MKE Basketball Hour: Jason Terry

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Thursday, April 19th
Milwaukee Basketball Hour with Bill Michaels and former Marquette star Steve Novak joined this week by Bucks G Jason Terry talking playoff basketball and the killer mentality it takes to win a championship!

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To the Milwaukee basketball our playoff edition. Presented by Cathay Benelux and featuring Steve Novak tonight special guest is NBA champion. I know walking. Jason Terry now live from the cafe Benelux in the third quarter. The big unit and bill Michaels and. Glad to have you with the Milwaukee basketball now we're broadcasting live we are here at cafe battle lines that we could racquets down Kathy Benelux you're down here in the third ward. I've built Michael's alongside Steve Novak who is here is well and also our guest tonight Jason Terry we are right well. Are printed in Abraham vague particularly sharp literacy insert those provisions. We are we aren't joining. The atmosphere. We would enjoy doing a witness who knew what a way to have some optimism that they can look forward to coming up tomorrow night at the grammys so let's start first and foremost. With the first game I thought game one. You guys scrapped clawed in there it's really exciting moments really most people thought that was the big game of the weekend and I thought you that's up to the built upon let's talk about being Q what happening here. We'll get more almost an opportunity for us to still game on the road which one do in the series. Game two way to solve worked as they were more physical. And in other than that is really not must tell you I mean when you get beat up physically. I have a basketball game should be pissed off and be ready for that next game to come very quickly. And in should be great ago so there's there's so many. Adjustments strategically that I can tell you about. It's more about practicality. Making your presence felt. In the incoming into the well at least and are you already know the environment be it have to be a raucous crowd. We have to be from start to finish. The much more physical. Period is known like there's no tricks here is no smoke and mirrors it is come out punch him in the mouth shut up the Mohammed Ali. Can be on here. You know so is going to be a fight in the if you are willing. To put your body through. The physical rigor that is going to take to win a playoff basketball game you come out victorious. No doubt no doubt it so you your guy who's played into a ton of playoff series won a championship. You know I think a lot of you'll watch those first two games and obviously the first one it's at this at the table for what the series is going to be at shall that there were two teams. That it was gonna come down the last couple seconds maybe a seven game series and that's second game to see it go the other way would you say the people that watched that game. Knowing when it's series shifts. Back home haven't played TD now regret that the browser. This new realistically think they would the first two the plots with the next two. I was realistic but that the more important thing is you have to take your business in game three. You can't take a hit to a seventh game to this is on one game series game by game quarter by quarter. OK we haven't finished our work very well what they've went on you know runs of twelve to. Seven all at the end of each quarter we've been outplayed throughout this series in now with game one saint the game to. We must import better in the half in the in the game. You know into what decisively. So we can you know put some doubt in the celtics' minds right now they're confident. Mean they're making every single shot those apps I can almost guarantee you will not going. The way they do it in Boston. You obviously frustrated. Frustrated towards Connecticut over the UK Nina well it is that it's something where you feel that your home get crowd behind but I hope we conducted the religion. No no doubt about it I mean you're at home where you're you're most comfortable. Physically they should be the much more dominant team. I'll let you know just because were slight stature and size doesn't mean that we can't mix it up a little bit it and find opportunities. To turn up the fizz county. I mean when you set screens there's opportunity when they dropped at all there's another. So I just think impose our will on them physically. Let them know that will limit touching you gonna fill us four full 48 minutes is is some that will start to put some doubt in their mind. Green down a little over confidence that they seen him playing with right now. Looked out and did you feel like you know there's been a few distractions at this point earlier in the playoffs vs. Is that is that Milwaukee Bucks to you what is their boots right now what is the spirit of the team is there. Is there distraction or is it very much look that we're we're just focus on its next game. But there's always going to be known as a matter what's going up we're talking about a bar in let's hold. Comments post game talk about it doesn't know who wrote here is you guys shoot at this point are you guys just today focused on the Celtics. Well for me up Bob created so many different theories and scenarios I've been down notes and in my very first playoff series to Houston team. Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady. We give it back together in most moss ran home and then we come back and win seven games. I've been up to a winning BA finals and and got distracted like you're talking about. And we have a move an NBA finals in four straight games so I've seen every every bit of scenario right now in there is no distractions. You have to lock him in on every single possession. To which you. Need to do to help your team come out here victorious and so yeah you talk about Jabari unhappy with his minutes away happy. That that's gonna happen he's a young player is his first time he's chomping at the bit he wants to be up there to help this team. I totally give understanding. Let's he hasn't been in the playoffs and along while the other guys in the early. Kicking his butt I mean that's what it's he's kicking off what I mean wherever we put all of he's literally destroy us so I just think each guy have to look inside themselves and understand that. What strengths do I have that I can bring to the table that would help my team come out with a victory here on. What would city Gloria Johnson Vietnam. If that's your view and the view that happy. And we can't. What we've got it could have been that would suit. Controlled things you can control and that's when you're out on the floor your energy your effort your ability to impact the game office. It is phenomenal he's an X-Factor in this series if he's in the game when he's not in the game you involved. Moreover pal around watched it stand upwards extent that I believe it. Is really simple as not really that complicated but again when you're dealing with a young. Basketball player that hasn't played in these type with games throughout his career. You can see the frustration I mean so we don't get overblown. We don't give. You get to higher you get on to bar to our because we know he wears his emotions on his sleeve. And now he's very pass he wants to he wants to play and he wants to future. And how much of that do you think. Him being new first time in the playoffs when he was now we talked to a the spokesman of the playoffs to a time of course he was heartened now it's finally out that you also saw maybe the Celtics. There and they seem to be a very Smart well coached team. Did you see that went too far got the game at the Celtics they tried to what's really tried to mess with this confidence Al Horford they try to switch about it. I'll be too far. And really attack but believe it seemed like Al was maybe trying to score the ball he just wanted to thank you to too far you let it go you think that a pact if any prospects mean he really have an impact on the seriously. Willy W camp but it's all about mindset of physical ability we know there but mentally how tough are you willing to speak. You know and again the only thing you can control is when that cold cause your name's Brit has forced it when you run in a game that's it. Other than that he's huge team on and to be ready when your number's called. We talked about code and like. Guys god help them. How happy not that it can you expect. Well I think you don't allow it to be a distraction because it's really not really talk about some might mean. Because the enemy is over there those green uniform. We're not gonna find ourselves. Again this is. Whoever is on board. Whoever is ready to go out there and fight that's who you want out here tomorrow night. Give me you got you loud was it you got Dalton live in the house and you got those pit bulls Rottweiler was that are outside the house. We want those dogs bring those to the fight. We'll commodity with a victory. And and zealotry there's no juicy little equipment it's what you hear let's look to what you say hits it. They I don't know rosary is he is that's taken the wrong way now a lot of people were talking about the fact that we'll hear him call Eric Bledsoe. Drew Bledsoe group but a date morsel is that just him showing potential fight we don't need those who has is that just him win the outcome of that California. We've got to realize and in the playoffs that we win game one. We're not even talking about. Terry rosier OK did you even though let's what did have a very game. Point guards are based parts and based in this league home when he. You wrote here's 12 games of the series so of course we'll talk to him. Granted he's playing out of mind I don't know no doubt about it is not just now this has been a good references are your program has been out. He's been given the opportunity and seize the moment if they keep creating good hard working kid man. Do what dislike him right now he's on a team you have them right when I love the way plays on levees here eleven's fight. But now let's all are you ready to step of the tickets out. I think he has. Gus Johnson said there was the other day he said that for young guys that kind of number he has to batteries team by being so sometimes you have to say. If I'm the guy I could give it to you live ago who said that question. I had a Monaco. He played basketball when it's not meant it would ask the problem right can help. No not a does that give him and let go. Does he know strategically what the Boston Celtics are doing these they're trying to do try to today you know if you put on the uniform tomorrow night we gave the ball to logistical. You end up in the firm will. They got five guys in the paint defensively they are not going to allow any member on the Milwaukee Bucks to come in that pay. And repeat it. Untouched. For free baskets that you see god as every now and it did seem to get in there and make a layup with these fantastic at. But their strategy is keep us out of that. So to counter that which you must always take one or two dribbles and keep that ball to the nearest open person you can give it to. Without making internal it's okay in and that that it noticed we were not look at look at the percentages if you're analytic guy you can say that. This is the highest percentage we shot from the field and from the three point line up to 40% from three receive over 60% from the field. We're not. We just got to make sure before I was delivered on target on time and we will make shots. That being said you got that I've set it would've happened if that's what I've his musicality. And you know. Hit him in the game when you get of him again. At the moment yeah right look at those negative points he's off to you hit those that would keep up the last. The musicality of this playoff thing this lady all. It's the Milwaukee gospel hour featuring Steve Novak he's material locks on on film Michael might take a quick break broadcasting like yep they Benelux where he could back tracked it down. Scott M eastern for what this week of the program particularly now all right. After that. Package for the Milwaukee basketball our Petrie Steve Novak I'll go Michael alongside Jason Terry is here with a supplies while we here at cafe Benelux. That they Benelux beautiful place got here it never been your city. Right in the quarter down here I'll buy Broadway. If you've ever been here not only down certainly cool. What Napster's value it's been tested so it's it's terrific place here because it kept coming down. Let it go because it's you review because we've been here for I've been here about an hour hello. It gives him or good news several times but everybody what it's not a snobs the old we're I don't know that you'll now. We've got to get roots long that it was I'm not just want it would not mean north. They're buried. It's like three feet of snow at this point we're both playing baseball outside road back to. Getting ready for rollout to stop watching it via the backside of our house. That speaks at they've got another one coming up tomorrow night game three of history with the Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks got programs that are decent burial site talking defensively. About the physical. Is there anything at this point. Jay look at it this way Gretzky getting a lot of credit for a lot of different things. Okay is there anything that they're doing that we haven't seen it is it. And a little adjustment here commuters it's just their baggage you're not right you know he. Doubly only thing we hadn't seen. Is that big line. You're out there were recently that time. Which is some it's totally different if you watched NBA over the last 45 years you haven't seen. These guys got the three big bangers that they can go to and are not scared to put amount on the floor. And I just think we need to do a better job picks who in that lineup we'll scapegoats who and again yes the thing you improve and that's that's that's the big test. Is Brad Stevens what everybody top to bottom like this mythological. He views smarter than everybody he knows things that other coaches don't know this is he's busy that's special. I think his biggest fuels that is hitting his guys to play through exhaustion. And do whatever he wants to get wants to get in the group and and they do it it is consistent. And they don't change and I think that's his biggest strength after this hard throughout 82 game season to have fifty to expand of these young man. Make obviously tons of money can be distracted by pointing at things on and off the court. I thought this thing passes because skill set the field to translate from college to the NBA. It was obviously the success of guys coming right out of college and NBA is not very good you talk about his coach I think he's done it consistently. Hitting these one at a high level. Yes yes talent you have to have talent to get done. But again keeping the attention span of these guys getting him to play extremely hard. Whatever his system and some that I I admire interesting. Will we talk about it tomorrow night and it seems to me getting when it's just how difficult it what's gone through. Because you guys on the head coach cases just kind of remains evident when it yet. Out of style of doing things that you got a different voice you've got young guys got older vets like there's no. You're trying to help and how how difficult it is when things to get as well. What that is is is very difficult. And so that's why applause. Our guys are coaching staff. I have management to a certain extent because anytime you have change. There's going to be certain guys that are over years in the other guys on this side and guys that are in the middle. And how you bring those guys together for one common goal even though they hit it as the ship so to speak is not there is is is designed. How you have a successful team and I think we've weathered that storm got through it with the you to one dangerous. We've tried to implement some guys that have primarily been out. Since the coaching change. And you know is that just. And and so you know with that he would say it. That it just appreciate the over now. Even for coax her out rotational guys have been out now they come back but I got guys that have been playing well in the game. I gotta kind of get them in now the guys that were planned well they're not really out there as much I mean that's a huge. Adjustment when you talk about lambasting the highest level. You can do it. You know in the regular season. Deflating two game season but right in the playoffs when these matters the most. It's very hard to do. And so that's why I think now we've had some games in the playoffs we know which guys were able to helpless at what capacity. Now we've got uranium on rotation. You don't lineups right. In the ground here fight. A lot of people look talked about what you're saying lineups and what works and what doesn't out of Boston Celtics and they want more or less at five guys scored twenty points of what we had ninety. This is that really unique do you think that that is the style of play that can really really win at the highest level. In the NBA or has a lot of times you see it's usually two with three you've heard the victories. There really see it's right across five guys that it today. Continue to play that when they implement it Gordon Hayward. And a and a carrier that those guys back or you believe obviously the with a bunt play where it's done us Chris to kind of let social part was obviously in a conversation. And they win at the highest level or is it better to only have two stars for three maximum stars. Well I would say you have to have priest they have a chance to use to beat back my first in the league yet they have to write anything about Stockton Malone Payton in camp. She acting Colby. Two who says it is and who love this harder. They had to start you out of rulers I think we've been a good start for the victory with KG. Pierce and Ray Allen. So then I mean you look at the way. Of more in response I mean these guys. You got three stars and you just automatically have an opportunity. And now we go to there where most days this will work all star. I mean how much talent you possibly want on T when I want to have to Dallas for me reactor you make it's are obvious. Which you got a guy like Jason Q later on this we're the star steel you know with the name. Since coming to us Tim or myself Gaza were war. Hopefully it's almost all parts in their role I think that's what to look at look at the Boston Celtics yields tools for our players are out right now. At work for that would be a third. But those guys around him are stars in their roles and their plant at the highest level right now. Now consistently can't they continue to do that this is remains to be seen. That our secure commitments it. I don't believe it I don't think so let. Right now they're proven that they can't. I think for him to have success as long as those guys are out yet they have to have 67 guys in double digits every single night. For them to swing games. With the books go back years when they were not yet victory reality. I don't know Ray Allen a big dogs and remind him what I'd go back to him but where Scotty can you won't count or so it's ultimately. Significant. Career he's 5 Eastern Conference finals and now there but I'm looking at it today. What are the rules on this team everybody there is trying to make and they tried so we talk about them again. Said sometimes god please note that that would be a man. How can this guy at this point the game. You've got to trust what. You know it seems like when guys get it well back that's it for you you have to success at that point sixes get and it replicate that burial. Which you guys pass the ball either but ultimately so. And hockey you got back to that we've witnessed. Was this I mean that that is our key to success as we are pluses tonight went in 90% of all basketball. Getting back intransigence that our defense and taking a way to three point shot I mean those are three keys to victory. If we can do that consistently. Will win will win and and I think game three that's what you have to look at. That is how you feel. OK other teams are built differently this what book teams built on. Passing the ball transition defense and eliminating the three point shot that's our system if their system isn't good enough. There will be one home when I believe we have the players to execute that system we've got a good game plan and we just got a walker he's. No Donnan and what have you seen from Chris Middleton in this series he came out obviously hit big shots plea will burst into. What have you seen in these first two I feel like he's been at a at a very different level and the question how good is how consistent as it. Would have seen. He's been awesome offensively. I feel the defense we have to take much more talent more aggressive Jalen brown it's more. Defense that you have to be locked him. So what were excellent actress Yassin who are one of the youngest brightest are an army that's very aggressive. Can't come back. And put the ball in the basket. So this is used tremendous task that's what you pay big money. So he showed up he's been here consistently. Here the last two months put up big numbers. And in doing at a high efficiency when we love what he's doing for us now there's no complaints whatsoever. While what you honest reasons team every single night. You know Bledsoe he's been up and down clintons have run here last month where he's been dominant. And so. Give him a beat down in an effort from the and you get some type of offensive spark. Or defense of disruption from Europeans and you have enough to beat the Boston Celtics. This more accurate you are your look at my to get through next plus. Yeah. And oh look at the Bradley Center tomorrow night how does can't wait. I'll go over here at about 2 PM you can keep the greens loose at the Mets lose. But you know for me it starts from me. Don't come any impact the game in the way you can. Get this deal. I get a rebound. Dive on the floor diving to form role on hit a three wood three theories would be nice. The guy another guy on the gas is still don't. No he's been Ottawa. We need a vineyard a mix it up slam some might slap somebody. You know run somebody over step our picks. And facilitate and knocked down a couple victories mean. We are two guys that have been here before that understand about playoff basketball what it means. And I think that that's where you hit its mark on another guy and I'll look forward. If for some odd reason those schools a different direction is gone maker. He has to be foaming at the mouth right about now this kid had played 23 months last year he had phenomenal run and to create the hill. To what's in the play off in a guy with his tightly energy his passion. Who really Communist sparked this series. What he's talking about our park place. How much you hate to see if you are there any innate landlocked so I mean we've put the field while the nation. We obviously that showed him be enough. And I got a completely exit to and I felt great but that they're not gonna call went there and they're does not mean. How should be played I think the regular season should we play like that you don't have anything to adjust to. You know what as a young team here is an adjustment that have to be made when you're talking about a team that. You know that's not our mantra that's not how we play we play up up and down Luke's. Run and gun style of play would now play off to slow down a little bit so much more experienced veteran team. Know how to do that his account and it takes one or two games to protest. It's the Milwaukee basketball our featuring Steve Novak goggle like it was Jason Terry wants or have made Benelux region track down companies say hi. Shows here for another half hour show a picture of the jets going to be getting ready to have a really synergies in the news of the reasons of the net but he's still. You buy privately up we're gonna be honored guests weight bias and outright buy bread baker Tilly. Sharp literacy third goes provisions spores light weapons over by lining an addict what that along with. Our reprint here tonight from UP and Abraham as well state we got all right after this. Talk back to the don't want you that's why our featuring Steve Novak uncle Michael Jason Terry that get along so kind the Milwaukee Bucks bucks trying to get back in this thing it went programs that are you'll vote Euro zone on the game for. Which definitely on Sunday with the puck back rooms that are. Night time now for the European Abraham good drive moved to our front group for the game and that will get crowded it was that you are part particulate. The he hits it. They got a host of art barker was this couple point the slant and all that you've been Abraham good drive go that you get a grip remind you never ever. That's to drive back your cap be penalized under that there ward. And we're right in the public market back equally to honestly I'd say hello we feel pretty good so now. You come back home different energy at home different load of that bureau and obviously the. They sell out. Please Clinton Obama they better have this on stilts on brought up if not happily military family members within the I hung and packed with 300. So we would you come out and hold it ask you get that initial burst of adrenaline which you've got to capitalize on them by the way can write about it. Right that this is not a game where you wanna get down here in fifteen points let them hit a whole bunch of threes in the first quarter. And now they're confident now you're no real dogfight. It's gonna take everything you have to to get back into the game because he's got to remember. The best thing about this this this series at home court advantage is we played a long night late game a third term are also quick to send him pled no. So who gets the evidence has home court advantage really kicks in for us. And our strength is in numbers their numbers are now and so we have to Wear him down here in game three. Not looking too far forward but knowing that we have early start. And after. And as you think location is the single biggest thing at this point that should series when you've watched series in the past that you can go all that's over too well. All of a sudden changes of location location really that a port north or is it hype. It just opinions. You know you're the type team you have. And again when I look at the Boston Celtics. At home consistently this season is why there were number two seed they won at a higher rate at home we're Jacqueline we can win now would move. Speech on the road. We it will on the road like we did Billy itself for us I don't think it matters but what does it matter if we're down 02. We're at home we need our fans to come out and be the best they've been following here. We talked about the end that that Italy game Jabari was with a so last week ABC you know like he could we were all expecting. Very quiet flight everybody's down and don't want it. I feel to round out about the game which is. If we were kind of together and we were also say that this lately we're going into the post season slates we've you know we've got get this particular. Not the sickest thing of what you're giving bad but beat up Gatorade cooler and everything but put on things like that coming home. More rock everything. This is different I mean teams I've been on in the past Rudy that's all we're not talking personal cars apparently. Disquiet. This group of guys just give me. We can be a shoot around tomorrow who now works not to be loose and you have not to worry about Miller also. The other hand. Coming content home base won't talk to each other some buddies this phone call you better be concerned because this is not there. Just don't have the personalities and guys that that feed into that. Type of deal. And as a veteran guy how do you deal with like his sentinel drives me nuts I'd rather deal with stalled face. Not talk in the anybody. Just not that no social media. And laughing and joking with (%expletive) me off. It's alive had to make that adjustment have not gotten older and played occupancies prime examples in Houston play with things aren't. At the White House right now we're the funniest coolest guy you'd never know. It was never serious this time he raped or game I kinda had this not marked at one time. Like why are. Watergate when it's one night and won't be going well got two ways we say hey you wanna laugh until it. Little people. I would just do crazy days it is like what went around to let's play he played well the pressure sometimes. He's too. Some of these young mean that haven't had any adversity. Throughout their robbery and I think that's one Q you know moves playing rides and stuff now. Would you go back to when he sits by his man at this golf. You go to guy like ours who's upset about the playing time. And he talked about kind of groping him back here it when guys start to go on that side wins like that now when is it we're job as a teammate. And you're under that situation has seen it was somebody that has to go pay the knock on the door coats see you give me. In the locker room behind. Or. This is all for me is on site. So I try to jumping in right away when I see. It's hard to do some time in the ball game because you got a lot of different things one on YouTube and its when I see a situation that is night. They take place let it simmer. They have horseshoe around shackles commitment. To my that he respects. And they don't care McCain said and done with. Caucasian Hispanic job me a message that he talked you'll. My job's done. So I'll try to find new ones like that line Norton. Deal means and try to get to a player without have to be be direct and sometimes other times on the which is accused here. And cultures have my stop myself. Vehicle lie not me thanks to it and I appreciate that really needed to talk to him. No enemies so I mean that's my role has been like that now perform fine you. And how important is that ought to just vs right like you're saying there were certain coaches that guy was doing things wrong or just a huge light right. You would lose them for what you don't suspend the golf course is that when you look I was making five billion or twenty million. That there isn't meant that there is a coach who's willing to talk to not losing for the season. Well I think it's very important for me and one for that individual. Because obviously we talk about a young player hopefully he has more more years that he'll be initially. Then he'll be in that same position and he can do the same thing who is the guys around. Remembered one person can impact the hole putts and so you don't wanna have one guy stray off. God look at him wondered was one only and they're not able to focus in on the job they need to do. So that's why it's very important to have that guy. Kind of re you know this team back together. Awkwardly positioned coach if it's not all the time they had guys yeah that you work with on a daily basis it's always gonna tell what would you work with you don't run drills. That's the guy that really a lot of time to go back to football something difficult would. With your guy or you know you very rarely go head coach. That's a little different smaller roster obviously with the guidance put his double what you that you would France watch on every guy that's confident. Well that's your guy. And in infamy throughout our careers and guys like I he was he was a Milwaukee Bucks for a post Robert Hackett. Other teams psychologists. To help you might even talk to the shelf. I mean there's always somebody within an organization that's obviously we need every one. At the playoffs started to we need everyone if you really gender does this show. The field coordinator wherever it is that has that connection. With one of these guys is always very it's hard. Where is this organization now in terms of that term top to bottom ship. Training is now coaches the docs that you're in a lot of places via you know. They're up there. They have with the people in place. That understand. The the overall picture. What this organization is trying to get accomplished I think that's very key from top to bottom. Is everyone on the same page and I think that's what you you have here now. And but it's been being built over the last two years. And deficits not here I've seen that change in that development in the staff and everyone neighboring U. Was his history and greatest is refreshing not to be a part of because of organizations obviously. They've opted in Boston for example. They've had people they've had a round of thirty years you know you that would never changed jobs. But now it has to do was this just you know racism you have to read. Different people from different areas different walks of life. Thought the past with lots of a great job. If you would apply if she could play this on Easter drama that day Easter dot com and anti evil hour also Twitter that and KEB ball hour as well. You wanna tracked down there. Critical I take a quick break big question we come back regarding coaching when I get to that discussions be alongside Novak Jason Terry here's what rod gets you like epic battle locks we've got. Double platinum. Bob Graham final segment Milwaukee basketball power and we're broadcasting live Gaffney Benelux I don't like the ones dives deep. Novak who's been through here and it's easy to every week of the program. Also doing via Milwaukee Bucks you're Jerry yet taken out went well. If a lot of people blown up Twitter right now yet talking about this team this season. And I wanted to ask you plant in the very delicately that you can't talk about what you've got a coach coaching change. That is all the speculation about coaches and well it won't be coming in whether this guy that I had that job how typical incidence of players. He got a job to do. Ed you don't know what the future hold for the rest your organization so how difficult is that it is he Tuttle which. It is not very difficult at all I mean when you're in the play off right now you're so focused in on the task at hand. Anything else doesn't really. Because those are qualities that you can't control console again if we're talking about locked in focused you know anymore about that. Which what you what your experience in a posting this via your creative brilliantly. Let's say we want these guys look I don't I myself don't read the and they'll they'll vote we brought our chance to read and for a series start. Has grown guys tested to fill in the but. There's only so much you can tell somebody. They really got to go who wouldn't experience. Because if you don't just like years. Actually go to green so. Do you wanna go through it and hopefully this book team when they won't get to that point. But it's all about the turn me I have to move. A final series. Before I was able for five years later to watch him win one. And so and and I always think about when I lost more than one on one knows all about that journey. I think these guys are at that point now where you've been in the playoffs. You've been 10 and lost its wrong. Now you've been down 02 what a story would this be for these guys in their careers because that guy like him honest engine placement. Let's go. These guys even for myself to beat down hope to once again series he'll come back. C'mon you have instant. And then like these in these playoffs is like are you able to relate to guys who haven't been in these playoffs they'll hold true. It's actually that are rather common. That you guys did that they understand is as the spirit I think they believe you don't tell them that. I really don't think they say you know what that is a key you have to be in it I mean I was there. I told you know 45 down hole to lose some games in a role at home. If felt like no worse the ever. And so we came out in Houston game three pregame. And it was like you just did silence in the locker room. Avery Johnson puts on the field here we are I think we're about to watch personnel in this county he used to Roy Jones greatest knock outs. These guys were like. Are we watching here. He voice starts knocking guys out five days later he stops the field. Get the message. You guys were there shall plots are holed up when he gets the body and we go up there and put a number opening game three we game wore. Lose game five come back we can't fix it is becoming games that it is it is. I mean but you think about those Lou defining moments in this series. And always remember that fields as being down to self hopefully that final moment we will be here shortly within hours ago. And now with we'll see what happens with that don't sort of stories those are memories that stay with for the rest your life. We talked about getting guys like how much experience for the guys were here last year yeah Wednesday. And going home remember that feelings I mean how much does that stick with you and what's that stick with the young buck. It that we felt would be rework. In the last two games of the season and we're talking about this news from playoffs as a possibility. I was finishing sixth seventh or eighth. We beautifully to Ronald Boston cardinals. Outline and playing on Toronto who want to lose these tools we give them back. You know pay back is everything to me you know restaurant on drywall below. That we've been tremendous have a series what's wrong. It didn't happen so was disappointing but. We know all summer long thought about it and I know a guy who had a big part of that was like Dallas. Time maker. You know that's why sit on maker could be a tremendous X-Factor in this series by his energy and his presence alone because he's had that taste of failure. It is just motivate you. They have we'll see but hopefully we get about him. And what's wrong night and what's the real silly like since the the losses in the playoffs for the ones that your memorable what. What does winning a series so this doesn't want answers you have you would know I don't have been through what is the winning of a series of several answers for you that you can relate. And again I think it's how would you wins you. We swept the lakers on the way to winning ten to 2011. Cool film it was very I want my greatest games ever let. Poppy beat down coming back when in the game seven. The other teams. Arena like I did you know old seeks. Is hard is dispersed. It was like I was like attention to me nobody goes in the San Antonio let alone be a game seven. And come out victorious it was just the greatest feeling ever and it was our rival. So I think this organization within a playoff series this year in the fashion that it will have to be done. We'll speak volumes about where this clunky goal in the future. Can't you. A personal level talks a lot yeah so this is another guy he wants north. Will most certainly wouldn't. How many workout. Will he sing like he's always. I'm terrible there are other games. Can't compare it because we we took it because it was from the outside yeah if you don't know I don't know if here's fuels that if there was the guy that bats a little bit dull spot on. Yet there there's not many comparisons only computer person that I have with those who is one of the work ethic idiots who. The progression. On the guy everybody's looking men but I don't have to do myself. Once that realization kicks in and makes everyone else around them better. I think that's when you see youngest player to holds them up that he knew it he won't be a peaked out at them. Nobody gets that wins. Does he need to continue to do in this series exactly what he's done he has been article in question used or does he needed to change anything as we talk about. How we get or Isaac ball harder than what the series with only two guys score as he continued just doing what he's done. I think young just continue to be Dominic. If workers that regarded continue to make you work punish him. When the defense collapsed school aid kick out and trust your teammates that they won't make it's not that he's been doing an outstanding job. The result is had been near but if you look at his numbers top to bottom he is put in tons and tons of work it is wanna pay off so long series. Physical statement coming up tomorrow night you wanna be physical defensively the one guy who really would like to say we get a piece it's all down. We got a legitimate shot and poor. The little economy unified. Like get a PCL mock cheer him up and might even just Terry while marquise if tonight doesn't shoot well anybody with that uniform on tomorrow we won't. Even Brad Stevens on watchers who won every exit network. Good we're gonna come back to talk apprentices. To protect home court. Our guys Jason Terry is Steve Novak. We gotta wanna say thanks to everybody and we hope we're back next week if the bucks which will be here not. It's been out right. Thank the staff and management are threatened levees boards wrong about human race yet. Went for everybody that's here in the united what they set this up to a great job with a partner by the cafe. People there thanks so much for coming out we also obviously thank response to that policy and law. Baker Tilly sharp literacy there those provisions courts life. Let's then it's over lining and it wealth management. Also don't forget to our right to make particularly the count invite by opposite route was not to. They're here's it's all your it is the don't forget about crohn's colitis that. It was not dejected about it well thanks everybody for showing up at night thanks everybody for coming down the kept me Benelux. That's been Milwaukee basketball our Petrie Steve Novak I don't like we did it very have a good night everybody.