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Saturday, February 10th
"Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined each week by a member of Milwaukee NARI to discuss new and innovate ways to improve your home the right way!

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From gutters to the landscape for replacement windows to a full basement remodel and everything individually it's time for the Milwaukee married home improvement joke now. Are your heroes big time might may give us. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Oh what commend the more you hear rumors prove it show on sports Radio One 057 from the fans. I'm Mike we bureau wants out my post this week he's the owner of karma builder's he's a loose wire Lewis gives here. Are you doing good hey we getting you to different chair. And those chairs terrible I can stand though now we want to bureau late last night we. I want us out and I we kids she got a young man anymore I mean you're value rent you should've been on the show prior to this one. Yeah I think I could never ever talk about the fishing expo the must expose up there last night at times. I didn't know you could stay late at one of those. You know it's kind of like a reunion because you're running the guys that you haven't seen since last year. And then you guys stay there you had out for a little bit sale we went out got got a bite to eat at a few Beers at a point. Well welcome hey I'm I'm excited about today show because I'm a big fan of the company. That's had that isn't. And I'm a client of colonel electric they've done great work for us and chuck Smith and Steve Breyer joining us guys Soria. Good hearted Mike and good morning good to see what's going on. Though the first time I met you I think in purse was at the show at the Mary show and that that would have been a falls show. And you guys sitting at two were common then and I told you my story about having guys ma we were looking for for new flights in and out. Churches to check is a present the company so I think you wanna noticed. We are my wife and I were were having candlelight put into the kitchen and we had some water come in so we edit that you wrote when they were fixed in that. The kitchen up redo little remodel. And we called colonel lecture in Sydney huge c'mon take a look and let's talk about this and sent to guy out and he said here's what I think can we saw were taken this voice you can do it that way but but my recommendation here's wind east. Set the kitchen table explained to my wife and I'm my wife Terry not. And why he thought that we should go this. Well we we we don't recommend the candlelight shower in with the water color correct it and like yeah that was nice to vomit I'm happy kids couldn't recommend that but we. We see we said you know what that makes a lot of sense and we we asked to rule what would this cost and and quotas or price and we see great. Let's choose what when we haven't done. He set how about out by noon. And I say excuse me he said I'm ready to go agree if you want to sell we can do right now. You believe in getting it onto that I play Airpwn I was I was thrown backed by this and I said. OK let's let's go and he came and really nice man he had a cat young man that was helping him. They came men. My wife works out of her home. And that's a look guys get to work in and she called me three or four times. And since these are really nice guys in their explaining that not I go down and she did have a question and he'd say here's what. The reason we're doing it this way just you know reduce here and and were big fans then. I wish I can remember his name. It was John. Well Mike you reminded me in my father's work ethic and his at a service station we had a service station move me to fix the car raced in and there. You know we're pumping the gas check in new oil checking the tires back in his day. And it's a car is broke down it would be fixed pollute pollute into the exit get it back in Minnesota like to do well there the customer. It was Saddam we weren't prepared for that. To be honest with two keys we're prepared you don't normally. You get a price went through who get on the calendar can we get it done with the next couple of days cruiser trying to get this pitcher remodeled corner we can't move forward. Until we get this done. And when he said Dow hobbled by news. That's great I see some kind of basket so I get everything I need ready to go and he was done by 1130. And I came home from work to make sure that a cynic can buy you guys what she said now don't worry about it regret and they say no I really like to buy a lunch. Because we're just really happy with itself current electric Q go to their website its current electric CO dot com so curt electric company. CO dot com or their FaceBook page current electric you guys can beat the show coming up here next week walking near shall. I'll be there will be fun daddies that buy oh I well there's no doubt Lewis is a big one man. Yes great show it's the 56 annual walking near home improvement. Spring show we call the roots of the theme this year is remodeling done right runs Thursday through Sunday. And it really is great just a really awesome opportunity for homeowners. Coming in meat. Contractors talked to people really do a lot of that work that in the past maybe you'd have to have. Richard you come out your home we don't do that mean there beating their guerrilla were some specialized in need electrician and currents gonna be there talking and you need to refer this gonna be refers. It. Aside all of it every hates Hillary is and you show up and and I'm I'm looking forward to them to be out three state. Let's start with Michelle and Gail and and Diane attend the front tough front office with marquee new area in I'll be out there Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday. For a few hours and shaking hands kissing babies and you know what most rude for freedom has their babies I don't know mad I have not sure about. I'll be up on stage animosity kind of NCAA. A new game that they have going on called guest the price. And it is it's really interest you will will have four contests has come down we're gonna show remodeling project and then asked him what they thought the price. I think it's gonna be really interesting and I'm I know these guys are gonna add that it's amazing like even those those in the industry and we always think I won't be that much don't have much. And we get it wrong. And if we're getting it wrong you know homeowners are getting around it still amazes me Alvin electrician come in and look at it and get their proposed back really. You know but then explain it to us and I'll always have a excellence a search a lot of work okay. It now makes sense you know what I like about a body is. People get get used to watching these TV shows where you can remodel your entire kitchen 3000 dollars and it can get done in 48 walks. And so they they're watching these shows going. Well how come they can do and I'm on this TV show that I'm watch and and so I think it's important to people understand what the price of quality work is work. He's the impossible just cost a little bit more to to to do it that fastest relief you know to get everybody lined up is crazy and and you don't need to do have talent but what I love about the shows all the ideas it's just an idea mind. Yeah you really get some great ideas and it's new looks and what can I do in my home. You go and check a number years ago when when I started doing the shown in I would do the shows that Steve for park with marking Neary. F told a story people would come in with. A couple of needs I need to gates couple winners I need to get this electrical fixed here I need. And now they're coming in with wants. And now it's like OK I need a couple windows port of what I really want is a patio door and I really want this I want my pectoral looking good. I'm I this is what my wants are. And people are are starting to I think I think the entire business feels that you know people are stern to spend a lot of money. Well it's it's true I mean is it. I need tires but I want the new wheels right that's same thing for our policy you know I need the electrical expert all I really wants a nice looking designer relating really want all the electronics and all the controls. And everything like that to it it's it's really exciting when people. What what can I dream my house to be. You don't want to the interesting things referred for me chuck is when we talk about. Re doing your path to re doing your kitchen or even your you know your downstairs Megan to make hero when every you do with that. One of the most important parts of that whole thing is the white. And there's so many there's there's so many different ways to get to the feeling of of what you want in your space. And one of those and I think one of the more important ones is is how you attach your Whiting to this are you gonna have. You know the dimmer you're gonna have a waiting in this space you can have it under the cabinets in the cabinets around the cabinet. You know the lighting part of this the stuff that you guys use just so important to the overall feel of of the space that your model. I really think it's one of the least expensive ways to remodel I mean you can paint and make it look different the change in the lighting is gonna make everything looked different. For instance if you put in some really nice counter tops. Well if they're natural service surface or stoned you wanna really see them so to. The right type of light is really important to release even depth in that countertop. From the owner can't owner candidate lights and cabinet quite sure and all of it all of it. That's really true read as general contractor here where do a lot of a full scale kitchens and paths and suffered a foot. Good electricians people like like chuck and Steve they're gonna understand that. How the lighting works is when you look at a great picture in a magazine we don't realize is that that picture looks awesome because of photographer brought him. A lot of really specialty lighting Morgan and I can have that your data daylight. So let's make sure that the lighting echoes in there really works and looks good because you could spend a lot of money and all this stuff. And achieve out on the lightning in the you know what it feels dirty fields Arkin doesn't feel warm and inviting like they wanted it's based feel that that's what great electricians do. Yeah I agree with that he is speaking agree electricians I don't know if you know this but to. Our guests were just voted number one best electrician. Shepherd express 2007 I just learned that that's pretty awesome congrats guys well you know it's funny you say that because I just had a guy in my office to filming a little bit about that and he spent forever set up the lights just to take about five minutes worth of video of me talking about the best of Milwaukee we're really proud of that our teams worked really hard on that. And thank you customers customers love Allison and we love our customers can you make lady that makes me look but I guarantee TV. Well it takes. Yeah and where we're gonna be people like check I appreciate you notches jump and all I just three years softball and you can really get an ardent if you're Brookfield central Boyd it's kind nicer than I got it that's what this guy's Q who request and I definitely. That was not going over to Steve that. Check guy I appreciate that. This show coming up next week again Thursday. He favor fifteenth through the eighteenth Thursday. On a job fair. In the morning on the fifteenth in this is your three I believe that we've done the job for the nary people have. And I think it's important that. He people understand you're going to a job interview you don't come in in ripped sweat pants and and rolled up T shirt come like you're gonna interview for a job there's going to be a number of near remembers they're looking to hire. I mean you can probably get 345. I interviews I'd of this one day. And that is. Thursday February 15 I believe that's it's eight to noon you can go to walking your dot org for more information on it but does the job fairs can beat. Thursday at state fair park and if you're looking to either relocate if you're looking to get out of what you're doing if you are unemployed and looking to do trades. What a perfect time to go meet a lot of these companies that are looking good to hire again that's Thursday February 15 the show itself. It's Thursday through Sunday but marking your dot org for more information on the other says the break. We're gonna talk gut. Where did talk to chuck Smith will be the president colonel lectured about his baby so. And I got a lot of questions he understands this better than pretty much anybody and it is a big part of what he believes in the soul of what their company has. And will talk more. About that on the other side of break this is the marking airy home improvement show. On sports ready 157 FM the fan. You're listening to an area home improvement show with big time might make giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Your question to lie and made 1057 FM the fan dot com. Welcome back we watch here always professional I had sports Radio One 057 up from the fans. I'm Mike we your rely so Mike calls he's loose wires the owner Carl builders. Our special in cedar guest chuck Smith and Steve Brown easy names this frequently guys were tough but tough names during the break I Getty's you want speed charts that Steve Brown. Current electric that's awesome. It chuck we're talking here to break a little bit about. What we ended the first segment with the that is the other job fair at the Milwaukee nearing an improvement show on Thursday the fifteenth. I believe 810 to noon in I'll get those ties were walking your dot org for more information. You know Mike is about the trades I think it's a short cut career for a lot of people and they can really you know start working right away. Training current electric is basically a school consider ourselves the school. Not only do we send their people to to abuse CTC I sit on the board an Emmy TCI interview all the kids coming out of ME TC every year twice every semester twice a year. And it's exciting to see these kids in the key to it is what are they passionate about who they really want to be. And I hear time and time again people don't know who they want to be when they grow up and so I recommend do its job shadowing. Maybe getting right along and one a with when us. Our look service electricians get an idea who they wanna be when they grow up will train them and they can have a career right away and make be making money doing it learning. Well and I tell these guys that I coach chuck in in hammer on high school kids all the tong. And win their answer to me in the middle of their senior year is an awfully going to college but I'm told to. Or who tells you that. Well you know they're dead or guidance counselors and teachers my parents and or what you wanted to I think in the cars say be honest with you I took a beer really good electrician. Well what do you wanna do with that. I don't know anybody that Phyllis I got a guy come and I get two guys coming in this week and this is what they do. And he said that I think I'd be pretty good at that but I don't like old scores will you have to go to school catches step on a high school. And car yourself an electrician and but if you really inch precedent that you need to let me know that is I've got guys I can introduce you to. The other part of this is some like these kids are gonna gonna have to go won't so they hope for five years they get done with that they're gonna 100 grand. And the guys take it out of school and state income bison right you'll. They wanna be part of society not just looking at society and study right there really wanna be a member in in in certain make something happen for their their neighbors you know we talked about about your background and upbringing on. In in in the conference from before but I might get as a bricklayer Mason and the thing that I got from that does two things one he he worked really hard. But two he was very proud. Of the stuff he debt. We would drive downtown DC you see that building. I built that you see that when I was on that rough I built this bit. And so he he had this port had about the job he did the work he did. And I'm sure the same thing that the people that work for you in any intersection we can look around say we let that in viscerally exciting you know we Europe part of that tree you know went and into watch that development whether it's somebody store. Somebody's home. Business it's exciting to see come together hate you when I ask you about. I said you went to Brookfield sent tries to Europe recruit central did you know that this was good that the did the on track that you really go down a path that you were gonna take. And you said something to me that was Forney says I really understood lectures I understood it like I got it. Where a lot of people don't and you've got an early age I still don't get it in a north of basic question that I asked you today about the outside light in our house. You guys kind of laughed and so will some reasons messed it up when we could fix in about eight seconds noted is a Mike. A lot eighteen girls really don't know what they really get in what they really like and that's why. You know the ability to do it tucks it into job shadow whether it's weather whatever treated him if electrical is interesting view of its carburetor of its. Plumbing with a teacher is C a get out and try to experience little bit instead what we're doing. Is were pushing on these kids in this this idea of the need for your degree. Or lending of money that we really don't have right that they really can't afford to pay back cracked a trainer for jobs that probably don't even exist and it's really the best way to go about a bad helping people. Become valuable members are decidedly centrist problem with that is sometimes these you know these people graduate with a four years even an eight year degree and find out that that's not what they wanna do some job shadowing his key to any any after you choose now and then they've got Eminem got 50000 dollars in debt whereas they can go out and spend. Six months just kind of working in electorates in a row like that but. Maybe they realize that I can't think is interesting. However my hands were great and they got some money in there and they can do something. Is the best part they go to current electric and they spend six months there and they work hard and they show up every day and they're respectful. And they learn and then after six months they go to chuck and they say you Mr. President I'm not sure this is for me. But maybe plumbing you don't zoos say look I know plumber I gotta put. I've got to plumbers are got Jesse that I let me call just seemed find out if maybe she would in output and a good word for. As long as you show up and you go to working your respectfully you work hard. If if he figures in six months is isn't for me what a great resource that chuck Smith certainly he's going to be. For them it lets you price electricity was was something electrical something that you understood. An earlier well it's it's still a magical force I mean nobody really knows what electricity as polished as we know some parameters around it I understood some of those parameters and what we could do with it is exciting in. I'm still studying the founders you know tests Lional people that did develop this field and it's magical stuff it really is and it's changing our lives every day. It's one of the newest trades it's up and coming and it's changing. How we live. He win now when you guys who were you when you start getting the solar home long ago when did you start right away with slower so I was always interest to the solar I mean you know even Edison thought Thomas Edison thought that solar would be a way to power the world and end. It it it is one of the most reliable sources of energy we also sell generators but they need to be maintained and solar. We put it on and it works I mean very little maintenance in. You know solar panels have been running for fifty years up the Nia. The sphere so why did the last time that we talked about solar you guys rent. And Steve in and it would be questions that I got asked was. I is it it's really expensive right and that's it I don't think so you know I don't think we touched a lot on. On that part is an expensive. For a company or for a homeowner. Yeah it what you to what you say to them chuck when someone says why I'd like to at least look at a but I think it's going to be too expensive for me. Well we always look at return on investment you know you gotta make the solar you have to make a lump sum investment front. Only got a 30% tax credit that. There's a tariff on the panels right now coming in however it's five to ten year return on investment. And to me that that is the surest thing that's a cup bonded. Investment you electricity is at around atoms in the bulls are clients are saying you know. Twenty years in your home so if you're going to be. There were twenty years in your unify the ten year return. And the jury after guys it's not that it while we can't calculate is what what he increases the value of the home that's a little bit harder in some people said that that that increase has been. Are better than they knew what they expected a much power people drawing out panels generally as it is it 20% of their homes. Our dollar well it depends how David ruff says how much Sunday we can get to them you know or if we can put it on a ground mount that we we can get an almost and 90% while that's a lot of -- we figured 50% Wisconsin's a little bit more tough because we have this thing called winter that covers the panelists I I've become made aware of it yeah yeah that's it's happening because it is happening. This 90% is really mean that has a lot of power mean for people are listening and maybe doesn't mean a lot but that is. That is a huge amount of of power for. In an average. But what always I'm home what we find is people you know once once they put solar on their policy also be get it they start becoming. More educated about how much power they're really using a lot of people who really know what they're election hotel itself you know you just pet you know what I do is turn self off because you are putting in reality the lies are more efficient in other ways to save electricity so they you know becomes a game let's fast. He's the system itself has it changed over the over the years as far as. I'm sure yes a lot to what will it make by roughly equal weight you know will it make my roof cave how heavy is it. Guy has it has it. I think part of that been upgraded quite a bit. Roofing materials have been proved to flashing has improved the wracking has improved of course for engineering to make sure it's gonna. Fit on the roof with a crushing your house is very light only three pounds per square it is not going to crusher for your sugar river is gonna be her bio solar panel union of a much bigger issue with your that's exactly a and building standards are such that you know it is gonna support it. And end noise. You know if it's not gonna leak it's. I can blow off it's gonna design that right installer right in and you needed to do that with a good contractor what does the winter due to do this. Well when it's covered with snow it's not gonna produce much so are we design it Marie where you're looking at. How much sun that roof is gonna see on an average year and there were calculating that production that ways that we can give you a good return on investment story and how much power. You're gonna make from the solar panel over the years time. Whether the snow hits or not that's all calculated. Do you find that that people with bigger homes arm. Are more likely to do this that may I don't see lives solar panels on offer eighties from pearl. Maybe I don't look form but I don't seem you know I what what I founder originally it was it was more the people that understand long term investments had a lot of farmers you know if I land and a lot of farmers echo all I want solar. They understood the long term investments was really important thing because. They get it you know whether they're going to be in their house for for a long time or not they understood that you know this is good investment for me to make. So people I have a little bit of extra money that they can invest in wanna invest some way. That makes sense to them why not invest in your home. You know we're seeing like in the in our industry is is people are seeing in their homes longer if ten years ago you had this. And you had people turn in homes over left and right of course and ended up in this crash because. Every kept trying to get bigger and better house we're seeing now people do want to stay in their homes so investments like just quality insulation and windows. Are all coming to play and things like solar is it's a perfect opportunity it would be over twenty years let's do it now it's. It's a stewardship to an incidents building a good palaces you know you're gonna leave it to somebody bright and end and in also. You know taken put carbon in the atmosphere is not a good thing no matter how you look at it and in this one uses solar stories is we're trying to. Make the power directly from the sun instead of airing it and the ground for a billion years and pulling it back out burning it. Steve Brown I don't I don't you have sari you know what this is. I you know we're gonna talk solar and the year that. With chuck Smith the president colonel lecture came meant that we aids solar is his lights is eyes light up when we talk about it because he's so passionate about it. You can go to current electric CEO which is colonel lecture company. Dot com for more information check out their FaceBook page which is current electric to locate a 126. And west Borough like. Great pretty close to Merck's. Right art restorer and cross street you're bowler John universal knows who got out of covered you can't cover it have boarded the number one best electrician. For shepherd express 2017. Congratulations to everybody occurred electric for that. 2627865885. 2627865885. And we'll continue our conversation. These guys on the other side of the break this is the market near home improvement show. Odds portrayed a wanna 57 app from the fans. You're listening to an area home improvement show with the dynamite they giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. So put your questions at 4147991250. Oh welcome back the more familiar homered for the choice for attorney 1057 up from the fans. They should join us dynamite we give her wants on my cohost he's the owner of thorough builders is loose wire. Lewis. Appreciate you coming then. And doing throughout the show we need to keep plug into the 56 in your own improvement shows coming up next week. There's a fair her fifteen through Sunday the eighteenth. Walking near dot org for more information. By great things going on mad dogs are going to be their Laura Butler. Got that I work with every day here's your chance to introduce him to be either Sunday 1 o'clock that we do want a cookie. Class Hillary. That's pretty cool. Cooking stuff I've I've just found more than once results funnies he's got a great attitude is a lot of Fonda. Was in the food is his target to sell huge you know. I had him come and speak at the high score. And I don't LeRoy now for what used to be like oh my goodness. The road bother now it's like one LeRoy white. And he came and spoke and I didn't know he is the background story that huge you know spent the first seven years in his life who will chair. And then he had the the force come type races for two years. And keep kids made fun of many senate term due to play in the NFL they since Kiwaukee goes on talent yet. And sure enough fist I went about his business took service is in the classroom with or state. Got trapped he would sit I had no idea where Wisconsin. He sued I ignored viewers in and now he's he's hero with and he loves is that a moment jacks well but he'll be there are at the home improvement show Sunday. At 1 o'clock or get a chance to introduce him Melinda Myers YC every week here at the studios plan doctor breather every day and it'd just a lot of fun stuff it's going to be happen and certainly while you're there stop I see chuck Smith and Steve Prague the current electric. I know did you go to those shows from TD spending time in the boot of them much anymore I. I walked the shows I love to see what's Conan meet new people in and you know. It's going to be great surely you understand the importance of shows like this year's cheers. You walk in Antarctic Steve Brown you'd feel immediately comfortable while work with the current electric. And they'll answer any questions that you have and if they can't answer of they'll call you back the next hey I know that for a fact. So stop by cedar boost up by C Lewis attacked her rope builders as well. He is when people ask about we're trying to about solar by the way we're gonna continue because it got a lot more questions. About it when when people talk about cute done and they talk about the insurance increase is there one. On that kind of thing are you are you guys knowledgeable. To be able walk them through that part of it. We we make sure they collar insurance company to make sure its coverage should be covered under their homeowner's insurance as part of any remodeling project should be. It might increase the value of their homes so it. Other than that that's really you know the only emission have to do we haven't had really any problem with this to me insurance companies there's other DN issue if you're. An issue with that with insurance company I would encourage you to have talked to one of our our million member insurance companies because that that's. Improvements your home pretty insurance companies love to see you making improvements on her home whatever it is. And they just want to make sure that your covered and protected so anyone who's kind of give you any push back on that I would. Incurred should consider new agent. Hey chuck what is the timeframe if if somebody owns a home in and he is Gerri is there an average number of panel said that a home Warner. Most went well will we looked we do is we look at their electric bill and then and then we look at the size of the rough from where we can put the solar we also look at. How much sun is coming in right trees or in the way and we calculate how big the solar system is compared to their electric bill because you wanna be producing. About as much as they're. Using and and so if I'm an average home is that three panels is it to noses and eight I don't string of panels is about twelve sometimes I put 24 sometimes you know 36 and how big it Amundsen and what what is the so somebody edited if we walked through the process for a quick can we do this with most companies that comment and I know that we did it. Armed with Stephen and and the people are from crew lecture tech team had been on the smaller side. Somebody calls for electric and said look guys I want attracted to somebody about having solar in my house what's the per. From Google earth and we'll figure out how much so written get on their roof we talked to him about electrical bills we talked to them about their intentions you know wanna kill bill does it. 50% it would what is her goals you know it is a toll on a disconnect from the utility and go with battery and you know we usually explain to them that's going to be a not as good of an ROY return on investment story but. There's grid tied systems right now with the with the net meter reading it it works it works great in minutes ago and our all life story so we're doing a lot of those grid tied systems. And it will figure out how many solar panels and what kind of system and then and then eventually you'll roll a truck take a look at it call on a rough make sure the rough is. In good shape we don't wanna put your putting solar on an old rough right at the solar panels or warranty for 25 years could last fifty. You know the rough needs to last. Along time shore because there's no sense taken it all off just put into rough. So you get a lot done before the truck rolls up to look at house. We yeah I mean we don't you know we were who didn't read joke with people or not we're not looking into their house or editing or threaten to connect their rough that's also a as all Google Earth will show us but we measure. We measure. The rough and in cedar trees and we can figure out of basically what you know and with a phone call what's gonna happen and you and then once that indeed the truck rolls up to look at it. What what is you order so what what's timeframe of getting them install. Well there are some paperwork so you know we need to file with the public service commission utilities and get permits but you guys take care all that we take care of all baton and has some in this appellate he's just electrical permits so. And then it's just a matter of installing and which takes. Couple days in in in its attack on which there's some little lecter cork obviously we have to. Find a place for the converters and and reconnect to the electrical box and and then then it's just a matter of getting it commissioned they they do commissioning with utility to make sure it's properly running and can shut down we don't wanna be acceding to created. When the powers offs right and and if it's good ago. Penny on how busy we are at it can be way expect. Take a little longer than that but it's a pretty painless process I think and most customers. Appreciate processor used in Moscow and and we tell him through the whole thing were do due install your round. We are install on right now we're learning a lot of Saul are on the through partners. We're doing some large commercial projects in Middleton and we're also doing it for the ho chunk nation in your Wisconsin's holes so your state wide you're doing a CY. Oh the solo work we read you will do we will leave our. You know southeast Wisconsin neighborhood to deuce and they speak solar projects. But may refer homes we are doing it right around southeast Wisconsin you know we're out are based on a Brookfield so. Waukesha Milwaukee is you know 45 county area we will follow axle. So Steve for the food the stuff that you do for the most partisan service manager for current electric is in southeast discount absolute. How many how many employees do you guys have now. We're. Just over eighty employees. You know we've become a school we knew we train people. Wanna constantly and you know skies on constant improvement. Lifelong learners everyone of us it's one of the things that to be in a colonel after complaint. Three year once once you join us you're going to be go to school for as long as you're working there. And and learning more is as you can as we really all do but we do it consciously and and set it up so that people get to be not only better electricians and also I know how to better play in a sandbox be better people. He is the president Kerr electric Hughes chuck Smith also joined to a Steve Brown who is the guy's service manager at current electric. Mike post this week is is loose wire he's the owner of Carmel builders. A last question we see eye for a guy that's been in this refers long as you have. You're constantly learning that some of the stuff. Which indeed the solar part of this to aid is it hasn't gotten the work it's there is good as is gonna get or does it continue to get better. On its continuing to get better I will say this a lot of the costs have come down. Quite a bit I mean when I first started in the solar business fifteen years ago solar panels were. You know 450 a lot now other under way under a dollar a lot so the costs have come down for the solar modules. To the point where you can barely bye a framed piece of glass for that amount in and so it it's. It's gotten caught cost competitive and that's to that's one of the big stories and solar is used our allies the return invest. Do you think that we're gonna start seeing. Any. More. American made solar panels now with the tariff that was instituted are we gonna. What's happening right now in the industries it's the malls are being made overseas or is are there American manufacturers. So there has been a lot of solar panels came from you know Asia China and all over him and they added a 30% terra. Hoping it doesn't slowed on the industry and American teams start kicking in in short losing their own solar modules. We're hoping that that that warning creases at the costs of the modules because it is you know to we have to keep costs down in order to keep indisputable and growing and like you said there is an in upfront cost. To have the stunning news skewed. So there's a cost with the where it's normally usually advise fifty years of electricity up front right and it has night. So is so that's that's the story you've got a great point you've got to you've got to try to figure out okay. You know MI willing to make that investment long term investment to have the money do that. And if you do I think it's one of the best return on investment for your home it actually pays for itself. He talked about improvements like. Talked to are talking at the break about it the next big thing will be storage electricity. And it's gonna happen I mean we got people lot smarter than anyone in this room work and I'm that. And they're gonna have ways to store this it's not going to be too far down the road and then this solos and even better because. Then you can be crank it up saving some power for time using it during. Stars as one of my passions as one of the legacies on all these I really would love to see that we were able to store electricity. Fifteen years and I really started looking at this as a business opportunity for our company a thought for sure by now we would have to storage problem worked now. Instead the renewable energy problem is really worked out we can create the energy that we have this thing called night we had a single winter that currently off the power. And everybody wants to keep their power on so we've got to figure out a way to story it's reasonably and reliable. We had to get to break key is chuck Smith he's the owner president of current electric. Also. Steve prop. Is in studio and I promise I get a get to him he shake it is said say no worries man chuck guy chuck stark and and that's okay with me they are the guys from current electric but it current electric CO dot com. Colonel electric company dot com FaceBook page her electric is while and certainly congratulations to everybody that works over there. Photo number one of best the best electrician. In the shopper expressed 2017. This is the market near home improvement show on sports Radio One 57 FM the fan. You are listening to an airy home improvement show with the dynamite they giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Your question to live amid 1057 FM the fan dot com. Hello and welcome back to walk here only for rejoice for 31057. Afghanistan. Mike we your wants are my cohost he's the owner of Carmel builders. Who Swire house business for Yuba Waco it's been great I mean it's a really good time to be in the industry because people are realizing what we talked throughout couple segments ago. They want to they wanna be staying in their homes in out ID no doubt. Our special guest and I feel bad Steve brought so don't worry about it now we have not. We have a guarding him much he said no worries chuck Smith the president's current electric. And when you talk about solar he's the guy joins talked to. And and once we started talking about that we haven't gotten off it. And I just think it's important to really good topic that we haven't really talked a lot about and you guys. You do your meet new people pretty much every day your interest did. Yeah gathered to encourage decision it's. It's an exciting story I think it is it's one of the legacies I really wanna leave I think if we can. Do anything to bring renewable energy get us off our carbon footprint and as solar. Is is one of one of the ways that I like to keep our company on the cutting edge not a bleeding edge and I think solar is that solar is on the cutting edge and it works its proven. We've had really I mean we've been sawn off for ten years and very few problems with that. No hail damage that we've seen. Panels or warranty for elect has set up to 25 years in and should be producing for. Up to fifty how many did you have did you how many people would incur an electric are specific to solar. About twelve are all people are specific and solar and were we've got crew news. We got a residential cruise installing all over effort for different. There is in what wallet toes and walk you rumored we do a lot of installs for anyone that that's. Selling solar in the area to it is a couple of national firms that are have now come to the state and solid we do either installs or on the if you want. Call us directly out you you know what I don't wanna bash any national companies but they're they're not located 126 the girl known can't go to their company go to burst for a a Sunday after or because you're right to extort that I. I don't know West Coast in the end of alone saw through loans offer whoever wants all for you you know that's that's what a great things into social plug here for Milwaukee Neary that we have here and I think a lot of people don't realize is what it hears the largest Mary chapter in the nation vile lot. We don't have a lot of regional and national companies whether it's builders whether it's electricians were recoveries. We have an amazingly strong base of local. Qualified contractors people around the the country to look at Milwaukee's. Market and how are our professionals in this industry act and operate more with each other more real. We're we're there and give a lot of other. A lot of other areas and that's that's why can work with people. Like chuck green actually is not 124 and Borough like Freddie knows us and you don't have to call someone who's out of in San Diego and they've got with your guy who's a seldom comes up peer group. Probably isn't her seeing you know the day like today are daylight. Yesterday we as TV guys buy a car from a a dealership in Cheney and you win you by the car from the guide here because he trusts amused local you understand. He's he tablet to Brookfield central idea not trust a guy that went there for a trip so there's a couple of guys don't trust who puts out there and I'm not I've not figured out what a vote mr. Smith. You're now one of them hey one other question before talk a little bit about the show coming up when somebody's power goes out at their home. These solar doesn't continue right I mean it does go out. With with the grid tied systems we were required the converters are required to shut down because we don't wanna be back feeding into the grid. We do have battery backup systems and we have ways of adding that are heading battery back up for generations they. It is well so when the power does go out we can backups and circuits yes we can. Steve how much of the the boot that you have an air show coming up by this week. Is you'd be too you'll have solar formation they're cracked yep because of the so last year and how much. Of commerce they got into that person it was prepared for interest and so there. We are going to have a generator sets and so perception answers section four and says we're in the bigger boat does he and it's really important. I I think with the with the amount of people there are gonna come to ask you about some of the stuff they heard on the show today. Is support that you guys are pre prepared for that we figure out with a time is for a for the job fair. Yeah job errors from 830 until 1130 that's on this coming Thursday. It's at the Wisconsin expo center at state fair perk. So. State fair excuses and frankly. It seems to us that the name every year it did they doing at state and every part of it felt calm guys down there it's. Really if you're someone who's interested in trade even if you're. Just the person who doesn't even really know come on down to just talk to people because you'll get a chance to talk these people. And may be you. Decide who you are going in shadow. 830 to 11:30 AM Thursday and then the show starts at noon at noon to eight on Thursday ten to eight Friday and Saturday. Ten to five on Sunday and there's over 250 home improvement. Miley and boots and and it's going to be packed so guys I really appreciate. We didn't give in debt half of the stuff I want to try I gotta get you back in style I just. Automate one plug for Steve you know he's one of the people that I found it in the company's is great service managers. And you know I I. I love when people come into my company in just wanna ask what do we do and what do we go back Owens Wright was one of those people I saw his lights turn on I saw who he was and he's really been making our. Service team rock he's a really good ambassador for you chuck in your company. To see you know he'd be in him in the people I met at the show. A last time really good ambassadors for you and in what you guys used guys they slept for a minute I really appreciated again tomorrow and see these guys. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday at state fair park. It is the 56. Annual walking near home improvement show remodeling. Done right they keep Mike this is fun you bet thank you Jack I appreciate that this is more near home improvement show. I'd sports Radio One 57 FM. The fan.