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Saturday, February 3rd
"Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined each week by a member of Milwaukee NARI to discuss new and innovate ways to improve your home the right way!

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From gutters to the landscape for replacement windows to a full basement remodel and everything individually it's time for the Milwaukee married home improvement show. Are your heroes big time might may get it on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I'll walk in and the walking nearing home improvement show on sports Radio One 57 FM the fan. I might we govern alongside gene had gala. From Pella windows and doors was not here looks far. It's like it it's for. We're on radio or mennonite and mining my call good morning were also joined by crystal Crist is good to see you. It's human Leo we're gonna do we're gonna get fuel while. I'm excited about today show in and out today why cheated Dell is a friend of mine and she's a client. And I I see this on faith in his own life when I talked to a passer and talking to my three different people I was his. A coach is kids so he's apparently Cusick coach she's my friend he's my pastor in Dallas had a figure out who lost hockey team in you know how to respond. In your my friend of my client but I was just respond the same way with prince you and I appreciate said the business that that we do together. Things are going well 2018 so far so good right. Very well. There yet this time a year now we're gonna get that though a home improvement shows coming up. The question and I get asked a lot Jim wood from people that because I do the show they pick I know lot about windows. And they say hated it this summer like intelligent they installed your round and the take the winter off you guys are busy. We do not take the winter off your windows have to live through everything is right so we can install every day of the week. And and people are worried if they're gonna do for five windows. How long the open mean you know you guys close set up pretty quick Christ it depends on the installation method. It can be open anywhere from ten minutes to an hour per opening but of course we closed the door in every room and he is varmus pass on that little bit added is all and even if it's an hour. Is nothing compared to the inefficient windows they already have in the opening. Reich is if if and when you get their few of take up that 3M plastic. Well I'll hide you'd trust me I know all about that not anymore but I did it for one time. When I grew up and east side and we used to have to change those storm windows to screens those big heavy. And I I swear. Wind came and more will we have the storms on sometimes because he just didn't fit right. And and through you know 4567. Years these are two workable that. And we had to go up to two flat you know this is the McDowell for that lab Europe. And I was a little kid that security that heavy storm up to the second four on the east side of so that people don't do that then nobody has any more than. Nothing makes me happier than NIC is storm window when I come up to a home because I hear all the Nate news stories moved well off the matter who can give up there. And the plastic. I love hearing about the plastic or seeing it because it costs so much money it does nothing and now the plastics moving along the window yeah. And it blew it comes out any kind of not only cut it does and you got re tape that you trust and all about that. Hey coming up in a couple of weeks I'll wanna talk a little bit about the 56 annual. Home improvement show walking near home improvement show. Remodeling done right state fair park you guys are fully involved in this that you guys have Warner to boost their. We have won the size of two OK up. And you have a 250 dollar rent talk about some of deals going on in the month of February. But people I come into the show. Seven point with few if they do some business now above and beyond what's your deals are going to be. Another 250 dollars off insulation crap yeah anyone who visits are both in nature to get that means that ties to the appointment. Geno what's your Booth numbers yet. All day I'll find out figured out his have to cut the sheet. Connections habit see you know it's a matter wrote early personally Q are you like it up in the morning and you how are you lists and rush our credit this is apparently that's you do if an adjective I'd. Hey that sound all approve a show they've got to be do do its work on the by the way I'm mach. Movies on their due and PA announcements and there's good news new game show call prices write them and CNN and if you know about that. And who aren't really Ares I can and ice which you are that's exactly what figures that's why they put in the back and I do to PA announcer says. For the most part nobody can CB. Visit never special guest going to be either effect on Roy Butler. From its it's portrayed here one of 57 up from the fans to be either Sunday. They the February 18 at 1 o'clock. I'm mad dog in Merrill the growing bodies will be their Melinda Myers. The plan attacked right get a chance to see a lot. Will be there and occurs Nur as always a construction perot's going to be there and them when they would be doing a number of things. Including that I guess the price became show that's going to be that every day Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. At state fair park go to walking eerie dot org. She of those shows for you. You guys to really well at those who you wouldn't get involved in them. The people that that come to the shows what I've realized over the last probably 45 years. The used to come to those shows with. In need. I need to get three windows. I need to get a new door. And now it's OK I need three windows and needed door but what it really want is I want a patio door and I want this out. That the it's gone from people just going for their needs to then going to their wants because some people have a little extra money. Absolutely. We Arab that's perfectly said they are wanting vs needing now we're able to add and to their projects especially. I know last personally we have a full menu of financing options that. It was a record here with people take advantage of last year. So there's some deals going on in February and might go into early march I don't know if you know who she can help me out with them put on 0% down. Euro payments for eighteen months. Or 40% off qualify insulation going on right now. I mean that now might with number but I do know my sales going and right now and it will. Go until March 29 Christopher's birthday march and that's why we picked that yeah it's Chris has hurt tech. 0% down Pella windows and doors Wisconsin. 0% down eighteen months with no payments or 40% off qualifying insulation. The key. Did most people take that 0% on anything supported the senators and 5050 are now sell many people take advantage of the financing. That is you don't have to make a payment you can. But you don't have to make a payment for eighteen months in user presets so it's mostly free money right here trading your for your tax three by Andrea of a wedding parent child going to college whatever it might be a Christmas bonus. Despise you eat teen month. Hey. Let's we'll talk more about the Mary show we had G and maybe a year and half ago we have an hagee incensed. Can I ask your background and on how you got into the window business I know you own your own company. And then and then and sold the company and went to work with Paula. How did you start your own company with windows and were you involved with when this prior to that. If. Now I was at court reporter who specialized in medical malpractice in high profile divorce. Really. And that's and I went to school are I have a degree in English. And IE developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. So I had to retire and at the time my brother in law had owns his own beer is not replacement window business out of his. Basement really and that asked could I be part of it. And he's like what do you know about windows has said listen if I can take a biomedical engineer. I can sell a window right. And that the so that was where my career began in 1997. And Andy in 98. We parted ways and I started my own replacement window business was the first female in the United States on the way up until I believe that was 2008. And act act recruited by a my favorite guy in the whole wide world besides my husband and sons Jack and Calvert with Halloween doesn't know. I hold announce your husband his son's that is John and then all you're all right. I can't hide chips are you make a lot more of our. A lot of via McCarver says I overdose if Chris is mama's listen I'm on the top five with our yet few are you held your pain she didn't will let me leave that party was very. Said in fact when you see your mom teller I miss her and I say hello. Where and when you started your company. I have. I've never had that. That gene in me to start my own company. Palm's sleepless nights in a net gain an out of body you don't think your body just do it every I don't know what I'm doing throughout the night before just do. I didn't see you see that. But remember. I get emails from you picked stood him forty I get text messages from yet at 11 o'clock at night. And I know you're thinking about what's going on the next day the next month the next quarter. And for 2018. So you may you may say that but I think. I think you're you're constantly working and and and Chris one of the reasons I want to bring UN. Worry it is hard by the public difference. Here on this show and there's at and there's some things that make palace stand out compared to their competitors. But wind and when I started putting all this together earlier in the week and it came. Upon the color difference I think Gina as opposed efforts and I know that you guys been married one time we've had this conversation. She got a lot of passion about what she does man. Yeah I think that is the key her passion. And want to be successful. There and make pallid different then. Any other window of there and also her her passion for her team and for John. Q. Be successful here you know to pair of them sell windows have them have a good career and and make a lot of money. You know I think I would be difficult guy to be merry too because I I I did you know I talk high school sports I coach I schooled. I work for sports station a couple of from stations. And and I know with my wife from constantly saying that if you know if we can just get this card to get the gap in particular will that we might. So I bring that kind of stuff home. I've got to believe armed with a passion that she has that you guys have conversations. Not only about maybe that's what's about windows Chris but I know what you do for a living and and you and I've had watched Knight asked your advice on a number of things. Armed. See she she I'm sure asks your advice on and some of this is forest management. And work with people 'cause most of her passion is to make sure the people that work for her and with her. Are making a good living. Yes. She doesn't ask my opinion I after almost thirty years I don't think she's ever taken. I have I have. But she does she took it she she she made it her own idea and then ran ran with it hurts. That's perfect if you could Jeanne you would agree wouldn't win and you may not agree with this part but when I talk about the pellet difference it starts at the top. And I've had a chance to talk to John a number of times. And he does the pellet difference I think in this eaten the palace is is nationwide. But here in the state of Wisconsin. When you talk about that. This is a guy that knows the window come no window industry and really well but he knows how to manage people. And how to work with people and I think that that when you talk about that difference he's got to be that conversation. He's at 100%. I could not ask for a better boss because he. He handed me the virtual keys he trusted me and that's what a good boss does and his passion are his employees and our customers and he allows me to do what's asked for our customers and if I am happy and happy employees act. Arab understanding the process they take care of our customer which is the most important and Jai and Jack allows all of that to happen in the right way. Yeah I agree with that we're gonna get more into the public difference as the show goes on we're joined in studio by Tina Della from Pella windows and doors Wisconsin. People ask me all the time it is that earlier last and we had that's her last they've Gina Della from Paula. And she. We're gonna play I've sung that she's saying it. We've got a commercial that really gets you a the other said the break already start to talk about the -- difference council have a couple questions that people emailed me. That I want to kind of get Europe and united chief we can't answer. For the people here at the office if asking these questions. As we're talked to a gene Della and Chris Stella you go to Paula WI. Slash radio dot com. Pallet Debbie writes Jack comes slash radio that in no religious test known notes none of this year an English major yeah it's is this is not going to be good for me. Or you can give them a call 2627836600. This is the walking near home improvement show. I'm sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You're listening to an airy home improvement show with dynamite the giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Your question to live at 1057 FM the fan dot com it's baby it's cold out inside the. That's Jeter Della from Pala. Any contracts can your Royce Ring and solve many so I am torn do I stayed with pal lot of Wisconsin or do icing. In Motown came calling it. And keep up with the offers. You know Chris can retire than he can do is he. When I guess not your group via yeah just a bit. If you had a sinker but he can hang out with him and everybody that Ohio at problem from last names of the least I can do is repay it right there you go keep my Dijjer she's if you had were too. You never know maybe she hits that make a you don't tell windows and doors Wisconsin go to Paula. W I dot com back slash. Slash no we're not actually taking it's a Lawrence flack or Internet lately yell currently obliged probably rate that now there eco. They have either show room isn't Brookfield you give them a call at 26278366001. Start the segment with. Two questions that I got from people here and and and our comp and it when they heard that you were common and here's the first one. We're gonna put in new windows and we want them we want to have them as and then she efficient as possible. We want double hung windows were insulated glass but that's all we know. We have been in contact infused dollars and were really confused because we active different information from all of them. We believe that by offering windows more efficient than aluminum. Can you help us is that correct. That's an easy one think about growing up you put out. Coke can or a beer can in the freezer to get cold really fast and unexpected company Kimmel are. That's because it's aluminum in and conducting that he did the cold so quickly. And dash so definitely. The aluminum is powerless he efficient and an albino window. There's several parts to that question and having them as energy and efficient as possible there's. Different factors that help make a window very efficient and with the vinyl window it's. How many chambers are not coroner kite how many ninety degree turns does the wind have to meek. I've been marred ninety degree turns the more efficient backed framing as. When we're talking insulated classes different recipes of insulated glass I'm proud to see at impala. Cardinal glass has a special recipe for us on that low we package which is what helps make it. And insulated glass package. I and then having been in contact with it UN's dollars. That's where we absolutely differ with pal we won't have difference of opinions with and scholars because they're all palace certified. Being different that's huge difference and you know. You can have the most expensive window on the market and it's not installed correctly. It's not going to be any better than. You know do you see these billboards you get ten windows for a thousand would do whatever they say and it's just such a bait and switch in my mind by. If you have the best window and it's not installed correctly it's not connect. Be efficient correct correct and acie can put it rolls race in the opening but it is happening cracked it does not matter right. And that's again when we talk about the Pau difference that's one of them. And before it gets that second question and what I liked about when I did the researching and looked up the Paula differs there's a couple things that jumped out at me. No one was. Qualities at the heart of what we do your test process help insure their products are built to last. The other one and huge section he's a guy ahead of this time one of the founders appellate court in 1950. Said this we recognize our responsibilities as stewards over natural resources and environment. And will avoid wasteful or harmful. Disregard of the environmental effects and our operations. So before anybody else was talking about being green. Before anybody else is talking about this stuff the founder of Paula said look. We are Steward of our environment because it's the right thing to do. And I think that says a lot about the company that that's where it was found it. Absolutely I mean at a quick little example of that is when you have one of our wood window is solid wood window of a frame is made up Bob. The sides of it before you put the front that's perfect we look at every single piece of wind Terrence actors every single piece of wood. We cut out any of her actions so the perfect part of the woods facing what the customers seize the homeowners seized. But besides in the frame are made up with the imperfections. And then our fingers I did 'cause we want to save and uses much about what is possible. These the other part that like this worse has a proud heritage and appellate court. Is a family owned privately held company are rooted in in Pella Iowa. In case people didn't know that there is such a place is Paula I want affecting had a chance to meet some of the people from alive on that too long ago. And down. They love the city he said it's it's infecting you that the woman that set an extra ten or hurt. Son played football for Paula high school they've won state championships and really proud of the the school system and a lot. The then prepared you John that is your 6000 team members across United States and they've been around for a long time yes appoint a lot of people throughout country. Yes we do and we have very low turnover when we have additional plays because we're growing that's awesome he let me get this other question is I told. I'm hurdle listen to the second segment so do you go Sally regarding low. And and others have told us it really doesn't make that much of a difference. Can you help us with. That makes a huge difference the job of low heat is it is that then. Liquid. Silver accent that's applied to the class and its job is about when that furnace heat hits. 'cause it's coming out of the register and he rises right so when it comes out of their registers at which are by all the windows by the way. It's going right out of the collapse in the job of the low. And reverses with the silence about when it's beating towards those windows. The job is it bounces back off outside it's what's very important in any climate. You have. 1015 your twenty years ago Chris did you ever think that she would know the spots called pulp windows man. You know which she started their company did you ever think that she could carry had a conversation. Like. Knowing that an expression when she went on her. First five salesman and sold four out of the five and she didn't know how to read team measured band that's the issue that is probably knew I didn't. Could give did you go to school okay cut you know we're just to show us who were by Kate. You'll did you miss the sales side of this because your salad all the time but you missed going out and meeting with homeowners. Luckily. I'm the boss right so I keep to go wind any appointment I want to go on and sell anytime I want to and have direct shadow me and that is my favorite part of my job so I do it to see all the customers. You do. And that's good for you at that widows have changed. And we're gonna get into that in in next segment is segment some trends in some things that that are happening in that industry. Before you do that can we talk about the process pellet when somebody calls the number that I'm given right now 2627836600. And let's just say the person's looking. 45 a replacement windows. On their home in Brookfield. Would what's the process then they call that number they get hold of sales rep. This is cells or come to them did they come and show room let's go through that row quipped good. Ashton and no we will get the edges of the home and it it's our batter for us to call into the customers around to see the actual project because of course every home is different so we have nineteen. Sales consultants that are experts I personally trained on nineteen of Batman and they know what to look for and help the customer I don't their wants and needs so. They'd they'd meet them and then how early in that conversation. Would you recommend that we talked budget if you're my sales rep and Warren my kitchen. And and I've told you exactly what I'm looking forward. Do you do you use then bring up OK what what it what's the budget I'm working with before you look at at what window I'm gonna need no we do knack. We first find out how wants needs and right and off or their home in patch. And and then you you start talking the budget what's the timeframe that. On so we sign a contract do you send people out then to measure a means and how wants to take to get the windows oh yeah. It's result we sat in the contract with Democrats struggled to wait and then right eye on the spot we saddened. I'm sorry we make an appointment for our order Vieira fire because we believed to measure twice and cut only once so we. We do use areas and that ordered their prior comes out within 48 hours measures for perfect fit. Installation is also scheduled at the time contract signing and we are practically four to six weeks out. We have tons of capacity so where where rarely be at a six week lead time for installation. So somebody right now because it's really cold out if somebody wakes up this morning is a listener showing has thought about. You don't Boyd I just need to get new windows is is ridiculous. They they can call you guys on Monday and and probably have something and then six or seven weeks. Yeah and we run appointments we can get there as soon as the day they called we have plenty of sales reps to accommodate their schedule that's awesome give them call 262. 7836600. Or go online. Helen W I dot com slash radio nine. Our wrote that the on the stunt that we heard charge in studio by Jean and Chris Stella it would you come in next sound was coming in with here. I have my side. Alexander David Dow up from pal lot will be he doesn't know yet he's going to be against Chile I've met him right. Today meet him on the sidelines and watch OS you know that trust in gene to lie about an honest. You know a sword but I've talked yes you touched he's nice and that he would. We're gonna have him as Judy a few weeks Chris tell you what you are your guys want to set. I'm not going on the air and I don't know yard he goes no I'm not it's not bad right. You don't think you're doing Virgo I was came down here to CU one nice to make sure you have bound by the nice jacket. That is that looks really good idea by the way that. First he placed every SSP jackets and thanks for awareness that is so this is and watch you for giving it to me any time this is a walking near your home improvement show. On sports Radio One a 57 FM the Fayette. You're listening to an area home improvement show with dynamite the giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I was over your questions at 4147991250. Oh welcome back the more near home improvement show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I might we give our want seg Gina Della from Pella windows and doors in Wisconsin. President Chris is kind enough to see there was this is wall. We talked that first segment but then the the deals that you have going on right now 0% down zero payments for eighteen months. No money down zero payments for eighteen months forty or 40% or 40% off qualifying at suasion in you can now. Give them a call to 67836600. 7836600. You have that he got you covered the state of Wisconsin. Right. We deal we are will. Porsche showrooms Green Bay Appleton and Madison and then of course Brookfield. So pretty much anywhere in the state in in anywhere from Kenosha it's out Sheboygan tell ya mean you guys through it all men yes and absolutely. Come into going to Pella W white dot com slash radio would be the best way to to get to that website. And I don't forget 0% down zero payments for eighteen months. Guys have nine different. Windows now cracked now and now hanging ninth nine lines right. And we'd talk during the break about some of the on trans kind of in 2018. And he said look black in great great huge. Huge huge contemporary. So we do have. Gorgeous fiber glass window. That comes great inside and outside we now have new. Steam in black interior which is huge it's very very popular. Chris let me ask you this week if you guys go to way if you go to a party just an open house and somebody's new house. Do you think Gina looks at the windows right away I. Now you don't think so I don't think she says my hand. Those as you guys this is nice house which you need new this story is horrible you needed your door you don't do that. I try to weed at least ten minutes. Add that get my belt packed Taylor's sparkly lighter out warm up a little and then I will veer towards that inefficient at your door that's blowing my hero when he. You don't it's funny because people who come and sit where you said it's almost impossible they laugh every time. Yeah I can't I can't go to an open house can go to party can't go to buddy's house. That you know he has in Newhouse we're going to see it without the you know looking at the kitchen looking at the floor depending on. And what they do we know at home remodeling industry. They're always look at and and Singapore I could probably help why do you think gave back to green and black why do you think great news this cap and so thick. It's just the collar it's sea foam green and as you've seen I have had dab great that is just the in collars for seventeen definitely trending in the eighteen you can get a kitchen aid mixer now on sea foam green and great. Yeah. And it used to be with windows that everybody just got white right. And I know that again growing up in the senate that used to we have to paint the ice storm windows green because that whenever that's what he thought. The house probably needed but now. It's not just white you're looking like he said black is is. Huge huge inside we have eight while nine different interior stained races for the Fallon would Wendell. 27 exterior colors in your dad would have been covered with hunter green he would event. I really struggle when I have too many options when when Terry now reduce their kitchen and we had just keep the hardware for cabinets. It it was overwhelming. For me so wind so wind when a client calls. You EU and and you're able squad and that call can you pinpoint. Quickly an option or two runs then. You know I've got nine different. You know choices here in fourteen choices your guys like me I just want I want you to tell me what would look at what's the perfect window. And give me two options to price ranges and then let's go to the supposed to business. Did you find that on people want you to break it down for them it's. Actually very easy. When you ask the needs and wants of the customer. You are asking very specific questions that. Easily narrows down within fifteen minutes from nine windows down to the one that's going to be just that right on for their home in budget. Really we. When that and then and then you go to the colors. That's hop party narrowing it out on if you want if you absolutely have to have blue won the exterior of the window. That are ready pinpoints a cut two different windows that we can pick from and then that's now where we move forward what it when you talk about nine different lines word of the newest ones. So we have in the woods Siri is where we have our salad would windows we have. To three. 450 series and our architects theories. As well as our designer Ceres. In the architects series they have expanded that particular would win Dell to have a contemporary look. I traditional look and a very modern look where we had salve and including the architect the architects added two more I mean it covers. Dot locking you can get any finish you want and that whatever look Q why when you're building remodeling that architects serious fills that need. Points you gotta love that we grew. How do you keep up with everything that changes in the new that he not only with with Paula. But but windows in general there's there there's been change you know the double and a triple and you know there's a lot of changes how to keep up with Obama. Very lucky that Pallet corporate. Kept constant. Training bringing asked the trends staying up with the trends in the and keeping us up to date and it's good Hud even windows or doors bigger part of your business. I would say windows and then second is patio doors and then third entry doors young pledge yet you I wrote down patio doors and a question mark. The days of look even as as ten years ago any buddies of mine that have patio doors. They were constantly off the rail and they did the earth wind coming through on it it seems like there's there's spend. On some really good advances in the way in the world the patio doors. Hello I'm proud to state has a patented. Designs system on their patio door where. Is going yellow geeky but it bowed low Darr got gases actually gravity filled. Don't sash is gravity fields without. Are going to ask is pushing all of the air out from the top down. And making it. Almost completely follow what have you beacons and gas and then with our patio doors and allows us. We put the actual operating panel and the outside not the screen. So when it's windy outside it's pushing back. Glass panel back towards the house in making it tighter seal routed and pushing on the screen and wearing and tearing it as well as the sun. Beating on that screen we saved the screen that's very unique to Pala. Big part of today that any you'll agree with me that I'm sure you you guys go and take out some of those old Italian tourist. And and it did they chests for a well done years ago and it seemed like there were always you're putting a stick came to keep infants laden and the screens almost looked. Seem like they were written and and I am glad that. That poses a good job with it with those he did dorsett you guys Celgene of different and options is far stores. And leaders need to yes about absolutely we have steel fiberglass and wood. Optic materials do you guys sell more of war of one material I would save fiberglass is the leader. People still like would don't know and. They still like wood but we have three lines of fiberglass. Wood grain of windows that truly look authentic they're gorgeous and they look like they're what they can be stain painted and they have greening is authentic. Kids of wood doors that you have do you sell many those anymore we shared you now add is that the wants and needs of the homeowner. It's that you keep coming back to that. To the wants and needs of the homeowner and when we talked about the public difference that's one part that didn't bring up and I should have. And that is that you know it. You guys are there to make the customer happy. And it's not look I have a window and I want you to buy my one window and I think it's you do find for it I hope it just fine for you that's not what you guys are about. And reading through I've I've spent a lot of time on your web sites lately with some of the things that we're doing you have worked quite. And there are some some really good things done on that website now would recommend people. To go to it if you're looking for doors you're looking for windows. If you're stake in spring I've got to do this. I would start looking now. Sir to an ad now and if you're gonna come onto the show make sure that you why you see gene in the people that at the Mary show coming up in a couple of weeks. February 15 through the eighteenth at stake for part or consider conversation Gina Della from Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin. This is them walking near home improvement show on sports Radio One 57 FM the fan. You're listening to an area home improvement show with dynamite the giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Your question to lie and made 1057 FM the fan dot com. Baby it's cold Alex died. Whose theme music through this show. A best start case you were royalty fee that's Gina Della. Saying it's called outside from Pella windows and doors in Wisconsin. You go two up Pella W wide dot com slash radio. He'll lot of the things that we're talking about here today clear in the DO 0% down. Syrup famous for eighteen months or 40% off qualifying installation. Speaking of that your installer some retard but this during the break your installer that Fella. Have to get recertified and be Palo recertified every year to be able to work he got. Corrected does not matter how long you've been installing Faris and men any of our size and with us for 25 years last. Every year Pala. Requires that they get recertified and pass the test because products scenes we now have nine lines like I mentioned. Coal woods changed so they have to be on top of it. He you know I've got to do something that about and there are some two now you get used to live auction right. So tomorrow from eleven to one I'm going to be at the new metro market and silver nail wrote with LeRoy Butler. And down the road be signing autographs. Rita be given away a replica green and gold helmet signed by Le Roy. And if you knocked that in that store the new metro markets actually gorgeous sister grand opening. If you get rid ready for the big game stop by Seattle Roy. I was supposed to be his talent I recruited the right so that actually people come. I know you guys are coming make fun be but since they have people out there and he's really reported few ago. And get ready for for your party prior to that became step by the metro market silver nail road. A between eleven and one sign up to win that deck recalled helmet that Royce signed didn't. And take a look at the new store 2160. West the silver nail road. In Waukesha is in new metro market. I'm glad that they now upgraded that store to and when you guys rockers at surrogate slip at her work that yeah right after that shot at a very conveniently. Located for lots of people out. The largest now brand new eleven to one if you guys have flown in that neighborhood step by tomorrow. I'm sleeping in from getting caught selling I've Colin you early hour. Hate it the other thing that we talked about nine I don't wanna miss this is we're gonna be down here a couple minutes but you talked about the warranty. On and some of the war tees with the wood products that you have can you teach our globe about theft me. Our warranties that Powell are second to none in the industry. Super excited that in February of 2017. We were able to now offer our customers our life time warranty. I'm all of our wood products that is unheard of nobody else can do that and it is because we do have a patented. Protector on that leg. As well as we do have a ten year installation. Warranty and we can apps after that because all of our. Is dollars are palace or to Biden they're installing the right way so we don't have issues. And they do that every year I think that's really important and we talked earlier in the show if if you buy the most expensive window and it's not put in correctly. It's just another window and you're thrown money. You know throw I want to hand out a window and a ball that's what I should've said my wife Terri to semi tank said we've seen it's. Are for me you yet that was fun so where I appreciate the invite to that. That little gathering that she had a time we got there there are some people can't but it was really fond lives there really was. Hey. When people come and see you at shows and Natalie the 0% down. Zero peers for eighteen months or through 40% off qualifying installation 250 dollars above and beyond that. If you c'mon see the people at Pella. At the show is the fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth and eighteenth state fair park its market near a 56 annual. Remodeling done right it's their spring show. You go to market near dot org to get more information. And I cost of tickets times itself like that but when you're at the show be sure you stop and ala. Boots July to a no shows personally. All my cash I love it I I get energy off all the customers back on their so I hope Lackey of his ass I will be there all week and you know I've come through your booze and last couple of shows you guys to really nice job of it it it's very I catchy. And you do a nice job of setting those who sub. You have enough they are that people can come in and and talk about a couple of the things that you have on display. And then you'll sit with them and and and talk about the rest of the lines and stuff like that. Cracked correct absolutely you set up appointments with you right there or do you just give a name and number and then you'll call later in the week or how does that work no we'll set up appointments for the customer right and then there's what's convenient. We didn't get to eat the benefits of replacement windows and that was when I was actually gonna start the show with so sure you were where were my head was that. But really quickly. There is eight benefits to replacement windows in the first is increased home value. Yeah we talk about this on the show a lot and it guy early and in. My occurred during an air show said to me. If you're going to be in the house more than three years don't worry about. There's a unique feature money back are you knocking each money back what is that. If your plan a foot in the house then will talk one in into one category you've planned stand there. Just just purchase and put in something that will make you comfortable is something that you white. So you don't have to worry so much about is an increase in my home value in my gonna give my money back if you're going to be in the house for awhile. You know we're proud to say make that even if someone's wanting to stay in the home for three years or two years. Our customers are proud to put in a Pallet product because you will see and all of the real estate listings people brag about marble are. I'm granite Kohler products you also break about Pella windows you don't see that with other manufacturers. So they want apps that get their money back. If it. He cheated somebody wants to do for windows. You know in the spring and another for windows in the fall and then finish the house a year from now are you guys OK with that. We love that we absolutely work with people at whatever stage they're out whether it's the whole armor they want to phase it. With Powell how we act we don't take things in ways they don't have to worry about that collar being eliminated or blinder she that's. Really important because it. In in some of the people that you compete with that's not the case. And so if somebody does for windows now another four windows a year from now and another for windows after that. If if the windows that they selected the color they selected. This year is gone two years from now they've got to try to match something that's close but it's not gonna be identical. Correct we are able to still take care of people's windows from sixty years now. That's incredible hey Greg in the other arm chewed too different on parts of of eight benefits replacement windows and I apologize connected into these. One is is the reduced dust and allergies which is important because it it seems like. At least in in our world. That seems to be getting worse more than than than better I think it after three grandsons are blue cross streets are no little bit about that. The other is the enhance safety and security. I'm you wanna make sure that when you put a window win horse it or a door or patio toward that you're you're feeling pretty secure about it. We're really excited about the blinds and shades between the glass that's what we're known part cause our designers series that was invented in 1966. It does reduce dust and allergens because nothing's getting in between act last as well as. Grand children are small children or pets can't touch the blinds or shades to make them dirty as well as keeping them safe from acquired. You think you I appreciate you guys' company Chris who's gonna win that game and more. Let's talk sports for men. Who view life right now at this comfortable. Regulates more. I'm not gonna bet against though a check now I mean. New England as has been there on the top for awhile but. A clam chowder and am a Boston gang some are getting with the. Hatred the lines four and a half I'll take up Philadelphia for a launch. What kinda launch the most likely give my best. Hardware and you're around so I've got to the Eagles plus the four and a half. You'll we do I bring on my kid you know my grandkids and my daughter and her husband my son is like I put it twenty questionnaire together. Things like first turnovers can be wide. First cheerleaders show owner going to be who have put a twenty dollar bill while they get a fill out and knew that keeps him fully vested. After the first score the category of the commercial will be white. And questions like that and if they they fight over the twenty bucks. Chris gives you some concedes it is easy to unite you bet Helen at WY. Dot com slash radio that's where you wanna go she's cheated Della Pella windows. Indoors in Wisconsin. This is the walking near home improvement show. On sports Radio One 57 at found. The fans.