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Saturday, April 7th
"Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined each week by a member of Milwaukee NARI to discuss new and innovate ways to improve your home the right way!

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From gutters to the landscape for replacement windows to a full basement remodel and everything individually it's time for the Milwaukee married home improvement jokes and oh here's your host big time might may get on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Oh walk amid the more hearing home improvement show on sports pretty of 1057 FM the fan. I might figure once had my co c.'s Diane Nelson. Diane Nelson interior says he deceived and I about Harry about god what a beautiful spring is you call it crisply pressed Christmas morning. Yeah Howard lowers our our special city yesterday a hard time getting out of bed and used to call. I don't leave him you know why. This is house is nice and warm I know that for a hit the fired all you tell our entire Cohen this morning are supposed to lose to your guest Howard brawl. He's former more key near border executive officer. Including president. And dies you are rural chimneys service in while we're toast a roach committee dot com before we get to Howard. Diane may is right around the corner big month for more Keener. Yes so we are doing at tour model home and homes again this year. It's may eighteenth through the twining in and what it is it's the merry contractors showing off their work. So you can go see if you're checking out a couple married contractors you can see their work in person. Usually talk to their clients sometimes they're on site to talk and answer any questions to. So there's a big kick off a band so the eighteenth may eighteenth. Which what is the kick off event sells its a soiree they Chicopee I was making these days that you knew that we could analytic gala are. You know of instead of party but soiree is what it's will we went with flash and it's thick. And it's I need I went through last year and Jason strategic contractors had won it got a chance to have that and it was an incredible event right. And now also this year at rec arts helps of the our tell him Miley resource would be one the right to show off their home for that soiree. So at their house is on. So if you are interest did you could get tickets through marking married by. Calling them are going to their website. Their phone numbers 414771. 4071. Or website as Milwaukee Neary at a lower. You know last year I'm Diana was the first year that I think that we partnered Marky you're partnered with with the charity and it. A mom the idea of of of giving money. Choose your were cancer. Com here is is really important I think to people went in you know everybody's touched everybody's got a family member ruby know somebody. That has battled cancer. And were able to keep that money here locally. No less you were just over 101000 dollars that we donated which was incredible special for first sheriff fresh air. Yeah it's a really good number. And people get to come out. He get to see that the house that. That these selected it's a 5200. Square foot home on you walk you lake I've not seen it by an excited to see it. And I know that you know reading some of the things about it the people in all my house. Very. You have great giving hearts and would love the fact that that money that is raised through that stories today. On end up helping out people and ends his stay here with your work cancer care. People and I I just think that tying their whole event. That whole weekend to raise some money for good. Cheering that your local I think he's important. Right and especially up proceeds from this soiree and the eighteenth that goes towards. The donation for a lark cancer care so I would love I think we can definitely raise more than 101000 this year especially sect in here. Just add to raise interest in the CR contractors and are also raising money for related. Well congratulations. To to rake in the people are parked felt they. Remodeling resource site I. You know I think that from reading about the house. And and I know they Diane I'll losses has given a great description for a stupid to be able talk about on today's show. But the way out of both levels is open concept it's perfect for this event. And to be able to CPU walk you lake and Entrust these can be warmer that debt. Yeah spray you I like spring late may well I start gambling along time ago is that lost all the time but I would bet anybody's we warmer that gave him in his. To death. Howard how are you Howard Rolf from ma wrote Shimmy services in wallet Sosa. It's good to see you sir good to see you too might menu and every you know honestly had I try and then through you know a good at if you look at this a good time your few boys right it keeps keeps me young jumping up on the ropes hypothetically Chu chairman HM chimney where you play that song I'm sure some time. Within the hour because I'd Jolie Tommy get a chance to hear is when you're in your studio with us. This time a year after I don't think it was a horrible winter is forest Noll. But this time a year you need to get your your you Jimmy checked to see what the winter dead too. Well exactly that there's never anything winter that that we hit a great right now that we're going through. It has the chimney working overtime period chimneys so it was very important function that the house it's the exhaust system for that house for not only your fireplace but other appliances that are. Are naturally vented into the area water heater your furnace. And there's a lot of things that go along with that. You know not only resold to and when if you're burning a biomass fuel like warn oil. Cole. Gas. Produces a lot of moisture especially with the high efficiency. Appliances that we have now. Back in the day used to see plumes and plumes of those small writing up on the chimney. And now because the appliances are so efficient you handle on it tenancy happening inside the tune into. Suicide carry out a part in out. He Diane before we ask are more questions on and choose I've got him I got about six hours were the questions form. But when you came in this morning said you know what I've worked with Howard and and and a big fanning as. And I have as well IE it was interesting because told the story the last time resent. But literally he was here with with me in the studio. As my son was was closing on a house. And there's a concern with with the with Shimmy Dyson Howard. Is dirty chances you can swing over their scent too far from here. He left here went over there. And said you know we. To do with this way and here's why. And dad worked out really perfectly. And I can't think Howard enough that the trust that that I have in his company in my son hasn't this company is. Is is really high and know you feel the same way. Here's a really great crew mining Howard's a great person a car but does he knows how to hire people yeah. So we've yet we worked animator remodel with two fireplaces that one needed to be totally rebuilt before we put in a gas. Higher place and it. And so his cruel very knowledgeable could talk to the homeowner. Explain. The process. And just yet again very knowledgeable on military doing timely. Reasonably priced. There reasonably priced yet I was gonna say that bad that he's given myself the discounters. He knew I now Amy love that she did I guy I'm sure that he did. Howard when you wind Diane talks about you know they've been the knowledge. Last tenure here we didn't go through your background we we have in the past but too we do that again India and did it's I'm that we have. In this first segment talk a little bit how about home all you've been doing this how you got your start and end the business itself. Okay well start of this 38 years ago. Hard to bully her out and plays and having fun up on the rooftops. Putting it in neighbor that had a chimney fire. And as. EPS please and do you you know how to clean chimney there are ending and I was I was I was a mechanic at that time. And started reading more more that was baked in the aero the Arab oil embargo of the late seventies OK so everybody was getting fireplace inserts and putting them and there were called slammer respect because they just literally slammed him into the fireplace. And mutilate the mansion and let it go and there was a lot of problems that dampening. Chimney fires inserts word if league. Going through commercial prices were that would explode and blowing out Omar 600 pound for please insert into the room. In Seoul I looked into it more in DC and to get into the chimney business. And there's national association. And its affiliated with that for training through the chimney safety institute of America in Indianapolis. He and continued to get that technical well as far as the other things as far as the business ethics and as far as people communication and everything. That's right get more involved with Mary may 38 years while. And she is it's been a real experience over those 38 years you never stop learning. It's just a great organization. In and his multifaceted. As far as all things that you can learn. And the contractors rich in that request was Eric Chiming in in the early days. That she thought wow this is. IU we never looked 38 years to come the role but but did you say look in this market. Of Milwaukee mall Towson southeast Wisconsin. There isn't. There isn't qualified people to do this and people are looking in and in this is what I'm reduced stress my life. Well that's how it ended up then that's not how it was back then back then it was beat. He could train hands than any education whichever way that she you could find about chimneys. And as it progressed and over the 38 years. Errors certain things that became evident that. This is an ongoing process. And people's problems that that they're handing out there need more education. And that's exactly where consumers are at right now is that he wants somebody coming out of their house. And specialized in their field. And knows what what they're looking and and get down correct problems and come up. Solutions. To go on eight. It didn't happen in the beginning when I was to the show but it's happened the last year that people who bill leased or securing the Promos. And they cured that you know somebody sold so who's a roughing companies coming in and I'll get 45 questions left to my desk. So I have four or five. For people here Eric com. Who asked questions about chimneys and stuff like what are the steps include Jimmy. This is a guy that I think he's gonna try to do NS own memory of her who were persuade him not to do that is if you knew him he trips walking in here power. And we don't wanna give the green and he's listened they'd he's laugh and Abby right now but we want him you'll we wanted you to call you. At 4147712282. Or go to royal chairman dot com will get to some of these questions and the other celebrate. By U studio guests this week. Is Howard brawl he's the owner of royal chimneys services in a while which hosts a southeast Wisconsin. These were they go royal chairman dot com. Is the website and down my co hosts this week is Diane Nelson. She is up from dying at Diane Nelson interiors. This is the walking near home improvement show. I'd sports Radio One a 57 FM the fan. You're listening to an airy home improvement show with the dynamite they giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I was what your question at 4147991250. All welcome back to the more Mary always provincial once we're pretty 1057 FM the fan. I'm Mike the guerrilla semi calls she's Diane Nelson owner of Diane Nelson interiors in our special in studio guest he's Howard Rawle. He's the owner of Roche Jimmy's service in while toasts at one word Roche -- dot com. For more information on Howard and and the things that that said they do at royal chimney service phone numbers 414771. 2282. 4147712282. So I have got a couple questions among lead with this one it's a longer question but I think it will interest in. In the past sweeps of high we've hired. Have always gone of the rough checked the flash in order all the work is Jimmy Dean clean the charity from the top to the house. Today we as sweet command looked in my fireplace from the Biden said he didn't need to clean it because he can still see the pricks. We asked have a clean anyway you then grabbed a wire brush simply are rug too weighty build up the main open in the fireplace. Even without going into the chimney to clean anything. In my way off base or do this we charge me. Without clean my chairman. Well it's a great question. You have to remain a member is it's much akin. To going to the dentist. What are his last ten that you went to the Dennis open your mouth and they said now you're good ago it looked pretty good and Mary conceive councils and they have an expert out. A lot more goes in the chimney cleaning than just removing the flammable Prius so I'm that flew. So in eighty NM Milledge continue but they got taken. Tonight the battle a little bit for change and a guy in CS a year to a year a lot nicer than I am. That they got hoodwinked I mean they got taken an end and I feel bad especially when they talk but look we've had this done before. And they've they've checked you know all of the state they clean the chimney from that that the top to that of the house. Today the guy human soul. And and again I'm I'm not as nice as you are in India they get taken in the open is what you would Saban I think they. They need to probably. Call that company and has somebody else c'mon do correctly. When you picture. A fire let's use a fire. Please chimney for example. And you're looking down from on top your line of vision is very limited. It as far as looking down even eight or ten feet we can't looks at least we're not millions. You really need to be running a book what's called a Chim scan camera and internal camera down there to approve the integrity. Although mortar joints on that as well as look or. Lateral cracking that's going on and the insight. Because that chimney is. Is just like a sort of struck if you have launched Google cracks that are going on there and you're not going to be able to see that might have been doing this for 38 years. And is as little as eight feet down. I cannot see. That there's an open breaching an older house were on hold would still be used beat Hampton they're short of Loren Cameron dollar and while that was a a big moment when I first did that. In realized how important they camera is going in say that chimney you really really need to have been internal video scan that's going on in the two need to determine what's going. Can you go through while what the steps that you recommend and in I would think powered that for somebody who does it look this this question that I asked. It seems like they do it every year. You know or every other year and for people that that. Intact continue to to keep it clean and keep it updated in June this service that they should do it's probably different the steps of the chairman he. To tell it's somebody who hasn't had it done in five to ten years. Well that's true he what's involved with the cleaning process. It's still down with where Russia's. That are pushed in their own to remove the cream is sold. And to train sweep the experience sweep is going to know before even getting out the chimney camera. By the ring in the brochures that's telegraphing applause fiberglass poles. When he ran across a crackles and you get a very. Holes owning ring to it. And that's that is sweep school I'd better really pay attention when I'm putting this can scan camera down in there. In keeping a close look at that area. Because that's usually an indication that there's an open breaching. Rector missing include Kyle at that point. And when you said before you're not gonna see that. Tora lowering a camera on Saturday chimneys sewage and come up with a solution for. All of the guys that side that you have and how many cameras do you have. We have five Kim's gyms in camera back there so we have five. Full time certified chimney sweep inspectors Ferrero they're taking a look at chimneys. And not only taking a look it you know at the camera but being able to capture their picture for the homeowner. So that they can see we don't expect and Google upon row with as that's where they Claus yes they don't let me give up their right and so we capture those pictures or video it's if it's extensive. And share that with the homeowners who have that they concede that really resonates than it you know this is my community got a problem. So my guy that gave me this question here who's listened from our comp and when he says what are the steps creature he doesn't have that camera. In Atlanta doesn't have a care eruption and you don't even want him up on the rookies this what you guys do every day. Well rate and and and I'm sure. He's probably given thought. OP American teen. This blacks than it's coming down there otherwise misses as I can be very tampered with mean she's never happy with him and that's just one other recent. In a lot of people think like I can do this sort of finish out there. You know downstairs that's the worst thing because they cannot cryptic fine particulate. And now it's been a bull through all that living room and they should've grade. In for every you're going to be played in your fingers and laundering and here what do we do vote as well. Think the victims that we use her head of vacuums. And there are so it's sweeper making her designed especially for chimney cleaning to contain it. Prius so national everything so that you don't have to worry about. You know we talked about on the steps of clean your chimney but the steps when you win when they call you a 4147712282. Roach of any services. Power rose our special guest. The owner of row chairman service. When they call that number and and you get some calls on money from people at your desk. And and say OK you look at I need to set up an appointment. You guys ask questions ahead a time. Or you go out and and and say OK you let us take a look on her own. Ward to win people call ensure there saying look I. You know we had a horrible winter use in our fire placed in Israel think's going on I mean you have information. Prior to going to their house. Well absolutely. On the inbound call. Usually well what's asked is how much to clean the almost feature cleaned fair place first question I'm sure 'cause that's. Just how how old consumers have been. You know train to ask about price for right in and we always. Late to beat her well first well is this a fireplace chimney is a sort of furnace flue. And are you having any issues what to what triggered the concern. Some coast little say well no I just know that it needs to be done annually so like I call and I'm not really having any issues. Other people will get to that they have clintons can well. A fair place smokes and then and that's where I think that it might. Will it chimney and actually pogo. You'll accumulate Prius vote in all homeowners soon. They'll stick their head in the fireplace and looked over tea. I can see sky so must be okay less than the cleaning it and that's. Really a recipe for disaster only needs is a quarter inch of Kris so build up. Onions had they flew to trigger a chimney fire there's over 23000. Chimney fires that have been annually. And that's really wouldn't which are trying to prevent it is you don't want the little red trucks coming out you know explain when neighbors and after you and her dad forbid that it starts the host for a truck where it was slow and that happens during the course of Action League forum. Because it gets so hot foolishly no mortar. 2000 degree temperatures were talking about when they Kris so right there. The idea fireplaces. I do out of airplanes yeah and question. And Cheryl out but I think in two. So let's see Richard Pryor place cleaned every year every other year what do you don't use it a lot. Would you still say recommend an inspection nearly. Yes and that's account unless misconception by people. Well I just have a fire at Thanksgiving and Christmas and wouldn't you know maybe two or three foreigners weeklong and a and what you're looking at is any kind of deterioration. Again it goes beyond just removing the cream is sold. Chimneys just by the nature of their design. They expand and contract at a different rate and one the rest of the house fractured nose especially when we go through the numerous. Freeze thaw cycles what we have going on right now with the expanded winter. And all of a sudden you start develop developing cracks. The end of mortar joints that had become loose inside the flu pedal system every two featuring him mortar joint on there and have not caught early. You're usually talking about thousands dollars and repaired give made Reagan so annual inspection. Should definitely be done and that's what's recommended by a national Wear protection association notes the standard called blow. Of the industry for industry practices annual inspection. Hey how much is your India and again you've been at this for 38 years so I I'm sure that your industry has changed the camera. Certainly was at a huge steel. He's your other things that have changed over the years that have changed the way that you have to go by two when things. Well yes there is. Not are not only. How he clean them whether it's role re brushing or. Does control of the specialized victims at that they have now. But also. You know you have to be able to identify there's different stages of freeze will take and be deposited in the chimney. And nasty as one would be third degree Prius so which looks like somebody literally dumped a bucket apparent on the ten. And you have to be able to identify their just because you run a brushing their does not mean that it's clean. It may need something more aggressive and that he and that they're special products. Late. There's they pulled this they can be applied in the instead of chimneys. And it draws the moisture out of their Prius so you come a week later in the ballots flaky so that you can Russia. In remove the trees. You know we we talked the first two segments sank cleaning. But you guys to lot more than that with repair and in all of that we're gonna come and ask a couple of questions with that it's. I sawed through three from people here are come. That I have to get to but I think in this segment we made it perfectly clear that that bite my guy here that. He needs students to call you and not try to do this on his own. Don't look at one video on YouTube and think that you're going to be able to give up there and do this 771228. 4147712282. And ask for Howard if you have questions you for him on the show you give him call in and you'll answer. Any questions yet but he's been a home and retires from the White House claims charities and the white house on an occasion authentication. If the White House trust Howard. You can trust Howard it is no doubt again give him call 771228. Too this is more canary home improvement show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Jim vividly chip chip to read plus we've been as lucky as lucky from being. Jim Germany Jim Gillette date Jim Jim Jim Bruton boot up blew a couple back when I walk like you're home improvement show all all really come. Get to politicize who come in studio that's a beautiful songs is beautiful song I think is still on the cup and her throat every cited should be and every time you hear it should make you think Jeff Howard row from. Roche Yemeni. Roche Jimmy dot com. It's. It's a good saw a man is so I still see that that movie Mary Poppins still wide enough and hopefully you guys people start calling you at that point 7712282. He's so we talked a lot about cleaning and and the things that you guys do one thing we we have a charge while remind you we have a charge about repairing. What part of of that is is cleaning your biggest part of what you do. Business wise. Not segment wise Fella it's about 13 of what we travel we do a lot more than that we do employ Airpwn Mason's we don't. Find a problem and has some contrary oh. If you do feel by the way Emery and his future deals because you you wanted to deal was somebody. Personally wanna do is somebody local right. And yet to be careful because nowadays it's very easy to be DC you'd whether it's through one of the coupon mailers. Or something on the Internet that has a local phone number and you're assuming it's a local company right and you can't do it. The get remote call forward numbers and the setup satellite operations. And only find somebody. The do the work so you really aren't hearing that company you're hearing somebody tells. That the companies have. An extra when you have a problem like that letter that I did that I read that question that I read earlier. Where the guy came men who looked up at sin no it's fine and he threw wire prussian dual working said okay we're. We there's no port call billion what do you call at that point if cigarette companies. You know from from Illinois your from Merrill lender or whatever yeah U co. All of them me and it's a matter of logistics and at that point. If you're not dealing with limited a fleet has a physical local. A local presence. Patrol room or an office. What's the chances then they're gonna send somebody yelled if you have an issue was going to be continuing water leak. Form of terror police still smokes and they've got to travel fifty miles you're gonna go on the long list in the gambled. Amount to your book and it's you you should know one general broke probably about 45 weeks ago. He Dana cool parties if see it in a field happen but refute your work with wrote series services and you have. A questioner an issue and you go to their office in united happy how far is it from his office scenario office. Well at about ten steps ten counts got a lot of competent well that's twelve I've come around at all not at all themselves to twelve sets of stairs to real talkative booted nary. Lot of confidence in. What he does to take an office space. This same building his marquee dairy writers you know those twelve steps spewing. Most people give up those so it's pretty quick of faith they have any issue at all in other question. Did I want to get to. I mean this guy firm it's actually grow from here. Me and her husband we're in the process accepting bids first companies have their chimney relying. And need some education improper fit of the Erie between my furnace and the flu. This is firmer highs accusers know that she brought this dead and I said can you explain what you look of Ford's she's so what's right there that are quite guys said. I don't there's still a question sure Howard will choose just ask them. As I can imagine you probably citizen Aaron and answer because that Ernie and understand question you just Joey commuter achieve and her husband says I think. So there the prices of accepting bids. They need education improper fit of the Erie between the first in the flow don't even know what that means. OK a lot of times so what's called the or from how water heater. And that's a read play again on the home inspections. That flew was ties when their house was built for particular furnace. How water heater and whatever else was venting into their. Now once those its side vented and there are still other appliances they're using it that flew needs to be resize or liner put in there. So that not only is the primer draft being applied to that appliance buck so that it can functionally it was intended. It's not. If it's not just two of the bigger the better. You have to hit the proper size and obviously can't have two smaller size or it's going to spill in Peru's government actually issues as well. That's. And that is the big question itself and again I know it's she'd hand it's me. I think is important I don't know what companies and I asked her this quote companies have you have you asked to come out. And they need to call you to be able c'mon say hey look here's exactly what what you look for in and again. I think when you when you call Howard you're gonna find that there's too much he hasn't seen and he doesn't know. So well when it and we made sure that all of our people are trained mine we pride ourselves that the people that we hear of Merck are handpicked. And the Arab groomed not only in the technical aspects but how to communicate their past. So we have nine certified suite of our largest long certified sweeps in the state. And call those guys worked for. While longest one is going in 33 years rate now. So of these you know experience. Says it does it in the UC all kinds of different scenarios out there. In are able to identify the problems. So that she gets to the root cause let's let's use a water leak or example. Can tell you how many times do we get calls from customers might chimney is leaking again. In. In my hands up somebody else. C'mon in and repaired five years ago on that and started leaking again. In and hit somebody else Kamal. It was okay for a little while started leaking and they're not getting to the road problem right what's causing these separations. In reading the right prescription. Rate in a bill to correct it. The point of India now. What in your line of work I Diane and and she's owner of Diane Nelson in tears when your work you were somebody. Everybody wants it's if they have a fireplace you wanna be able utilized post if they don't have one people liked to have won. I don't know anybody who wouldn't might have a fireplace in their house. That when you're working with with some of the people that you were quick. Do they understand the importance do you think of not only having the fireplace look good but but. To make sure that it's it's it's working good. Most of my clients do I mean they do they come to mean they want you know they look. They do want a certain look they want to at all location we go as gas or natural earning. In other positives and negatives of both. And but most fun do we have a concern yes we wanted to work efficiently read you know as the even the NL. Especially that one remodel weak and that was the first thing at the at a couple young children and they definitely wanna to make sure before they invested and a new gas insert. Is arrest the chimney in good shape it was older home and luckily we did and of Howard's throughout their a look at it and there worsen major flaws in the chimney that had to be rebuilt a lot of cracks that you would never see here. What when there's a crack are what does that to fire. Well it doesn't does a couple of things again baked in the source draw analogies the purpose of that chimney. Is that not only provide the proper draft for their appliance went to exhaust the combustible olds. Open out of the hubble's if you have any defects in it flew. It is getting outside of their Pluto system is getting trapped inside the chimney chase the chase is what is surrounding those flu tiles as the brick worked its rounds at. In if not caught early. Also needed and hand out. Or police bricks. On the row he'd welcome my brakes are to laminated and it there it's like somebody threw a hand and in a remote area and it was kind a year ago. Somebody did not detected early enough. So let me cleared Lloyd thousands dollars to rebuild. A warning flash replacement too it was being a pick from the inside you know work our days. Are all trained. Who have been Knoll. Well it was taking a look at it at this and rather than just replacing wrecked. There have been here at the same problem unit they don't get wrote probable cause which is mostly. A field flew panel endorses. He knows it to operate come other said the break I got to follow a text from one of the questions and ask for somebody here and in Emma get you to answer this. The question is will does get everywhere during each committee. Service in your smile and I I'm pretty sure the cancer Pope will get to that on the other side. This is the marking your home improvement show odds were trading of 1057 at. The fans. You are listening to an airy home improvement show with the dynamite the giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Your question to live at 1057 FM the fan dot com. Oh welcome back to the walking near home improvement show on scorcher don't know 57 FM the fan. I might we hear once had my kosice we she's Diane Nelson. From Diane Nelson interiors one word Diane Nelson tears stack count for her website are special and skew your guess is Howard Rawle. He's the owner of Roche Jimmy service in moto sit died during the break were to market and a little bit about. Fireplaces have an order and and you're asking Howard but. That yes I guess the specific question I think a lot of people have this issue. When it does start getting humid outside you can sometimes smell that little bit of fireplace will lead like he'd just heard yesterday but you get that little bit smile let's. Causing then that's a common caller we. Yet all the time and in what happens is if their screen sold in in the system. In the flu small chamber area. In the summertime you're running your air conditioner in this usually will will trigger the call. There because we're not realizing that it that when we asked the question and the Ambon called. And you give air conditioning you running there's a flow reversal it happens inside. Of that chimney veer east lol but nevertheless has bring net order with that it's your chimney. Tim east and we as saying that he. I need some attention here healthcare act I he you know discreet has sold is off gassing. It has not only is it not pleasant but it's on holes where you'd be breathing. And what when the humidity mixes with thick cream soda gets very pungent it smells like a smoke house almost that in your house and you're not even hampering your fireplace new owner and small what's going on here. That's what's happening when moisture even humanity interacts with the increase over the off gases in the flow reversal bring in the house hated the question there had four Rea before you to a couple of things. That that I get a text there is just score everywhere with a chip meekly service comes out. No and that's number one concern. Oh homeowners over how dusty is this to have to move the furniture Cape Town mall paintings and things like that. We're very very concerned about that in. Detail oriented to make for an event doesn't hamper not only with the vacuum but with controlling how much Prius vote is coming out in the system. You have to remember. That when you're cleaning of fireplace chimney it is not you know formally announce its. Almost like cleaning out the instead of a Coke bottle you get in the small chamber area which is the area above the damper. At least in Toulouse but implode tiled. And that's going to be clean and that's going to be clean from the bottom. So you clean the flu from upon cup and hopefully your friends listening to this now. I now hold Greek sororities are due and I let him message for his so I can't tell you how many people money too broad a brush down on their and your well. It's good to goal. But they never think awarded only increase ogle. It's laying and the smoke shell and in the small chamber you just moved a flammable substance. A closer to the ignition source house safety field yet I hope useless it. A couple things we didn't and I want to get too in way and we don't have much time. People that are out buying homes in and it's crazy shoots time for that. Obviously you've got us some advice for them yes if you are purchasing a house in the home inspectors. Plagues that says you need to him praise her for a chimney professional take a look at this and have a level to inspection on. The buyers always in the driver's seat request and its service. I'll leave it up to the seller whether it's the chimney basement or what and you major component of the house. The salary is going to be looking for the cheapest way out will there be about to turn a paintbrush right. Or sums spray managing fluid that's gonna go on a break and keep them from falling apart and everything. You're buying that house and you're going to be in there you want to long term repair you don't want to Mandy repaired going. At least so that you have an estimate and all. At the bargaining table before the purchases made what is this has actually been a constant pain and in the consideration and so empress and very similar stirred to my son met stamps will end and that was really good advice that you gave him that. I appreciate that. The other thing that we've we've talked about the pass and didn't get to today were inserts. Yes fireplace inserts. Are very popular each year they grow and grow more and more people. One of the one of the big things that. They request is how can it get more heat out of this fire place. In a lot of things that insert is the perfect choice whether it be warned over gas that that you prefer. And there's menu of different options we do have a troll room. And Arctic nations general trained to be able to advice okay this is what would be the best. Applications. For your preferences of what's going out there. So we sell and install of our own inserts and be glad to walk you through the process we have a showroom. Can tell you exactly what's going. Pattern eighteenth west Dearborn air avenue just off Oklahoma couple of blocks the south of of plume on 11815. West you're born in while we're toast set. You can give them call if you wanna set up an appointment Montauk to Howard talked to the people that that won't work or roach a reservist. You can tell that. He in his whole crew can can hop music group to its been doing this for a bit. And they're really good at what they do you call in a 4147712282. 414771. 2282. Last question before we got to get out here how want this. A typical if there's such a thing to weekly taped. Tim McClean will take between our one hour and hand it's all clean was where Russians. In there's colored since we've prevent Q running infamy is the fireplace and their original bus coming into the holes at all. Lee don't terps and runners up to the fireplace. So that nothing's trait than in any carpeting and moving equipment in and in everything that it's included with they're cleaning is the flu smoked Chamber's small shelf. Damper and the fire bugs here and thoroughly inspect and better serve points with various. Howard Rawle. From Roche Jimmy sir secede and may eighteenth nineteenth and twentieth again from walking near term remodel homes. The eighteenth is a big soiree yes it does or says that a mere hour. OK okay the next few that twentieth tour model homes for more information. Good walking near dot org or give them calling 4147714071. And when he stopped there to pick up information it's Vermont homes walked on twelve steps. Negotiating with the people resolutely yes Ed from Cocoa Beach community service. And they can they can answer any questions that you have regarding your chimney this time a year. And dies should be fun this I love the fact again that we're gonna be raising money. Forward you know roar and and the cancer care house I think it's really important. Right and you can meet the contractors. Up close and personal you cut that's good to see you again to our it's always a pleasure they like things from this news is the walking your home improvement show. I'd sports heard you want a 57 FM the fan.