McNamara: It starts with keeping your talent inside the state

The Wendy's Big Show
Thursday, July 19th
07/19/18: Jon McNamara, analyst of the network, joins Gary, Sparky and LeRoy to discuss Badger football, recruiting and more.

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Joining us now on the midwest bank hotline from badger bullets that come part of the rivals network he is John MacNamara. IMac thanks for coming Abbott. We are sort Herbert. Allison is about as fired up about this upcoming 2000 in nineteen recruiting classes I can ever remember Gary being fired up about any thing. So that's part of the reason that we gotcha line. It is far as what's yet to calm as far as his badger football recruiting class goes. How many more irons they have in the fire as far as forced our kids don't have to have a shot. Well you know dinner there and I'm guys wanna take a look at upcoming here are circumstantial like all. I'm a linebacker California we've talked about. You've got to Wisconsin Clemson and in his decision is coming up on August 4. I pick him personal visits Wisconsin and he hasn't taken on a Clemson be taken a few an official visit there are expected decision on August or. What Scott similar both nick Heinrich linebacker on the Alaska. I you've been a little bit more reserved in his comments but his recruitment for the the only does that Wisconsin and Nebraska the two schools. That are other steel plate for him at this point yet there were given a timetable offered decision. But you would expect that become probably be worse senior season. And embrace that part into Minnesota the offensive lineman that was gotten out for awhile he's looking at Wisconsin Minnesota. Our tendency in Nebraska pretty strongly. The feeling is that no one up at Wisconsin at some point but you know again it would not. A timetable so I would look at those three guys in her hand or more other players that look and is. Heidrick Galloway looser. Are now your you've been an advocate consultant go to that. Does that author of yeah yeah yeah that's sad that you begin to Wisconsin's camp either summary earned and proper and yet his. That is the start of the year which is a pretty impressive statement. I cigarette gamma going up against Bryce Harper's dancing who'd win that weightlifting competition can be until I get a god there are no no problem. You know when you starred in a look in this class also they don't have a lot of you know at least you have time to geared. Other urban kids but one thing have been seen as kind of in Crawford though. It feels like they're in Nebraska a little bit more than they've been army would get more kids are seeing that been to Nebraska name was covered up. A little bit more than an error and passed. Yet you know that really wasn't a state that they get into too much you know it's gone back to. You know on reveal what their coach you know there really wasn't a coach assigned to that state. Entering your just the last couple recruiting classes they've they've tried to get them there are you know Nebraska is fires Helen has pretty similar to Wisconsin where. You know you're not gonna have you know twenty plus guys we're gonna play an FBS schools but there are ample were pretty quality prospects now. That Nebraska got a pretty good job of keeping most have been state just like Scott and as you look at western current class. Wisconsin was able to get bright and Williams from Nebraska. You haven't got hot made that last. Connolly pushed for him aren't they also have a Wisconsin he kind of figures to be able Scotland to beat already this this fall and I am not we talked about what nick direct. Scotland on him early. They've got in my campus. You know less than. Three times he's taken an official visit there are so you know let go of Nebraska you know which is like so pretty similar to Scott it any other state it. Is pretty impressed and they were able to get any kind Rick. He's secure with thirty plus offers that would be an impressive yet for the bears. You know I would liken it to reopen for time. There was. A Minnesota I think it's very similar to Wisconsin Nebraska that Wisconsin could Gorman soda. And probably give their biscuits because because of your Wisconsin you're constantly beaten Minnesota. If you constantly beat Nebraska I think you should be easier for you to get into that state because they should Euro. Yeah you know Greg beyond what what you just got called. Historians they recruiting which a lot of people up there but what you sent Gary you know when you win that game 190. When you're that close and in terms of recruiting when he got the success stop that attic. No Minnesota's program is kind of an up and down the last four years dot clutched. A school that Wisconsin go in there and get their top he had been you know minority and knows well that that's when in the in Minnesota and look I'm an. Kind of nab their top tier talent that edits so our you know Minnesota the state that it had a difficult time. You know keeping their top did. Inside that statement. You know they're no different this recurring classic electric spent part. I'll probably end up as you know Wisconsin honor probably Nebraska. Hang on handful of other kids you know nick Carol another kid from from Minnesota. Or start here who's committed ordered him so you know it it starts with keeping your elements by the state I think that's a big reason why Wisconsin's. I had such a long consistent success because they've they've kept those inside the state. Initiatives in this part of a bigger portion maybe. I was written somewhere that that Maryland. The recruiting class is ranked better than Wisconsin. How does how does Maryland how does that happen. Well you can you talk about in here recruiting hearing a Maryland the hot I agree they have a number of kids in that area what big time recruits. You know you're you're talking about you know thirty plus he would do were probably you know high level division one football players so. You know very votes he goes here inside the days. Now Maryland in every you know success and occurred in court now. They can kind of transition that into success unions seem. You know that that the degree somewhat at Maryland governors are trapped in that you can recruit in your own backyard have a lot of success now. There's a number number of others political and Ohio State and there are a lot. Scott then you know the last five or six years and is made that a priority. You know the SEC school Pippen and there are so I mean there's a lot of talent there so you know that's not us it's waste. Outside the state that that's certainly their help your pro. Diagonal like sad in an article Dennis Don and CBS sports. Their dorm of the fact that he may not come back to college admission the pros he's in New England Patriots right now. The talk about the fact that. Nabil mode when he had 34 Arkansas Travis a much success at Wisconsin and he said quote as far as Paul Crist 347. Pulls kind of kept the same formula it's obviously one that has worked in that niche market what does that mean. I Seattle and allow our sister for broad appeal but you know yeah yeah. I'm like here Anderson. You know kept it very similar to what burial are yet. Are consistent success there you know he's not having the success of walkers that worked no Scotland in the conversation because football playoff and potentially you know the national championship but he kept them who plans pretty similar so I would be. Now I would imagine that eat it when he's kind of talked about his the other in the kitchen. Wisconsin being able to develop talent. Not to to have guys who you know in their third or pretend that you're the program start to emerge. Europe because you're you're not recruiting at that. And we level like in SEC school may recruit. Are you morbid developmental program I would imagine that's what you. Boys second on that. So based of that. It is cheaper munching on a fact that. You know if Crist were to leave Wisconsin that this wouldn't work somewhere else because he filed a hard way didn't work Arkansas is is that kind of or go with this. That horse always got it doesn't work anywhere else. There not I think there's a lot to directing. You know maybe Greg beyond my underestimated. How good he had that Wisconsin he stepped into a place where the culture was established. That the thing was up and running in your view what Nebraska which was it was an overall quirky. Yet to start from. From ground zero and I think he made you realize just a cult that was. LP he was naive to the fact that it was gonna take a lot of work but at least typical pretty good situation at Wisconsin. I think you learn there Nebraska. There are so sorry not the Brett. Our. Net that's just. Raising when he went to Arkansas we all said bell that its data show that he's never going to be Alabama and you you know being talked to go BL issue right. Exactly right and if he's actually. Stays in the NFL that might be the best platform at this point and being a defensive coordinator something in the NFL and and carry on his career from their Johnny Mac thanks so much for coming up Matt appreciate it. There is John McNamara vegetable astakhov part of the rivals network covering the Wisconsin Badgers.