Michael Boettcher: Miller Park Groundskeeper

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, July 11th
Bart Winkler caught up with Miller Park Groundskeeper Michael Boettcher to talk about the changes that go into changing it into a soccer field.

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There is a game tonight at Miller Park not the brewers there in Miami but. There's a soccer match. UConn game you call soccer match gaming public pitch the field it that's big I noticed that the when he re did the field you still see the durable. Audience see the finished product here I saw there on Monday. When they had taken that they killed on and that was as the biggest concern and there is a concern that maybe they don't get it exactly right. Win this thing's all said and done they've got a weekend have to do it because of the all star break that the brewers wall wanna play baseball where there's not a baseball field right now so. On Monday LA Donna Miller Park trains and I talked to the grounds keeper Michael Boettcher about all the problems that. They could have. If they don't get it done and then I was snooping around Monday when I was there and he's been chatter rumors get not so try to sneak that in his while this is from mom Monday stroller. God see the outfield and our preparations are under way Michael venture here grounds keeper at Miller Park so it this is a little bit different. Then what you're typically accustomed to when you first got the assigned a couple of years ago that you were going through this and a soccer field. Was that like cool or was that the opposite of that. You know I think it was a bag and next. Emotions are now one you I love baseball I love preparing a baseball field for our baseball team. By you know as a stating that we are you know we get beat turn into a multi use facility. And you know I think it was a challenge that we are willing to take down. That's V as we get face of these and I think you know this is similar to the years previous to take kind of challenges we need to and transform the feel that as needed in the. Situations over to a soccer. Because sometimes. Be a soccer fans. I can't watch too much soccer but can't than that a fan either. I love soccer you can Garfield it's okay people like I guess they pay its. You go via you know. Heard mill Naylor soccer match you've got game. He got field. They carried this is your fear a fellow fellow soccer. Grounds keepers would mean probably maybe prefer me to come out of the pit side there I'm not since that's. Any idea that. But it is I mean you guys do different events here it's like concert specifically here when people come in. Throw tents down and sleep overnight. And I think some of that is all right all laid down you know it's to protect the field but the field still there this is unique because you actually have to change. The field and look at home plate it is not all blades of grass the mound is. It's down it's gone which I'm sure the pitchers alike but it it's. It's down how different is this event compared to the other ones shifted to prepare for. You know I think each event has its different impacts this one obviously very impact on our infield surface clay surfaces are especially. So yet they excavation on the mound definitely. A stress as we've put a lot of blood sweat and tears into that he's declared for a lot of for a lot of hours throughout the season. But you know I think each event has its different stresses and challenges associated with the and that dead that played being just served and it's like it definitely will provide its talented bringing it back to baseball on the back side here and so. You know but we were there we try to do our best to make sure that there's zero impact. That the players are gonna notice when they return here from all star break and had about ten days. I could there be any situation and there's liner to short it bounces funny and make you think that's because of the soccer game. NASA hopes that. You know we're gonna do it had a good efforts are being fired yet. We're gonna generally not having that sort of situation here. And obviously presents its challenges greatly. And good probability for that to happen but we've got a lot of safety checks in place. From now until when we the players step back on the field next week. That makes it doesn't happen. Michael would you say is the more challenging process making it into the soccer field. Are making a bag and a baseball field. I think. Bringing it back to baseball's gonna have ideas most challenging. Aspect just because we're going to be shaping at six and a half tons of play. On the mound as a comeback candidate and loads. That happens on the time you know we're we're gonna have to mold that. Impacted his statement and then bringing the playback and on our infield services make these are transitions. Are within a fraction dominates the way they were when we last. I think so coming back to baseball. And molding the field back to where we needed to be able haven't found its biggest challenge. Verses on them. Front side where we're district in and out. Now. That the backside definitely has its more agencies. Had to bring it back to the right. How is that throughout the season that they play serious here against the Braves okay as they did last weekend and then they're off for three days maybe they come back. Column on how hard is it to keep the field. As good as it was an ad series started in between those days throughout the season what what's the process. Throughout the season I think you know that dailies that you've seen. The conditioning of the plays. Constant leveling the grooming of the plays. And obviously see them mowing patterns and stuff on the grass the things these jealousy from homestand homestand is the constant cultivation. You know as nurturing of the turf surface. And attack based services get a little bit out of whack than what we like you know we're we're ready for re engaging were were calculating what we need to adjust. An answer that I'm going throughout the entire season's over running in the background while this all things going back. We're doing steps to make sure baseball it was ready for the next homestand so the big days there's a lot of stuff happening in the background always in terms of hitting that turf variety that properly cultivated properly that is ready to handle the Wear a pair of continues throughout the season. An aversion trade from a channel. That's a great question for somebody else. That that's time. If he ends up here we'll at a half the field ready Barnes out. But I think that's a great question for somebody else at this point. I'm literally asking every person that works here thank you so much for your thank you thanks for coming out.