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Saturday, March 10th
"Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined each week by a member of Milwaukee NARI to discuss new and innovate ways to improve your home the right way!

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From gutters to the landscape for replacement windows to a full basement remodel and everything individually it's time for the Milwaukee married home improvement show. Now here's your host big time Mike millions on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Here we shall odds were. We're live at the metro market until we're nail road. In Waukesha. Michael is his weekly Spiegel Evans creative construction of Wisconsin's big what's going on. It's great that's great wealth when you're going to be announced that it says in my belly. And where a whale Tomlinson leaves it might look far here there's a puppet Barger the metro market. I'm gonna buy will look I'm forty. I just once you what kind of gets it once the other make it. Our special guest this week it got to vote. This what's Peter Joyce's second second unit Keller from Pella windows and doors with sponsors that Alex Della. Our our special guest cues it to see you good morning good to see you look at the morning. Anyway I'll have to. I don't look great pay out big but let's talk it will but it button area the show couple weeks likely with a you feel that. Grizzlies that's our host contractors are also trying to keep up a lot of leave them talk a lot of people a lot of people interested in the products you know summer summer's upper east party. Yeah I didn't miss him at times in these are going on. And back at an area at the plant to our sprinklers for example or for your honor that includes speeches so. We we got a special guy got. He's very special you'd get a look UT's those classes measured up but good things about him really quickly back to the show. The skills USA. Being that you guys did with the high schools runs into Wisconsin. Was a big hit it I I couldn't stop walking over there and watching these guys work together as a team it was pretty cool. We a lot of people say you know wishes he could do stuff that we out of a competition on this the championship competition for people on the winner of that will Louisville. For a national championship you guys pick the winner yeah yeah tonight that you notice. He's coming off here they'll note that boy funeral to him as the US I don't walk. Hate the outfit that from I think from here on out will be act to show right well if it'll be bigger. It will be I think more high schools would get involved what I liked about it was the sound. Like the sound of it that's what what we are right it was local unit of the whole room only filled with destruction is in the right it was even after better. I type that it Jeter is a good show for you guys have Hala it was the fashion we've ever had so far too really yeah. Boy that's good that I'm really happy he said then that's important I think. For us and its ordinary people to hear somebody like you say look this is the best show that we've we've ever had. I think next you're gonna change around locations just to wolf that are weird people are good because I know that. You're kind of window Alley you know we saw a lot of people it picked you said look at like kind of be off myself that'll probably make it. Even better for years to come. Beagle is there anything common IP tour remodel homes next big event when they like to correct. The remodeled the vote made and that's the that's an act of them now people are studied at their home that he just you know that it's not by themselves. If an reals on the how far out are you guys are jobs. Like a panel cousin Phyllis and analysts say no but it but it pit rats that report for 2018. Yeah it's we weekend in. And it's him and you don't like it didn't look if you see if you have an emergency. List and legal briefs from minor contact their friends emergency that there is no Atlantic package that we work with. Political plumbers you know right eat eating guys. I want plus he needs them than have to be around for them and if it is possible if you could hire 3456. More guys you can do more work. It's it's it's not a job shortages ticket to workers short right now that we had a tap and we picked up 21. The best and the public it will mean. That's it does and that's what you know though they have been about. People really no reason that. That contractors look and I. Well I you know what I get asked all the time. I get asked all the time guys Alex's age and were you talk to Alex tell in the second third and fourth segment but guys Alex is age. Saying it looked I I went to college I'm not happy when I'm doing. What do you recommend. And it it's. If you want if you want something where you're gonna feel really proud. Of what you've done at the end of the day. And you're gonna make a living wage. And by the time some of your buddies finished college and they've got a lot of of of money they've got it back you can be buying your first house. And and I don't know if if we do good enough job of of promoting and celebrating the kind of work she. Guys you Alex's best deals you when he doesn't get any he's the same age as my son. If you could tell you because real tight that you play an extra money mostly Frenchman. It will let I don't know if he'll be that Alice to register you might go a couple of buddies money so he does what horse Bob Bobby for. Bet you could matter what happens is they let their their only ones going into business on the bottom. Bill that you know I. That was not my sense that rightly by what if Leo. You know is a fine man and he's he's doing great yeah you'll beat the the president company someday. Two silvers and then maybe ones that we're racquet talking about Elliott a bullet that violence that's almost with little yeah well community. You know what and you'll carry on he's got to love and passion sadness for creative destruction was Dotson then he would do a great job of it's been six generation. They're the company kind of the fact that he will carry this on I think this is wonderful. He cheetah which you talked about the show be the best show that you guys have ever had is it because you could be much of appointments you guys set up. Is it because of the projects you have because of the show or just the amount of people that came through the. That's a related question actually is a combination of three things there was great foot traffic for the time of the year lives. And we converted a lot of those leads. To sales and we're able to offer full menu of financing and it was amazing how many of an eerie customers to began to act so by gulf war. Our best bet I'll eight years connects and all that elusive as we're talking with Hugo and Alex Della. Oh when this dirt was cuts that you agree you went on your absence by needs. Four years or 40% off all by its wage. Correct. And now is at 0% interest no payments. Like twenty full wire months that's brand new to our menu of options your percent interest no payments. Right yeah lighting coming out yeah McCain going to college you think about what every app for two years to anything. But these windows you can go to college dep UI dot com slash radio. I wrote that down there is some aspects I yet it's less time might not tried going south in different ways. Helen stuff you buy dot com slash radio even wrote it out like that that's that's your query there. 0% financing for four years that because I have all those deals I think that's the best deal I think so I don't know what people are are mostly get involved with. We are brought you to Dave by the veteran mark you walk shine camps Thierry wanna think that he's so cute cat that's scary for getting involved with today show. When I was doing the prep work for the show. We're gonna really promote wolf pack tropical today because of recovery aspect as as a student athlete. And it. I felt I probably won't talk about it much of an air show but at that hearing guys need to know this to that point you're you're done with a hard they've worked. And and Alex chick music is just camps chocolate. We. Tell us thought that we don't buy to hold. Health plans the stuff we tell it this Mountain Dew and all that stuff I could smell it blew them out like that whole thing we should be promoting them yet and. Chocolate milk is the cavs still book that chocolate milk here's what we're gonna talk about a lot writer Mike you showed today and the high school show and also through walking near show. Jeanne at this time that your. What people call you say look to which her you know we we had put up the three of plastic. That to keep. The air out what people call you know what's to go through the process of what they do once they go to the web syndicate. Pellet WY dot com slash radio when they go to the website and they set the point which you guys you walk us through that process. Share we will have an expert sales consultant who's. All of our product not just on their financing actions calls the process to kind. What can needs and wants are of the actual homeowner because we do we have nine different lions still were able to. Fit bear. Specific common budget vs one product woods trying to fit a square into a round ball so. I use a web collection set that several really good question is what a network where. Who said look we are we are getting our house for here to sell its and we have to there's eight windows that we have to do. I'm not sure that I should call hello should I call when these budget there's no absolutely not understanding your bookie. Tell it to not stay in the hole which still wanted these window you guys have. You have windows for somebody who's looking to sell their home. And you have windows for some Republicans fear there'll for the next thirty correct we have three different materials vinyl fiberglass and Lloyd. And then different. Levels within each of those material mined and and quite honestly. Pal it's like when you put that added in store westerner ever realtor you used. You'll see Kohler products radar aren't granting people look for power that. Yet she'll sell and we had that conversation back. She's got an appointment I think today. With hello rap that she knows she shared she's got a primer yachts and aired she's a big fit they're really good friends out and so. He he's gonna go over and and so I'm happy that we are able to say look there is an option for you crack a but when I was wonders why do you believe reseller who want to let. I am now you've been doing for years not a bad question you know it's actually solicit shall shall probably let me go on Monday but I think. I think the house that. That they have it was what's her husband's home before they got Mary. And now that they have with a one way though they wanted to hit the looked at probably upgrade noble that. It's who made the decision a couple months ago it would Wear itself spouse but before we do we've got to get a couple expects to one was he these windows that. I'm sure those go like to get political mob here goes side here at next week's. She's excited about talking about it at her fear was. What palace. Top writes the best window. Should I get it cheaper when doing their windows for it actually is that if they all carry the palace quality but different levels of benefits. I'd your website you would have some researchers showed today we're talking about. You know the sales rep that inequality and mr. driver to applause yeah actually. And when you put look whether you're working with knowledgeable people that are customer service that are highly secure installation. Or service technicians or a member of our experts sales team. If quality service and attention he values are. Hewitt I've spent a lot of time together if you my client. And when you when I read that that it that's exactly what you talked about. To me that would work in itself all the windows you have to understand from the top to bottom. From John all the way down these are people that up and understand that I was different. Absolutely. To be honest it does not matter if you are doing one window. Our house while we treat every single person. With respected is that it is our home and our money our pocketbook. You know it's funny as I've had to update to one stack and then elements that matter. And they talk about that is while they they talked about in the region their sixth generation. Is it doesn't matter the size of the job. They understand that that somebody's home and their castle you know whether it's it's a thousand square foot of its twenty about her feet. This is where they live they wanted to be part of where they live they said it expects that this knew what time it doesn't matter if it's real little chopper huge job. Michael went to a right treat that with respect. The next ten they need something you're gonna call me. And the next and that neighbor needs something to help them all me. And that's what it be that way that you guys have certainly right pearl would throw the key yeah. It's important guys were to get to break anything else on here you go to church they go to go to Atlantic a few blue. Have fun at that they pray for B by the wayward there if you will. I don't them an awful lot of I'll read them and I don't want the guys who bring it to support. We like it off the year ago if you would you Spiegel evidence creative construction Wisconsin I think slot. Let's see that policy next week. Obviously beautiful let's get to Africa to set the break we're going to be joined by Alex Della. He is the the younger but the rule these old Europe it's you that's right it's only that adult he's he's the oldest son. Is he that good wondered. Hall there. Polls I love them well that's you do you won't cut it he he did you know yeah I go I don't put off fears stoked through. The other side of break we are we're joined by Alex Della. She did tell appellate windows doors with Scott to go to public W white dot com slash radio this is the walking near home improvement show. Odds portrait of one of 57 at them the fans. You're listening to an airy home improvement show with dynamite McGovern only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. As a viewer questions had 4147991250. Atheists. Called out Saturday night and I found. That that offer music you rock you like she did tell it was from love songs. That's spots of welcome back to Milwaukee aerial route which show I'd sports Radio One 057 of them in. We're live at the metro market until now wrote in Waukesha. Were presented this week by camp's theory when I think he felt he people accounts theory for it evolved with the with the shows this week. Our spy special guest gene it dealt it from Pella windows doors Wisconsin and Alex Della. From LO which goes towards. I was not Alex's face the right that they see as well good morning have been well or you could shoot you work it's kind of the only business right now but it windows your whole life pretty much I have since about seven or eight years old I remember correctly it's it's been a long long time you go by both windows and it's cool yeah we're in the public here. You that you work with help correct correct. Different different aspect of what you mom just. Yes I work out our trade and the business so directly with contractors that we kind of attack both ends of the construction industry with her and in in home retail application and me were you with our contractors. You if you like they're the the window business itself to that you go up passion for months. I do I love a lot IA you know closings or you don't like it there's no point B and and I have a lot of passion Florida. Common pigeon holed into it from growing up in the business but I have learned to love it there's a lot of very interesting things about the window market. You know your Bob's been like you said your mom's been involved with with windows for a long time general company it was a the first woman alone. With the company's it was not that great job she United States is the United States that's what I hoped that he would and kept our pilots. And that she's won in the presence of a couple of times wrote here with college she's got some national or proposed so we would you guys sit down. And and have breakfast or couple caught your dinner I would assume that windows and business comes. My father hates any conversations that is strictly Palo and only Pala little fun instead of fact I remember when she could even turn on her own computer little eight year old Alex and turn on your computer board. Eight you know what and now she's teaching me is an awesome god or that it she's. If analysts were talking about or can edit digital that I think it. Others that I got an answer it with her glasses night. You know what and I just found out it was ridiculous and that's it should not perfect radio glasses they're perfect there's Chris tell it it's a family of fear here at the metro market. It in Waukesha. It lets talk to the essence of window questions. You guys out of the biggest Sally we do that should. Is it is that you wouldn't find what what's we're still predominately what that's what we grew up on that so we started as and that's that's what we've still the most now. It would it would somebody asks you the average tree wood fiber glass and final. And the reason that you're recommending what what is it that. Well now that all our products have a lifetime warranty on I'm. Really comes down to what that and and consumer wants whether it's aesthetics whether it's energy values whatever the case may be our budget we can edit form. And as we talked about that last segment with a woman I work quit if if this budget. You know don't be afraid because look if if you're looking for best would go out there post certainly he should call if you look if you move your home. I think. People have to understand that there's a lot of options when it comes to the price of the window depending now what you're trying to accomplish talked about and game. I think it's important that people understand that. It's very important and on top of that going into it. There when you buy a whole window not only do you get the warranty all that great that the jet color right on the window so many windows here at twenty year old window and you try and fix that. You don't know who made it where a guy who installed it probably isn't there. We've been around for almost a hundred years now. And I would think it and I've had this conversation with your mom be the not only that window is different and better but. Look you can probably get a similar window it's late date who's convinced all the windows XP and you guys have to have the best of the best when it comes to that. Exactly so we have a ten hearings all warranty because we have our guys to do it our way every time they're trained regularly on top of that. You can put a million dollar window and editor install fails it doesn't matter. Right it's and that's 25 dollar went exactly as you're still trying to go out by that three. He got that really good by the way that's for you last two years ago. When we hit about twenty cents to Byrd gave it could afford to put the new windows in a play that three of plastic where it would. Like when it would always come out real far. I was reached it then. You would but so proud of me Speedo if you were to pitch like he's out of waiver with some windows it. As we're talking to these guys fellow witness Stuart Scott's and go to public WY dot com slash radio. And there's some great deals Europe sent by any two for four years 40% off qualifies relations. And 0%. Interest no payments weeks or months. That's new that's brand new that's not in our commercial break that's brand new it will be in the next we will 0% interest no payments point four months. And again if your getting Mary or if you've got two kids and. You'll learn how you can get married happily give up and happy you know still not have to pays for your windows yet. You can't tell you it's actually that's a sip gateway which you're talking double on is that it is that. The best that we are so remote. It is right. It is the double on that goes up and down compared to a great now yeah we do sell most proud a lot of those. It because it's what Hitler it's makes it easy right clean image about are used to it's easier quickly pulled in Berkeley and stuff like that. Like he's doing that research and on your website re talking about what's through windows now founded American homes. You what you see other windows and you're like what. I like he's like oh well that you go that's not just the normal window and Alex's nose but I grew up for these kind of walk you were we at. But would it. It's you know what screen that we get hit awful but it run this time of year. And we have to place. And so on 89 years old going up on that sentence or a theory that big storm we don't down. It was the two worst days of my life your legs are happy there. Out in my atmosphere at the end of that via letters stating fatal flaw affects our graphics slot I appreciate that. Hold that you've got to bring their pact actually clean it well enough. And I just kept going up and protect Europe but I'm so happy that people for the most part never have to. Yeah everywhere in and out comes as a double pane so that's B and he got two panes of glass in the frame in the window so we're now able to. At low we had our guy under the window to keep it warm for you hate when. Which somebody beats up and custom done. You guys do a lot of custom work as well. Every window we order's custom built for that homeowner. We have standard sizes within there but we don't have to stocks a window set aside if you everything is specifically designed for their opening. You know we. Kinda goes. It goes out drinking here at your wonderful art look I'd love having you here. We kicked. All out and out well I object your. The next day on the other side the break that would talk a little bit about. Yeah we talked about custom every windows custom but there's a lot of eggs when when I went on what's right in US if your on the album when it dirt and that's what's it. Go to the inspiration. And there's a couple of jobs out there that I'd just. And the ball the ball on lake remodel project. You need to look at at at the job that conflicted on that projects it's just beautiful moment to occupy itself with that stuff. On the other side of break we're live at the metro market it walk shots over you know wrote. Where cries from the home with our. This is gorgeous I grew up around. Esther this is. Ought to see how to fees as gorgeous salad bar hot far from the cattle were right by that is that where the victim popcorn which is awesome. It's come up fights that stuff sail well right across from the Red Bull to ago which you love that true. As I have on its all the sugar I know you don't yell let me stop by a sailboat this is the walking miracle whip group show. I've sports Radio One 057 app the. In. Your listening to an airy home improvement show with the dynamite the giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM thus. Question to live at 1057 FM the fan dot com. Welcome back the clock Gary would provincial sports review 1057. I might we were once on my cohost. On the call micro he might be like oh. She's Alex Della. Outlook with its doors Scots and we big weapons here the first segment more near you church event go to Q Alex it's it meant. Alongside his mom cute to elegant no windows and doors it was not too. Good public that you like dot com slash radio gets some great Q school that's a perfect time. Whispering here you want teachers your windows out your percent financing for four years your percent interest no payments 24 months. If that's what you were for. Watch you while a couple people coming up in well. It Christie from Johns creek. Notice I said creek shoot here at Ashe in that for our view my UB five jets Chris Benoit Chris they slept for stopping by Luke. Who goes through church Saint Mary's. No go to school Saint Mary's in what is seen Williams Richard hello Kate won't stop but he did step ice pretty cute yeah I heard Greg say yeah I watch every week and right on the quarter. That's that's awesome. Usually it's it's Whitman about seventy. It looked like better like yeah I've I've spoken out in that category two sides it was my own I got to see them around your base are riled me from. For you with the run the quarter your anywhere near war just opt out. The metro market right across street from the omelet bar which are some salad bar yeah popcorn that their puppet. I'll actually get back here real quick during the break we talked about your effort for yours with Paula which if you spent some some of that time in Minnesota. And the idea behind east dirty your was not that went to Minnesota in the. Correct I started working on our trade and wanna get some experience on our retail and I'm with the position that my mom is an eye on what was able to work directly beneath her shirt I'm sort of a great relationship with Pella windows and doors in north Oakland Minnesota branch. I'm so worked out there doing their retail and home selling for a couple of years and was able to come back home to Wisconsin. Hey what part of your job on any you've done a number of things with about what. These are certain. Aspect of of what you do either in the job that cured now or you've done in the past that you would say look that's that's part. For vis my favorite and am asking you this for specific reason that master bomb that and she and I know what the answer that she gave me and I've wondered for you what. Parties. The best for me it's just that the training the sharing them the knowledge that's I think it's so cool when you worked with some of these guys who have no idea what makes window from a window different you know what you say it's like cars a car window to window it really isn't there are lots of very intricate things like who in the making are no different than someone else's and why. Forty years down the road still gonna be that much different. You know your your Bob. So we've what she. Likes that the best is being. In the home helping customers which she likes that that part of it that journey out of if the part of the journey of finding you know so that it wants the window tipped it pretty event. First was beat at the kitchen table say look here's the reason that working with does it work best for you. And I like the knowledge part is we'll also be you'd like to be able soak in everything he can't about the product. With the difference between your partner other people's pride. Definitely whether it's my product whether it's anyone else's product even know everything you can properly educate the customer. It would we've talked about when you go to their website again it's public W white dot com slash radio. I would really highly recommend instead. Click on the tablets as inspirations I didn't do that the less educated she directed at this time and I've spent a number of minutes on that. Part of it just going through different pictures of some of the projects that you guys did it 2017. US had a great 2070. We dating you'll see when your around that to have that variety. That were able to offer in the different shapes and sizes and immaterial as different. Sizes of homes. Right that's the part that jumped out to be and then not only that but that there were some just or projects that were on there that. You just kind of went oh my goodness the curb appeal just jumped off the chart. And that don't want that I like to fawn lake remodel project. It it wanted to I just want to quietly called it. I have to see that a careful that we want but it's just a beautiful picture and his report after and that difference is remarkable. The 2017. If we talked about that I could hear her for a really good here you guys 2018. Is lighted up you would be a better right. How we absolutely we we are projected to do approximately 2500 to 3000 installed this year. So you've got to get that account academic calendar now get out of my calendar you know you're committed to this 2008 feet look if you had it he struggled. This winter if you do that site you were gonna be new new windows now it's time to get on the calendar. Have some reform public come out and take a look at what you guys have and then have them talk you. A follow what the project with which we view whether you're looking at what fiberglass. Or final. Final Alex you're still sell some final. We do we do it. Great comedian that budget customer. We are starting to see that fiberglass take over some of that market because of how strong it is in the longevity of it. You don't that's I we talked your model but last time shoes on and the fiber glass part of that because it's it's a really good product and I would think in the next through four years it's been over take final. That's that kind of we're expected as well we've seen exponential growth over the past five to ten years just. Really not that I don't market because it's such a wonderful product we. Would you talk about you know what are fiberglass and finally all the windows that you guys you come in in all three is that correct. Social when you're talking about double on or symbol on or casement they all come in in in any of that. That is correct yup and immaterial and make any window you want so weight which you Republican yet it did not many people go single sport event. Not as much I'm actually just had an yesterday but again it's it's for cost benefit so that would that be the least expensive correct. Which people talk about the single Hong. An eight that they want that still a great window but it's just a little bit less expensive than the double right exactly blessed moving parts so. The the other part that I think that. I was surprised at when I talk to your mom last time. This sliding to worse as it hit every sliding door that I ever had a friend that we're was brought. It was very you know they they had to puts up another realty keep you there and watch him work the street results messed up. That whole category has really upgraded and changed. It has and then Halloween so our doors are those old movies are the panel that movie is on the outside of the door. We do that heard lots of reasons why there's efficiency wind resistance. But most importantly it they keep your door nice exit that tighter seal when it's closed. I'm and then arrive on top of almost like a monorail system Jodie to worry about not scared I can build up underneath that. How many times do you think it it you know and ask you. When you guys go wing tool won't talk about four windows X one note the amount of windows that they need that you see somebody has sliding door. Makes him look. Probably talk to you but what we just let you notice when you're ready chief sent out that where the company for use while. I would say the aunts the easier answer is how many times don't I can count on line the end. Yeah I'd support that beat that people and steer you guys are best known for windows. Doors or something you guys do. A lot entry doors patio doors and you're looking at the projects on the inspiration page two years ago we had. When prince castaways somebody actually ordered a friend's. Purple door entry door. So we can make any change it because you can make those customers while the other one that that looked at their it was a book issue was with C rebate. And it they talk but we don't picture it was what. At the customers lucky to be able to get more fuel await. Front and had they they were looking good for their role for why it. Or white what basement windows so big that maximum light and set points to the water. And seeing guys came up with a three counts sliding patio door and would you look at that picture the pictures on. The website from inside the house. The amount of worldly view that they got was incredible I add if you get a live finally by C lake. I just like to read the story about what they did how they did it it came up where it. What the problem was what the solution should be and that again when you talk about that Alex that that's rip your Alley when you talk about. With the problem that what this week. It is and that's one of my favorite parts of Siegel and that home and they think are able will just replace that says there's four windows not opening. But to teach them and show them hey we can remove one of these six inch bars here we called a mall where the windows cannot. And you're gonna get exponentially more visible light coming through that glass. I think I think that's awesome we our next show by the way your sports show and one of them cut voice and mr. McFadden is there I just arrived I knew that you guys know each other and that is he's going to be talking. But next level so that makes the east your when kids start working out. Because I know that you. That the government Brothers from pearly gates don't want the added that he hang on he started he was lifted weights that. At nine months. I want think we could get for stopping by saying hello and Christy Johnson creek your tear. Creek creek no it's creek Chris you know it's creek. If your junior walked just stop by where it's over no wrote the metro market walk shopping here till noon today. Stop bites you what we are talking. People from Bob propel they're they're awesome bit cheated dollars and Alex Della Pella windows and doors it was about to go to public that you liked out. Slash radio to get some great deals going on right now I'd want talk about it. I do you guys can't forget 40% off qualified installation of if you wanna go that route as well. How many people would you state your name ago. The Curlander on your dash Gina Dallas for impala I at a CIO Chris my life you woke he had alum from outlook. I can asked. Is it should be true lastly I would doubt it which it oh. It's Chris Ellis how would you like that now it's a little bit at weird. Alex W right dot com slash radio this is walking here at home recruits know odds portrait you wanna by seven at the fans. You're listening to an airy home improvement show with dynamite the giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I was that was your question you had 4147991250. Welcome back to the more near evil we provincial on sports Radio One 057. Ban. We are live at the metro market and so Pernod wrote in Waukesha. Stop I wanna take their frantic attempts here. He's so he beat guys for a happens out here. We're going to be talking a lot of bubble that chocolate chocolate milk. But it's a recovery product. Read you that I'm that you sport show and my high school sports show as well but on this Gary won't group which showed fits well so. Would you. When you're looking to have milk. Camps. Chocolate milk is one that you wanna get student athletes or your husband wife somebody's in the construction world. Just the perfect product. To what to keep your back feel pretty good. Who backed work the next day I'm joined by Gina and Alex Della for fellow witnesses George was not as good a Pallet WY. Dot com slash radio gets great duels when are right now it's your percent finding its feet for four years. I knew when that we just learned about today with breaking news on this part it's your percent interest no payments for 24 months and while operate in news. You know what I'm I really oppressive Alex and I'm not the only one who gets to breaking news for. We have some breaking news is and bad that my amazing principal who owns. Our pal lot has asked me tee tens of I've told Alex's tonight and I didn't think it was mine to tell but apparently doesn't know yet so it is minded to Al. Alex you have been chosen as one of four people in the United States to meet in taxes and train and talk about what you do to. The executives have power. Lot of people didn't follow breaking notes pay above the bucket guys to cries of let's I don't know what. I really process. Out failure bonkers to break look I'm really impressed with the young man he's got a fifteen notes were talking about it she said you know the coach signs me. And it's if that's what we want you we want our kids to do that so congratulations. And nice to look at just impresses now it's actually. It should not the only one. You know she she knows what's been coming down it's with Rick. Right here so that is that is awesome. Them so all this hard work and teach you man look at how it works out so well it does it lift up in its Calgary looked your mom who's been in this for a long time since were five set. The fact that that you followed her footsteps I think it's awesome. And if that that you have so much love and passion for. And now it's been with the people at the bit that the corporate level arts or notice that that's so when you get you it has been one of fort throughout the country. To come and train. Other people I if she's really oppressive so brightly that thank you very much I am honored and it's nice to see on hard work paid off it's been it is enough for your vote really proud that your dad. You're dead I've had like really proud of what you voice short. What is your need to feel like right now it Q if I can ask you your day to day I don't think anything is the same. But with the about a sea of people that you is there such thing is is as a normal day in the world that she did you know. There is an act I is so I did indeed this week is working with I. I knew wraps because we're continually growing how we're not replacing more adding and it and sound as well as we have. Three new crew was so we continue to stay four to six weeks out in our installation we continue to add an inch screen. What went win. Bingo was here in the first set and exit 2008 teens to book other we can still do some jobs but we're booked me for. And anti if you could hire more crews that he could do so what you guys do. Is your hiring your adding non. And not replacing. Which gives you the opportunity still trusting that force it exactly. Window which is really what exactly where always putting growls we're proactive with our growth so that one season. Com's which is right now we're ready to go right what to anything I knew 2018 that you can. Talk about Paula is there I don't we tarts or 0% financing. For four years or instant interest we know it was for 2.4 months is dirty product information anything new coming out that. You guys that windows of law are always treat you which shots. You know this that different types of went go to different colors went though 88008. Unit that is now. Nothing we can speak out now but at the end Tony AT and we have some stuff come and actually just credible in the other debts while on Steelers answer for me I eat area and I do. I'm very excited for we have come and down the road here. Do you think you Robert B if so that it ever know how this. Thing. Thank you now out Alex well done that if your go to Texas board right there just make you make sure. They I got a chance couple what's go to Q what John. You order. You speak extremely highly of him and he doesn't really nice job this news Nazi. Of make sure that you wait that stated all you really valuable to a lot I was impressed with with him. And it just what makes me at once. Does your job of be that that is. He doesn't great jab he treats I've suicide trees backed and I tell you if there is ever something. That goes sideways for a customer it I honestly keeps him up at night we must resolve that he he's just. When does UCLA job runners on he does the best job he'd like tax and he's answered he cares about every single person in this company the bottom of the chart. You guys have. How many it is state it was not so we shall if you wanna Madison got reps for four Appleton apple Green Bay field in Green Bay paper and he'll. Soon to be our new location in Brookfield is sealed final world. Across the street from the I admire mile and knack. Blue mound and Janice act by the Brooksville passed I. That will be ready I July 1 of brand new stated the are children we're very excited about the outlook that. Maybe they are breaking new is breaking new maybe next time I'll buy the beer and news near hue which spewed from there. July iiroc instantly loved you have you in our parking lot yet. That would be awesome with built it will that we well right Q we you people fields when they about we will. What if you better have some prizes I'm sure we'll have prizes which you're sitting we might and I hope and of course I'm gonna saying of course my people show up. Hey guys power W I thought tag for us well now my radio and that's yet it is. Let WI dot com slash radio a get great deals going on. If you call and ask for you delegate if Alex Dell as the guy knocks you might. But you'll reach him as well go to their website I looked up you like dot com. Slash radio your percent financing for four years or 40% off all plays late. What most people take excerpts of buying it. The financings and off the charts especially now you can and making efficient wind happy efficient windows get the project finished in out of that the right way to act. Your percent interest no payments for 24 months is available as well you know that gives people out here do ticket for windows now. If for windows next year write yet and that if for no absolutely once. Hey Alex congratulations you it's really an honor for Rita beach for nothing but great things but you and I understand them now. More than active part B regulations on. On the good work thank you very much is honored to meet you as well they Q you think so what is famous tomb when difference payments I know he's they'll line. All these girls are airing again and again. You're waiting waiting for you ought to credit to have a category I you have it like your you have a category now that you're going to Dallas pellets of peak VO I stakes for businesses. We want your home from which show. I'd sports review one of 57 at them. The fans.