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Monday, January 22nd

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Guys that'll be our runner around the on deck event joins us right now on the great midwest bank hotline he is our insider at a McKelvey from brewers dot com And nothing to rove. Hey. I am I on. Secondly it correctly on the person to be as apparent here yeah there. The debt that is news in them the kind of beer you. The kind of news you're looking for. Know was there some. Okay let me rephrase the brewers have a shot at Darvish. I you know yes. I think I was I was Joker how some of the millenium like well like I mean the answer actually yes. Because. I didn't feel like you with the pack him a little surprised that at various points in his tenure I think it hurt and tried a couple of you know minor one but I remember in the call about the U and others are going with what. It's it's it it was totally outside the box. I think he's going to be the guy. I'm the type of the kind of surprised the law and there are certainly you surprised but the little bit I know what Yu Darvish. I'd be very shocked opinion that more work. Yet he seems like he enjoys the finer things in life that there are more Arty and LA in new York at market. Yeah yeah our computer guy who want to be comparable. Who influence. He. When he well he's afraid to get to choose market certainly isn't he the pop up where. But look at the rear winter and there's going to be a lot of really good players. And I want to eat our vision I can't remember what happened in the world news glared at. Not you know murder I have to go out and I thought I'd be there be actual after the other partner because. The group that put together opera that compelling. Consider. Yeah and I would think that he got creative in that offer maybe an opt out plan. And maybe it's just as you said it's been a weird offseason. Maybe it's just trying to get in first just in case someone buckles a little bit and and they just say hey man maybe Jimenez agents say amen. We better take this money now we don't know whether sings don't. Well I think that I yet he explained a lot of well others have been doing all interest because they have been moving students some free agents. That as dull. They would have never been going here. So. We're looking at the birth of all why would they be intrusive. Like with doctor. They have. Four years of control remaining 31 over emerging player attracts quality pictures in my pocket I think mortars that. Victory and don't look out a million different area and arm. You know I think with the rise of indeed they ripped right and analytics. It's not your greens are using this guy could do it what you think you could do coaching they don't have mechanism. To. Quality and all the different combinations of players. And he put it look what it says what the projection today you'd get out so. You know use aren't looking as an example paper I. Then flipped. Some outfielder for. Starting pitcher and add that there incentive to play for your eyes what was that it is your club. They they plug in the their model. GM each have their proprietary. Model they hope plug it into the computer. And they won't come out in I think it leading around the game I think one of the factors. Things slowing down a little bit is that. Can any team that seems to be considering weigh our options outside of the box option and they do it before and I think part of the reason for that is it's not just. You know it's not just brainstorming and theorizing. They do you have. Data off with that and allow them I think to consider our options. But if I don't personal period in I think it helps explain why the are just the morning. To so many different region. And you know it but yet there's been little outside of the street dancing. Well in an Adam I've been just fascinated with with that is the lack of movement around baseball. And how it's it's changed out right now it seems odd to be kind of at a tipping point of where teams are looking at. Changing the ideal one when a guy's Atlantic prize and the the bottle right now. Where your your pain and Dirk for the first three years and then you had arbitration for another three and then you're paying guys for possibly their their physical decline. There were I know we're far away from 20/20 one. When the new CBA is gonna have to come up but do you think this is where the game is going. Or do you think this is more of an anomaly teams waiting for next year with with the three studs of Machado Kershaw on harper. Well that part of their end quote it is. It was either. Because to me what's happening at all it was. But I hit a perfect. One. Factor number one of what you match next year's music. I think he would like. There that would have their way to say when it's over. All that knack he's 2229. At a big red circle because. If they develop well it would have money that they've been trying these very active or year. Competing on the very end connection. Well but that often more generally based on X where there aren't part of it is. Our lab. How though it didn't let it all of them now easing the path they are more data driven. And I think that is. Our long been a little different acting guys is all over baseball. Sam are buying into the eight year rebuilt slam took me. Get as excited about rebuilding. Out about went totally am I. Yet well look in an but I think that's part of it too is that GM don't feel. The pressure from there on days of debate in Egypt deal just to be in 85 when talking. They are able to convince fans that look acute patient without you will be closely watching golf changed. And I think all of these things are sort of playing into that extreme making sort I. No but he couldn't. Really contain her past reform. That are in the appropriate. For. A ban happened. I'll but I do think that. You know I don't know can be an ex CPA two to. Are changed ray players are dictated crafts for the first. Armed but it it is certainly no different the winner and now I just a lot of. Adam McKelvey brewers dot com here on Huntsville weekly presented by the Milwaukee admirals we just talk to one of Kregg council's vote getters. And said Josh and Josh hey Aaron for a critical look at that and I doubt I'd. Asked a question to a David Stern's last week on the air about Josh his role in he had said it wouldn't surprise him or whatever however he put it. That he will do both starting and relieving now could be fun with words and fun with sentences Z it was set around. Couple of different ways your thoughts on that. Josh haters situation where. Now trying to figure out what he meant by that and and you're obviously. Obviously not gonna go from the bullpen to starting today it throughout the whole season but I could see him starting in this. Bullpen. And mid season or later it moved to the starting rotation that makes cents. Well or it even more nebulous and that is that he's primarily a bulk of orders could perhaps routes when there's need what you do get other guys blow. When there is it's a string of tweaking Perot off days you start McCain's. But what do via shorter start though then. I I think it would be it would get three innings dark something. I bet. You know you and you started it by calling him out there I just think in general Craig Counsell and and out. You know David Stern and Matt Arnold a Carl Miller of the others in the office. They are thinking differently about using pitching and a cup river and alternative they don't keep doing that the cartel for them early the doctor in the regular season. Are of using it pitching a little different you you can't do it like they do in the post. If you do need. On some level they have to Powell he hit innings from your starters. In order to him licking his over haven't you know raiders. But he had there and I think that's are pretty creative with the way you just in person dictator got built up and got to experience in the last year. And I think the additional remote and is really critical for the assuming Logan it's healthy that's earn back and Peter Joel bottom. And it frees up under these horror. I wanna use them fifth inning I think here. Good stretch of batters right and get in and out of three innings. And I think it frees you to really huge out here are creative interesting. Weighed on that you have other left out there and look I mean suitor might end up being memorable turn as well so you could have three left. Yeah I I I think you're going to you're. Applying a label. Who meet income non starter verses beaver to Josh and all these I don't I don't think we're gonna hit the answer any of abduction. I I think council is gonna fight upon out all the way in or in Houston in different. Which. I got a couple of different things that I I really think this team could use going into next year and one of them is is clarity what's gonna happen at second base. Tim's very sold on the ability of Jonathan VR two to give. A couple of months to see if he's able to take that job over or do you see them that being a move where they go outside the organization. There's a couple of guys Adam I note trading in the division is soft but I think Josh Harrison would look really go to the over second base spot. Yeah and apparently making trades where you look okay you know that you know what they are. You have to apparently did not prepare Cole won't care no it didn't hurt and that badly. So if the player we're gonna make a deal and it won't hurt yet these terrorists could. Big deal lockers DelHomme played for the virtue and a guy you know probably in his heart he won it before your video and does there. In May be which victory and now looking. Not a noted authors looked like his market looks like elsewhere but if you haven't heard his name actually I haven't. And he's an independent ticket shore term deals and he could come down to the brewers again as well armed and look the possibility exists I think that it gives you are so. Bet that for a time last year. On BR have stretched for humans. You know I useful player and so wherever surgery developed scanning it I'd love that happened. They're so are your that he not turn their ankle. And nor will lose that right on the all star break where he kind of went downhill after getting hurt. Arm a platoon there could work because Johnny BR right handed lose quite effective and on sixteen gave you pop. And you know those two back to court to the thing about the art. You offered him 23 million. In. What about a year ago this time. I don't know that a terrible year one bad terrible she. Makes you totally get cards at a valuation. In I don't think you're willing to give them 23 million. In January. And then by our Ballmer you took on the captain's side yeah there's something in the middle there for Jonathan the art he has. Her term and usually. All I know he how deeply does something on the basis from strike out our routes only got to control. I just think here if you're patient with him there could be. Final thing for you Adam. People ask me about the you know what's needed for the brewers heading into this season and there's a lot different answers from my answer is. They're still bullpen arms shore and and I'm a little concerned at that the back up plan. I like Corey can naval had an outstanding year of the all star of the whole nine yards I gather here. But what you aft end and that to me is there's a real pivotal point here can they get a power arm out there are swore sect IE. You know I get in that mix would Jeff Friesen hater in and a can able. You apply that would look really good coming back to call them repeat the year that he had last year because he made apple. Pretty good person Mario. A spot and I agree with you curriculum now gonna have to prove that over course of the year he was really really. And really shape of reflect your replacing not at all actually. There could have been disaster. For that can be losing a closer that you're that. And Taylor made it pretty soon. Is a job for us then if they have if things break camp now are it would be Jeffers have been able to say gets hurt or under produces. We'll probably is Jeffords can get back to what he was what we're learning Jacob black guy that. Again in terms of neat experience not a product and he's frustrated at times lectures we hope that pretty good on the there can be very effective so. Those those you know. Taylor Williams can't I mean yeah what would you you know the if you if he's gonna have to prove he's durable I think he's start in the minor league. I think you've got to preserve very high on I don't know starter or reliever at this point but he added I think it could be really exciting at the back and you owe them. Perhaps by the end of next season. But look there's there's room to add in the good news is. There's like 150 players out there waiting to find homes. Arm and many of them are leaders and I had it and he's fine but you know all of a former cardinals closer it is not fair. I don't have the list in front of me but their their go to guy. So they wanna add up open arm experienced an arm. Those guys are available and you know again I think. I I have a very bright and dislocation. Is not finished. I think they do we I don't know that it's Darvish or area. But. If there's a notable names in my opinion coming to this group rotation. And then that put everybody down in you know and really got home I ultimately. I don't you got up that story you he's feeling really good about his chance. To mass. He left of the season than than perhaps they thought going in there and there's no date circled or anything like that by now it. Yeah is it sounds like well for the all star break. If he's if he didn't have subpoenaed you're. And you know they get something out of your mind I don't know. Everybody out how to get pushed on and on it we didn't care outcomes of for all the Oprah I'm sure. You know there is there an older sort of couldn't get actually went off of the top rusher but he down. You start to look a little deeper that you work but I bakery refused their they're there and pitching right. And I think that's partly factor does it off so so. I'm nervous for your body you mention his name I really am I you know what he's got written all of Britain this is assuming they sign a star. OK let's say I sign another star. You'll Bonnie has it written all over him that he's ten days before camp. Breaks say we're gonna turn you Lucy confide Joba Chamberlain kind of all over yup yup. Oh look I mean at the bit slow from his point of view he picked the spot that he thinks he can have the best chance to make the club. Yeah analytics like what he did it in the last year. Busy over the back that that really helps for our when he was good. Lot of that one that power perhaps or herbal combo and if he can be you know more 9394. In 1991 he got shot and go and look at dealer incentives for Oprah work. And I think they're gonna look at him pretty sure the football yeah well he's the guy who could be in the. Yeah that's that's crazy all right Adam we'll turn you loose here will see on Sunday at arms that are right. Aren't they are the areas at a McKelvey brewers dot com Our insider joining us here in the great midwest thank Tom -- West Bank committed to personalize common sense lending since 1935 when you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinance. Discover the benefits of simply local banking is great midwest bank account.