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Saturday, November 4th
"Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined each week by a member of Milwaukee NARI to discuss new and innovate ways to improve your home the right way!

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From gutters to the landscape for replacement windows to a full basement remodel and everything individually it's time for the Milwaukee married home improvement show. Are your heroes big time might may get on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. All walkman the ordinary home improvement show I'm sports pretty 1057 app from the fans. I might we giver alongside my cohost he's talkative today he's chomping -- story go renovations town Astoria it might tolerated if it's good to see unit to see you always is it to be here here a couple of things for you before get to our special guest wanna wanna think viewing the people that. Story though renovations for getting involved with this year's towards right. Thank you for that yeah I had absolutely it's a it's a good cause and now orally savient involved it's it's it is a great cause it goes on that the the week after Thanksgiving. And it set the planes firma fleets in Oak Creek. And we raise money and toys for Children's Hospital to benefit Children's Hospital at. The first jury did it Tommy was yeah we were really excited I think we did 8000 dollars and in toys in and gift cards. And children's hospitals like man this sauce and thinking so much. Less sure did a hundred that was the third sets in sick to voice. And gift cards and what we do rule. Is easy if we the people at donate cash will go winner will let our on air guys just goal. Crazy and then in that in toilet right and that won't buy gift cards so for families that have to for for places that are around their or four plays firm inflate. So the kid appearance at Phillies have to stay here for a week. You what here's 200 dollars go to planes he gets when every neat. You know or here's here's a fifty dollar for you bouncers got repeats something like that so it's it's a cause that. On I think we it has touched almost all of us have if you don't want the child its financial was Oslo you know somebody who's utilize that. And it's a phenomenal place. You know I. I'm so proud of the job we do it and think huge for for guys like you now willing to step outsells. Again things here that thinks an invitation did it nets or were excited yeah you bet. Mary don't want to what's going on narrated this show couple weeks who was phenomenal. Yeah this show was great of also did really well I think we analyze I agree people come through I was busy the booths were sold out so we were real excited with how it all turn now how I think I did on the PA matched by your good bureaucratic and Africa the Pizza Hut when I was kept him glaring back and forth I was at volunteer boats and he can't glaring back and forth that important but who. Well the cute age there's a couple of guys there that. I each node either don't they don't want to see me your they'd they'd definitely wanted to talk to your budget is up and I'd I was afforded a couple of poised. But man it was I'd vote is really good show. I love the more big girls who want to hear often add elements and it's and that's a great it's just a great show because it's it's it's a little more laid back in terms of you know being super super busy like the spring show crutches. Little more laid back on you can you can have some quality conversations and yanish Allen and and the ladies and there Diane jail or out. Glories the one that size she everything she's required she's a pot stir man right she gets me trouble yeah and people are like why did you say that I'm like I didn't say that. And she's over their chocolate. Yet everybody they seized the sniper that stirs the pot she does chicken why it quiet and then walks out and it just kind of bluesy tunes were. It was really fun and I appreciate being given a chance to be involved in. In that showed you words out banquets coming up yet the WRs are coming up January 12 so right now or in the in the midst of our chapter judges Minnesota's and then Minnesota. Judges are. Awards so. Where in the mists that right now but as January 12 and then he has the big spring home improvement show which is February 15. The eighteen coming out their parts that'll be here before you know. Our special guest is is mets' Ike has been from previous winner durst was who she is she no doubt awards ceremony we talk to a demure and single worst thing in my life. Why the food I ate they asked me to watch. To MCA. And. I didn't hear anything for a while it was couple weeks away maybe ten days now I thought okay lime out. And it really explain exactly what I'd be too when so I call the guys said they act you know I appreciate. You know you're no worries I know you probably fonts on somebody else who's known and I send you the script. I said oh that's a cigarette. There's like 31 pages. Order order I'm not a narrator I'm really bad that I a and I get out there and there's a heater on my neck and it's blowing and it's closer than you win nine. And it's a fit and and and it's not full blast. And I start sweat and put my wife my wife is that terrible day of a model why you play the resort where she and everything IDC the exit by the niners ten right we get a car ignoring the issue is who. Six and a half. They kept the whole. Code talk for hours when the heat you know this was started coming up your eyebrow a big people archer having a heart attack. Listen to what they hero unlike. Never again I I ethnically. I hate equated Qaeda Hokies equate this whole thing. Errors so world enough you know the movie airplane or Corey said in the pack it in so that kind of have that extra dollars right there or employ and all of a senate finally goal you don't what. Somebody he can somebody that worked your turn hereof fleeced. And then I thought okay I'm Rowland a thought OK got to be almost done I looked on on a paid seven. It was oil or. Well yeah they asked me to come back the next year. And I said I think her calendar was neither did just that thing that hit the courts or the other thing that day what I guess. Thank you owe me with a home improvement half of the words I didn't even know so I just kept him did you want you can snap your second. You had a vision that then you have to be able laugh at you add up all the small. Any time that I give pride from away for pre match shoah and sinking do you remember when he had yet you admire Leo prisoner and may our special guest and and I like when he comes in because there isn't anybody. A weekend to pretty much everything critic comes to window and door solutions Matt has been. Hi event ever he's got. All pretty good things having great this is the time of the year were window was windows. 1214 hour days six days a week just. Keep up with all of the demand that our customers and the factories are slow and as well and and things are good. Hey we're gonna talk a lot about your Pacific which she told me I'd during our our pre show meeting that. They're going six days a week ten to ten hour shifts of twenty hours today. It's crazy sheer Pacific has been a great thing for Wisconsin and since three happy years ago when they they moved into Wisconsin. Things have just been honest steady uphill. Track since then and about a year ago is when they added the second shift and it moved indoors Saturday shortly thereafter and an expanded now in their. Trying to find ways to get even more production out of the day because there's such a high demand for this excellent product airport not such. It's great for Wisconsin is great for Sierra Pacific and it is great for our for everybody who can for good windows where Wisconsin and located so I'll Medford is where are the main manufacturing facility has done so. It's a real big boon they put an 80000 square foot addition non elect a year or so ago and haven't. All implemented with the highest tech equipment and it's just it's real exciting time for us. So the people and in that area. Have got EE if if they were struggling to find work. Have got I would think Cohen six days ten hour days they might be get a little tired but boy you might as well make the money now when you can make it. It's a it's a far cry from where they were a few years ago where people were are struggling to get thirty hours a week and and wondered how they're gonna keep the lights on and our other gonna parenting if they're gonna have to leave their home town owner. The home state you know and when share Pacific that when share Pacific was looking to expand their really so all Wisconsin as just a treasurer in just this. Rom value the people to work ethic. So that's why they invested in us and it's really paying off on it. Where's their main office so the main offices and red bluff California okay. And from red bluff California de identified Medford Wisconsin. As a place that they wanted to bill is and that's something I'll just as I phenomenon larger shows it just shows that midwestern work ethic and that was constant pride does it it shows through to the rest of the country. Yeah I agree. And Roy why did they why do you think he chose Medford they want to get in the midwest it's it's a different type a window that they can produce here to rate. Rates are you know. Wisconsin was always a hub. For window northern Wisconsin was a hub for one know manufacturers because in the day that's for the trees were the mature as the white pine that they used to build these windows was in northern Wisconsin. But as the times change and this week we. Timber to an end and harvested these trees where to move further west and with a minor transportation the better trains or trucking and it all became easier urged to move the I'm product in from the west but we still had this group of craftsman. And his group of people in the midwest and it's just it it's a generational thing and these were not companies have identified and they still. You know use was northern Wisconsin as a hub is quite a few men effect. Sure is there yet you gotta think cast here Pacific for that night the people up in in in that area not just met her but certainly did destroying communities. Have got to see this is now what it what a great place you know for us to work I I I know that we've had this conversation before but they treat term. Lawyers really well well when they bought their company when they when they purchased I heard facility back three and a half almost four years ago they kept everybody on. Right away they gave her ready raises better benefits and another week of vacation. And what but now hiring sign out and they've gone out from there and it's really. It's really a great place but the thing that you don't even think about artists share Pacific is booming. But think about all the other companies in the area that that also feed them and feed them materials and also the grocery stores and everything else it's just. What what was gotten aren't in Wisconsin and for sure needed. Yeah I agree that he before game to break what makes us here Pacific and in. If your eyes you guys sell. Some different winners frontier Pacific for you or is the one that. That really jumps out in it and when their cell lines is way out windows that never compromise. In in in your world what makes this the best window. While it's just that quality components that go into it when you. When you look at it we know. Glass and in in. From high and when notes due that the least expensive window a lot of the glass is very similar it's the framing and amateurs around it and it's the craftsmanship that goes into those materials so. It's the heavy extruded aluminum clad in on the windows. One of their 75 standard colors that's custom. Painted in Medford. There high and glass which is the entire package when you put a winner together fit and finish as is a term that we use quite often in the window industry. How things come together when you look at that. You look at the quality they put out. And then one thing that's a huge part of the equation and we all know this is value. If our if we didn't if if money was no object. Me you know sky's the limit pressure that's not reality for everybody so what we see is this high quality. And then this high value. Minute route they've really position themselves in the marketplace says they as a real leader in both orders so we're really excited. Hate time you would die in in you're shaking your guest is you guys worked together allot them and in and you agree with. You know there are a lot of options out there absolutely there's a a lot of options a lot of places to go in and I know that most window companies right now if if they're not. Really busy. That's probably not a great sign because there are some period when I talked to people in that industry right now it's been a really good six weeks. Yet no hand you know what's nice about you know we get that we get our windows through a man over an advanced and you know we were we were tried true with Marvin we still up you know we love their product we do a lot of Marvin windows but. When Matt brought Sierra Pacific to the table. You know we kind of looked at them side by side and and and both are just fantastic when those that like Matt said that that Sierra Pacific also brings a little value in terms of the dollar amount you're gonna spend on the window which. Which is great and I and I honestly I like. The fact our company likes the fact has to support. Local businesses right and we can say that we have a window line that we get out of Wisconsin. That that that holds that holds great weight in in the conversation. Wind you know it when you talk about Sierra Pacific now you can say look they've got the other Medford Wisconsin three and a half years. Into by Nat facility. They're there running in six days a week to ten hour shifts for people in Wisconsin. Prefer our guys here in the states so. I agree with you with a with a vocal part of a lot of the stuff that they do outside and Mary show the high school football fastball show it's all about. Local stuff so I know I I theater that is great. The world economy is really cool on Amazon is an awesome thing but if we can all trade money locally. I think guy we do we do you know a much better situation than we are in now it's it's a religious thing. Yeah I agree with that he is Matt has been if this window and door solutions. Might kosice we Tom Angel story he'll renovations. This is the walking area home improvement show. I sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You are listening to an area home improvement show with big time might make giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. How does that put your questions at 4147991250. Welcome back to the market here when we provincial wants portrait you won a 57 up from the fan. I'm Mike we govern alongside this we East Coast he is Thom -- Phil stereo renovations. You're teaming what's up dog what's up here Rico. You're not Irish anymore as just an out pattern up right here has left the building a cracker thing because I left. I'll tell you know guys flavor flames got a flavor of oh man who shows no doubt where the flavor of windows yeah it lives up and down. This is the website for advanced windows or solutions. They have a show room aided by appointment only right I would highly recommend. You while you make that call to go see that show room 121 and west silver spring road. In night in Milwaukee. So we talked a little bit about this year Pacific and ended than do the window of choice for for you guys again a couple of questions. That once. A couple people here in the building heard that you were common in what happens is. They go hey can USC and I have no problem can you ask him yes now am I wanna call it no Nadal but now elicit a I'll listen if you'll ask this question. So here's hey first one. Were gonna put a new windows we wanna make them as energy efficient is possible. Went double hung windows with insulated quest but that's all we know. On after having been in contact through the fuel is dollars were more confused and we were before restarted and charity give us different information. We believe in quotes that vinyl framed windows on our more efficient than aluminum. Would you agree. So sure. The in in on paper a lot of times. Vinyl window is up slightly more efficient than an aluminum clad window because aluminum is a little more conductor of and than vinyl. On the conduct such hot and cold but it's it's their only broken by awards so that's not like the aluminum transfers the heat in and out so. When they say more efficient they're really talking about a couple 107 point. So they might say yes it's more efficient this is a a point three roll and yours is a point 32. So it's not a crazy amount of difference what I really go for back is in your probably am I don't wanna beat a dead horse shall we say when they come in but I got asked my first question is. What is your plan with the house. Because out and I can tell you that they bought this house three years ago and stayed there must stay in the yes you know and then I'll look in their cell. You know I. Vital could be a good answer for you and it might be a solution for you have but you wanna you wanna do your research and make sure you get a higher quality vinyl window some of the lower quality vinyl when nerves I've seen. I'm fail after four to seven years and and that labor as Tom what is the wavered install the least expensive vinyl window or the most expensive aluminum clad windows nearly the same right. Correct so when you pay that and if you have to pay for labor a couple of times you're really wanna make sure that you got that right great quality windows side. I now know the woman I work with her husband called p.s you were bodies right and he said I had Italian. I kind of went into these means thinking annual little something I do little research on the he said we are so confused now. One guy should something different the next guy who says something different and everybody he said to as three guys you brought and were bashing. Other companies right and he said so the one guy had row all this kind of feel like boy this camera work with. And the second half of his presentation do nothing but bash. Other people there were gonna talk to so I wanna talk. He's it was first the windows themselves in they're gonna have their house stunt. He says I I'm just more confused now than it was in the beginning. Well you know. A go back to it it's in her name advanced window and door so Russians we help you wade through the mass. We take the sales pitch out of it and we just help educate a customer on what the differences are. And that's the big deal there's a lot of people that used. In in vinyl window is the big thing is sales as you sell Warren G the windows aren't very good sir you sell warranty. And and and people are going around sign a lifetime warranty lifetime glass breakage. Well there's a reason that they can do that in a nurse they they have to have some in the windows don't have the features of the benefits. So they sell on that there's a lot of people that do that. A lot of people sell on a future so. That's. Only available on their product and might be something that isn't a and pursue a great future but they've got a patent on it so they call it the best feature in there really sell on that and they're able to raise the prices because of it so there's a lot of gimmicks and a lot of hooks that you have to kind of wade through to find out. Who wishes selling you a good quality when no one that you'd like. One that you can non. The quality that you understand and when you can make a decision of what's the best window for you Weathers that 200 dollar vinyl double hung. Which is a good quality has a high quality vinyl or Weathers the 400 dollar you know. H three aluminum clad we know. You goes toughest part for me is on. Heated town obvious which she did did the third company they had command they couldn't get the Natalee. It's a tactic you know arguably 20% off if you sign now bright let me come bond because that's a clinical. But not probably can't get to that price for let's. Amid talk my finance guy here and study that it's from Cotto worse. Pitch you can it was a love really exciting brand on it and nothing against app a bank that day. When you look watch some of these. You know movies. That order that the present the it was called that you have guys would leave. Well and I think woods current grade about Matt's company and I can just speak to this because we use Matt com is the fact that you don't want a lot of times when we bring him in as part of a package to talk to a customer. Met truly is giving them an education and windows which I think that at the end of the day we all as consumers whether or vinyl windows siding and doors. We appreciate the educational value and I am more opts to buy from the bad it's giving you some information and some thorough information out products. Well you're going to be happy he's not not one of the three companies. I wasn't happy. But now one of the three companies they brought in to begin with ordinary members. And I said let's is what I learned there I said look you you tell me that you listen their show. What why why are you not going rates that to rectory and the husband said. You know what that's on me to be honest with yet a friend of a friend's brother. Started this company and and my uncles Fran has. And they've done windows before that was my favorite they've done windows before and I thought maybe who I can save us money and soupy your. This is a relatively new house for you. And you stay here for a while you love the neighborhood and you wonder Richard children here. So it was either gonna now go to ordinary member. And and now they're going to be it was see the difference apps which I think is is is awesome. A question number two before we get to. To break. Regarding lol eagle last you know. This is a question somebody else had some people say it's very important here Wisconsin other state does that really make any difference at all what's right. It makes a tremendous difference so there's different types of low. We got insulating glass in the fifties and boy we thought we we really did something held in the airspace and Tom but really when we put that low. And that is sputtered silver so that will recording session in the middle it's it's often sputtered so over. Under the glass. But that really took our our. Editor energy numbers and it really pushed him down where they need to be. To perform in in in all climates really. So what there's I say there's different kinds of low we in their very important and everybody every window company that we deal with their standard is so low. Now. Low. Which is around there's three types of blowing glass that are common there's low. MOE three. Easy. In this class works great and our climate because a high angle summer sun. It blocks that infrared rays that blacks they keep that warms up our host it it bounces those off. And it also keeps those UV rays out that fades furniture. But the neat thing about this slowly glass for our climate is so low angles winter sun. It allows some of that infrared light to come in and and we want solar heat gain in the winner we want that free heat from the sun. So that's what that will need to blast us the low he's the glass is made for Florida. Error her son were we want that words low angle or high angle sun we don't want solar heat gain any time of the year. So that's at that low. It blacks that note the low. UV rays that fade. Armed but it allows solar heat gain to come through your round and really you control that with large over sayings or architectural features so. I 100% to fury in Wisconsin 100%. You should go with low. Amazing he checked checked into US and that question I'm hoping your listen up because. But I. If you doesn't have this on his license plate it should see window peak and happy ending and it doesn't totally says. I call myself or Nokia all the time I had an emergency I have total respect and I say let us he has figures cup announcement at a yo what's up buddy it's ten minutes before were targeted and all this other stuff he gets in your slapstick heads about I talk about low weak and he just is right all charged up this is almost like talking to what Democrats are coaches wouldn't you run the reflection I've complexity here all like he apparently got I have slowly dying and I'm. Tennessee's up here at Gimenez has got to be somebody called the kind and one with the Yankees story we will window fans here since Pederson got a few that's very advanced with new doors solutions. He's the best man this is the walking near real improvement show on sports pretty of one of 57 at and the fans. You are listening to an airy home improvement show with the dynamite they giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Your question to live made 1057 FM the fan dot com. A welcome back to the market near you would. Provincial wants portrait you want a 57 FM the fan. Mike we get along side our special guest of Mac has been in fast window and door solutions. EY it's dark abyss AW EDS that this. For the website it's a great website by the weekend spent a lot of time on that website argue my kosice weakest Tom main bill. He's with story hill renovations. He so it's interesting that. First why didn't you know no offense through the window keeping but that was incredible cancer for refer. And feel bull. And and don't ask you this time because when I asked the couple lived a woman that works her husband why they didn't directly go to an airy. Member to begin with for those windows. Husband had it he said I thought it would be more expensive. And I said well. More expensive. To get it done right because as we talked about if you guys have somebody out. Three times in ten years because they weren't done right. Look a window can be the best window of all time if it's not put in correctly it's not gonna for. Forms and that's what we've talked him and he just kind of hit the nail on the head there you know we we can put the highest and Marvin Mandel and if you have someone there and it's not installing it correctly not. Wrapping the window properly and is seen that there's there's there's a million and in yet we've seen you know we going after and saying boy these look like new windows but they're failing. Service Texans went there all the time to go there and so you know to an and that's how he answered that with him. Look you fit it fit is gonna cost you. A little bit more to haven't done exactly right with a company you know you can trust. That's going to shore up what they tell you shall open they're gonna do things a Teddy. And you're back at a weight. Another twelve weeks physique I always since gone he can't find on a substance happened so you know shame on me to have somebody here that work well at. That that went outed to look if your brother in law's sister's husband. Put it windows onetime NEC's window guy. You wanna give that a shot given a shot I have been but then call that culinary maverick come fix it when it doesn't work. And then I'm like tonight we said you're you're paying twice and I you know I feel for it the consumer and that our net but you know that's that's sometimes what you get when you on my goal at the -- a seasonal or why is lower but diesel or and in sometimes icons back to bite him. One of the things that I airport I really apart near remembers four is there always. It educating themselves they're always Jeff keeping in their crews there always. Whether cost it does cost them across the production time but there's another event coming up were. People are going to be at that. Ed day of all about education although learning new products and in new techniques and. And when those are huge part of that. He can we've only got a couple minutes in segment can I ask you about Al replacement patio doors require a way what other important things to consider. When choosing a replacement patio doors in. This is an article that I read and I just wanted to to get your opinion like I can tell you what there's work. And and if you commuter Greer or disagree Sean operation was one. Our security was too energy efficiency was three maintenance was foreign style. Was five. And I'm wondering your opinion on that. So you know or we find. You know for reasons for minor padded are really number one is functionalities. I'm your ease of use and there are other door in a lot of times it's it's with the screen those screens are terrible. No old screen doesn't work or the door just that you got to put a stick in it to lockyer ready got to put your foot against the wall to open the door. That's a number one but then right on number two I think is energy efficiency you know people are looking and if you look it up a patio door. Six were like six 64. Eight or so you've got a forty square feet opening. I'm in your home that you're gonna make sure that's a hole in your wall you wanna make sure it's darned tight and you've got an energy efficient models so. I'm and then of course right behind I think Ers go to X you know people always wanna form there's function informant that is the balance. Yahoo! did this security part of a two of these important. Look if somebody wants breaking your roster you view rage out bright and eighty cents sold out of the one thing that I always Darwin fingers remind people as we know companies. Look at locks for performance number one it's a locks make the windows. Hold together in the doors hold together tight we're in there in that test chamber. So they get the energy efficiency numbers they need on the slacks hold everything tight against the when they're stripped. Oh yeah and by the way to keep your house safe. So security is always a secondary benefit of blacks in the window right it companies' eyes. But in homeowners you know peace of mind is a huge is huge deal. And we also provide extra locks and things like that so football and things. Hey maintenance I think years ago with patio doors. You were you had to worry about the maintenance sag is like you said the screens. The doors come off enhanced you've got to put it you know some kind of stick here to do this and do that right. That's changed the maintenance side of it now if you if you order the correct ones you it and there's not a ton maintenance anymore. No there's not a ton of maintenance and really a key and a silicone spray with all your windows and doors. Don't get day in WD-40 branches get a a basic silicone spray pure silicone. Have that in your house and that is your friend when it comes to windows you can lubricate your case for windows the cranks the hinges. Lubricate the rollers the track of your had your door do that once years separating your locks. And you'd be surprised how much longer life you'll get out your products just a little lubrication. The gum the two worst themselves. Big that whole industry and we don't talk a lot of pop patio doors and we in me Willie should. Because that industry. Has changed all of us is a much better it's it's change and it's incredible right. I'm still had your doors are what we thought of these big huge sinks her aluminum hound dog function very well they're very high functioning large sizes. And large size of the new things. People are really getting into. Have a large. Bifold orders then instead of a sliding patio door you have a large group of doors that I should bifold out see you have a really large opening of cleared. Open area antsy around the stationary panels at the sliding panel slides in front right and the need of a big sliding screen. Or there's some large multi slide panels were these like 45 panels can stack on top of each other they can even fit to into a pocket in the wall. Those doors those big multi slight doors or better offer new construction but we can also fined him in the summer modeling. It iris is gonna say lasts less than last summer Matt helped us with sizes. First thing we've ever done in terms of we had a sliding packet door huge pieces of glass and actually slid into the wall. So this will say this was unique. We went to a tragic history you know very unique home small kitchen stirring it was Judy kitchen remodel an adjacent to it get a sun room. And they connected the sunroof with a small five foot had your dirt mile five foot wide petted or you have. A twenty inch opening herself and when asked the homeowner. What they do and how they use it they said well when our grand kids come over we fill the space and everybody kinda hangs out. And I said well well we have a door available that's a five foot wide one panel and that whole panel can slide into a parking in the wall. Sort opens up the whole. Kitchen to the sun room and and it was a solution that no other contractor offered and it was really good dumb story you got the job and it really turned out awesome. And I say that that was one of the reasons we got the job and and simply by bringing mad and and and him providing his expertise and giving us options. Not pushing options been giving us right couple options. The consumer that I was really happy that dad that I always that they must love that follows it was great and. I would assume that they they keep that open even when their rankings are. You know I think that stays open quite a bit yeah and I'll editor opens up and that it it was amazing just the feel what it did. More in the door was closed because it was one piece of glass and senate to it felt more open when it was closed right but then when the door was open it and really it really just open up the two rooms news release but he went right in your pocket so if you never even saw. Up the open the door can just go for it go into a pocket in the wall silicon kind of disappears. Actually like an interior pocket door that you had seen him a password just disappear but this is on the exterior of ability American be heated space and you can have a screen to keep bugs out in this case really need one that. Difficult to to install. On. Smiley keys it was your first time right. Exactly and you know NA with anything you do on your first time we we but but at the end and truth be told. This was a prize that was very new to us. Matt took time out of his data come over and help us install it and walk us through it's I mean that's an accusation he's doing in Tokyo and Hanoi and I think with I think all of us with with new things that we're trying we get excited about doing you know you get a little. Tentative because you don't whole lot about it but right here excited to do it because it just gives you another broad. A party your portfolio play that you've put you in the cap and love stuff like that don't I do now do I like dilate doing different things. Yeah months and that's awesome good story. He is out MacKey has been again. He's with the advanced when do endorse solutions. 121 what's over spring drive his work. They're Sherwood shall remove splash me you're just tick or that term in office are assurances the mile west on Campbell driver despite appointment. Go to our website it was that there isn't you can to a virtual tour commercial rump. I would recommend that and when you're there. Just to. Click on and share Pacific will bet and walk run there early I printed all the stuff I see you weren't accurate you're much read by word or an hour when I was prepared. I truly superior vinyl replacement windows windows that never compromise it's here Pacific. And again he is Matt has been advanced window door solutions he's our special guest this week's coast from story hill renovations. He is Tom main bill this is the market near home improvement show. I sport tree 1057 FM the fan. You are listening to an area home improvement show with dynamite the giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. How does that put your questions at 4147991250. Welcome back to the morgue near home improvement short track in high school football but those mighty spartans and I'm just kidnap torture anyone of five stepping up from the fans. This week's coast hub may Bose stereo renovations. Matt Desmond advanced window doors solutions you move on seat over right Heidi you're getting all those bulldogs. They didn't. They didn't come to the that's all I don't know what's in the had Laura. You know super high school just unveiled her new logo yesterday trying to get her to the Bulldog a little bit gone with a little more collegiate looks Ian. I don't think I think they need a little more than a local redo this year for the football. Pilgrim Brian Leary of those Brian there's a really good football coach well yes we are guys who I always got some talent in the pipeline. I'm hoping to because you know what football stuff nowadays you know had an effect next week. I'm used for Cho got a couple guys coming in were trying their best to make it safe while safe so. I'll tell you guys a side note I'm in the tarnish your we're parks and recreation committee and I was just telling that our flag football. Is just blowing operate now which is good groin by a 100% every year because people are I want their kids to play football born to do it safely. That's awesome they a couple of questions that I wanna get to root for get out here on the that that I got again from people that work fury after they heard the pro war you were common and our guy guessed between classes offered by some manufacturers sure again different people have different options about whether it helps. With the insulation insulation excuse me. What is your opinion. So it does so argon gas is smaller molecules than air. And it and it doesn't conduct harder called is easily as error does so if you put that argon gas in between your window. That had a cold it's less conduct of the air. The thing that nobody really tells you about argon gas and it's fine it's it's it's typical across the board. It is a weak note of your window after awhile because these molecules are smaller than air so it can it can leak out of the CO but the moisture air can't we can. And so after about ten or fifteen years or so here argon is. Pretty much depleted however it's very inexpensive deported and and for the amount of the very little amount of money that it cost to actually add the Oregon. It's an inert gas. I tell people just to do 100% and once it's gone it's gone and once it's gone it's gone if you order Krypton gas. That's a more mature more rare gas and that really adds a lot of money. And debate is owed about that but more a lot of manufacturers don't offer Krypton argon is that pretty much the standard and I would in our climate just go for. Aid last question. And I think I know this by them and ask you anyway they're gonna be in their house three to five years yeah out and selling it because they wanna move. Sued a little bit westerner different school district sure. What important features we look for for in replacement windows when it comes to our met investment. Where you want something that's gonna obviously you wanna are good quality window you know wanna go some in bottom of the barrel because. I found no they're gonna move in three to five years I've seen three to five years turn into a five to ten really quick a and if we talked about earlier segment I've seen some vinyl windows last four to seven years so you don't wanna make an investment. And all the sudden you think you're doing Nixie consult the house and his home inspectors come in and say. Yeah you can sell your house there's got to replace these windows first and and you just replaced him five years ago I don't want that happened. You know I early on doing this show armed. Somebody sat where your sit mad and they said look my opinion on this is if your plan senior house three years or longer right do it for you. How do what you gonna do don't worry about what it's gonna bring back T three to five to ten years from now. Do what's so you can enjoy you want to have an open concept in your kitchen have an open concept if you don't think you wanna keep that that wall there cupid there. What do what do you want if you're gonna salad in Europe then maybe look at the investment side of it you guys agree with that. Wanted to be honest and we've kind of done some research and cost of value in terms of when you do who you know it's it's your dollar bathroom chair. And I on these lists of these these costs and value. Articles that we've read. Insulating your home is the number one costs to value. So when you're doing your windows you insulate your attic. You're getting more money out of that menu are any other project that you are doing because you're making your home energy efficient while. So and again that's you know that's at the curb appeal that people are they can't write you know I need to do this to make it look pop it either current or I. What you're talking about is is pure which is get it done and and that's what's good and the investment it's all on him as I can't they think he's so much against top think you'd stereo renovations or get involved in our toy drive. I'm I really appreciate that I wanna say that you why you run the air here with a singular essence thanks for the invite more excited the exact. Hey Al window geek but he's. Yeah yeah I ask it every year follow you don't let my opponent. Hours gonorrhea aussies tech Hokies. All these questions from your staff I think you ought to run like an hour seminar here I think you ought to come in during the week how do you red dog and pony show for his dad you're gonna run out of questions what do we do next time ultra country that they got a you don't like the guy at seven more questions go through Thursday as never never never think slept for coming this is the market your home improvement show. And sports review 1057 at them. The fans.