Mike Clemens: Packers training camp update

Chuck & Winkler
Wednesday, August 15th
Mike Clemens joined Chuck and Bart live from Packers training camp to share his thoughts on Aaron Rodgers calling out his teammates, playing time for QBs during the Packers preseason game against the Steelers, and which CBs will make the roster.

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No hope Radisson hotel and conference center green and gold training temple tapes rescinded by Robert peck diamonds. Mike Clemens reports from title town. Only on 1057. FM the fan. I don't feel like when you make a statement like that today needs to be. You know some big response or you know feelings heard her offense that somebody takes whether. If they do they've taken the wrong way because this is a professional environment and I'm an invite us and I'm doing things. Then I feel like investments in the team from a leadership standpoint and if no one else is gonna stand up and criticize bad practice. And maybe undated don't do. Okay from what he said there it sounds like he was sending a message but earlier. He said he wasn't. There not there and we sent the message they got it let's all move on chuck and wake their from the Brian Stratton college athletics studios like Clemens. Joining us from Green Bay on the agreement West Bank outlined LO Mikey I might. Up are quite proud to go out yesterday. Always always a success its exit right or no major success yes we missed yet. It was hot out there right. While noises it's always hard six hours of law. Golf but dom. Michaels one he shot 38 under par at that it is it written about a month now and only showed ninety and parties geeky of the only. Right after the out heed that though woody woody shot and even the highlights but now's a good time had you ever been or you've always been training camp. Hour here now now. A one of these times I'll error Rogers Colin his teammates or his wide receivers last week when he talked about it a little bit. Earlier this week about that he just wants to win are you on board with what he did it. All of us. Well do you think he's the diva of your listeners think it is I mean there's a lot of negative comment about Aaron Rodgers. Who's you know what happened here came when he was down last year you were our world our buddies playing his best football ever. Last September. For the vikings game. And you know there. But yeah up seven and nine and a half the coaches lost their jobs because of that because they didn't have Brett probably ready. And they couldn't fix the problems. In the middle of the season try and you know hang on to a better spot and get into the playoffs is. Is that the senate for the first pictures. The fact is that the number one Aaron Rodgers is not a vocal leader. He's the first to admit it. It was Charles Woodson who gave the White House speech need not Aaron Rodgers when they went to the Super Bowl. But he does feel he's got to be vocal and step up but he called. This isn't like he's the talk in the media and not approaching some of these young players and say what's going on you know he slammed the football on the ground. And and school to guide them and lovely Betty nobody's got dropped a few CDs I've heard about hope he goes to position coaches. And it's not liking it out of aren't really here Cooley as he's Aaron Rodgers he's in his fourteenth season. And they're really Smart guy and Smart football player. And he wants to see effort out of guys grabbed his job of through there's coaches that make. Six excuses or some other rookie receivers of the younger players they want. They've never gone to this kind of a practice they just out of college in business for years well not that. Effort is effort and we were so limited in you know the thing is these players. Didn't want to go through trade and get beat up through their collective bargaining agreement. But now. You're looking at the C can you get three game three practices and inflict what. Are you kidding me that although I doubt left trying to get ready to try and B two division opponents the bears. And the vikings' week while we do so there's there's a little bit up and there that they you know. I need that you guys he'd be familiar but you go from a locker room. You ask a brand new pair of life has been here four months. In. Tim Boyle the quarterback whoever won sixteen point seven quarterback rating and touchdown until the night. Against the titans I attempt what public and Aaron Rodgers and the quarterback. That's unreal here I always knew he was you know the best in the NFL. But when you get here you see the person how he processes things and how he physically does things it's a whole other level I thought so it's. Honestly can't put into words he's he's he's he's a different planet here is against Notre Dame culture first touchdown pass he said fourth game. 2005 against the titans his recall from earlier than you only have this happen in 2007 against the dolphins and I was you know twelve years ago he go look it up if you think he's pulling your leg. It recalled that there's gaps or. He's he's very bright. And policy very physically gifted. We'll assault that might we'll see Aaron Rodgers at least a little bit tomorrow night and then the shot Kaiser Brett Conley obviously they need some time. Which Tim Boyle did this even have a realistic shot at the rosters sieges to a body right. Our yeah you know. Everybody was excited about the way he looked and and and now frankly we are spending more time paying attention to because under the lights he performed really well. I asked McCartney about that and those looking to both tiger and oil they did some good things the other night but they have a long ways to go. With you know the way you play quarterback Mike McCarthy. And that's why I also think that this whole thing. Getting get rid of the various Randall by the way if you watch and a partner. I guess the big guys don't think Torre's. He's I'd make a joke and Hugh Jackson head coach is coming overseer get their attention your coach over here. That's exactly the reason why he's no longer Green Bay. But I think that they really think life like Kaiser as an athlete it's only 2.2 years old. It's gonna take them a year to get his footwork and all those little things you like to see. Doug McCartney says cannot. I just let them play at home it's screaming at them bought for work and that techniques stuff that we like it McCarty quarterback school. One other plane right now they're they're just trying to get the plate now and political football. But it takes a you know it'll take them a year or so I think it's humbling because of these unknown entity I have to get you through in case. A Rodgers would go down again per quarter or half first. God forbid a couple of games. And they got to keep guys are on the roster that could teach him a vice. Somebody gets hurt in a breath howling at the whole priest he's a one time with a ankle injury. Or. Is something else is or kimbo displays. In a lot of his mind. At the U another thing but most of these teams in the NFL they they elect to feed their quarterbacks in an average quarterback like a delicate Drabinsky and Chicago or working his way up. They want peace 75 snaps in the pregame. I think writers don't have a 25 or 26 left Gillette because he's Aaron Rodgers. But that we can't talk to Mike McCarthy about this yesterday. I that. You know when it comes to deciding what working with a few Rodgers do and I think this is all depending on whether the left tackle David backyard. Back from the include recently and I can start to protect your martyrs of the backup tackle they've got right now is a problem. I have McCarthy. About what the work that you're getting the Rogers in that preceded how many apps does he need vs what should get done. Practice and belief that. They're just one thing it's like this I wouldn't do. You know we are just those are things going wrong elements would we wanna get done on the practice field as opposed so. All the precision attacks on me so we've we've we've made locker room saying we're mailroom was different as you were. Other people what we've we've put Lola a lot of credence into what we don't practice those those are very important padded practices. And are laid out on the floor port practices. On for a reason. For withdrawals happening. What time it signals. Coming to go back to training camp I'm in this training camp schedule. The structural not complete the third and that the very careful before we can for Friday and made it pretty much every year. Because you know from that point on the corners. Assistant coaches we are working on training camp. It's almost import prices of year so we're you know through May through June and then you're on deuce and scripting over summer comeback and both were gonna step forced organ that's what you put the time into them because. And you'd have to get it done and those credit practices decision for a total was half as many as you used to have an old soul. You have to hit the target there in. Pre season games is a move import but also mentioned that ultimate football thing factors and how you play guys so you. We've put upon a time and energy and the pill into into those products. I giving Mercedes Lewis Jimmy Graham. Stole the headlines I think Lewis is kind of an unheralded move what is Siegel an at this team. Was the blocking back but you know he can he made a one and catch on the sidelines to the other night. And the camera and I. Isn't that he's a veteran and I think he's got a little bit of a chip on the show it is understandably kisses the jaguars got done we got good. That he didn't get brought back. But we were talking to him about how he's feeling that it in the offense. He brought out. What was his bike to work with Rogers by itself but the essence this is what he said about work over there Rogers. He's on the dissident. Planet was so and a thing. The most underrated anybody loses his attitude is that throughout the whoever doing would've in the morning attitude sort of is it to most things you can control of and that's party processing room that looks like you does a great job of that is just a good dude in general so you were doing as good as the. My comments covering training camp from Green Day reports all day long here on the fan Mike before we let you go we you have to be the tiebreaker. Putting together our roster. Erin angler says Knoll and Michael Cohen has said yes the guys we talked to and it comes to divine house if they'll make the team how is he looking and we'll be in the 53. Really. Nicholas said about how trigger cuts. Here. Well I know I I thought I was that they had in the game the other night is okay I've seen him make some coverages. Peaceful peaceful will be explored but he experience. Here's the problem you know Kevin king and they want him to be the starter but he. Not got another injured shoulder. And you will and that really raises questions because as a the other shoulder lecture popped out a dozen times during the season he would have. Surgery policies and so that makes him a question mark. Josh. Jackson. Is what really flashed now in the last two weeks he really came on family night. A party had a pretty good night. Against the titans. And also he's also would already got that looks like they're gonna run him as a Gunner on the kick off. And I talked Iran's look and he liked what he saw there are so. You know we've strap bacon first and special teams in your rookie year. You know one of these undrafted player just a really good cyber I I still think that there would do that for right now where they're at how the federal. I think houses. Though that'd be there next jagr Alexander. The number one topic is is an outstanding player who's all over the field and quick and really Smart. Really it. Coordinated. Gifted talented gifted as big personality. Good deal with a groin entry but I honestly thought he is going to be in the star that he would be a better guy. And the nickel or dime packages fine nickel and usually over the slot guy so. I guess I just think that that's the way it would line up I would think that would be device would be right behind Kevin King if he's healthy. As the number two corner on that side. Mike appreciate it we'll talk again nod next week and we look forward to more reports. I Smart about it.