wanna have their back pitcher and that theory and their betting that they historical numbers last. And the way he's throwing the ball recent. So where that's out of it whatever questions are current outlook how they're economy are determining like. A the government at the cardinals in large part are. The uniform right it's not seem like it up as much a player is Matt carpenter got here only about eighty call long. But I mean you're talking about other guys up on that and I am just banged up but now a lot about. But is it let me answer you know and then they're forgotten about you are in great numbers. In his career against the cardinal so it. You know it it it will look at it at the topic I'd say yeah let yeah are at our best starting that you're. Recently. Into. An important. Yeah makes you got to be he is at a McKelvey MLB dec amber knock out half ongoing talk and a current council and hopefully the brewers won the series second. Our guys.