Michael Cohen: It's been a positive free agency so far

Chuck & Winkler
Monday, March 19th
Our Green and Gold Insider Michael Cohen joined Chuck and Bart to discuss the free agency period for the Packers so far.

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Guys on the inside. Green Bay football league insider Michael Coe and all the fan and he's more. Oh this is of Thomas Motorola. Truck going where we are served up five Perkins restaurant and bakeries. I'm borrowing Burnett's check freemen are green and gold insider. Joining us on the great midwest bank. Outline who won the only Michael come on good morning Mike Mike. Well we'll talk to you don't you know obviously since the cal Fuller debacle on Friday or two was or wasn't. Arm was a sore right move for the Packers to to make this took to sign him and did they help all the make things easier on the bears. Does this all went down a span of a couple hours on Friday afternoon. You know I think probably console ourselves Kuerten in. The sort of seemed like it was a little bit of desperation. I. Look at the murder relaxes Kurds. It's everybody at the top of the market. Let screwed us. Her short. In and I don't believe it actually occurred occurred where. That he just didn't expect them to. You know get this off. Some of the leaders. You know this is let you know a last resort kind of thing in terms of all the top guys are gone what can we do well this. Time. And the tradition. Somebody you know I don't think it appears. You know they've they've been next to leaders pretty affordable. Cairo is owned. I think it's fifteen million the first here and it could be your own billionaire expecting. Year but there's. The critical it here too terrible parent he. But it's still a pretty affordable deal based. In order. You're free agency so you know basically for an extra fired in the dollar area. Along the various you know locked up wondered for a long time so in that regard it was a very friendly deal for the bears. When they traded to Marius Randall. The sentiment that I was hearing from people which I warned against. Was bothered doing this because they must. The end I'm Richard Sherman and then he signs well that means they must be in on Jack Johnson but then he signs. It seemed like. It didn't seem like that they had a plan made they made that move without really. Targeted cornerback. And now that's tennis you're seeing what you're seeing is a somebody who's a fan Michael I'm not like. I'm not jumping off a bridge 'cause I think they're cornerback. Depth this terrible right now which. It is but they also made that move without having a plan to meet which is why I further question the move that they made. To get rid of a guy I know that he was a problem for some. But he was still your number one corner up to that point. So a couple letters to. Whom I think more of a problem locker. You realize there are a lot of voters in the room I had issues with the reassurance. And some of you start having conflict with the coaching staff which was very public in the predators. And then you have some of the veterans that are frustrated with. And that you have to have at the end of the year question in coaching stuff yeah. Or you don't not holding players to eat alone you know it was a situation where I think Fredricka. We just. Didn't want him around. Her baby quite a car accident because you know some of their problems that you costs. In that regard I understand. The other layer took risks and out burger shut the announcement at the article churn up its troop. Yeah expressed desire to practice it Cleveland Browns introduced him at safety. So he is quarterback that is going to try either start precinct. The Packers is that I don't want like ordered are safety and what the situation was but. If you look at the Brown's web site and you look into the future reduced capacity on. So the Packers probably didn't have any desire to move from the safety notre premise that. Told them that he doesn't wanna play corner anymore then then he doesn't have a role on this team. Because they don't need him at six. Her here so we're to the Packers go from yours first defense of beckon me -- that false and some those other ones we throw out their only about a are they enough hot water when it comes of that position right now. Yet there's a couple of different things that they can do first of all that it would treat person who will that at any given time and we don't know. You know we don't know about it until it happens to them that big a deal tomorrow for one of the best cornerbacks in the league and we just you know. Don't happen and it's in everyone's they'll. Milosevic did have a plan at all. But on the other convict whose ticket senator older guys the club house being one of them but I think. That they should bring back and that they can use of course their draft pick the first draft pick wanted to can move up probably toward the top ten. The Clinton bigotry with somebody. Given extra there. The British Randall straight. And that you never know which other veterans are gonna get. Cut in Orlando Scandrick is cut your new business. I'm not saying those are the guys that are the answer but you're gonna start dispute or or better guys. Get a crack at teams trying to shoot their salary caps and the next he's so they're not they're in the water yet. But it certainly. Have a certainly dwindling relative to what. What do was. You know we can happen. Michael color green angle insider here shockingly clear on that the fanned the Jaime ram contract. That's order revealed over the last couple of days to. Did that looks like a friendly move where. The Packers it means essentially a two year deal making caught on there's a cap at about 3.5 after that third you ought. But this is a move where. Attackers. In a lot of minds may be said and shorting note Jimmy yes they made that move in Minnesota cornerback so far. The media will percent up to this point. Would you say this free agency period has been a success for the Packers or have they left a little bit on the table. Well. Think recruits. I think overall productive for them I think and you've Ingraham was an important piece because he's essentially he's a wide receiver is not at an event. So you don't look the spot majority Dalton. Took on the field will regent grand spot so you essentially swapped those who have since. It's pretty friendly contract if they actually it's actually one year deal I hit the premiere deal you know in total but it's really want your deal. Because he has the roster bonus of several million dollars at this time. Next year so the Packers could release them prior to this time next year. And they would have to pay him that several billion dollar roster so it's really but yeah you do this one year. If you do well then we'll pay you got several million dollar bonus keep your own routine. For 2019. And the workers inside of resolve that I haven't seen yet but. Adding a guy that is from the pass rush ability from the inside and now the Packers are do we have one of the best defensive. You know France and beleaguered up there was. You know Minnesota and teams like that in terms of their ability. And the athleticism that they have there. Obviously I think there's something left to be desired one back position but. I think you know clearing the cap space that they didn't signing to players with victory at those are positives for the credentials. Yes the Jimmy Graham deal which you guys DTL this morning it sounds like if the Packers want to get out of it after one year OC will working out. It wouldn't really hurt the booed the seller camp or hurt them financially. I mean it would hurt the piece of that money back here. Well yes that's essentially what you're you know if he doesn't play well the Packers can release them prior to the start of the 29. Exceeded the 2019 the year and they don't have to paint the roster bonus that astute readers into that you're so. It essentially you know play well this year and keep you around if you don't play well this year. Michael Cohen you can find him at Packers news that count the Milwaukee journal sentinel as well on check on his podcast on Twitter Michael underscore Cohen. Thirteen Mike appreciate it we'll talk soon. In order predict.