Mixon: Panthers coaches are expecting a lot from Rodgers

Packers Coverage
Thursday, December 14th
Mick Mixon, Voice of the Carolina Panthers, previews this big matchup against the Packers. What did they learn from their win vs Vikings? Is this a Super Bowl caliber team?

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Joining us now. The other radio voice of the Carolina Panthers met Nixon joining us on this matter orange hotline Mick I don't like. Well I'm doing good now it's an honor to be on with the man of your stash. About talkers magazine it wouldn't have been Lombardi award for excellence and all those things because you. You probably got dog cusp of Bobby Knight. Yeah. You got stories. They'll like irritate you build our coaches daycare Roger Robert your ramp up until now to break it. You know Willie have but our coaches are confident. That he'll have it and they think he's there right maybe be sharper. Because this chronological. You know football age may be a little younger than chronological age haven't had a couple of months off of that makes any sense right how do you see that the illegal. No I I agree with the army and he said one season when. Your longevity tends to go a little bit longer so I'll I would agree with that that's. And I I would agree that statement meanwhile the Carolina Penn Jillette had a statement win against men in Minnesota Minnesota's a team that. I thought OK they don't necessarily have to get it done with their offense but their defense is so dominant. And you guys were able to figure out ways Cam Newton tuck in the ball running putting him in the end zone. You talk about that win over Minnesota being a statement in a confidence boost that ballclub. You know how did in the league bill what you you lose a couple you think even if sometimes he does lose one you. You think you never gonna win again I mean it just feels so. Chicken little sky falling on my god panic but where is the but then when you win again it's redemptive restorative and almost feels like the black wire the red wire got put on the year. You're terminals and now you're infused with the necessary voltage again. I think what makes the Panthers different is that we have a running quarterback and he's not just. A runner he's a good thrower and he's not just a good runner for quarterback he's a good runner for runner. And even in 2017. NFL defense that has not quite yet figured out what to do with this the threat of quarterback draw QB power. And and the read option that Carolina run not a lot but half a dozen times a game and they can be ample. The other team has sustained a few injuries but for the most part this has been a very strong and put offensively defensively defensively we don't talk enough about it I was mentioning this yesterday. At this one a top defense is the National Football League so even though Aaron Rodgers is coming back. And there may or may not be some some rust there. In my in my suspicion is that this defense wants it not only remain during the top but this is another statement game for them to say okay we are trending in the right direction heading the post season. To get back to where work couple years ago that's the way they look at this game. Yeah good work I agree with that I could say it differently but no less eloquently I think that Minnesota game plan was to me it was fascinating the Panthers. Did not. Catch blockers they did not there wasn't a read and react play in the playbook it was. Let's get less boring yet I mean let's just keep collapse the pocket would do whatever we have to do. That it did disrupt the timing of Kate ski in and out West Coast offense. So now how will the Panthers play that that was last week but now what about Aaron Rodgers who has additional pocket presence and an unbelievable ability. Took prolong the play out I don't know how he doesn't mean I've been a huge fan of isn't just watched him. If he had a very great athlete but he did not like he ran darkened back there but he slots to passing lane the he just came by time with the best of them and when he and Cox. When you in on on unfurl the ball meant magic cap. A couple of injuries I know that tree turner is in the concussion protocol I know all received get a there was a defensive back are Shaq Thompson. Day to day with foot injury you've got a couple of guys that are a little bit nicked up how the injury front right now for the Carolina Panthers. Well decent. You know captain Marleau left practice the other day but for personal reasons but has I think is returned. You've mentioned Shaq Thompson the 54 he's. A linebacker but he used in coverage so much that he can run so much that it needed in this state killed four. Defense to backer and safety and he's he's questionable but the big things for the Panthers are getting Iraq collegial. And getting Greg Olsen back able have been back a week but. Even just having a cardboard cut out of Greg Olson out there helps keep the defenses honest and then rank the legal for the Panthers is that. That that micro processors that keeps all the files calculated on a hard drive up front. So it's been a lot lot different a lot better even though Tyler Larson has played well Larsson will switch over to guard. Terry Turner can't go but haven't Lil Backus that are has helped the Panthers run game upon. Yeah I did say I checked Johnson as a as a defensive back but actually plays more the sand linebacker than he does anything else as strong linebacker come in in that sense I'm now going back over the officers out of football. You talk about cam in the running ability. We don't talk about his arm is much but with so punches and shepherd in clay I believe Anderson and going on and on how has she did and as soon because to me he's got to have a combination of both he's got a beautiful foot Greg Olson obviously has been you know the main stay there for so many years. How has that offense been able to kind of incorporate all that weaponry including Jonathan Stewart go back. Increasing McCaffery yeah yeah a lot. A lot of mouths to feed. And then Cam Newton himself likes to call it a number of times. A college friend of mine bill told me that he maybe a year ago I heard him say that made the most sense about cam duty summed up. Cam Newton in this way he didn't make annual. He will break your heart but this thing plays. That any quarterback should play. But then you've fallen in love with him all over again because he won't make plays that no other quarterback in my. And that that I think has been. That has been Cam Newton this year if he's tried to rehab rehabilitate the shoulder and at arm's gotten better and better every week. But curiously heal they'll have receiver running free wide open on an in cutter in the flat but it just throw the ball while not caught. But then. It'll it'll fade back until and then it'll throw blue garter into those tight window of a throw that Aaron Rodgers himself would be proud to have made. That splash plays are what keeps the Panthers. Alive and and and I think that with those other weapons you talked about really the yeah this is at least DNA it's not that it integration all tar. But the Panthers are built to try to run it to stop the run in case we have to go on the road we get into the playoffs and win a bad weather games somewhere about run on the ball. I was gonna children are Camden because obviously he's been in the spotlight today in both positive and negative ways this season how I see handled the season because the maturity level I think. From the Super Bowl through last season to this year. You see times where he's very composure very together and in a time for thinking what what does what does he learned and why why is he doing this. Exactly be like you know I don't know if you're a parent I didn't you read that far down on you because I thought. It's it's a lot like. A look you watch the young ones. Seasoned and mature and how how one thing you'll not hear me do on the build my Porsche. Or the other Asia even the lesser you know the lesser shows in Georgia is try to make any excuses for him what you see is I think exactly what you get. He's misunderstood in a lot of ways because people don't realize what he does in the communities apart he has for kids. They basically the detached you know Saudi. Loser so let's just call it what it is he's not a very good live. If you look over quarterback that's a better loser that's the postmaster general after loss that remembers every reporter's name looked them in the act. The mayor of munchkin city he's probably not your guy. But if you want somebody is combative fire burned so hot that he will not rest until he's brought multiple championships in the Carolinas. That you can do a lot worse than Cam Newton. Odds are when they mix and they radio play by play voice of Carolina Panthers my next question is is this that type of team isn't a team that you believe can win a Super Bowl. Maybe we need to get a little lucky we need for bogey for the Packers to attend discount calm down a little bit not not get to be built up over this game. Are we all unrest there rogers' first. Major he didn't go for the next week. Let humbly go ahead it'll get it done this week. I think that. Haven't Carson went bird I mean it just look at the whole NSA entry you counsel your lives are. This bill if there's that doesn't seem to be a great club there's no juggernaut. But in our division and in the states. Make offensive football look ridiculously easy and their defense is better this year the falcons have the pedigree. So and so yapping I think with the right break coming you could yeah it's not that much of the stress to beat the Carolina panther team taken it deep if we hated that it the playoffs. Mickey still a lot of football is just not been a kind of a strange year in just that fact you haven't seen a rowing team you saw a lot of teams stumble in triple themselves early may finally get turned around and the amount of injuries that we've seen has been staggering. I've really has been and I agree view and then. The law of the football physics seem to. To be to change when Jacksonville is being talked about in terms of having the best defense in the NFL. The rams have a really tidy club with which on the they have their country great story out there at 31 heroic courage. Doing a great job are really thought about it would not be drop this year I thought that Super Bowl unquote get on them and they will. Say they won't it will not even be able to break the huddle all Clapp at the same time. Because the Panthers have been there the year before when Carolina got. Got. Tattooed by Denver's Super Bowl safety and it is so hard you can read all the books self help tapes get on doctors really do whatever you want to. Ron Rivera had all the right things in all the right things but this is very hard to come back the next year because it. Great stuff was always meant bestseller team then we'll chat again down the road okay. Our pal to audition and they don't make Nixon the radio play by play voice of the Carolina Panthers are very very nice yard third gentlemanly guy. And those calls like it is and which are which are love about him leave him on the program before always great to talk to and he joins us shatter orange ally.