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Saturday, April 21st
"Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined each week by a member of Milwaukee NARI to discuss new and innovate ways to improve your home the right way!

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From gutters to the landscape for replacement windows to a full basement remodel and everything individually it's time for the Milwaukee married home improvement jokes and oh here's your host big time might may get on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome at the walking Leary's home provincial odds work for you don't know by accept that the man. We're live from Sussex Hamilton high school visit WFC high school football on line. I'm joined by Michaels and expects to get these were two net today. He's the president. Of GG contractors Akron is provided Jason several ski. About that. You're it's the guy that ripped him referred never pronounce your last name cute cute anymore. It's good to see you. It's these two families yet. Them is awesome house Jerry. He's actually sort of feel that yes. There it's not going a positive direction so the next time he comes in studio that he sees you'd be feeling good NAFTA he. You rip and yes about a boy I hope that is the thing I hope we solicited through it and if he used your. Really happy you're you will be a better look forward to it. Back in student doc will GG contractors. It before we get the one absolutely you guys do and and this time a year that your remodel homes. It's taken off in this time that we really Stewart promoted. It's may eighteenth nineteenth and twentieth. It may eighteenth when you know a lot about. Running one of those Horry. It's your post to save you at tackle Todd negative baggage that was an area that an accurate. They like the party and they do well with Obama that's yes. I admit it hates he's the cool part we started this last year and you basically. Spearheaded it and and I just think it's wonderful. I'll be raised money for their work answer. Here and in the money steam here locally last year we raised the will be over 101000 dollar for cancer research open to increase that little bit here I think now we kind of figured it out yeah. We got do it. And it's it's just a really good of that they ATP could be able to watch. Almonte wac you late. And you go buy it right you're driving after they can man is so Republican or not yet it would acne you mean the actors yet. That'll come soon in. And it hurt to its own room a million dollar model so this house is just enemies stunning stunning. I'll that is done Stephanie in this is events you don't want this no this is one of the premier events and why he. And it's going to a great cause. Your BO this amazing remodel. That I've really high contractor. Or tell Pia yet there I mean those guys are tough match there they'd they really are and he's. He's excited to be part of this thing I'm glad that that they stepped up its 52 monitored. Square foot home right you know populated that each house. And my goal on the may eighteenth execute them day to invite me to live there for awhile. David threw his stick maybe do some kind of lake. Show their from I don't know whatever up here to wait it out of their for a while they've got stay with the other day total lack of growth of 5200 accordingly seed to. But it's right up you walk you lake because him walking near dot org to purchase tickets and they can become out. If they do with the way Jason did it last year which is incredible. There's really good food in an ant arc feels that it's sold and agreed staff. If you're raising money for your thoughts again a work cancer here is what were raising money for. And way the awesome partisan money speech here and I just think that that's important answer. Cancer research group were you it is very words mean. Changing tractors and like it said this is one of the best about it. Now on this list that you come up with a name that soiree in the game I no could whoever did this says Garrity they're killer beta it's you know be with words sometimes edit thing it's my helmet or how you're you said you make your day. You we could've went with gala gala or you know just the party or something and yet it was OK the soiree I think it's cool difficult. But there's gonna you gonna have access to the main in the lower levels. Featured a large deck covered patio. Just incredible audience it might you came last year you saw like it. The gala in Bethel road some arrests or raids there yet it's a soiree at the outrage it soiree I know this that. I know hundred dollars for my pocket when it's that receive that ten grand that we spent I and it was going to either way but it. Man I had you were delayed bags in cases like professional bass player and I played like twice or three times and that Adam and I choked. And I've still waking up at three of them weren't. So big you very much effort for that I don't think we'll mutes it's for a rematch I don't know we might. But that's may eighteenth is isn't it they keep the twentieth mature models who want yes and you bet obviously big part of that. Not only I as in Mary or member. Like homes that that you had on that remodeled home to war. As as a guy who had homes on its work in one Whiting involved in the. I just think it's a great event. It's great for. People that are looking to do room else to actually come out and see it. They contractors work and bill would touch it. It's the best way and then you get to meet the designers used to be I have. And all my house's I have a designer that's going to be there I have a project manager a sales person. You get to meet these people and see who you're going to be working with a I think it's one of the various ways to. If you don't like is said to remodel actually meet the meet that you're contractors and not just the salesperson. And I don't. Ridiculously pictures or how much are showing a picture in order to come see this whole right. I can tell you that would Terry and I went through a few houses on we keep hearing at night cute she wanted one thing done in our house. Walked to wade it was seventeen things and you go it itself that that whole wish list that need list was that one thing and the wish list was. Mike I really liked did you see this can we tried. And it was like like I loved going to roll out of man oh man you got to just make sure that you. And your partner and your spouse does take a deep breath it's in his stay in the same page tries to try to stay at the transit center stage. They JJ contractors what so what's busy right now what are you guys. Oh my goodness out remodeling. But we're gonna start kicking off that's Kentucky today about this orbit to a roughing kickoff special. Where. Anybody that calls next week. We're going to do he. Fareed. Extended late Time Warner Tia on the road so just next week one week only. It'll kick off to spree here now that the signals finally gone and it's is that it's done. Remember last year red state fair it put you with guns going a week later snow yes and I sitting there in eastern via text Felix. At bottom whether it's known it normally you guys that and it's added up the air Tuesday it what it is though that the have a Syrian I don't know I don't you just up there with a truck students. This year. You you took you out we took the calls often occur we took all the snakes out of the errors we went in top so Grassley did any of that. Areas disease volleys. And I still haven't in my file manager Brian is technologies like which is available lotteries like that feel good about this like Bryant's activists know by province. He's got easier days Opel take all the stakes out to repair people's yards and that it's known for Nellie availability yet so. Well so next year we know that there aren't allowed to Kuwait and Jordan next year's that's two years in a row now it is just way. I didn't take this that yes Imus no war. And it didn't do because that it uses those rates yet and that it was perfect it's it's just about out now it let's go back to this free extended warranty. Yep I many roughing project next week you call them even if we can't get you come see you next week. If it's a week after but anyway that. From Monday to Friday you can even call on this week in the message. But yet we'll honor that you know freaks that works it's that 15100 dollar upgrade minute's thought it's awesome that's as I wanna do it nice little kick off to. Springer finally for once. Yeah finally 41442392. Under. 4144239200. I'm glad you were you brought up Rafik as I've got a lot of rip OK questions. Odd this time be your free for you guys. Once that this still was gone the ice is gone and spring actually is here. Is a great time to give up their take a look at people's ropes and find out how this winter's damaged. Or at Madison think this letter really did some damage real snow in a lot of high ice we have let temperature swings which in itself messes up the ropes yeah it does. It and end for them to call you would say hey look we haven't had any B look at their rough in fifteen years. And A I think it's time that we get somebody up there. And I don't want to pull out the the latter connect all you guys in pressure mounts for sure yeah here's an inning until Gordon already changing work if you don't need a rough we're miraculously that rough. They're not gonna happen I. It's crazy I go to people's houses that I look at them like you know what you have three to five years appropriately and I'm like gather like. Other for what we had to do right away have like you know if three to five years don't worry about it call me three to five years that's what. There remember that rattled the truth and the will call me in three to five years that and then I call you and cute to say look I don't wanna wait for those sure it does show people do that to all the time I think that that. Through important JJ contractors again if you call them this week. I called today leave a message but after the next week anybody that calls you don't have to have the rough stuff and obviously this week which you call it set the appointment. At 41442392. Under recorded JJ contractors LLC. Dot com for more information. I'll let them know where branches the phone let him know that you're Jason on the show and you want that free extent wore T 15100 dollar value. Again if you set the appointment next week you get that I'd buy just call Annette are going to JJ contractors LLC dot com. He's reported to break this time a year when you do go wall to look at roast what are some of the common things that that happened. When when the ice and they and the snow finally goes. Way down you kind of see like if there's any areas where others caulking gun or even with gutters I was at a house the other day is crazy because the ice. Broke the brackets you know gutters have brackets are right things such as it actually hold a mile and broke of this crazy. The seams in the gutters are leaking it breaks up the clock and there. It in the it is really can do some where Terrell at times to people are usable stole rates. I use those I I kinda which you gave me the not to go all the way down to a two to give it. You know probably needs an effort to inches racked but the ticket that the large Mon off. But don't dig so deep could conceivably these people they entrapment topped the rough there in the shingle granules are falling off the coaches are there. And older classic in light metal what. That's what's the scrape it you refer and that's really what you're doing well it's so what do you tell people because if you don't do that in the United States. If you're refers them correctly you'll never story ever. Really yes. While much everybody in my neighborhood all the boys your out of talent yet Heidi the Coke the other watts of the world wavered albeit tough thorough tolerate it out of governor over it. Let me give you a rough you'll ever do this you know. There's now a lot of things with with this time good that. I've gotten real beacon that has no break yeah I've really been that. I can get it done fairly quickly and it's not like I am a huge drop but I can get it done and and because of what you said beat you last year or the year before which was to not awhile we did the rough because you can damage that rough. I think they do it correctly and and make sure that we don't have and he problems relative substance that ray yesterday and this nice this is really cool. What's happening here today WW FC come by to Wisconsin for coaches association. There's 500 and I think 500 ED. Kids from Ron's status Johnson. They're gonna be here today and college coaches and they're gonna come and do like in NFL combine where they're gonna run a forty begin weight lift. You know everybody's you do the same thing. Depending on opposition. And which called next level takes care of this so everybody's kind correctly everybody's measured correctly so all of a sudden. A college coach get something for McCain says he's 62 and he comes on campus he's 511. And he says he ran a 440. And you know and that all was said he's a 54 eggs so. Did these guys do this correctly and so these kids get the core number the colleges get the correct number lot of talent on both of these guys are oh yeah yeah I don't do on the trail. They will not they saw they sell you try to kept simple flight crew they just does an absolutely not. Paid the second part of buzz second segment if it's okay with you. I talked so much about wide use Mary members I've got to Steward I okay about it really good friend of body to body mind. And he's got that it removed like in and he's a good one of the good guys. But he him and his wife started building a house eighteen or nineteen months ago and it's their dream home that's become a total nightmare and I wanna. I wanted to be able let people know that she got to be careful out there and I'm probably won't uses in a moment a figure that out. After the break but I feel so bad for him. And I've talked to scenario members and these guys are seen made the here's what I think you should do. But he's not able to Q would whip their ass right now and will get will get into an on the other side of the break this is them walking near home improvement show. I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You are listening to an airy home improvement show with the dynamite they giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Your question to live amid 1057 FM the fan dot com. On sports Radio One 057 FM band. I'm like regular wants out my post as special guest he's the president. Of JJ contractors. He's Jason several ski. We are live at Sussex Hamilton for the WFC high school football com buying. And Jason before which he'll break Estonia but that's this buddy of mine and one of the reasons and thank you for alarmist talk about his son they show one of the reasons I wanna talk about it. Is early when I started doing the Mary show one of the things that kept talking about. Was this to safety net that when you go with a near remember as a consumer. You have the safety net her cell and does it get to the point that you have to go went to be an area office and have a group of people. Listen to what your problem as and then have a departure to comment and then in that room we all work it out for a very seldom does it ever get to that point when you're utilized in the near remember right when you're not. And a home a home builders very seldom ordinary there and behavior on the part of that group. So despite your mind him and his wife. 1819 months ago started. This dream house and they were huge so excited Jason are so excited. Great location big beautiful house and it has become an absolute. Nightmare. He went with a guy that's not ethical. And it. There's been problems from the jump on this thing and nineteen months in the finally. Given relocated to move bent but the problems continue because what happened was. He wouldn't have some concert subcontractors tomorrow. And he wasn't paying them so that the subcontractors start stop comment because they're not getting paid he had a rough done. And you know the U works for the title company title company sports media in between guy supposed to make sure that everything's on the up and up. This guy took out 191000 dollars. To pay though and never paid. And the rough was 175. And he never paid to another rough the rough guys commented to him CN need my money needs to look at show you he took it out already. It's another put a lien on his house so now we can't get a certain words to help pay for the rest they've they've gone through their savings they've gone through your retirement fund. And talking to other nary people at a meeting that was sad. You know the salukis got a good lawyer. And an ad talked to be said. I can't afford a lawyer I don't buy it and I just saw tax initially gotten so horrors right he's seeing. Him right so it's been eight to nineteen months. It's house's intact. No in Andy's got a waiver to get to move meant so there and it they have no driveway they have no landscape and he you know what. I he understands that he's like look up figured that part out. The rest of it just the small jobs. You really get to finish the painting get it done some of the cavity so just that the small stuff that you would consider in our house decides. When you win this is sports beat upon park. Right this is this the stuff that he supposed to be like mad and we're down to finish right now we have this guy's comment in this got to commend him we get it done. But he can't. He can't afford right now to have that stuff done because what he thought would use get a good deal. Has been a nightmare they've gone through everything and he in the title company. I'd shame on this company in I'm not gonna name on. One there might because they've really ticked me off because the heat. When he went to them they put their hands up and said go to our attorneys. Go to our attorneys your sports either one of yours was in the refereeing here. I ads that tell company it's kind of another. Protection rights in all they make sure they get them though it and they get the lien waiver than times they cut those checks rates to. The contractor. Correct so that way is that builders like getting he ended up. There's idea in inept I get this wrong I took notes tonight I didn't have minute car but I know that we talked about does not. My buddy nice day. He hit 33 different steps with the the title company three different funds. And the toolbar and there's the builder took all the money out. And the third one by by by this time he figured out what was going on because that was spewing from Peter's paper ball. He put it each he took the money himself out and Easter call in the subcontractors sand. Look I can't I can't pay you for the work you've done. What I'll pay you for the work if you'll come in finished so basically he became the builder he sat her daughter do this stuff. I just it is still getting back fitted the reason that you utilize a Mary member or somebody that. For beats Mary in and I think because of you just can't write a check in there. You've got to be one of the best of the bus and you're never gonna let this happen look I should be out talking about this that I should name this guy's company. And I really should I should name him and I should just start all this and and what my body wants is his status dot. Because they're building another house and they'll feel right now Eddie's probably build and it was some of the money but he took from you know Mike guys tire company. The thing that shocks me is that the title company for small how this guy sleeps at night and how we sleep tonight. He had a partner to partner walked away tonight I gotta get out of here he would do it. But right locked away that matters jails right you know you and it you know that he went to my friend went to the police. Department went in said look I gotta tell you what's going on. His whole deal now is he wants obviously once has house done but he does when he but he go through the problem he's gone. And you know what that I'm actually glad that your friend is doing that most customers have a horrible experience. And I and they complain to me about it like you need to see something bright voice your. Opinion of what happened. You have to go crazy maybe is sort of a FaceBook message on the FaceBook page saying hey this is what happened the with these guys just keep doing the same thing. Well in trackerless you know what the one part about him tried you know it's recommending he gets a lawyer. There's there's 45. Or six people or companies already suing us. So he's got to if if he can. And and right now just never morally do opens may be confined Boyer that will take this it's the Ocala I'll take a payment at the end when I get. Money. You get mine right now you with another three weeks is going to be for more people in front yeah sure and by the time. It gets users not to be anything left in the pot. This is a guy that I think he's gonna end up going to jail in my opinion. Because there's there's threw for their families that have gone through the same stuff with them. You're you're going through so through something. Yeah we are. Generous acts but it peace. The news. A body gentleman that has bring cancer you know cancer is on me right soul. Contractor came. That really sold in the kitchen with that one day some out of one they'd sign that the next which you know that the replaced with this guy. He's been battling cancer for eighteen or nineteen years now. His name's Eric awesome guy really awesome guy he is one description for his wife which I think is you know so sweet. Three days later contractor sent him a text message after Q what program by the way. Sent a text message saying I'm really sorry to myself and for contractor fraud the money is gone. The guy has all gotten off well actually not thing and he's now 21000. Dollar home my goodness all eyes like. About OK with this smells like collagen sex and like I wanna is Patrick was 42 grand for his kitchen which I'll be out here is should have been sixty. But it beats you still associate C. Sooner we get your money get the job and get that elbow is really a 60000 dollars job. But psychology and I'm like you know what company by vendors and my partners on the out on this. What ever he has deal which was another torrent program I would do with sketch of that sort of program. In all my guys are stepping up to play its hand in helping out then. Actually in the big surprise coming up for Erica Thursday which. We'll talk later bought out by. It's just I don't know I just ahead in the right thing in the situation and I know I can't help everybody but I can help one or two people a year that is taken advantage of like this that's. It is I think they do I think. You know on. You've seen these these YouTube. The head. It talks in it yet there hey man you know you gotta find your Y yeah you know what's your wife and watched some of those it's interesting because. This was years ago I realized. That people that I'm attracted to to become friends with. All have really good hearts like I said. Guys like you that you see something like that instead of going home and that works app you see what they do to help. And I realize that if you look at the circle of people that that I I consider my friends. The all have that and and so when I read that. And I saw that video but never yours ago that was my wife whose whose canoe who might it allow in this circle. Of of of trust you know circle of front. And it. Didn't surprise me all your good man I've Jason you're you're awesome you know what the apple doesn't fall far from the tree that's that comes from Jerry. Other than rip and I'm real time Jerry loves the Idaho yet you look at a thin line between love and hate bag and it's Ronnie was over last night. Until there about what you told they are a it's it's a new efforts is that English is like it is like. I did think that no I know I'd I notice that. Either you don't what would would would she give us tore up because she was she was very business like she was in her business mode and like I'm pretty good friends who fuselage is assumed I'd be pretty good if your mother in law. And she's very businesslike it's too long we your sat together and it's at your your father's retirement party. And she was really funny and super fly I was like didn't I didn't know that earned I don't know it was awesome what that it's over you. Does this last week like I I let her which afflicts about spread. Now I know I Q I like curled we're gonna get to break other said the break I got a bunch of questions. For you with with rookie it's a perfect time for that. And let's will get through that and then a couple of things that you guys do kitchens and bathrooms and and will discuss that as well. My special guest and coast today president Gigi contractors Jason several ski he called him at 414. 4239200. Again. If you call this week from the Saturday next Saturday said an appointment did to have a new roped on Adam kvant Steve Roth. If they do some work on your rope you're gonna get a priest and Ortiz it's lifetime like that fifty years if I'm your parades with this. It's what it is like and a life that its lifetime it's a 15100 dollar value. You let Jason know that you heard him. On this this show when and you get that 15100 dollar value. To have your rook done and go to JJ contractors LLC. Dot com. This is them walking near home improvement show on sports Radio One 057 at them the band. You are listening to an airy home improvement show with the dynamite they giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. That was that was your question you had 4147991250. Welcome back and forth here in over. Our sports Radio One 057. Band and we're live at Sussex Hamilton. For the 2018. At the FDA high school football come by. The big boys are walking in are you happy I hate I the yeah dealer number quarterbacks and receivers come later. Yet the pretty boys get to sleep been. But the big boys let's talk this one guy use his number as these guys on numbers today yeah okay and so. 1112. Cents a gallon or try to attack if you use your biggest want you to watch out guys I'll get it out. People out of love with him they you know whatever the brunt of the aisle go because it. Because he's dead yet he's he's big out of Ricky I don't think it is that of food and it is a big enough to pass. To to have two numbers this isn't released Angeles taxes here their users and and you know what the Republicans played the next level. So they're they're bitter year they wanna play football in college so awesome. And biggest stretch gotten used her cutesy stuff for the college coaches. That are here in will be here for four hours of damage sports joke of an up and in the high school show with Tom swindle. Will have a budget guest house guys some local guys that you talk will be about what's going on. You're at the comp line. And it's it's a really fun of that there's 580. Kids from all of via cuts. Prominent figure a number of questions yet when it comes to repeated in Hewitt talked about. Caught in the in the beginning it and I don't think this is exactly what we're talking about that one of the questions that have. Is. A friend of a friend has a new 9000 square foot home has problems of the roof leaking. She had a rookie guy and two ET guys I think that's when problems. Have told that the clock and their rove was the source of the problem. Salute that she should have it checked every six months for crack team if possible replacement because the clock is that last one. I've never heard this before his wondered if you think they're going your way or this is a real problem. It's the bugs are like yes and it it it with that. You should not have to rely clock. Fortier off clock literally is. But a couple mail ads. Just you know rust falls pars. If you're relying clockwork arbor. For you wrote to. Not only use future so she's being these guys taken yet they're there yet here's the thing to a unit pays them every six months the company erupt. I go right you know to all. Just like it happened yeah and and again. Go to walking your dad or called GG contractors. If you wanna have done it haven't done right. You know he just called GG contractors are all go to more in your dad or called ordinary office in any of you have questions like this. Colin your office open which you contact. With some of that answer correctly. Don't go to one rookie guy in a couple of ET's guys yet on the way they would have talked to a while maybe the payers like pain exciting stuff fish and so it's it's quiet here but right and you wanna talk to refer for that makes absolutely no sense. Another question for you. We have a major leakage. Problem and are getting new wrote what is the best under limit to protect the valleys in my rope from leaky ice shield guards. Medal flashy or double world. Shingles so first of all your sort of with the ice water shield and that's gonna go underneath the model flashing. So life's work was a three feet you put that in that he put them in a flash on top in the shingles once that's really the proper way to do it. And even in some situations I've had people others really paranoid and they've had a lot of problems that I get it so we actually put this is a little bit overkill but it's like if you want the best here's the best. I saw our show first but the meadow valley and in an ice water shield all directions over the meadow valley and then put the shingles like that's. They're never instantly all right and you never what the first way right but you do this next option like it's lasting longer than your house arrest so. Perfect time to talk about is the deal that people are gonna get that it was and they shield. So 15100 dollar value right you call 414423. 92142392. Wondered. Leave messages weaken or call any time next week you'll have met through the rope on next week just. Call next week right in our we forums called market share. We put when you guys call your name matters thoughts absorbed all its options for this right and it's a free extended. Fifty Euro lifetime paraded. Wards. Non pro rated warned yes and it's so that's an obstacle toward tiger workmanship care. It's it's it's a great it is that game better now. Yeah that's awesome so again judge JJ contractors uh oh C dot com. A few that you get attacks who's who sent that the body the body guys on a couples violate in my eyes yeah that's right. By you walk go have dinner with before but she let me know my wife's ready where that I haven't you go to your yeah I know you. You're out into your body or Jarrad Page you're John shot is the bad John star all right you started the fun and she jumped righted. My favorite was when I Esther forces during much like an alternate days. It auto being considered for you to do well Bonnie a job. And then my mom and my apple a law that would be that via reverently laughing something about rivers and then when their. Oh well I would like that's what they. I've just how tell you how deep but anyway at all Doug keeps our web full grown by the editor lists he would speak contractors. Again if you call this week yet today leave a message form. I you can get the priest into fourteen to fifteen dollar value. For the future rough bet that you look at and if there are some problems from the winter we had. Certainly give them quality get that deal one more question before we get to a rate. I'm Heidi you know when an asphalt shingle roof needs replacement. Are there clues to look for. Water steam appear. Or plaster ceiling so there's. This person's. Obviously you need and who wrote yeah but where their where there telltale signs that the could have seen prior to that happened. So the shingles that's what shall serve curling expert racking. To a wrote that are when its source Getty 58 years old rose eighteen issues related action. Alarm last sometimes it went too but that's like really which. The like the spider cracks and it. And you look at it in the that you would notice if you look at the refuse all it's cracked right on Wednesday evening at odd anybody advocate out of our offense to anybody go getter if you if you booking agency cracks everywhere in the singles in the lake here like cracked you can see it's very and its you know its its thirty. Would you drive through neighborhoods and it you're just driving to a job to to go to our gas company you notice all that that it was you know it's pretty I started referring OK. And then we got it around I still no matter where I drive I am looking at every replace either fight it looks up look at it Ruth they had a bad. Yeah. Your different cat and a little bit you know what Jerry does too yes he does you know we got us there's no doubt. Two inches contractors Jason is my post and special guest. We've got to make sure that we that we plug other to remodel homes yet and we'll do that now in that would do it again before the end of the show. Walking near dot org. May eighteenth nineteenth and twentieth eighteenth is soiree. That tell you involved with him again were raising money. For roar cancer here and got the money stays here we started this last year. We raised over 101000 dollars looking to do more this year and and the house is an incredible home on he walked he lake. So it may eighteenth to come out and see walked to go home. Will all be out there won't some food and in an entry in did trust me. There's enough funny stories to be be told when you hang out these marry members. And then on the the next few days nineteenth twentieth you could take the tour the the map of the wop walking near dot org soon. Ed you'll be able playing your two days to get out there and see all these homes if you haven't. Done it W highly recommend you don't want to miss this tour it's going to be great years ninety homes on it I have done and I three homes and fifty years yes man Ali Greeneville no I agree Bill White fish they into Berlin while yeah. But had the kind of screwed up which is really going to be I am gonna be at the weights as they want okay. And then they Korean L one that's that's awesome one. The wanted to Ralitsa loss of one it's actually a body. But he abide GM. Who is just that to work over the years with us and that he. Remodeled house like all the Monday that she's two months ago chip Michael with a spouse is awesome I guess they got uses additional. And I both would that be cool who has you know so yeah it's his route that turn out in Austin remodel itself. Hey Michelle brought two semi takes that we give some tickets way for the twelve okay though it's. You know what we can I connect UB able do it this week is we're not in the studio OK but starting next week. Will start given waste of family four packs for that tour through May nineteenth and twentieth. The the may eighteenth mores coming up. And out 5200 foot square foot home on pew walking lake and it's an incredible. A credible facility and you're gonna love it we will raise some money for really because have some fun. Makes people laugh I'm sure yes I will be there you're going to be there I am that a woman at an all out there and seeping and have Bakes. As I wanna I wanna I wanna rematch. Let's get to a break others said the break I've got a number of questions left that we're gonna get through quickly. For Jason for JJ contractors. 4144. Q3 92 under or GG contractors out OC. Dot com this is the walking near when provincial I'd sports Radio One 057 at them the plant. You are listening to an airy home improvement show with dynamite they giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Your question to mine and made 1057 FM the fan dot com. I don't think they'll be fighting you did your party Victor house anymore. But their lifestyle and BBY a mother lives so I didn't others that she is that a wise but it's not about them wherever I go like okay. Obviously a house he's which we can find him. I we've heard sport and exploit. Coasted special guest he's the president Gigi contractors. Jason it's a Brodsky Jason was in the big show. And doubt your oats and Roy Butler talked it is and you guys do a lot of work materialism. That huge fan but what did you guys who cared. And they target a horse of a storm doors just like into the beat Kansas. His weekly calls the other guy like Michael Owen Garrick on the with the frog. And he goes Jay he goes. Stormed a ripped off my house I go. With the guy goes my wife like opened it up for some that are in the wind just like ripped it off. It is like in each and each Bob. Right I would go guys come look at sought sent Bob over there in the edit by the cats that's the message that we can exit though. So we've we've sent by about there Thursday afternoon it's all fixed. Is it working again now it so here's the progression yes it did it's who we've made headway we Muriel looks at. His last time he just would roll the tape on and so it. If I had to and at what right yeah it was taped it so now now bursting does cause and in jail called to be actually I took. We aerial obvious your are so we have educated. You're goats and that's that's a good thing it is the adversity does call you guys still legal and it didn't really tape and taped in the Taurus so. That's awesome they win it marked the second segment but really good thing that you're doing with this data cat. That it ripped off from from a remodel. About two days later at getting guys checked in cash and it seemed was covered turn myself in money here there's some other. But it helped terrorists and I and I honestly I wanna take a minute I think these guys. I can't do what I am doing for Eric without my house. So I want I think and over a car perfect trio went to him take you guys first step in and I see yours or think to myself I'm for the sake of these guys but. I call them they say. Let me think about it or. What do I need and the like. No other like Jay were here to support you were helping you I'd like this is awesome and right and that's that's what's so awesome that her with her hero and trust you're right you're in now with guys that have good part yes and and that's the way we get things done correctly so I wanna keep on hearing got Jesse over a mile so bombing. I actually is that an eerie meaning it's it's. So I hate yes he can help me out this and she goes what's what's that about what's going on she's she's held that she's she's actually doing herself she's comment yeah I. Your former yak I got Josh over Clifford lumber. Think he's so much he's open with a counts in the know were ash yes yes yes. How to. I know what does this look I got put out tonight nobody's. As data drier sense of humor that I know I look I don't I don't get sarcasm all the time. I don't get it. And there are times and like he's serious and he's very good that yes. It has got a good heart yes he does I got Jay Josh children UH electric those guys have been doing electoral for us thank you so much. I got to outrage at amber at some of granite with the tops. They used to you guys and then at pixie cute to lie able. Kitchen and bath and they stepped in huge economic fixtures Brian or Korean appliance. Donated the microwave I mean. Like all these guys are just step up its awesome and then I guess in in. Big thing Q2 all of the guys that changing I went to my guys at RPM medium like guys this is what I'm doing and you help me out. Mates while the guys were doing that mormons in Salt Lake we will com. We don't we're that would we wanna be in the books where is gonna help you. I got like you know my guys on the Saturday due out about referring I'm not the director's prize promised but we also that he could lose sooners on a all of my in this. Him after their big fan of the foundation here I just I I've blog there's nobody more about that the company I'll be on the show again but yeah something's happening at Thursday and it's an exciting stuff and it's with the canary foundation to help us good guys they have got one question I had I wanted to get beat before reuniting year. Jesus I. I just kind of laughed when I got this question. The roof shingles on one side in my house and over the gutters so much that the birds that go Mets. Under the overhang. Actually I tried to coaching goes back by using two incidents. And and haven't had much what. Can you give me some advice there wanna use hopefully you to okay stop the strictly one has the book he can't one of the steps it thought come up with that aren't but it just won't work is yet. Is that something they can call you and you know what and that's something we could even all the job obviously but we can do that the we have to service guys might it might that's on the Pulitzer. This sort of stuff that we could definitely. James Baker contract before 14439200. Music clapping in the background. We are at its Sussex Hamilton high school for the WFC I'm buying. Again if you called JG contractors this week starting today. For the throughout the next week if you call them say look I heard Jason on on the Mary show. You get a free extended war to get through rough don't get the work done by JJ contractors. Fifty you're wore T not pro rated and you do it this week 15100 dollar value. This is time you know wanna get too rough public that it is fixed. If it struggled Dodd during this winter get it done now get on the books now what what's the timeframe. Honestly we're guy getting throws with two to three weeks that's right yeah we're we're aliens were quick. And let's not forget we got the tour homes nineteen that's what you do now wanna mrs. nineteen. Amazing homes are going to be on the Tora. I am proud to have three on the tour. Three of the nineteen. I'm got underway Tuesday he shut the house is awesome really awesome we're telling you did tell me about it now right yep we wanted to see it sort of blocking your dot org. Walking Neary dot org for more information may eighteenth. It's a soiree candidates that either one of Milwaukee's best of that and you wanna see you wanna see with these guys that like when they're that now were yeah. Trust me you hit that's worth the price bit missed it I I didn't I don't victory and a close friend of Grossman burn office or that day well. There are shell that was so what's fought that by yes I'd bet you I'd been there savagery it was an honor for days to leave that all Roth well. Hey guys so we gotta get out again walking your dad or for more information to remodel homes and the soiree it's coming up on May eighteenth. Reach him money for relief because when you raise money for the work cancer here. It's it's these here and let's do the best we can't hit it to you it's at 321 thing is it much this is the walking near home improvement show. I've sports Radio One 057 at. The fans.