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Saturday, December 2nd
"Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined each week by a member of Milwaukee NARI to discuss new and innovate ways to improve your home the right way!

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From gutters to the landscape for replacement windows to a full basement remodel and everything individually it's time for the Milwaukee married home improvement show and are your heroes big time might may get on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Oh welcome in the walking area when we approve a show on sports Radio One 057 net from the fans. I'm Mike McGovern wants side mind Milwaukee Neary co host. She's the owner of a milestone plumbing. Jesse can zero Jess you look great thanks Mike good morning good morning and how you feel and go it can't see my toes. Again welcome no prep work is K a column. I've just Parker and if this little boy decides he wants to be electrician. We're gonna have a problem yeah I was thinking about this yesterday I was driving around I don't know which expose into the electrical World Cup. He's going to be a plumber he's too quick to hit a plumber and what if she decides that he wants to be your radio guy. I'd be okay you really up Kris you make can be a plumber is jobs hard. Met late your two of them OK what school and I'm walking near a lot of good things going on. Holidays are. You'd time that you guys kind of back laughable bit on some stuff he's you'll understand the importance of family and spending time with with the only bit. As always in there is busy yeah a lot of our contractors. Getting ready for families you know certainty get older people come in and you know maybe it's parents that are going to be staying. Getting those higher toilets put and getting things taken care of so that their family is able to get around and have accessibility. I'm sure current here can probably appreciate that we're all extremely busy as people on our wrap things up last minute so that contractors are busy. I'm always excited when. We get a new client coming in we get a new opportunity tip to introduce our listeners to another walking Neary member and I have history with colonel lecture. And these guys I was telling known as were doing our pre show meeting. A number of years ago we're redoing our kitchen. And it. Bingo case came over and and of people are creative construction Zack and we had to reduce the the ceiling. And we want it's a candle lighting in there and in Jackson before we do lard DO you gotta get that done. Soul we live off eighty to burrow like call current electric. Said hey can you guys come over and they said house Tuesday it's great they came over in the morning and Terry nine they want to and then we told what we want it. The guy said okay what if we do it this way we do this message relate crate. What are we looking at cost wise he told us and I said you know what that's great when when we get it done he's like how what before noon today. And I said what he's already fell we go right now joined them now. As a he walked up towards cheered I looked at each other when are you kidding me. And they were really good. It was one guy current and he brought an it guy's a younger guy that was working with him I think trying to learn the trade. And by quarter after eleven it was exactly. What we're looking for. They left to my wife today Terry now relate why can't everything be like that. It was awesome so when they decide to become news Joyce guys he has start with with that and I just a big fan of the stuff that they do. We we've got four people from current we're gonna kind of mix and match we got a couple people on the couch and but for the first segment and she did not want to be on I'm telling you she is not happy but she is Sara Jenkins. It had touched his service and marketing coordinator. And we also Steve Brown uses its service manager. He's now a kernel lectured for four years. A Sarah let's start with you want review Bennett current. Thanks for coming out this is and so I write. Now he had she Steve U Steve committee go she's not going on here or yeah she is just you remember that I once but yeah there yeah. And I said yes you are you get over there Kate let's talk very quickly. About what the service and marketing coordinator what's your job entails. Really Annie payments marketing really and and then honestly some pains. Beer projects sometimes like if Cassie. You know needs so for some thing you know maybe succumb either actually. You know academy doing. Short armed did you know so you're gonna have to would you prior to this. Actually there critics okay now. So this is a whole different a whole different world for your you have and find you like it. Yeah I like Anna Ladd. Working for iron excellent company is you know your packet is such records to. You know everyday. People thanking me you know passes and keep me Steve is a lesson well. Or did it get to him in a minute because when viewed in when your boss is you going the air you go on the air on network just. Steve by appreciates. You when the people occur lectured and I appreciate your Willie's can be studio. In allow us to attack highly promoted celebrate what you guys do acts at current electric you've been there for years at would you prior. I was inspector for the city of all okay. And Kerr electric is you is the you know are we to we've had this conversation you really like work and they're absolutely and what does this service manager what's your job entail. Thumb amid tired of the call senator. Mostly marketing for service on the service that's an apprentice and and so your busy right now and a very. Everybody in this industry right now has a smile because it said you know. I don't know how long ago was 56 years ago. Viewing their show was brutal it was hard because everybody was you coming on the show just to find new. Clients and nuke our customers. And now it's like look we'd love to get some new customers but let us tell you. What we do how we do or what their mission statement is what our processes. Let us tell you but our team and stuff like that and I think it's it it makes doing the show. I'm quite a bit easier as we talked to these guys. And and gals sorry about that from current electric you can go to their website its current electric CEO so current electric company or CO dot com. Or call them a 2627865885. He went down Steve what did did you go to school to do this kind of work now actually I kind of learned as I. Came aboard a colonel Patrick you know I I like that just you'll agree when win. In today's date in Egypt when your high school and I've been a high school best quotes one time. They tell kids you try to go for your you've got you know you have to go look at look at liberals the liberal arts school or look at this. And it. It would for him to say look I learned along the way. If somebody's willing to succumb to work it occur electric Vermont's own plumbing and put the timing of put the effort in. Armed there's a great career for people in the trades. Oh for sure and it gives you just are really good personal background. I'm we just hired a guy that was really interest in cloning has a business degree from UW Whitewater so we're starting to see these people are coming out of college a college student loan that. And they can't get jobs or good paying jobs to pay back that loan debt and so there's an interest coming in for the trades because we're short so short handed. And the money can make is an apprentice is exceptional yet. It really yes and eat so when your buddies get done with their 45 years or college and they 400000 dollars you're buying your first. Not that. And you feel proud about the work that your doing I think that that's the part that I I don't know. That we tell these kids enough are my doubt is brick learn Mason and used to drive us we get re kids downtown and say he stopped in gold I built. That building I built in two days goes on top of that growth in three months I was up there and as a kid you could feel the pride that he had. As he talked about that how long this is colonel lecture been around since 1983. And it's a full service electrical contractor yes. What is that in tale Steve I can ask is is it from what they did Kia lights in my kitchen. It goes from that ticket from obviously much bigger jobs absolutely wouldn't go from Dixon a switch or not letting your home to. Full new construction highrise buildings and everything Amy. And it the fact that you guys in their remembers I think says something but you've you've been part ordinary for a long time. I would assume ideas looking but I would assume the first one he's been around probably. So I do believe that we take a break a couple of years back. But when Sarah came aboard and I came on board we know was an important thing now get back into bright and we made it a priority and that we've been and member. Now offered to use could I think that's important it's got back in and in. What I like about Mary is is everybody helps each other and there's enough business right now for everybody. I saw you guys out of the uses the last show we took a picture we had some laps and and I was given you like you guys every become man you really know we are we are December and I said yeah yeah we'll see it. And as so I appreciate you guys. Come and in Q we talk a little bit about before guitar first break about the process when somebody calls in like like my wife and I did. And they in fact I stopped and I think can be an appointment but if somebody calls and this is him look I'm having not. A problem with the with my in my lights in my basement which is say what's the process that they go through to set the plumbing get somebody martz stuff like that. So what they'll do the call and we'll talk to our cius ours they'll get a unemployment affirm employment. And then our electrician come out there would fully stocked truck ready to go the same day. Take a look at a key. Couple key components of electrical system give you a few options that suit your needs and with your approval you starter he don't did. Is that can look at all the corporate jets and the Portland there is nuclear war could. But just kind of threw me for a minute he heard current was telling you guys Kathy. Yet you know what's funny is only guys who do you deer hunt of north and now he feels pretty comfortably and is war great through neighborhood. Is that consistent. See with other other electrical companies were you calling make Kamal. You know that dean do the work right away. Overnight necessarily coming out the same day you call right when we get there on. He's had I don't know if it's a trade. Thing but I know it's it's become a more prevalent that a lot of people are coming ready to do that because we were surprised by that and hide in your white and really happy about it. But he said look might I'm ready to go and ice and you have everything you need. He should we do. And they'd never laughed at me sadly they had to go back to shopper go to the store front. Everything he needed for that job and again it wasn't a big job but he had. Right theory just said of the guy go get this and get this will bring this and then. So when they come out that day as a customer. EE EU can be ready to go on haven't done the same day absolutely and that the job takes a little longer. Everything else is push back and you're our customers until your job as. Does that it does that make you different team thinks here than some of the other people you compete with. Thinks. I mean Steve SATA meaning it is. A mystery. He would abide emergencies in ND EU guys is if somebody were to call you 3 in the morning. I can make it through to somebody. Yeah absolutely. So we do. Attack is I think it is it. Three hundred eighties. Really suit today. Do they like be that guy had a caller does that cup event. Their hope that the other problems happen next they were there that. The one I read sort out encourage you to do when Joseph comes out there they're asking that question. And were missing somebody words and maybe got lost. I'll have to find a good food break again and create you don't think he left right he would freak out leave. I don't know yeah Halliburton achieved effect that's why are Sarah and the first segment. She was chewed up and freaked out and leave again as we continue to talk to her friends here. Colonel lectured you go to the website current electric CO dot com. So its current electric. And then CEO. Dot com or give them a call to 67865885. We get your break it was said the break. I think we have she knew people who colonel lecture we'll see if I could find him. He's roaming the halls. He's taken T shirts and stuff out of the car that's what these two it. This is simple hockey here at home improvement show. I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Crews need. It's not too early guys quit looking at me like bands. Welcome back at Milwaukee area home improvement show I'd sports Radio One 057 up from the fan. I'm Mike we get relied side Mike co host she's the owner milestone plumbing good milestone plumbing in dot com Jesse Kenneth zero. You're ready for Christmas. A little bit yeah no decorations a serious the world on cleaning up and that's awesome when's the baby due February 22. Spew last Christmas for awhile and it is free you know he gets better. You watch it's it's really awesome good for you guys we're now joined by two new people from current electric it is we talk to these guys current electric CO dot com. Is there a website to 6786. Five 85. Joseph weather rolled Joseph are you do an excellent one of the newest electricians two years Jack colonel lectured you guy you you have a good heart rate down and eleven years experience. Yes there were you were prior to this smaller company out of the south side of marquee Wachovia so when you when you came to court electric did you see a difference follows. Astronomical. Yeah working with the people everyone. We're just try to be on top of our game every single day as everyone tries in Tokyo to do it too talented team you guys have. And you know I guide went through your website and started looking at. Some of the people that that works there are some of the years and so their experience. And Lotta people have been there for awhile which says a lot about about that company. I'll were also joined by Ryan let go he uses solar project manager and with current electric for three years solar project manager. B I got a lot of questions for you because I don't understand that business much at all is that something that you want to get involved in for a long time. Yes I've been in the industry for going on ten years now so it was structural engineering as my background on in the commercial roofing and Anthony's transition and solar energy and there percent. Solar energy for for you is is route something that's really important at this point right it is I'd I'd believe in the technology it works even your Wisconsin. Through technology it's clean break. What's up. He had you know it's funny at your website in and I don't know of any other wives had that look debt. Woertz said look if you wanna put 151000 dollars in for a one tier mutual fund here's Richard return as. If you wanna put 151000. Solar here's what's your return as. And it surprised me. I was surprised by that you in in in the numbers you used the return on investment. Utilizes solar is much better. Then been utilizing your mutual fought. And didn't know that Brett read a lot of people don't they think solar is it's the green thing to do the right thing to do with it and it's expensive and never pay for itself so. But I try to showing that example I talked customers is that yes it's good for the environment we all know that but it's also a good return on investment. That's awesome. Hey Joseph let's talk a little bit about. On your background did you go to school to be electrician yeah where were went ME TC OK and back then Q you've been doing this now eleven years. They're there wasn't. They didn't need it like there is now I don't think was there no there wasn't so you're taken a firewall open. Did you know all that that that was the industry you are what mean that in street I'm attracted to you. Well it's just it's fund leader every single day urine into. New situation. And nothing's ever the same. And it's just it's a great problem problem solving industry to be in. What what kind of on what kind of job is is the one that you go to yes OK this could be good nor is it is it the big. Remodel is it that the smaller job like is there one that you go look this is right in my in my wheel house. You're job. The canned the camera out single to right and kitchen lighting upgrades that's a fun stuff because you get the interaction with the with the homeowner sure and it's always positive after we're done. Yeah right well Mike you said it was free it definitely was for for us. He ride when now when somebody calls in and says hey if that's an interest in in maybe a solar job can you explain. We did the size of do you do everything from really small once stood so large ones. Avenue then houses with for solar panels which not the fun once Dougal doom and we've got on when there's a thousand solar panels on roof so. Small commercial big commercial or small residential big commercial we do all. If if somebody calls and says look I'm I heard Joseph the radio and I don't know much about. About that but I know I have some contrast in have looked on the Internet and it's not answer the questions I have. You'll sit with them and answer the questions yet at deficit first step they'll call target practice. How we lot of Google earth and satellite imagery to pull now song that's a decent decent house for solar. I'm if it is a vote for some budget numbers quickly with them and if that's and and lines of what they think it'll go on the with a mean don't more detail how does somebody north their house is suitable for. In most cases any house is so long it's not the middle woods as long as the sun hits the roof south Fiserv is ideal but we can work east west south January between. Is it what's the though the weighed in on some of this that you put up on some of these rough. Minimal so it it's about 33 and a half pounds per square foot bomb went distribute over the roof so it's it's minimal very limited times that we have to actually reinforced the roof. Really mean. Do it was it has that changed the technology and that change is it almost. Don't seem like it was at least that look like use every year ago that it nominated technologist I mean it's improving over time but the weight wise it hasn't really reduce it all now. Way to win when somebody calls you Sissy and look where this is what were entrusted in are they. Are they shocked at the two that the the sticker price her or. Our days sometimes like why didn't I that's good sized as I thought. You know I hear both ways they are people looked at solar ten years ago and thank you kidding me it's that low already. And then other people haven't looked at all thank god it's that's a reasonable investment and that's it's on both ends of the spectrum at and no no law. No leakage to the rope that that be that's always a fear for reform for Mir for other people too that look if I put these on. I am gonna have some issues with Mira so I wish I get says a 100% perfect but I'd be lying to you but I am. I've installed thousands of solar systems with tens of thousands of penetrations and it had two weeks so it's very limited on that is limited them on a lot of maintenance. None really he put a month daily Malone people always asked that cleans off of these in the winter an organ attempt season. You don't you leave it alone the melts up pretty quickly it is virtually no maintenance. And if if the power goes out in your house does that affect those. Yes some most or systems we do their grid tied meaning that you rely on the grid in order to produce energy. But there are systems energies more expense through reed corporate batteries and they will function in off its Jewish apartments now. And the money is saved and because you're not the eve of the election the your electric bill's gonna go down correct that's right and what's this solar what does it say. It'd be your lights go on. Right. So it's all seamless is not like the sun goes down a cloud also in light there anything right now it's all seamless and to and can you X-Play because again you're talking to a guy. Who does know much about it how does it do how does that actually work. I sit here and southeast Wisconsin we energies are utility company which install a second meter so you'll have one meter where it's consumption just like everyone else does now. The solar meters the second one in on your bill you'll see your solar production and year consumption and then in that the difference. That's all done through billing really really know. Jesse do you have. I don't. No we don't and I did not know that and there's this has been great as. You know people call and they say that dreaded S word and office panics so. Clinic strictly educational we are you guys do in the solar thermal hot water we don't do that that's a plumbing things looked at Jesse on the. And train you know what the kids. You guys to work together I'm sure we'd already out there agree to work with extremely organized on theory that it cleaning up I've been very impressed with each other tax. You know it's and she's hard to impress some times you know she and she. Look I've had this conversation from Jesse she says look like work respect company that that means a lot because she works with the best of the best and she. She's really good which he doesn't she wants to people she partners with to be really good at at what they do. On insurance increase because of this. Usually not some insurance agent they don't know about and I think what this thing gonna do. I explain it for two minutes now all they're good with that. He Joseph when you're doing a job and if if fate of the customer says hate Joseph what do you know about the solar stuff. Do you just immediately call him or do you do you know enough to be public have that conversation. Easy he helps us get her feet in the door. He. Printed off a little excerpt Forex. Kind of give you. The first started it and then if they're really interest did we take a picture of the house for Ryan. And then we'll email him and say hey this customer was disinterested. And we just kind of floated in his court. Yeah that's out how many people in your division. They had like ten guys in the field installing panels Joseph works major he does elect on somebody's you know at least and explained that part of it. So how many guys so somebody says look we want. What's an average number of panels prefer never said Tony okay she is somebody wants twenty. What how long does that take how many guys are there we do you won't walk through the processor that with me. The whole process could take two months best permitting their connection kind of paperwork so I think once we action show on site usually within a day were done so I got it to guys on the roof installing panels. And I got Joseph in one of his guys doing elect the same time by the and it emotional beat them with that you've been above the rough it's almost before now I have enjoyed you have much in nuts are yeah it's not this time yes Fisher no obvious stayed out of the ground with the U it will do will laugh at those guys have for the rough and clap and they'll applaud guys let's get to break other separate we're we continue our conversation. With though with a number of people from current electric two really good company. Located upon Perot liked it while we're toast again colonel lectured at one work colonel lectured CO. Dot com for more information this is the market nearing home improvement show. On sports Radio One 57 FM the fan. Orlando home of color manual. Perfect season. Perfect season for this welcome back the market area home improvement show I'd sport's dirty 1057 up from the fan after name I shows you never getting here. Granma got run over by air reindeer any of that stuff and this is that it Christmas bar for music I like him. And I text my wife Jessica this is it too early she says that Selena. I said okay you're ago can equate quit the looks from the people that produce this show guys like Greg that. Panel accumulate these are the ones and I'm playing and I said yes servicer Dominican man you should love this kind of sort of weird you quite quite current electric. And I really appreciate it get a new company. That new company to us but new companies do this show. And I really like in the first time people come down wanna get the history of the show of of the history of their company. Talk will be about what each people go at each person doesn't how they do it and I think it's important at least for the first time that they comment. That she knows much about colonel lecture easy yet. You go to current electric CEO colonel electric CO dot com or give them a call 2627865885. Steve Brown is back from from the touts he thinks coming back. Hey omelet and let's talk a little bit about what's said she Geist a part we did that a little bit when urine before. But in in in your eyes when you kind of step out of that bubble of crime electric. As somebody asked him issue what do you do when what what makes you different from other companies when he. Now there's a couple of things one being. We do have guaranteed a front pricing so whether the job takes six hours or twelve. Or two days is not gonna change domestic customer changes something. And so I think that really says is apart from the TNN companies that we're by the hour you know the customers what's in the clapper Watson o'clock stuff like that. From then the next thing I think we're in the business of taking care of people amounts I think Heather Holmes anymore it's what does the customer what what is the homeowner wanna. You know. It's funny because when when he came men and I wish I can remember the guy's name that came. I NE and if you could look at look at lots of next time you come back. Com. Yet and see if if it because. Wade when he said you know here are a couple of options for you. And my wife had no idea what she wanted and he said you know what that's great we can do that but let me just let me just give you one other option what if you did it this way. And it made more sense. And and tears like yet you know what that you're right let's let's do it that way. And so it was nice said that we get somebody that said look we'll do it exactly who we want it. But let me give you what I think might even work a little better if you wanna go that weights it's no worse will do with the way you want it and so it really was our choice. In our decision but he gave us an option that made a lot of sense. Absolutely and they got a Kenya house is name was John yes and as a tennis name was Taylor politics they guy John brought into the company which is another cool thing our guys know. Young guys that are interested in the trade and we kind of put it on them the bringing the men and trying to. A UN in Taylor's work at mood and he was really interested in seeing exactly how this thing was was to on child was good. And I and you tell him next have you seen that I said thank you. On four that. Hey Joseph. Boy wouldn't we talked about. Have been eighties somebody who was a true electrician to comment rather than a guy down the street whose Brothers. Fran kinda knew something and went to you know eight weeks at tech and how to be here electricians and says no I know how to do that. On the those the I would assume you've got to stick called from a lot of those companies are a lot of those people it tried to use that guy. That completely screwed it up and and they. I'm when I saw you at the show I told by some going on in my son's house Jesse's been in my son's house and she's going back soon I think we aren't yet. But Il was. They had a little bit of water so they had some fans. And when they on screwed a light ball everything went out and then Acer back in it went back and so did the people that owned that home and Jesse can attest this. Thought they knew what they were doing but they didn't but things kind of worked and then they sold a house. So when you have that kind of stuff I'm a must make it laughable that oh yeah definitely. Gave you get a chance to to fix that work right. Or you all that all day every day. Is that something and yet that's why just call you guys right away it is I'd I don't I don't wanna have to call try it myself and I played twice in fact we had to. We had my son in law's. Brother in laws do a couple of things forced her kitchen. And he he grew polish. Cities like look I can do the cabinets in my sleep. And that's what we're gonna be some can't mighty ghost a crew of Amish. And I said yeah but he goes agree upon which a due to cabinets of you want but you better call somebody else trivial like troopers I don't know anything about that. A moment. It's important then for it for you to win when people ask you Joseph you let them know. What your background is now while you've been doing this and he went to school fort it's important I think for that. Yes it is it's it's great a lot of people don't know really what it takes to do we do and how long it takes to. It is viewed as we are right and they've really our. Amazed. At the end. Us doing the work with talking with them. And we really try to make of personal connection with every cup. Are we going to Joseph how much different is what you do now the what she did thirteen years ago I zipper and try to change in in your industry. Definitely yes. There's more of the more wants now. Vs the need them back then. And I think that's three especially you know 56 years ago we had that conversation. A few weeks ago right after the show was done. And it was it's really got to be the point that they walk it with one sheet on their needs and need to have this. And then a long list of wants and and that's a really healthy place to be in this industry. Arm free Steve has there been much change. Yeah kind of what Joseph said its customers are becoming more aware of products and different things they want in their homes just from. No trade cells like the Mary show or reality shows reality shows good or bad for your business I think it's pretty good actually I think that. But I school is one of the wise as scarce people more than any other ones and they're not willing to try and anything with lighting in panel upgrades and stuff like that they see. And no they need. Did you just did you find is some of the stuff that you that you do. That it I think Whitey makes such a big difference in what every whatever rule in in the house that you're in. Could lighting and and people are getting creative with. All of that pressure and it is the security thing too when you're coming home you can now turn your lights on from your Smartphone. You can control your heat you can do all that these guys make that happen. I'm we're no longer in a society where you have to come home to it are called you right turns street lights on. You can start the Alden now I'm just learned this week before your home did not know that that existed them of and actually has refrigeration built in spite of it to keep the roast cool day. You can turn on. Yeah idea so I just got rid of my flip phone about two weeks now heart expect it to your iPad this for a while but I did that. It amazes me that from my phone I can start my car. That part when that when I first did it I'm like you gotta be kidding me and now. Look when we had to. We had a new furnace and air conditioned put in. And from a near remember you said you wanna be able to have this. And it said now why don't immunity that is such a small hostile cooldown in ten minutes. But I didn't realize you could do all of that was that that's a lot of what you guys are doing Steve absolutely a lot of the home automation you can. Have different scenes from your phone for different moments in your house movie time in addict when you come home surmise c'mon right away. Celebs that you can do with if only they hate Jolie does does wind turn. And have different issues that arise for you guys rather than summer and and and spring most definitely. Timing of projects takes a little while longer. Tools don't wanna work roadway in the morning right kind of like got it right index at what how by the electrical issues on different. I yes you have a lot of issues with outside receptacle it's. And with the water the elements. No opens rated for this beautiful weather that we you know what's counts in here. Yeah in Tracy guys really get to break we're gonna bring Ryan back. Of Steve only keep you there okay will bring Ryan back in and we actually near the end of the show we're gonna talk cool sports if that's okay we're gonna rip on syrup. We'll do that on the other side of the break. Ohio State fans. Hitting me now this week certainly fired Sara Jane while she's really good at Wichita I saw your Smart dire to put on hold balked I think will. Will basher a little bit at the end this is the war hockey Gary home improvement show. I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Can you mention. Oh welcome back to the market area home improvement show I scored 31057. At from the fan. I might be given once said the order milestone plumbing. She's just she can zero. You go to monster on point dot com for more. Is it inked yeah milestone Plymouth plumbing ink dot com. Located off Ripley avenue or in her act and rip engineering building perfect 4149884565. We're joined today by number of people from current electric. And got their phone over she 627865885. They are located. They're 25 and for a wide right. Repaired right by Merck's right. That's how I know it's put into effect. I am glad I don't work right now Sarah more than once yeah that's. Thursday's free Friday Thursday just found that out this week. I wanted to get a sandwich from a wife and I mean she should you want to free Fries. Since you're free French is again it's Thursday did not know that other group uses a pretty big on our office on Tuesday that saw some. He is Steve Friday service managers been a kernel lecture for about four years. And that's kind of Mike can I get a couple more questions about solar so we with our Ryan letter of should be here solar project manager for current electric. Do you see easy it has it has your business increased each and every year. Definitely you know were doubling year over year here are you really him. And what is your gee how far would you guys go is you southeast Wisconsin are you. Is it while Towson Moore he only Ted tell me about where you guys ago so we'll do. Commercially were in the state now right now hours finish huge project up in Green Bay where and Brandon last last time this year in middle winter which was terrible blow over there. Residential we'd like to stay local so southeast Wisconsin BO go anywhere. What's a bigger part of your business. Commercial residential. Revenue revenue wise is deathly commercial but number of projects it's far more residential and commercial projects if he can you give me an idea what to do one of the bigger projects I. And you have to give me the name of the company but just the school tell me about that the project one. Last couple years that were it was a big one and explain its so unique when there are actually finishing. Right now we're in Middleton and Madison area there's four apartment building so for four story apartment buildings and as they built them we put solar so we had a hot three inner and eighty panels on each of these buildings therefore identical ones so we just kept going. So I was kind of funneled to a lot of stuff in Madison. Dave Jones plumbing and heating out of Madison was it was a big company pleaded their buildings for so. I'm now how long did the panel's last. Is it they should be 2530 years so they come with a 25 year warranty from the manufactured by officially now locked fail on your panels on your own. I turn house no she will launch and I wish so I live that treat allotted you know that you lots a lot of trees there didn't get a big beautiful one in the front yard in my life for fees let me cut down. So it doesn't work show won't work. Or it so when you ought to somebody's house how quickly do you know of if it's something that can work here and a thirty seconds and Eddie you had. If if somebody has smaller trees to tell them look cute in ten years reviewed have initiated make sure that they don't it. Yeah Samuel will go through some of that stuff and you know some people think I'm gonna cut down my trees out on solar and means as much as I'd love I don't know if that's the best things are doing right some people didn't know. And interesting stuff that I don't in and I'd. We can do a two hour show. On on all of that and a solar cited are correct in any time meant I would love to have you guys come back in again because the first time you know we we just kind of touched. The surface on on the work that you guys do. I'm Steve do you why you think the badge can wind and writer I know you wanna talk who will be the sports and and we can rip Unser if you want but. I'm I'm afraid Ohio State's I'm not saying name and her I think there's a lot of magic this is nothing they can do you do absolutely tacit Taylor's gonna have a and you think so yet they Internet saying this you're gonna say there could we ever figure on it though bought itself appropriately I. You don't you boys in the trade bed and curls. You can do it after all the bits are appreciate I appreciate that. My basketball team right coach Rick Green to Martin Luther we played at high sent Thursday night. And it's it's a four team I tournament and we played pies who's hosting the tournament. And have looked at the schedule I thought was we'd be pars had to be great. But key time asserted that 7 o'clock. And we did be priced. To Claybrook tool academy today seven clocks on tape the game don't text me OK don't Texans. Or if you'll objectives if you cut sheet of Ohio State's winter break and all of a sudden I see you tax to me that's not going to be good at all not even a little bit. If the public employees or current electric total. 84. That's really grown has it not yen three years ago read about 35. Who owns colonel lecture chuck Smith yeah you there's two other owners but she's Chucky is he they're dated day. It's really helps on on the so societies and a Ryan's right hand man with engineering and up and pushed those solar projects on the order of the company's your right hand man and having Steve had a threat the other way. Yeah. If you get to have you solicited your bidders I don't know I've kept my body he means chuck loves so that's is passionate legacy he loves being involved in these projects Q was he early to a and you he's been doing it for probably twelve years now I mean really he's in and yeah. Boy that's good for him and and if you guys are getting giant commercial jobs all over the state. You must be known as the company. I think one of them I mean there's 12 in the state that they do Wear to work with the Russia the sun bestseller big developer here in the state. They develop a lot of projects contract that's built them. It's awesome yet they. They they must be loving you guys right now how much and I asked I ask opposed to last Joseph how much is his industry's changed. Much as solar changed. You know it hasn't changed much like computers and laptops you'll change technology that way. The solar panels themselves don't change a lot except that they get much more efficient as time goes on they look almost identical ten years ago. You have to. Be very patient. With customers that are trying to figure this thing out you wouldn't be really patient with me sir you know Mikey if I'd come to my house tonight to look I'm interest in this. But you really is let's go right down to the rule basics to start with it to get me understand when a rocket into. On B you're willing to do that absolutely yeah it's you know Solarz a new technology people don't know about it's it's on educating. I just I come from a consult its sales perspective and not oversell it it's not something that people all know on one right away so it's the deathly slow process but it's fun. Right or guys this has been that's been really good I really appreciate again your willingness to read it to come in. And and talk about current electric the next time you come in. Bring bring truck with. I would like that I would like to have him in would love to find out his vision. Back in the day you know 1015 years ago of how he knew solar was an abuse exit isn't. On that during the break I'll talk committee subpoena now advertisers orchard it article but he's at Albright announced it in his head and I don't we've been radio on what proved to him and that's that that's not true. I'm always think my post this week Jessie can zero if I OC before Mary Christmas. It just in. And coming back and before that partner Christmas and you might be thankful for us thank you very much humanitarian kids as well you bet thank you very much Steve Bryant. Joseph thank you very much Sarah. I love you Richard Cohen your boys going down tonight badgers by three that's when them my prediction based releases is the walk in your home improvement show. Odds were tree 1057 app on the band.