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Saturday, March 17th
"Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined each week by a member of Milwaukee NARI to discuss new and innovate ways to improve your home the right way!

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He would slash. Oh okay. Good morning Milwaukee from the master he's WS SP sports updates studio anchor suggests calls is your patio furniture. Ready for spring master Jesus 500000 dollars of new patio furniture image Torre. Stop and check of the great deals and that's he's locked shut check monoline masters he's dot com first on the fan March Madness lives us lives up. From gutters to the landscape for replacement windows to a full basement remodel and everything individually it's time for the Milwaukee married home improvement show. Are your heroes big time might may get on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Walked into the more here you need. Home improvement show on sports Radio One 057 from the fan. Mike we your alongside might co hosts this week he's bingo Emmons. From creative construction Wisconsin. We have for him back as we kicked them out after one segment last week. It's all right sorry about how the church pray for that's quite continue to avoid a good church event. We didn't kick a mob match keep everybody I had much more important things to go attacked Richard was thinking about it he said. Ails and your reality. He probably said hey look I know we didn't. I know we went to Catholic schools for awhile worse he bed well. You Comodo Briggs said Baptist Church to tell you why it's going to be awesome it's cute to see you bingo hey I home. We're gonna talk windows today and met yet and has been advance what new do or solutions just one of the best guys. To talk about windows I think that we have an end I was appreciate a lot when he comes in happy Saint Patrick's Day young men eighteen to Larry Miller and plus sorry your thing I thought I saw him grow up not thinking you're an all Irish right not an. All Irish you know was it didn't have anything unit and Patrick's day meant nothing in and then you know that that. 21 in me comes along the DNA test and my brother gets it from my mom for Christmas. A year ago. And does your DNA comes back my mom's 40% Irish so your whole world was changed just struck you I don't look at that cash you have I got trickery you got I got the green had nobody else during world where you figured you were before that. I was mostly Transylvania and some okay French. Cherokee and it turns out there's no friendship or no Cherokee in me. I'm Spanish and Irish. So million dollar and injure didn't walk into the club met off thinks yeah you have ever Irish limit your Vernon no Fahey yeah well. Okay as van yeah yeah I hope he just drove off the tongue in my life all I don't know if I don't know about about twelve step program potato budget my budget. It's a kid should show I know I'm Irish should happen I don't know if I could totally. Encouraged to hold fairly of the in it's his one day I'll tell you don't dysfunctional mercurial player and it's increase stories of the day a bingo what's going on over at near you guys classes go when I am. We just doesn't go on on Rihanna up for a primary tech for all remembers its it's a great program Reeves Denver education let one has has come around it is when. Finished upon actually yesterday I should picket. She's the the course to led course really if it wears out refresher course who taught at. Nine and that's actually top I'm mark you let OK it that we actually we have out weeds culinary tech we have indications like every other week we have classes is or isn't a really good classes like Elmer classes next week at Eckerd and some excel. Spreadsheets and they have classes. I guess it in their. What happens like last month they actually did like initial lead refresher immediately initial ad for people that don't have led national remembers you industries are fine. And then we just a refresher courses last week for people that you know I'm going to either into that for oil. Hate you know guys we we have it would be because we just kind of take for granted now doing the show that people that listen the shall understand the importance of being a market near remember. We will in the beginning when those who show every week we talk about why and and reasons. And we've gotten away from it and think we take for granted the guys that are in this room the importance of of becoming an air remember. Bingo you're on to work it he would would you talk to people about you know why should I become a member what do you tell them. I just by this Thomas Frist on it's great for does networking to begin with if you haven't. Is networking did you ever seen on our level and Mac and he agreed that am I friends that we have and every history friends and I see Matt. You know mass here now but I seem that everything is and so everything right now when you wanna get a window army where my gonna talk to. Having met a guy and yes sorry he's going to be there dig geno I doubt what's the thing that threw me a little bit I started going to some event. And it's roomy that you guys compete. At times but you're all like France. And he's so I'm a basketball coach and I'm friends with other coaches that right he with but I'm not sure are much information write those guys. It's it's huge because there's so much information and so many different building techniques out there and you feel like as a contractor you may be out and an island but when you get a group together like this and you can bounced up off each other. Get different ideas different methods and procedures you know mix yourself about. Or contractor artists like I think last November I think Matt brought one of his own. When the reps and Andy came India should prevent demonstration for all the contractors and she got a properly flash and how to properly do it just keep every at the speed with all of new innovations are criminal. See that's that's a part that that really impressive but. I when you when you go to walking near dot org you get a bunch of formation if you're contractor. Tribe a new job right now. And you're thinking about becoming their remember you don't want to pay the cost is is small. And you get a chance to be part of really good organization that you can't just cut a check incentive debt and get an heiress sticker for your truck. I mean you buried there are some procedures that have to be done they're gonna do little background check and make sure that your company is Miree worthy. And that's what makes this group that we talk about the Amerigroup. Above and beyond it's the best group of contractors you unify. If you're not sure if you are are you desist ask okay what to do as we as measured journalist legitimate company right you pay your taxes you have insurance you know protect our customers repair people. If that's you sign up code of ethics and I promise not to rip people off as they assess the bottom line and ten steps are. And then in if there's ever a problem has been from all people's pay is great for contractors and homeowners if you ever have a problem and their contractor. Is Asher procedure is you call an officer of a procedure and help you out. Right that was the thing that in the beginning I talked a lot has. At that point I was more consumer. Than anything else who you know now like I've done the show for a long time that feel like a morning you guys. At that point it was like the cool part for me as a consumer. Is that if I have a dispute with my contractor. And we can't work it out. Would say OK let me call in the area office in and and they're gonna sit with me go when they're still adamant say here's the problem and they'll fix it. Yeah they are mediation prior progress and second the non wish our organizations and Eileen. Are ready Millard and on and me were actually asked and not organizations utterly duh it's it's a great program. Its ally against you know be bussing all the good old boys covers it's not these are contractors their competitors. In other gonna make sure that is handled has handled fairly. Yeah I agreed I think that that was really that that part of that arm I I really liked and I realize too is asked slot a question of about it. Very seldom does it get to that point. Like very self at this that is solid neutral comments like in every turn to know because he wanted to know why. Chris first voters EU normally don't have many pros there's going to be some issues but we talk about serious problems when you work ordinary contractor. You're you're gonna get somebody that says you know what you're right or no right or wrong and what's work work through it. Yet I'm in my biggest areas and Mike Russell somebody's alt and play. Every a triple but on my friends an area with things actually complain I mean right I I'm more worried about that. And where about it American males some as complain about something you need is exit. But I don't want I want young as you know is Iran Contra does that surprise. Hold YouTube displays at the shore tour Holmes is our country go on or prior to the and they don't want me problems yeah I I agree that man how's business by the way are you serious. Incredible. It's amazing what I don't know what the factor is out there but I've been doing the spurred over 25 years and this is as busy as things have done. With window wise it's just unbelievable column. The telephone keeps honoring in and out we talked about an area events we are we really short here Pacific are really fun locally. Locally made Branden in Wisconsin here we we showed that at this spring showing just had a huge success with a a large Booth and an hour and a big. The just a big showing with that and the forms entering a not off the hook with that in just a building in general seems to be way up replacements new construction and commercial jobs. The whole warm. Gamut of construction seems to be boom and he had Ted Vince windows and doors solutions come. On your website it says your supplier that your competitor. And and I really like some of the things that you guys stand your website where you talk about look we're not just a business but a way of doing business. More than a dealer sure reader we're resource for contractors builders job verse or remind voters who servers foes residential commercial. Markets to Europe compete with these guys. Right so there's there's different ways that we can go to and do business with the windows that we sell and distribute Marvin windows are our big Brando 1 where Sierra Pacific. And I am what what are our plan of are going to market is as we partner with with contractors with builders remodel Hearst. With window under replacement companies. Are we actually partner. With them it. Being our supplier not their competitor we don't doing installation we don't sell to the retail directly. We just we just deal with the contractors. And it works are really nicely. So and we've had this conversation but for new listeners if if I'm a person looking for windows and I'm working with contractor. Then they'll remedial. Right so you can if if you're out there listening and and you have a project in U wanna share windows we can work correctly with you in hurry up with a contractor if you have a contractor we work with any contractor that you may have. Oh and we can do that waiver we. Can't get back to the first one resource for effect if I'm looking did you eight windows you don't wanna do it in sometime this summer. I can come fewer and you'll be you'll say okay let's talk about the job and then you'll say you're a couple concerts in the short. Definitely that's we do we do that all the time so I'm we can we can help you find a great fit depending on what to project is. What your maybe project location is timing in that type of issue we can carry up with a good near remember that would dumb. You know that would be able to take care of the job. You know I think that tied that part of it I'd. I knew that you worked with contractors. And they would do they would at times ring. People like me consumers to you'll write but I didn't realize that there in the opposite side yup that people can now get a hold the view. 4144626024. That's director you can see us on the web bad you lodge dot biz that's W 88. WAG as stud is. You say that again it lodged AW AD SL but it is you watched. He does that just days Irish he's been Detrick in green beer I am this morning cup. It's your tongue twister I don't know I don't know what he was what he meant by noon somewhere that's what he can say yeah when. When you clock jail has nothing in my copiers are you know no I don't I don't believe there's anything that coffee he has met president advance window doors solutions. Again he watched dot biz. Is were you wanna go to take a look at some of the things that that they offer for litigated that I'm that you the other side of the break retarded by. A number products were gonna key in on Marvin did right. Great company. Yeah we got some exciting things to dark Bart in their company news in just their craftsmanship and general salt and I've got a number window questions for a couple of them came. Write your manner acts like a merger come and on and you audit that arts great X problem notes on my desk executes US domestic. Of course it's it's it's free advice which is awesome it is you bet he had a he has met Kaz and again advanced when you do or solutions. My closest we didn't go elements from creative construction of Wisconsin. This is the market near home improvement show. On sports Radio One a 57 FM the fan. Duncan saying. It's. Sale. You know smaller and. Have a psychiatrist to hit everybody. Method you has been who who IDs are spread you're doing your body at justice instead our hearts. I had you got that whole thing down don't ship hi welcome back. Two more happy Gary home improvement show Al hunt Matt makes it did and it shall ask an expert if every just Bigelow and I talk to you know we didn't mention a Fat Mike goes Blagojevich creative construction. Of Wisconsin specialist you guessed. And a special Saint Patrick's Day for him at he has been in advance window der solutions for a wide stat is to find out more about what they do. Hey let's talk a little bit about Marvin if we can't you know that. Window is and we talked about him in in the conference you beforehand really impressive company great product. Well you know what I think about I I think a broader discussion from the first segment of ordinary and about how our Neary kinda has craftsmanship and others. You know it it draws in kind of a better contractor. A person who's more. We are concerned about quality and about long term relationships with their with their customers and that's where I really think about wanna think about Marvin. They're not just a window manufacturer that has people kind of common to have to have. Arms factory job just to kind of plug pieces together they have a a real group of craftsmen that they've assembled over the years. And it's just really turn them into you just that accompany the are today just can a second to none with loop with what they do. Cut these the window category. Has changed a wide over the years. And when you've been in you've talked about Marvin being one of the companies that drive. Change. It's amazing you know I always kind of preached there's some some window companies out there that arm our marketing companies there's some big names that we might know but. Always say they could maybe market toilet paper or trips to Disney's earned her new cars but they happen to market windows. Other companies are real. Our manufacturing companies that are innovators. That they're really on the edge and they have to take those neat products may have a marketing team that actually takes it to market but really their window and door company and that's what I think of Marvin. I'm over the last when we have the slowdown in the economy back and you know really all five through. You know not too many years ago maybe even fourteen or so before things were started to turn around. A lot of window and or companies just one in this survival mode they did a lot of treading water didn't do really any innovation by just kept status quo. Marvin was a really innovator in two ways during that slowdown. They didn't have any layoffs at all which was amazing that didn't let anybody go. They did some balance you know shares things like that. To really keep keep things going on but they really kept the research and design. Going and and they really kept innovating and that really led to some really unique products that came on in the last few years such as incredible when when somebody asked you about moral what do they do most known for. So you know I always say this that Marvin you know and Marvin really draw as a customer whose arm particular. That wakes the deet tails and likes the minutia. We sure we really have a lot of engineers architects seem to be drawn to Marvin because of its precision. I'm most window and or companies Wendy Gordon to Wear their factories. They're using. It T measures that they're really going down to the 32 of an inch may be the 64. Marvin their Alter the thousands of an inch I'm with wood working that's pretty unheard of that machinist equality. And it and it turns into a fit and finish high quality product that the joints are tighter the window looks cleaner. And and in down on the line. The first time you came meant that an ending you told stern I remember this I don't know who's your your neighbor that had Marv the window right. And date and and house for awhile right and they wanted to change out a couple of windows that thwart the Marvin windows and they said look the problem is. We put these Marvin windows in like eight years ago. In right and no problem. As an easy name match and they and and they look great it's it's amazing what. With the quality does you know after ten years you know windows are still perceived as new windows when you go with Marvin and that's. I'm not always the case was some other way. And it's not like they have up they have a certain window and then four years later. They upgraded they go to something else you can't ever get that window again. Right you know Marvin is very good at making making their alliance. Oh west for a long time right one of the things that they've done is they just upgraded their double hung window within the last maybe two years or so. And that the past window was out for Bart 1718 years before that. But there will earn double hung country in Milwaukee there's couple kinds of windows double hung so the ones rearranged the sale shop on the bottom you know what they are older you write all the top cherished around. There's the casement windows that kind of crank out but if you look around the city you see that weren't double hung country. We have more double hung windows in the Syrian and a lot of communities do. And Marvin just with their upgrading our ministers. What are it was a wrestler country what do casement windows lot of gliders and he's like swinging in those yeah out and bigger over hangs different climate scenario we have we of the extreme climates here and we thought you know we can get done it's thirty below zero iron a hundred degrees in the summer. And the ranges of humidity and all the moisture so. You know we really demand a lot and a window was when somebody comes in. In June just assume that a Republican for double only knows now. No you know I always ask what what's their closer where where in all as some key questions that they come in where is your house I can help. Tell you why if you give me your Dresser were about Tony our own no. I'm pretty much what your looking for. But who I normally just ask quickly. But we always seem to lead towards double harder at least people have some windows and you know double hung windows in their homes sell. Well those days of of and I told this story. Kerry knows those well old wood storms up a letter and 3100 bud north Bartlett. So to be raped and that's that house I grew up in. We rented out the upstairs. Anders and enough spacing between the next house who re could reach over shake hands arise and we have to put a age ladder up their man and that it's an ankle I have to either caught Kerry that storm up. Or carry it down. And then the screen up or down. And you know I'm nine years old right in my dad's like Kate. You know be careful a maker of up there you would urge you out there have followed senator urge better not follow don't want that window broke her you don't put the put those things. And so very happy for the double hung windows or. It did the neat thing about today is those days of storm windows are gone you know double hung windows have a lot of areas further the window slid up and down there wasn't a lot of area for weather strip. Now they got it figured out and if you look at the Marvin ultimate double hung next generation you go on their website Marvin dot com take a look at that when no. Go to our website he wants doctors to take a look at her virtual showroom tour of one of our videos of the window. It's pitches an impressive when no it's got an auto locking feature so you shut the window and it lacks. Very clean look on the inside a kind of looks like your old windows were. And you don't see any strings Ernie poll user any of vinyl jam miners just an all would win noted the inside all aluminum card to the outside and they finally got this window now to perform like accused only know kids who knows the ones that crank out right they Craig beckon against the weather shook the harder the wind blows tighter this yoga its. Now with these double hung windows Marvin got them to perform like keystone windows and you have a full screen on the outside. And no storm when no really lightweight aluminum screen that you can remove from the inside and take. What I and so. He's one of the questions they got from a guy that sits across from. My local. Hard worst dirty game is named need to save it I would they sell replacement windows yeah out aren't they just tell the same. It's a great question Nell. And out there you know I've been Ivan I have an O line right now give me a 100000 dollars and a whole building and I will start a vinyl window company together. Last I heard that's about all it takes is sort of a vinyl window company. Last I heard there over 500 vinyl window manufacturers. In the country. So you think about that is thing do we only got fifty states and I don't know that there and all fifty states. It's just amazing. Duke the variance in quality that you can get out of that. And that being said most of the glass that's used there's only four major manufacturers of the glass cell. If you look at the least expensive vinyl window compared to the most expensive Marvin window. The glass is gonna be really similar nowadays are gonna have a great modern insulating glass will we go last. What's the difference in what the difference Roy is going to be is all those frame components. A really inexpensive or vinyl window and with vinyl windows you can't really tell because duke the same on the outside. She always wanna see a cross section through our corner cut of that window to see how thick that finalist. Of the company chambers it has been an awful strong it's going to be over time. We will you keep talking final Marvin selves. Marvin cells aluminum clad most when I say a replacement windows. And you go to the local Harsco local hardware store and I'm guests and are trying to be a vinyl replacement window and that's 90% of what. Is going to be sold out there that's what a lot of the guys sell as a replacement window. Now. It and we we find that a lot of places that you have inexpensive windows or your your you know the question that we didn't get to. I always bring this up what's your plan with the house right it's one of the first things I asked the people. If your plan with the house's I'm gonna sell and a couple years in these windows are terrible in these final replacement windows might be the right option for area. But if your your answers hey this is our house were going to be here for a while right. It doesn't cost any more to get the lowest and vinyl window installed her the highest and would clad window installed. What you're gonna have it's it's Gannett cost a little more for the window however that windows going to be over perform for a longer period of time last for a longer period of time. And ultimately become a much better value. You know I don't know Bruce bingo or crew was for the beginning doing the show I was asking about. You know in my gonna get my money back to my gonna do you know this and that right that should die I'll make this change because and they come in a sell the house. And the guy said look if you're going to be your house for more than three years you know you're going to be there more interest to store for you right. Do it further their rent an illness and if you're gonna. Pre coming into changer windows and I'll write in what we take that whatever is O'Bannon was sort of not ten years ago people way to reseller also quick maximum. It is amazing how they've they've suffered with bad windows and for years and years and years and we're asking why are they replacement windows what's your plan with a host they say oh we're finally fiction that we got to sell it in six months. So went electors and had a white noise Hewitt and enjoy the window great. And job once you're put the three young plastic cup trust me I did that right while right and it's not very effective right. And then all of a sudden they go only now we're really solid syringe he's a windows. It's amazing you know and people got to remember what when you have an older home. You can put those 3M kids on there and they're literally stopped drafts and they're gonna help with some with insulation a lot. However what really helps and what makes the difference is that low we coding on the windows that you have today and that's you don't get that in those were no kids. And that's what Roy gonna reduce your energy cause automatically. Here we got to get through break other said the break you talked about. The term low. Will it be clear it will be clear at least some Christmas on visible I transmit and slayer O well I try try to do little Locklear got a few good men. All there is crystal I'm sorry that the movie no that's right this if I thought I hear he's met has been a better tell you that advanced window and door solutions eighty watts. Dot biz for more information and it's a really good website he's got great information on it about what they do how they do and some of the companies they work with. My in my in studio guest eyes met Desmond and my cohost is bingo Emmons bingo Emmons point. Struggled with my words remember injured in his along the via a creative construction. Caught Wisconsin. This is the market your home improvement show. On sports Radio One a 57 FM the fan. I. Okay. Beings. Well. It's Liz why you couldn't yeah. Well we look forward. I didn't cook from one end of the spectrum to auto tune it out it is is like the angels she's here is how it with a rusty razor dictated Voight and Heidi kip created. As you battle has been he's met Mickey Gazprom to finish square go door solutions. Welcome back to the more you near your home improvement show. Odds were pretty 105. Seven F from affairs refund all Dave from now until members are quite all the kind stuff like I asked them dead people was alluding to whether it's creative construction Wisconsin. Is Mike coast. Hey you were taught in the last segment. A bit the term low. And write the questions and they got. On from here Entercom was we keep hearing that term and people don't really understand what it means right so you can define that for sure. It worked low. TV the U misty and it is the kind of the word that low. And what it really does is it's it's according on the inside the glass so imagine an insulated glass there's two pieces of glass there's. 01 that's of course the outside and one that kind of course of the inside of your home there's that airspace in between. In on the inside of one of those inside of one of those pains generally the in outs exterior paint there's recording of silver. Backside that's poured in on the window and that's actually splattered onto the window I'm. And what that's over courting does is that it gives a slight tint to the window. On it's it's a clear even though we're putting and so over on their you can still see through the window. But that does a lot and the sun on high angle when summer sun. It's gonna black off a lot of the ultraviolet rays that fade and do damage you're you're around furniture in your carpet and things like that. But it's also gonna block out a lot of the infra red raiders that. Add solar heat gain. I'm we don't want solar heat gain in the summer we on horses to stay cool right and that low. Cool energy from the inside and helps keep your air conditioning inside. Now come conversely that that same what we glass in the low angle winter sun in our in our area. It's gonna allow some of that infra red through and we want solar heat in our climate in the winter we want that freaky. So that's what the basic law we glass and our climate does it gives every window. Now haven't. Pretty much everybody's everybody's window has a standard what we glass and the standard low. Which generally used in our climate is called a low 272. Were to seventy check and when you hear that number around it's kind of a big number it's two coats of low. And when they're darn you have 72%. Visible light trans militants threw it. So it's gonna black out 28%. Of visible light. So you get a little steps the little tent factor that you see on the window windows in a different market in Arizona. Windows in a different market and Arizona endorse either gonna use a glass callable we 366. Hot and the lowly 366 is three quarts of what we and it turns out to be 66%. Visible light transmit is when your done. What that does is that blocks out solar heat gain year round low angle angle sound they don't want sort you gain in the winner there. There's going to call Mac as no surprise he's a freak it's amazing and I am aware no rookie can and I wish that we do an owner yeah it's amazing usually cool technology you can pick up on the the a few good men movie people window menu guided down from you know I was watching some YouTube video on windows then this facility at math and as a whole what. And gas filled windows right. So that's that's inside now the window. Right so air Burton you know our air has that and thicker molecule than some of the gases so argon gas is the gas the Jews. Primarily in between the airspace and that's got a smaller molecules and error and it's gonna conduct hotter hold less than air. So at Marvin they use our guy and gas and almost everything unless the window gets too small recant. Use the argon gas in and that's just a functionality how how that we knows are made. But the art I guess really really helps. It's it's it's a small percentage wise but the Oregon is a pretty inexpensive gas but the key is readily available and are at. Mr. Still looking at at the books that tied you probably with the with Marvin windows and I appreciate that. I didn't realize it's for generations. It around a while it's unheard of they've been around almost as long as our parent company's spring and company were weren't at our fifth generation our family company has been and it's just unbelievable we've been around since the 1870s are cold storage business and now with the all the divisions in the winnowed in the window division the advancement and or solutions. However Marvin is is better on almost as long since the early nineteen hundreds when. They started making bond sash back in the day there she is the glass open arms. And they were a real grain producer. Marvin was and they had a grain elevator and one day. The George Marvin was sick yet to go to the hospital and his. His us son said OK he's gone we're gonna buy a molding machine and we're gonna cut a hole in the side of the building and we're gonna start make your windows while and the dad came home from the hospital on some what did you do. And he said you know this cost a lot of money you better make it work so from there they started make and he made it work in this sort of make in Orange sash. And they started supply and windows along with a grain business and it just really grew from there. You know in into the page I'm I'm looking at night like this fine over four generations. We've built something greater than just a window into our company. And the company itself is it's almost the story. We knew we talk about the people Marvin windows you talk about the things they've done in the community the amount of people we've employed. Indeed they've done the stories are great company Kissimmee creek products but I think the stories that it's it wouldn't what a great company uses. It's incredible you know what it's just amazing that a lot of pick it you know just just to be a fortunate ration company alone is just a feat in itself and to be growing and thriving. It's just really unheard of and when you won't Marvin is really great because they're made in more road Minnesota selection five miles south of the Canadian border. Are right on lake of the woods and they have a really great programmer we take to resolve their we take builders and Ramada orders up there and and and charm. How Marvin has done but one of the things that they have there's there's a museum. And we Roy watched through and you show the whole history from the early days when they were doing logging and and then it turned into after they log period over Syria for farming. And then they started doing in the green from there and then we just talked about the molding machine coming inserted doing darn session. And then the windows took over and back when I first started selling Marvin they there it's been twenty years or so now that the turned down the last scream tower on the railroad tracks and knowledge just windows. He so I get texts a question. From a body my MO my windows are definitely old but how to wind Knoll. Then need new Martin's new windows from Margaret. So where did you just some of the signs I I know that he said in the past in these difficult opening closing and when reckless. They areas. And it very much an issue at the house is really hot in the summer really couldn winner Brenda and that was his window shake and they rattled. So that's given me a few different indicators you know one of the things you can pretty much say is that if your windows or earlier than 1980. And really 85 ever earlier you're most likely gonna have you may have insulating glass two panes of glass for the nearest based. But your most likely gonna have cleared last not the world we coding OK and that will we courting and really helps to medically cleared. If we just talked on a scale as an arbitrary numbers here but if we talked about. A clear and selling glass like might have a factor of point 75. Or number of the Ryder. That insulating glass with lol we that's point 32. So it's huge if it's a huge sure medic difference what that will recording does so that in itself is gonna help a lot. Then we look at. Functionality and just being able to open and close your windows that's huge. You know you're gonna gain the functionality and then of course modern weather stripping modern ceiling. You're gonna row we have about a threefold gain with new wind and GE's it is she a big differences heating bill you just seriously you're gonna see a big difference and I and I go back to something that I've been telling a lot of people this year and if you look at in in new Ares. Website you can her home performance. An energy auditor whole performance tasked I recommend these a lot. If you have a window company and we can give you ideas of what money you might save. But he can actually to test on your windows tete a tester whole house for performance. And in really test your house before you put in the windows and then after the windows are done. And give you an idea exactly and this is what you gained from this is what you're gonna say and for 350 or 400 dollars. When you look at how much windows cost it's really a great deal. Yeah it's a really good deal he's met guess that advance window and door solutions he wants that this is were you wanna go. Are giving them a call at 414462. 60244626024. This is the market near home improvement show. On sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. Saint Patrick's Day so I picked an all music. Everybody's drank several members on everybody's role in the rise of a mile and one nurse where you weren't killed I'm afraid. Well. When you cross your legs before that. Yeah scarier than it data path outweigh you should be actually sell this you know what hits cocaine don't worry about it. He's just keep jury can you keep jury in this building was Dirksen and looking a little better do you welcome back half. Through her show hot sports Radio One 057 up from bad. I might be your alongside my cozy is being go elements creative can charge of Wisconsin special in studio guest she's a good to have met. Has been advanced to win to endorse solutions A watts. EW. In. Eight W 88 W aid that via SM and advanced window endorse solutions that's are we came over there lives a once we are a wide so I assume. That it does this. Or you call him at 4144626024. We were talking a lot about Marvin windows we hounded today because it's at a proprietary that you guys so wad of and you have a strong belief in in. In the not only the product but the company. Itself. I've got a couple other questions for you this segment. Can somebody save money by installing windows by themselves. Definitely you can. It just. You have to do right to what we do is we talked earlier and back way back in the first segment about some that Mary doesn't it's it's trained people. You can take a great window on receipt all the time if somebody doesn't know and even with down. Some contractors were a little new to windows or irbe makes some mistakes are people on the job that are actually new to windows. You can take a great window and if you install a poorly it's gonna perform poorly. And a lot of people we are bomb. Call backs on you know summer biggest call backs used to be before we we started some training programs within hours installation issues. Where people would see him our windows junk in read Kamal weather service tech and really we find out the window was fine it was just installed. Early amp BS like a guy. My parents volley the into the Corwin a flash in its opponent Eiffel was on. And of women and I'll miss out the window to play Wales and you could buy the most expensive when on the market but you're not putting incredibly. If you might isn't just three money out and out the window or eight. Right it doesn't it does it doesn't pay you know there's a lot of people that are handy and can do it sometimes you know if you're handy person windows get a little intimidating because hey. I'm terra horn or you know in my house some runs it's up to meet up to covered up you can go to bed tonight or my wife is going to be pretty bad. Yeah I saw you know our inducted about the proper flashing the hour right now actually. Granted that's for my problem is it's really you know it's it is you know being talked about flashing but the biggest thing we see is. People people think like out my window Internet operates it screwed and and it's not for an out of mapped in my house for bingo sees it as much as I do. Water is a four letter word in the dependability ministry it's it's evil it's. You don't want water at it ruins everything and it's the biggest thing were lawsuits happen around a water. I'm self flashing is a big important part and we nor is a huge part of flashing so pages that Marvin custom every window. Marvin doesn't sell Marlins got a real unique program they have standard sizes OK but they don't stock any windows saw all the windows are built to order made to order. So you can get anything. And and that's another bag on the back up. Marvin doesn't have different lines of windows they don't have. A good better best system or you know 1020400. Level. They have their Marvin windows you can get it without a aluminum clad texture you can get to where we're texture here you can get. That what we need to 72 west that we talked about earlier unite the low 366 class. You get all the different options so you build those windows to your specifications. Every window can be different and so every windows somewhat it's custom. But really they they just have an incredible system how they how they keep track of it on build. Christian has consistently so basically it's all custom immediately hit it really is hardly my system it is basically cost and the difference shoots the advantages of customer placed a windows compared to pre made one size fits all windows. Is that is in effect I was just at a house yesterday a storm house in the town of cedar Byrd Hilton 1870s. One of the first house's around. And generally we look at windows and we measure one window on the house and we should all fits well. All those windows were built in sight she you know they're built in the day and they have about it. Threes to have fringe difference in width and height and all the windows so we had a measure every window in the house and every window on the Hollis is. The sixteenth through an eight inch different. And we have to label each one and do it but. There all custom made Marvin is taking care of it it's no problem that's tough job fell now we know that the fat when they come in we'd rather have windows that fit. When they're all said and done. Miss Nancy we spent like a hole. Our VA we're gonna get an endorsed and we just didn't he does that he apologized it's over are we don't close we got a couple minutes left. But when you talk about the doors that that Marvin. A moment may we we've had this discussion before and that's you do what you say look it's just it's different. It's different so the big thing is as. Our specialty doors now. I fully endorse large huge sliding durst were doing wake homes with Marvin doors that are sixteen feet wide twenty feet wide eight feet tall were all the doors slide open the stack and one side. She opened her hosted in says things that were only on the coasts now right Hershey were doing in Wisconsin we're doing that sort. It it takes a Wisconsin weather. It holds up great and it in allows you to have some of those those creep into orator flexibility. The bifold doors are. Our our great economical way to really get the same thing where you can open up. Senior kitchen to a screen torture kitchen to an outside deck we do those a lot and we can open up inside out. Weights. The window categories changed the door category. Has improved. So much in in the last fifteen years. You know just the patio doors themselves. That have a you know it for years have. Always come off the rails have the screens are always fallen apart a lot never works. That category has changed. It's unbelievable one of the things Marvin do we talk to a Martin's leadership they were the leadership on the screens. An old barn doors hung at the top it's hung and attract an old barn doors were for hundreds of years Marvin screens are gonna design and that count principal we're the tractors on top. The wheels are covered in the tracks of the away from the weather in the bottom just to guide. So there had your door screens work. Better than better than anybody else's and the in the testing that they do. And all that pressure testing design pressure testing makes these big holes in your wall perform like you insulated wall. Hey now the chinoy your Irish Emery commute tip to my father gave us a grown up he said to never going to Saint Patrick's Day. He set off all the crazy people that want to be our urge you one day you get to rest of the year so. White guys behave yourself how naive you're worrying I think that's that's really sage advice bingo what do you plan and I don't really care beef and cabbage up here and there you know. And our family is it that way they've passed their dynamic that's awesome I corrected that Thursday it last time I mean that tonight as well that's a very hard about our. If you're dead right. I saw America. You never elected all board power surge out there it's you that's Hamas took all his MacBook has been advanced window and door solutions I was like when he comes by. He watched dot biz. 4144626024. Guys have BC apaches dipping their toes concealed. They met its you can see beavers so today here this guys you guys this is more Q near home improvement show. On sports Radio One 057 FM. The fan.