McCalvy-These are not must win games for the Brewers

Bill Michaels
Tuesday, August 14th
Adam McCalvy from joins the show to preview Cubs/Brewers. Are these must win games? How important is this series for the Brewers?

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Time now as it is each and every Tuesday right here on the show. Four brewers insider from our friend at a McKelvey. My best. Brewers coverage. This is the bill Michael's show now let's get the latest on the crew from insider Adam McKelvey. Brought to you by concordia veterans services preparing best to make an impact within an. Our next mission through education find out more at CUW dot edu slash veterans. I am a cabbie is on the line from Wrigley Field is the brewers and cubs look at sent a couple of hours from now Adam good start Keegan and yeah the bogey all day. And on yeah this is news late Darryl Hamilton and we've got to we've got to traffic out there and and I you know Lyle yeah. But I did see I believe at the all star game I believe if you're very kind in letting me do that podcasts with the Jeremy Jefferson remember that. Yeah well well look I'm there are also include early on until about. The eighth inning of the game and then it sort of all went downhill for. For bird fan in the name and I don't know it's been a tough go since then that the bullpen. In such a strength of this team. And not a hater been okay. Our weather group. All hit off the field issue all but you know cricket able off the corporate outlook and all they've they've they've been a little bank up Gloria they picked up the banged up particularly in fact they just thought I am. He's not eager to get back in the air but they've you know that then what kind of cherry. Then. Tough stretch right now. Talking adamant calvary here. OK let's address the bullpen because. This idea that. They're just beat up that they've just been throwing so much and this is the microcosm of what happens when you starters are only go five and six innings and it's happening all throughout baseball you see that supported the it's not the anomaly by by any stretch of the imagination. How much do you chalk this up to this is August this is what happens in this team needs if anything they need some some games we don't have to use everybody. Well that would help I mean unfortunately today it's just not the way to keep right now and and the other day in Atlanta with an apple chief Anderson went out real struggle for a couple of Reading that the and he sort of had two good innings humidity 82 pitches after four. A couple of truthful and by choice and luck part of that is off today yesterday off ache coming again. There are they after two games against the cubs. And the bird if they are one thing we're looking for that right now is that they have clear. The grinder parts of their schedule are they had 21 in 21 games and 28 going into the all star break. I think it was seventeen in a row coming out. Now there for the way they've got a lot ample off days they've got every Thursday off in September up expanded rosters. Well you know if you're looking more raft for that and I think the off days are gonna provide more than the genes perhaps because. Our current council in David's journey they've just made sort of a call of the outlook and a packet with their starters get quite sure the order media third time in certain cases. But more often than other than Switzerland over the past armed itself. Why I think it they're gonna get that break it's gonna have to come from the update scheduled well. You know there's an interesting article I'm retirement at a McAlary on Has you know I still read the people are like there. The thumb there are some pitchers that you know. Probably will clear waivers so you know it's not a guarantee there's not you know there's not a detailed announcement that they have but. You know Matt Harvey James Shields beat these knee Ervin Santana these are names that have been bandied about as possibly. Post waiver trade deadline and I said that's at the beginning of the show I think that's what makes today's game so important. Because if you get this to Q if you get this to one if you even keep it at three. If you can do that there's a justification in the next two weeks to add another starter whereas if you lose these two games and it's five and seven in the loss column. I don't think the incentive is there and the EE is is it wrong to put this kind of stature on two games in August. Well no I mean look at it or not mock spring game I've seen a lot of people not out mathematically it. It's not going to be. And after were then and are gonna play no matter what happens to. Com or picking. And I think part of it or eight in what happened last time the third eagerly you know. And April that they or gain brutally call to win a capsule howling off lake. Whenever possible or neither he could really score but the cubs scored more than bird hit on short game so I think if the opportunity to erase that any. Palm life. I think getting into spot where you think about either mock ratings dangerous. For the players sure all went for the fans Cuba I Creighton because there there's just more schedule or. Arm. But cattle call I'm looking at the yeah yeah and that's one of those pictures are all there. The guidance you know excite you like it Eric Eric Eric GM of the contender. And you've gotten beat up the earth they've got five starter they got back the eighties built navigating her rehab assignment. It got Brandon worker worker top prospect or not mr. under graduate. During a AAA and sort of like that stick starter right now. So those are your options don't Matt are as nervous and cannot. I don't know if you get excited and up also and to give up any players shook them. I'm not naive I I understand exactly where you're saying however. It is Jamie Elson coming back in the next four weeks because it is not. I would take a flyer on I would take a flyer on hard. I would I mean Jimmy been giving out an element like he's doing Kathy I agree at all and very you know he's used putting all you brought them. The capture. Handing out. So it's like somewhere between you know all of straight out all along bullpen and and buck on broad. And until he gets Panama that keeps saying that until they get Ahmad project went back. I don't think you can plan on him. Making dark at that point navies still pictures of them in some fashion. In September I'll but nothing here they're so I think the answer that at all you know you're there it's it's probably CDs quicker. Armed. Well look I mean he may be if you can't keep an apple August. On the I think it is pretty lower part of the birds were out talk. There's some level while Matt hardy it just weren't willing to pay a price about. For Harvey or any of the other starting pitchers well maybe get eaten up in August he seemed prices for other guys not just him forward and caught much of that here. Other guys that grew it. It's not been hired out higher popular frightened look on July 31. Maybe it got to a point where you know you feel like you don't have to give up a lot it's ironic I bought. I would give our our people thinking that not pick up a and you're getting. You know game. Five that the key World Series Matt Hartley. You know you're not you're getting you're getting our great. I'm a navy Helsinki doesn't but I don't necessarily blame the concerns are being reticent to give up. At a big time now offered big thing it can be part of your future. Talking at a McKelvey. brewers in Sadr here. On the bill Michael's show. And it was an interesting story you know attendance is down throughout baseball six point 5%. I mean that it's countless discussions IEA. I am nauseated by the state of this game and we can have that conversation in the wintertime to I've love your insight on it. But in Milwaukee. There on their pace for their sixth highest attendance they're gonna draw two point eight met a million TV ratings have been up. What is it about the brewers Milwaukee in this competitive team and how is that been able to buck the trend that you've seen throughout the sport. Well it a shot before that if you build a competitive team that people come out and supported and I'm from there like it might eerie well they're never want it took me out a a built in Eddie. Some groups failed because of that all they'd draw and we thought that the last thing in there or maybe. 7000. Here. At a buck and from wherever. I'll and you can do that. Per game are part because you're guaranteed taking about number one virtue is. Where are slumping to meet her but the only game and how I mean I go out there and what what you gonna do on that she might well you got off. I'm here not competing with as much and I think when you killed a competitive team on Baird. Now they're not competition that happens huge cities for your entertainment dollar. I think people are more likely to go before that back good I think that. That that vehicle and on my theory about why the birds are well beyond just being delicate thing or how much. I think it proved to be right back in the great day's other person actually caught it got millions and it was a big number so. All the pampered athlete supported it solemn. You know mark and popular honor has spent when he felt like I'm the band. And veteran chain and to a lesser degree yell much in the off season but they've now but but they didn't look at that starting pitcher that a lot of people wanted to and well I'll just have to play up the next six weeks would you rather that the right is a rather call. It's there it's a really good point about the roof I hadn't factored that in because you know. Rob Manfred was quick to point out for the attendance talky was quick to point out all the bad weather in April. And you know 28 games were postponed unit due to weather and I understand all that and you know. I I I do recognize that plus there are potentially six teams that could lose a hundred games so. Competitive balance has been I'm a major challenge for the sport I just I find it impressive that Milwaukee has seemingly been. You know the way you phrased it to a friend of mine I said it's recession proof. It's like it's like the sport. The sky is falling people losing their shirts and and yet here's Milwaukee slow and steady wins the race and I think it's a testament to the to the city. I'm size up these two games for me you're you're you're in the ballpark. You know it's probably a little too early to it to say that you feel a buzz but do you get the sense that these games are enormous senator Craig Counsell downplayed it. What's your take on this game how how huge is this baseball game today I know it's not a must when we talked about that how big is this game today. Well look at its picked there's no mister Coyne if you want to win the division got a went in and out but not that they go to work not Olympic Games here again. The bat game and actually invented a managerial. So all of you you you can't deny that these are important games but but like I thought I think for the players. If they approach the game differently and they were good. Just another game and all you get into trouble if you're in the box they came out so. Craig Counsell job in the game is to say the boring old style about. Now just another game to another day they all count the same don't think that we go to the managers say. Get his job is to convince the player that that's true even though all of us although that's up. But these are one game and it starts where they can stop a guy who's. Are dominated the bird going back to last September at Miller Park. Where the cubs got to put the dagger in upper division also ticket out of its final game of that series the appropriate for. The first three or incredible extra inning game. I can top pitched a gem of a complete game in the Alley and a couple of easy though they have the ball well applicants on. In order to get a little foothold here and it's it's a big gel. I last one I got about thirty seconds. You've covered Craig Counsell as a player. How fun is it to cover him as a manager. Yeah I mean lucky I think he's really good to us I always think of him as really kind of telling it like it is. I think she has lately. Shown. He's viewed viewing things so called color black a little bit at. Probably just the way she feel that the best way to. All talked about this particular group of player you know I said that you you can tell you. You sort of made the determination that this group that you don't want a great person as well bomber. That's the way you gonna talk about it or after some really really. Just you know rip your heart out panel law. So. I don't know we'll see if it at. Continued that they continue to add some of these tough losses. And little or whether his frustration at a concert with both parties and treat Arnie. In his discussion that this Claudia and in the best. Top stretch a but if they blocked six to 10% on a horrible but at the matter is off I'll gain a thrill her. And it's like old times and enjoy the ballgame today will be read your stuff and and thanks so much for new in this budget. All right just yeah all right see and that's Adam McKelvey proud brewers insider from and then the brewers website narrows as the a great job and.