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Thursday, August 9th
Mike Clemens discusses the up to date Packers training camp action, joined by Gary Ellerson talking Gutenkust and Packers Receivers.

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Seven halfway around the plan. Approached in the first game down on the sidelines where they'll know. Stay there for the next two or three able suit. You know about always George Washington from the top you know it's so much more into. I think it's first formal discussion within the young players are we have a legacy of their coaches and and the stress of of the moment. That was Packers GM Brian good against saying he'll take this one in tonight from the sidelines this is a Wendy's big show. And I had feared big boys guys say are embedded Green Bay football reporter Mike Clemens joins us now from Packers camp Mike how are you this afternoon my friend. I think Sean Walker backed Sparky thank you Michael argument. Good match current was Saturday is that a change from Ted Thompson's policy watching things from the sideline ever if I seem to remember Ted sitting up in the Booth Moore times did not. Well during games but not Ted has always made it one of the few things that Ted was more revealing. Particularly during training camp as he likes being down on the sidelines and preceding games because you think that's really important his watch. Look at the eyes of the kids just coming off the field party react you know the success. That failure to understand substitutions as you know these they actually look like he knows what's going non. Which down situations so Ted won't walk the sidelines and but how guys respect there position coaches play amongst each other now trying to get a few per teammate but to Republicans says you know. Maybe do that night but I like watching the action signals from the sept war. Real quick let's get serious it was a Elvis or anybody gal this solo home run for two now. Birds over the Padres it is in the sixth inning clemens' worst Ted Thompson going to be for this game. I asked him if he's facility organization. And he still has a job as a senior advisor as long as he wants but we don't know seems to be in the press box where. Naw I imagine you'll be up in the press box. I really go wherever you want to meaning there. In not I would sufficient to say you know has no longer here. So I didn't know right today's race we don't see him anymore but Ted came to a lot of practices once training camp he comes to team drills. They'll come and watch the team goes he won't stand for you know tackling dummies. But my senses that they. He's got a job through next year two years as long as you want to be a part of the staff. That you can hang around and collect a check you know what this contract is actually at the end of this season. You know he's a a scout emeritus of the Green Bay Packers. Dream job. Mike who's the wind got fourteen off his defense or special team that matter what I wanna to a three players you'll be watching intensely tonight. While I'm I'm confident are you guys were talking about captain's concern is I'm anxious to see number nine months previous Adams. Let loose on the titans offensive line because he's a big strong here are some take. Lucas Patrick would be double pink and change happens you know that insides now. He thought he put the guard and grab them by the assured and rolled down on the ground like a pill I mean faced down. That's how strong educated. And he says. He's always been public coaches is that that is his first step so I hope you put on the show. I hope for war when it comes the concerns I've been very concerned about offensive tackle after gambling night. I spent all the OTA's and mini camps. Watch and wide receivers not because they're minus Jordy Nelson or even Jeff Shannon. But because. I knew there was going to be like there's two or three slots to fill up and I'm a life hour are predicted Aaron Rodgers blow up on Tuesday. Like our rights seriously now I got four weeks and quote Michael and in the battle here. And and so I've watched all that of one Bakhtiar went down. I've been watched the last the rest of failing nineties last two practices. And Jay Sprague hasn't changed. He's big he's strong he's put on twenty pounds. But he's still makes this is the strangest decisions. And guys beat him inside to work in early and then how mostly. Is my income like cultural point without what work big kids they're staying current on the left side. And it would be great probably for the for of blood blocking. But he does not have defeat the you'd need at left tackle or I guess we're spoiled by by David backyard. And then the Byron about that that they brought in from. Cowboys and passers by for that I mean just looks gassed at the time there. And I talked to me very Teresa's. Hey you know what we always thought I'll put the cowboys and Panthers that the Packers had the number one number two pass protection. Offensive line in the league he's a moral weren't injured and learn before. So he might still be trying to get up to what change captivate but this is a Mike Jahri Evans were you know he just got off the plane from Roland. Walked into that right guard spot and nailed it for the next sixteen games. You know back up tackle after block of Bakhtiar. Is wide open. Tucker with our medic Green Bay football reporter Mike Clemens here had a tonight's pre season opener. Against the titans Mike after Aaron Rodgers tirade on on the young guys the other day and it seemed it seemed to pointed in targeted mostly at. The the young wide receivers he was playing with how the game is tonight for these guys to start. I guess under may be redeeming themselves is overstating it a little bit but. I mean there are positions to be had there in the wide receiver Koren and in terms of the order that they'll fall. I think that a lot of that starts to get decided tonight does not. Other gonna get the snaps they're gonna get the maps and it'll be Brett Connolly out there probably first. And then dish on Kaiser after that then maybe camp are killed coming after that but I would you played Dovonte in this game. That's necessary. Randall Cobb is get this sore ankle Trevor Davis has got a hamstring him and I. You know it'll be interesting what they do what the first. And the first couple of series and then after that you're getting right into Jake co world number sixteen. And see if he can have the same kind of chemistry would Brett homily that he's shown what Aaron Rodgers and after that it's Jamont more. And that's really likes I haven't announced number 82. And then it's Marquez bell this Gatling. Gary if you still if you brought drilled three days and overall. And you're in the wide receiver group that you're the last guy in the line to go to the drills and major lesson capture right. Well you got that that could be record being that our. Three days in a row and ask mark has felt that gambling. He. Laughter total other year those large or or or epic in order. You've got to feel good about so just really had dotting the geek. Is here. I'm very young guys who've never done before yeah Jake done before he's done this season that starts that he understands the process. Any anti you know he understands the process obviously so. Geronimo understand that kind of process that does that is through as a matter don't scout team probably and if they were it was part of their freshman. Way way back into wasn't the same way when Enron stepson in the huddle with. But the scouts. So. That's a huge difference there goes back to what it is how on this team news and how they got to give these guys caught. So to have a problem Roxio now. If you've got to keep these guys. Up to speed he's got to keep it devastated. Listen there's not a hundred joke regarding your likely head college. You could have played scout team and you gonna have to give a look at your quarterback Aaron Rollins Robert rob argue corner mr. scout team. You better be or to a scout team. Applaud they're gonna give up a little bit better chemistry there we all it would have to adapt to give the teachers are. Those. Do you think Aaron Rodgers starter and means that on either but now they do. Do you think Aaron Rodgers is handling young guys the right way for 147991250. Can tweet us at 1057. FM the fan Gary you should do you should drop cards on how to make sandwiches because that might sound like a simple thing but there's an art to sandwich making in Gary Ellison. Is an RT east. When it comes in a Sam match. World war boo boo him due to what you really good. He's right now you have what you go from there male strip what I don't want to get. She does dole RD major turn of yours all this week I thought I brought a little throwback 32 bit our colleague Gary Austin team. BT three. What does that stand for dinner whatever I have free repair of the big they watching golf this week I like to throw optional fax. With the air up your chores. A preview release Jesus wrecks like the GP LV what a hundred year history. I'll be golfing arch your ship there. Our have been eight players who want debate you're on their first struck. Surely he gave Bradley. Water in his debut Beckett who doubt that it ever acute. A lot of all but I I do go that deep that Watson baked premier beats it teases for every character. To watch baker being achieved for recipes treated by the founder back in 1930. A perfect role for generations. Would you try to block for the first term you hold it one book the perfect fool watching the current. This has been and other Gary Olson. I like to keep your sports fairly fit this summer start by your local Mitchell mark Dell account. An effort to want to buy a day due to Watson it's a fair. Do you think Aaron Rodgers handling these young guys write 4147991250. Tweet us at 1057 get a Max FM the fan won the rugged and yes you lower offer to. And our listeners who we love so dearly right after this on the Wendy.